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More Great Reviews For Junk King Richmond

If you go out for brunch on a Sunday and the restaurant has a line outside of people waiting for a table, then you can tell this must be a good place to eat. It confirms what you might have guess about that place. The reasons for those long lines might be great reviews. For professional junk removal, Junk King Richmond earns great reviews, too but you won’t have to wait in line to put this company to work. Here’s what some of their customers are saying:


“As always, the two young men that came to my house were excellent. Very polite, right on time and they wasted no time taking the things that I needed hauled off. I have in the past recommended Junk King to friends and will continue to do so.” – Sharon Mounts, Richmond

“The guys were awesome and took everything and kept smiling and asking if there was anything else they could do! Scheduling was easy and they arrived as promised. Great service. Great Company! Thank you, Junk King.” – Joan Wilkins, Manakin-Sabot

Junk King doesn’t want to make getting rid of your rubbish complicated. They provide the work crew and the truck. You provide the junk. It is just that simple.

“Junk King went out of their way to help us with very little notice. They worked hard for over 3 hours on a Friday afternoon and successfully cleaned out all of the junk from our garage, storage room, and shed. The company swept the rooms as well. I would highly recommend them.” – J.H., Midlothian

“I am extremely pleased with the service I received from Junk King. First thing I really liked was how you could go to their website and get a rough estimate of cost based on what you’re having hauled away before even booking your appointment. The price quoted when they got here was actually lower than what was estimated and it was a very reasonable price. The online booking was easy too. I chose an 8-10 a.m. window and they were here at 8:15 so I didn’t have to wait around for them. They also called when they were 20 minutes away so that you know to expect them soon. Our two guys, Alex and Steve, were very polite and professional. They were quick with removing the sofa, loveseat and bookshelf we needed hauled away. I will definitely use this company again if ever I have the need to and will recommend to anyone who may ask me who they should call to get rid of heavy items.” – Antonia Chevalier, Richmond

One junk hauling session with Junk King Richmond is all it will take for you to write your own rave review. Make that happen today.

Smart Way To Increase Business Productivity

How is your business doing? Is it living up to the expectations of your original business plan? It is not uncommon for a business to hit the occasional “snag.” Even a terrific staff could find themselves stuck in a rut. If you’re in need of productivity boost, then you might want to put some of these plans into action:



There are some bosses that believe the best incentive if a weekly paycheck. There might be some truth to that but your staff would appreciate a bit more in terms of motivation. Once you set goals, there is no reason why you can’t incentivize those goals. This doesn’t mean giving out a jet ski every week but something as simple as buying the office lunch on Friday if that hit the goals can get them fired up to perform and help each other.

Let Them Know You Trust Them

When was the last time your told your staff that you trust them? Just saying the words, “I trust you with this assignment” can go a long way towards empowering those workers. Everyone needs encouragement.

Set Realistic Goals

Telling the staff on Monday that they need to generate a million dollars in sales by Friday might not be the most realistic of goals. As a result, you’re essentially setting them up for failure. That is going to drive a spike into whatever productivity you had going. Instead, set achievable goals. Once those goes are made, you can move onto the next batch. Accomplishing goals sets up for future achievements.

Stay Positive

A boss needs to be part “cheerleader.” You need to radiate positivity. It means getting out into the office and circulating among the staff to check in on their progress. If your staff sees your positive attitude, they’ll reflect it right back.

Provide a Productive Workspace

Productivity is tied to the workplace environment. Works who toil away in a drab office don’t tend to be very productive. It’s not just about company perks (also important) but about providing a workspace that is clean and efficient. This is where a session with Junk King Richmond can be a big help. Junk King can dispatch a team of movers to your worksite to remove all kinds of unwanted equipment, furniture and files. That is going to open up a lot more space and make the office look a lot less junky. Let Junk King Richmond help with your business productivity by getting rid of office rubbish today.

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