Let Junk King Take Care Of Abandoned Rubbish

Whenever a renter moves out of an apartment, you can expect the building’s dumpster to be overflowing. It is only natural that a lot of trash will be generated in a move. Beyond the dumpster, there could also be some overflow items left behind the property or on the curb. Perhaps some of that has a “free” sign attached to it. That is no guarantee that those things will be picked up at all. Then there are the tenants that give up all pretense of getting back their security deposit by leaving the rental unit full of abandoned rubbish. They either didn’t want that stuff or couldn’t fit it on their own moving truck. Now it is your problem as the property manager to take care of. Thankfully, Junk King Richmond can make all of that abandoned rubbish disappear in a single session.

It All Can Go

When you hire Junk King to clean out a space, then they can clear out everything. It doesn’t matter if it is furniture, appliances or trash, the team from Junk King will take care of it all. One Junk King team literally took a shovel to scoop up the trash left behind in an apartment. They do what is needed to get the job done and that includes navigating stairs with heavy objects. That might have been another reason why the renters left things behind: They couldn’t get it down the stairs! That won’t be an issue for the Junk King team who does this kind of work every day.

Fast Scheduling

If you have a sense that your tenant might be leaving things behind, then you can book Junk King for the first day of the month. Technically, at the stroke of midnight on the day before, they are supposed to be out of the apartment. Anything left behind on the new month that they aren’t paying rent for can be considered abandoned property and it can all be carted off by the Junk King team.

Let Junk King Richmond take care of the abandoned rubbish in your rental units. One call gets it done.