Junk King Can Take Care Of Your Old AC Removal

How many things in your home would fall under the category of, “What am I going to do with that?” The moment you decide that something isn’t useful it becomes a junk item. If it can be tossed out in the trash, then you know just what to do. But there could be plenty of things that break down or get replaced that you don’t know what to do with. An old AC unit that has stopped working is a perfect example. Just what would you do with that? The answer should be, “Hire Junk King Richmond to get it removed today!”


There is a lot to be said for waiting for the right “season” to buy something. You should never go shopping for a new air conditioner in the middle of the summer. That is when supplies are few and the prices high. If you wait until the fall when things have cooled off, then you could probably score a much better deal. But you still have to deal with getting rid of the old AC. For that you’ll need a truck and a pair of movers. In other words, Junk King.

That old AC also shouldn’t be dumped into a landfill. It belongs at a certified recycling center where they can properly dispose of it. Junk King knows exactly where those kinds of facilities are located and will make is their mission to see to it that your old AC will get dropped off there.

What about the rest of your unwanted items that you don’t know what to do with? Those can all be put onto the Junk King truck in the same appointment. Talk about transforming your home!

The cost for Junk King’s services will be a flat rate that is determined by how your stuff will get packed onto the truck. The less space it takes up will mean a lower rate. You’ll be given an estimate by the crew before the work begins so there won’t be any surprises. Getting rid of an old AC and the rest of your rubbish has never been easier thanks to Junk King Richmond being on the job.

Get Rid Of Appliances The Junk King Way

A smart rule to establish with your kids is that any time a new toy comes into the house, an old toy has to go out. This way they can learn about donating and you won’t be overwhelmed by clutter. Of course, if you establish a rule like this, then don’t be surprised if your kids remind you of the rule when you bring something new into the house. For instance, if you’re buying a new fridge, then you need to get rid of the old fridge. It can’t just go out on the porch or into the garage. Getting rid of appliances like that isn’t complicated when you put Junk King Richmond on the job.


Have you ever tried to move the fridge or stove on your own? You can usually pull it away from the wall for a couple of feet before it becomes a challenge. The team from Junk King who will be helping you out won’t be challenged at all. They remove big appliances from home and apartments nearly every day. They’ve got the skills, experience and equipment to make it happen safely and without damaging your home.

The appliance you’re getting rid of might not be broken as much as in need of a repair. When you have Junk King remove it from your home, that appliance could be dropped off at a charity that specializes in fixing these kinds of items. For all the rest, recycling might be an option and it’s all part of Junk King’s playbook.

Along with the old appliances that you want to get rid of, you can also put the crew from Junk King to work removing anything else you want to get rid of. If they can clear out a fridge, then they won’t have any issue with hauling off a sofa or mattress.

If you know when the new appliance is being delivered, then you can make that the same day for your Junk King pickup. The Junk King Richmond approach to getting rid of appliances and rubbish is to make it easy on you from start to finish. Give them a try.

Smart Tips For Back-to-School Time

Kids are heading back to school and that means everyone in the family has to make adjustments. Is your family ready this year? They will be with help from these smart tips for back-to-school time.


Start with a Family Meeting

Before school kicks into high gear, the whole family should come together to talk about goals for the coming year. This is the time to talk about what you expect of your student and what areas they can improve on. It will also help to hear from your kids to find out what they expect of you, too. Setting goals helps everyone stay focused on the plan.

Set Schedules

School drop offs and pickups have to be coordinated among the parents, potential carpool parents and the kids. Things will change after the first few weeks when after school programs kick into gear and schedules have to be adjusted. A family calendar both online and on the kitchen wall can help everyone stay on target.

Improve Morning Routines

Back-to-school mornings are often very hectic. One of the goals for students is to make sure they take care of everything they need for the school day the night before. Not only does that include homework but also any special outfits or forms that need signatures. The morning should be for last minute test studying or just enjoying a nice breakfast.

Establish Homework Time

Homework is what the school year is all about. It will help to set up a homework corner and a homework time. The homework corner is wherever your student can work on their assignments without distractions. If they’re older and are doing homework in their bedroom, then you have to keep an eye out for those “distractions.” Homework time should also be “phones off” time!

Get Rid of Clutter

A lot of clutter could have been accumulated over the summer. There is also a lot of things in your kid’s closet that can probably be removed. Decluttering a home is what Junk King Richmond is all about. When you’ve gone through the closets, dresser and shelves you might amass a large pile of things to get rid of. All of that can be turned over to Junk King for fast removal. A decluttering session with Junk King Richmond is the perfect way to kick off back-to-school time.

Good Tips For First-Time Homebuyers

It is extremely rare for someone to wake up on a Monday, decide to buy a home and have it picked out by Wednesday. The only exception would be winning the lottery and even then you should take time to find the right house! For the rest of all the first-time homebuyers, there are some good tips to put into action to insure a successful purchase. Here’s what you should do:


Start Saving for a Down Payment

The down payment that you can afford to put done on a home will go a long way towards determining your mortgage rate. Many lending institutions are requesting at least 20% of the home’s value be put down. However, you could find lenders who allow for a lower down payment. Saving for a down payment might actually begin years before you look at your first home. That is how important it is.

Take Advantage of All Loan Options

Applying for a mortgage requires research. There might be some programs for first-time homebuyers available from the government that can provide reduced rates and lower down payments. In additional to federal programs, there might be state and cities programs to help with the mortgage. Some of these programs might be tied to specific neighborhoods but they’re worth looking into. Yes, despite what you might have heard, the government actually wants to help you buy a house. There are also special program for veterans that can be utilized as well.

Determine Your Budget

The final amount you would pay for a mortgage loan should be as close to what you’re currently paying for rent. If that number can be lower, then all the better. However, that’s not the only cost to factor in. There will also be closing costs, which could mean several thousand dollars in additional fees. Some of those costs could be covered in the loan but that means the numbers all go up. You also have to factor in homeowner’s insurance and property taxes.

After everything is closed and you’re getting ready to move in, you’ll want to bring out Junk King Richmond to your old property. This will allow you to make the move without all the junk you’ve been collecting over the years. You definitely don’t want to move into a new house and have it instantly full of stuff you’re not going to use again. First-time homebuyers can benefit from a junk clearing session with Junk King Richmond today.

Industry Leading Central Virginia Apartment Cleanout

Junk King offers a variety of services not the least of which is industry-leading Central Virginia apartment cleanout. It doesn’t matter why you need the junk removed from that space, we are here to help with the guarantee that will beat the competitor’s prices.

When you hire us, you’ll be getting the benefit of a licensed, insured junk movable team that’s dedicated to making sure to get the job done right the first time every time.
We like to make sure that our valuable clients have all the information for a smooth move from one apartment to another.

Here’s a few tips to speed that process along:

• We like to suggest that you start decluttering two months before you’re going to move. If you have a space set aside, you can put all papers and other items like paint cans from previous renovations in that area. Moving things from one location to another and putting the junk in a central hub is a great way to see where you stand.

• It’s also a good idea to make an inventory of all the items that you want to take. It’s another checklist that you can use to decide what we can throw out. Our Central Virginia apartment cleanout services are some of the easiest to use anywhere in the industry. We even supply a price estimator so that you can get an accurate number to work with.

Our customers love our junk removal services generally and our apartment cleanout services specifically. Take a few minutes to check out the customer testimonials on our website. These are from real people who’ve used our services and been more than happy with the results. Whether you’re a landlord that’s looking to get rid of furniture left behind or moving to a new space, junk King is there to help.

We’ve been servicing your needs since 2005. Our insured and highly trained team is also dedicated to making sure we recycle what should be going to landfill. Junk King is extremely proud of the fact that we do things the old-fashioned way — with outstanding service, affordable prices and dedication to quality.

Getting in touch with us is an easy process. You can call, send us a text and click online. Having the peace of mind of getting a Central Virginia apartment cleanout is closer than you think.

Fast Junk Haulers For Richmond

Whenever you move into a new home or apartment, you are starting a new “clock.” From that moment on, everything you bring with you should be considered “old stuff” and everything you buy afterwards would be “new stuff.” There is nothing wrong with having old stuff as long as it is still being used. But when that old stuff has outlived its usefulness, then it’s time to get rid of it fast. That’s when you should hire Junk King Richmond.


What’s the oldest thing in your home that isn’t being used? Whether it is a couch down in the basement or a dresser upstairs, there is no reason to hold onto that stuff because it is just taking up space. If you cleared out your basement of that old furniture, then it could become a kid’s playroom or a home office. It might work as a workout space or a crafting studio. Getting rid of other unwanted furniture throughout the house doesn’t mean you have to replace it with a new piece. Maybe just having some open space would be appreciated.

All that furniture moving needs to happen with two movers. This is who Junk King will be sending over. They want to make sure you’re not straining your back with lifting anything. Besides, if this stuff was easy for your to life and move out, it probably would have happened a while ago. The crew from Junk King can make it all disappear in a matter of minutes.

Beyond the old furniture, what else can you get rid of? Have you gone through your closets lately? This is a big sorting project but one that will be great to undertake. It will mean literally pulling everything out to see what fits, what’s nice and what can go. Just leave all the stuff you want gone in a pile by the close door. When the Junk King crew shows up, they’ll pick it all up right from that spot. What could be easier than that?

One session with the Junk King Richmond junk haulers is going to make a huge positive difference around your home. Ready to schedule them?

How To Organize A Block Party

The end of the summer is a great time to throw a block party. It’s a terrific way to find out how everyone enjoyed their vacations and it gives the kids on the block one last blowout before school starts. To make a block party a success everyone on the block should participate. Here’s how to get it all organized.


Set Up A Contact Sheet

The first step is to set up a contact sheet. This might mean literally going to everyone’s house and getting their email. Instead of trying to coordinate everyone’s schedule for an organizing meeting you can let your neighbors know that everything will be set up by email. Once you have that group, it’s easy to let everyone know what’s going on without having to repeat yourself.

Pick a Date and Time

It would be nice if everyone can attend the party but picking the date and time should be majority rules. It might be that a holiday weekend like Labor Day would be the best. You’ll probably find that a lot of people would prefer Saturday on that weekend. That way they can enjoy the party and enjoy the rest of the weekend, too. It also helps to set a time. This is probably more for the start of the party vs the end. It might be that the party drifts on into the night. Nothing wrong with that!

Delegate Responsibilities

Everyone on the block should bring dishes for a pot luck buffet. It will probably be a good idea to bring a grill out from one of the backyards, too. Depending on the size of the party, you might even want to get two grills working side by side. It’s a safe bet  you’ll have plenty of “grill masters” willing to get the cooking done. But you’ll also need tables, chairs, trashcans and party supple items like cups, plates, napkins, utensils, etc. Fortunately, no one will be far from home and can dash inside to snag a salt shaker if needed.

It is also a good idea to have some activities planned for the kids. Without cars on the street, it might be a great time for some street hockey. Of course, a good old fashion water balloon battle is never a bad idea.

Clean Your Yard Rubbish

Everyone will pitch in to clean up after the party but before the big day, you might want to bring in Junk King Richmond for some yard rubbish removal. After all, you’ll all be looking at each other’s lawns the entire day. Is there anything you have been eager to remove from your yards? The crew from Junk King can make quick work of picking up any kind of yard waste both from nature or from a store. Before your big block party, put Junk King Richmond to work around your property to get it clear of rubbish.

Get Your Backyard Deck Clean With Help From Junk King

Having a grill right outside your kitchen door is very convenient. It’s easy to fire up the grill and toss on some burgers or hot dogs for dinner. With a bit more prep time you can grill up seasoned steaks and chicken. With the right deck, you can then carry those grilled items right over to your outdoor dining table. That sounds a like a perfect summer night dinner. The only thing getting in the way would be clutter. You certainly don’t want to trip over anything between the grill and the dining table. And you don’t want to feel like you’re eating in a storage locker. If your backyard deck has become overrun with rubbish, then it’s time to bring in Junk King Richmond.


To take care of your deck clearing, Junk King is going to send over a team of movers. It might be that the things you are getting rid of really can be lifted by one person but you’re going to get two movers regardless. You’re also going to get a truck big enough to hold 6 full pickup trucks of stuff. That’s a lot of room to get rid of things.

So, what’s on your list of junk to toss out? Although the initial reason for hiring Junk King is to clear off your deck, there is no reason why they can help you get rid of the rest of you unwanted rubbish in the same session. It’s all the same to Junk King.

When Junk King has loaded up all your stuff, they’ll finish the job by sweeping up the area they just cleared. They’re done the work at your property but aren’t done for the day. Every full truckload is brought back to the Junk King warehouse where it is dumped and sorted. The Junk King crews create new truckloads of recyclable or donated items. This way they can avoid going to a landfill and that helps keep the costs down. The best way to enjoy the rest of your summer is on a backyard deck that is clear of rubbish. Junk King Richmond can help make that happen.

Put Junk King’s Pricing Estimator To Work

“How much is this going to cost?” That is the second question you ask of any service professional. The first question is, “How soon can you come over?” Using, these interviews are conducted in haste. That’s because often when you hire a service professional for the first time it’s because of an emergency type of situation like a leaking pipe or a fridge that isn’t working. Not all services have to be an emergency. Consider junk hauling. The only time you need to get rid of junk fast is when company is coming over. Yes, you might really want to get rid of clutter in your garage or old furniture in your basement but you can still live with it in your home. Thankfully, Junk King Richmond is standing by to answer both of those questions and those answers will be “Not a lot” and “As soon as possible.”


If you want to get a sense of the cost for your junk removal session, then you can activate Junk King Richmond’s pricing estimator. This is a specially designed program that allows you to build a list of items you want removed. With each item comes a corresponding fee. That fee is based on how your stuff will fit onto the back of the Junk King truck. It isn’t about weight or what condition the item is in. That will matter if you’re getting rid of things like construction material or concrete.

When your list is complete, you can book your session right online and earn a $20 discount for your effort. That’s a great way to start any service job. The final estimate won’t be locked down until the crew has had a chance to look over all the things you’re getting rid of. They will probably be able to pack things up tighter then what the pricing estimator recommended. The less space they use, the less you’ll be paying. Don’t worry if your particular item isn’t on the list. Junk King will probably have room on the truck for it! If you’re ready to get rid of junk, then you’re ready to put Junk King Richmond’s pricing estimator to work.

How To Host A Great Graduation Party

Doesn’t it seem like only yesterday when you were throwing a toddler birthday party complete with bounce house, balloons and a super hero birthday cake. Now, that same toddler is about to graduate from high school. How did the years go by so fast? Graduation is a major milestone. Whether your kid is headed off to college in another city or will be sticking around home for awhile longer, you still want to celebrate this moment. Here are some good ideas to put into action for your great graduation party.


Photo Decorations

You have 18 years worth of photos that can be used for decorations for your graduation party. Blow up some of the fun pictures of your grad when they were just a baby and use them for the decorations. You could even find a baker that can put them on the cake. And there’s no reason why you can’t bring back the balloons!

Pick an Easy Menu

You don’t have to impress a bunch of high school kids with your culinary skills. You just have to fill up their stomachs. Hot dogs and hamburgers are easy if you have someone who can operate the grill throughout the night. A few trays of spaghetti with meat sauce is also easy to prepare ahead of time and heat up for the party. You also can’t go wrong by having a taco bar. Finally, the old standby of ordering pizza will work, too. If your kid is going away, then you should try to get all the foods they might miss at their new college town.

Add Lights

If your party is going to be outside, then you don’t want to use the harsh security lights. Instead, break out the holiday lights and string them up around the deck, porch and even in the trees. You might also be able to pick up some inexpensive paper lamps to use for lighting the area.

Clear Away Rubbish

Before any set up of chairs and tables can happen, you’ll want to make as much room as possible. Junk King Richmond can help with that task. One call to these junk hauling pros can have your backyard clear of all kinds of unwanted debris, patio furniture or anything else that is cluttering up your property. Setting up your great graduation party begins with a yard clearing session from Junk King Richmond. Book it today.