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E-Waste Recycling in Richmond, VA

“It’s all about the e-waste.” That’s the concern buzzing about many municipalities like Richmond who find themselves having to deal with the abundant flow of this particular type of trash. According to the city government, electronic waste or e-waste is defined as “any electronic device that is no longer in use.” This includes items like CD players, cell phones, CPUs, microwave ovens, radios, televisions, computers, monitors, VCRs and DVD players. The city goes on to say, “It is illegal to dispose of electronic wastes in the garbage because they contain toxic materials such as lead, mercury and cadmium.” In other words, if you’ve got something that falls under the category of e-waste you’re not supposed to toss it out with the rest of the trash. To do so would invite a citation and/or fine. So, what is your option if you’re tossing out a TV? The best call would be to Junk King of Richmond. They’ll know what to do with your e-waste.

You might have seen one of the many Junk King trucks making the rounds across town. Richmond VA residents have been keeping the Junk King crews busy ever since they rolled into town. Junk King understands that most folks have a deep concern for the environment. That’s why they have enacted a comprehensive green policy that applies to the vast majority of all the junk they collect especially e-waste. These policies insure that the e-waste is directed to a certified recycling center where those items can be disassembled and broken down to the core components. Only then can those components be treated and disposed of in an environmentally safe way.

On the same Junk King Central VA truck that is carting off your old computers and TVs, you can also load up all the other junk you want to finally toss out but you’ve been holding onto. These are the kinds of things that won’t be able to fit into your small garbage can but are still taking up a lot of space in your home. Imagine being able to get rid of things like bedroom furniture, kids’ beds, kitchen appliances, sporting equipment or anything else that is in the way of a clutter free home. Junk King can handle all of that removal. The JK crews will even gather up any yard waste or stuff you have in your backyard that you want to permanently remove from your property.

A quick call to Junk King can set this entire operation in motion. Your e-waste, your junk, your yard trash… it will all become a fleeting memory with Junk King on the job.

Richmond Virginia Junk Removal Prices

Anyone who has had the misfortune of accidentally stepping in a pile of dog waste knows what a problem this has become in Richmond. That’s why the city council has approved a marketing campaign to motivate dog owners to do their duty and pick up after their pets. It also could spare dog owners a hefty fine

“It’s a $250 fine and it’s also a city ordinance,” James Minor, with the Department of Utilities, told a local paper. “The ordinance– which states pet owners must remove any waste from public and private property– has been on the city books for decades but the city wants to bring it to residents attention again. Dog waste is not fertilizer and some folks think it is,” Minor said. “But it’s not. And it’s nasty.” It would seem that the billboards are having an impact. Since they went up in October, there have been no citations issued.

Believe it or not, you could also be fined for a messy yard or driveway. If a neighbor complains and the city sends inspectors out, you could be facing a ticket or two that would compel you to clean up the area. There is actually an affordable option when it comes to cleaning up junk and that would be hiring Junk King Richmond to do the work for you. For a lot less than a citation fine, you could have all the junk removed from your yard, garage and inside of your house without ever lifting a finger.

When you call Junk King they’ll send out a supervisor to access the amount of junk you want taken away. Based on that assessment you’ll be provided with an estimate of how much space your junk will take up in the Junk King truck. That’s what you’ll be charged. You won’t have to worry about travel time, labor costs or dumping fees. The estimate will also stick. That means if your junk takes up more space you won’t be paying any extra. If it takes up less space then you’ll be given a refund.

Also included in that price is the truck. If you tried to do this type of junk hauling on your own you’d have to go through the bother of renting a truck. Then there is the time factor. Isn’t your time valuable? Of course it is so why waste it driving around looking for a landfill when the Junk King crew can handle that for you? You could have the entire job accomplished in the time it would take you to go to brunch on Saturday morning with your friends. If fact, with Junk King coming over you’ll still be able to make brunch and might even pick up the check thanks to all the money you’ll be saving!

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