There’s Never A Delay Hiring Junk King For Rubbish Removal

Holidays and snow. Those are the two major reasons why trash pickup is delayed. Whenever there’s a holiday you can expect that trash delivery will skip a day. That’s not too big of a deal. But it is the snow days that cause bigger problems. When you can’t get to the curb with your trash because of the snow then you might be stuck with it for longer than just a day. Unless the streets are plowed garbage trucks can’t make their way through. It simply becomes a mess!

There is one company that prides itself on a speedy turnaround for their junk hauling services. Junk King Richmond usually completes their assignments within 24 hours of first contact. Yes, the snow might slow them down, too, but you’ll find more often than not that there’s never a delay with Junk King for your rubbish removal.

Although Junk King is happy to pick up your trash overflow, the best used of their moving crew and truck is to get rid of the big bulky objects from your home. These movers will swiftly be able to clear out things like a loveseat, recliner, futon, mattress, baby furniture and any type of major kitchen appliance. Getting rid of one of those items can have a big impact around the house. If you have a half a dozen things that size to clear out, then you really wanted put Junk King on the task.

Everything that Junk King collects will be sorted back at the depot. They’re going to be looking for things that can be donated or recycled. These extra drop-offs might take up time for the Junk King crews with a considerate time well spent. They don’t want to go to a landfill any more than you  would want to! Thankfully, the partnerships they develop with the charities and recycling centers keeps them on alert for exactly the type of things those organizations are looking for. You have to do any of the sorting. The that all for the Junk King team.

When you hire Junk King Richmond to take care of your rubbish removal, you won’t be waiting very long at all. Make your session happen with one call.

Find Great Estate Cleanup Support From Junk King

The older the estate, the greater number of possessions will be found within that estate. That means the cleanup effort could be all the more challenging. If you have been put in charge of an estate, then you probably want to move swiftly to assess just what needs to happen next. The first thing you want to do is to assign a value to the estate. That would mean bringing in an appraiser to not only determine the value of the property itself but all the possessions within the property. That will provide you with a baseline of information to move forward. You certainly don’t want to undervalue the estate if you plan on selling it off. Before that can happen, you’ll need to engage in some cleanup effort. That’s where Junk King Richmond can be a big help.

Before the Junk King crew shows up at the estate you will want to remove all the things that you want to keep. They could also be some items that have unique value that can be sold either at an auction or through private sale. Everything is left behind can be turned over to Junk King. That would be all the unwanted stuff. At least it would be unwanted by you. It might be that some furniture items, clothing and appliances could be put to use again by a family in need. If that is the case, then Junk King will do everything in their power to make sure those items and up at a charitable organization. This is the kind of disposal work that Junk King has been doing ever since they started collecting rubbish way back in 2005.

Depending on the level of items you want removed, it might take the Junk King crew a bit more time with an estate cleanup. A recent job like this require the services of three crews and three trucks to get the job done in a single day. The cost for Junk King services isn’t based on how many crew members are working or how long they’ll be at the site. It is always based on how the truck it’s filled up. This is a very fair approach for this type of service and one that is very cost-efficient as opposed to trying to handle this type of job as a DIY project.

Turn your estate cleanup task over the Junk King Richmond today and watch how fast it gets done.

Where To Find Reliable Christmas Tree Removal

The last piece of “evidence” that there was ever a holiday in your home is the empty Christmas tree. Usually, this is the final thing that is taking care of that closes out the holiday season. Ironically, it is often the most challenging thing to get rid of. After all, it’s not that difficult to pack up lights and ornaments and boxes tucked them back into the attic or basement. But taking care of the Christmas tree is a bit of a time crunch. You need to get it outside for pickup from the garbage groups. That is provided the garbage crews are actually picking up this year. There’s no telling with cutbacks whether or not they’ll even offer that service. And if you miss the opportunity then you might be stuck with that tree for a bit longer. There is a reliable Christmas tree removal service you can call on from an unlikely source: that would be Junk King Richmond.


As the title of their company implies, Junk King specializes in removing all kinds of junk. You can imagine their red truck being filled every day with furniture, appliances and other rubbish being tossed out of a home. What about the Christmas tree? On some level, that would be a kind of yard debris. In the spring and fall, Junk King does a lot of yard clearing for many homeowners and businesses. There used to handling all kinds of organic material. They won’t have any trouble with your Christmas tree. Best of all you don’t have to bring that Christmas tree out of the house and down the steps. The Junk King crew will handle that just like they handled removal of any other item you want to get rid of.

Getting rid of your Christmas tree with the Junk King crew and their truck will afford you the opportunity to get rid of a lot of other unwanted items. This is your chance to finally get rid of that old recliner that’s been taped together or the water heater that was replaced many months ago. You can transform your home into a junk free zone with this kind of help.

For reliable Christmas tree removal and junk hauling you can always count on the team from Junk King Richmond to get the job done right.

How About A Junk Free Home New Year’s Resolution?

The topic of any New Year’s Eve party is always the New Year’s resolutions. When asked what your resolutions are you may be thinking back to last year and whether or not the resolution you made then were able to come to fruition. There is nothing wrong with setting up goals for yourself provided their realistic goals. And those goals don’t have to be accomplished as a “solo act.” Take for instance a New Year’s resolution of having a junk free home. That could mean you want to start the year by thoroughly decluttering your entire house and removing all the unwanted items you’ve accumulated in the last 365 days. The cleaning and sorting will be worth the effort when Junk King Richmond can swoop in and remove all the unwanted items.


Junk King provides the essential tools to accomplish a junk free home resolution. You’ll get a team of movers and a big truck. That is really all you need to concern yourself with. Even though the Junk King team might take a few hours to dispose of the things they collect from everyone’s house they’ll only be at your home for less than an hour provided you’re just getting a few things removed. Of course, if you want to get a lot more removed, then Junk King will be happy to accommodate you. Best of all, you won’t be charged any extra for the labor.

The Junk King pricing policy is based strictly on how the truck is going to get filled with your stuff. Junk King crews will look over everything and tell in instead how much space it will all take up. It might be one third, one half of the entire truck. Whatever the number breaks down to will reflect in the price scale. The less room for your stuff, unless you be paying. Junk King will always try to get as much into as little space as possible.

Everything is collected by Junk King will also have the opportunity to be recycled. Junk King doesn’t do the actual recycling but they can make sure those things get to the proper facility. That can either be a recycling center or a charity. You can start the new year off with a smaller carbon footprint without lifting a finger!

Hire Junk King Richmond today to make your resolution of a junk free home a reality.

Let This Be A Rubbish Free Christmas

What is your big Christmas wish for this year? Most kids have one special present in mind and that seems to be all they can think about. In fact, they even made a movie about that! The older we get the more we just want to make sure everything is nice for our friends and family. That could mean opening up your home for a special Christmas dinner or an open house party. Those always fun and festive. The best way to get ready for your Christmas guests is to make sure the home is decorated. That should start with a session from Junk King Richmond. They won’t be able to help string up any lights but they can certainly do a lot when it comes to removing rubbish throughout the home and property.


One of the things you’ve been looking at all year in your home that you’d like to get rid of? These might be items that aren’t always visible. For instance, you could have some old furniture down the basement that you will see go to do some laundry. There might be some electronic gear and outdated computers that you tucked away in a spare room. And there’s no end to the kind of unwanted clutter that can be crammed into your garage and closets. If you were the take the time to go through your entire house and designate all the items that you want removed, then you might discover it’s quite a lot of things. It might seem overwhelming but when you bring in the crew from Junk King all of that stuff can be gone in a matter of minutes.

As soon as you know exactly what you want to get rid of, you’ll want to schedule your appointment with Junk King. They might be able to provide you with the same day pickup. Yes, you could call Junk King when you’re having your breakfast and have all your stuff gone by dinnertime. They like to work that fast!

Let Junk King Richmond help make your home entirely rubbish free for Christmas.

Make It A Junk Free Christmas For Someone Special

Most people you give gifts for at Christmas will often tell you not to make a fuss. But secretly, they like to get surprised. We all like to get surprised by a special unexpected gift. Sometimes that gift can be extravagant like a marriage proposal or a new car wrapped in a big red bow. Other times the gift can be a simple thoughtful gesture that can make a huge difference in someone’s life. A junk removal session with Junk King Richmond would certainly fall into that category. It is the kind a gift you can wear or drive but it can certainly have a positive impact on someone’s living space.


You probably know someone who has been upset at the fact that they can get rid of some big pieces of furniture or appliances in their home. You’d like to help out but you don’t have the truck or are capable of lifting something heavy. Junk King provides both the manpower and the truck space needed to get rid of just about anything in a home. Those items can be located throughout the house including down the basement or up on the second or third floor. The Junk King crew never met a flight of stairs they could navigate with a sofa!

You have to coordinate with that someone special you’re giving the gift to in terms of the best day for the appointment. The Junk King crew works throughout the week and on the weekends so picking the perfect day won’t be difficult. When they show up though look over all the things that need to be loaded onto the truck and will be able to come up with an estimate. That estimate will be based on how the going to pack up truck and the less room they take up the less you’ll be paying. You’ll know what that price is before the work begins. And when you consider what it would cost you to hire your own moving crew and rent a big truck you’ll see what a bargain having Junk King Richmond do the work is.

Surprise someone this Christmas season with the ultimate gift of junk removal from Junk King Richmond.

Empty Out Your Attic With Help From Junk King

When was the last time you found a “treasure” up in your attic? Around these parts, it’s not uncommon for homeowners to stumble upon some piece of family history that was kept up in the attic without anyone remembering it was there. In extreme cases, there have been things like copies of the Declaration of Independence or masterpieces from famous painters discovered in attics. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with finding some treasures from your baby!


It might be worth spending an afternoon up in the attic going to all the things you have in storage up there. This will also give you a chance to decide which of those things can be removed. When that decision has been made, you will want to call in Junk King Richmond. These are the junk hauling professionals that can empty out your attic in no time at all.

The challenging aspect about emptying out the attic would be how many trips you have to make up and down the stairs. Although it would definitely be a good workout, you don’t want to navigate those stairs with heavy boxes. That is a task best left for experienced movers like the kind you’ll be assigned from Junk King. This crew won’t have any problem making as many tracks up the attic stairs as needed to get rid of all the things you want hauled away. It can also be a bit dusty but the Junk King crews aren’t afraid of getting their hands dirty.

Before they make their first trip down with a load of unwanted rubbish, they’re going to lockdown the price that you be charge. This will be a flat fee based on how are going to pack up the truck with all your stuff. One price covers all the labor, transportation and disposal. Keep in mind, that disposal might include several trips to a charity or recycling center but you won’t be charge extra for that. It’s all part of the package.

Getting your attic empty of unwanted clutter is the perfect job for Junk King Richmond. They do all the work and you get the empty space!

Clearing Out Scary Junk Isn’t A Problem For Junk King

When was the last time you were scared by a horror movie? Around this time of year, horror movies are always popping up on television. You could set aside a whole night of scary viewing knowing that those movies could lead to nightmares. But we do it every Halloween. It is weeks of scaring followed by weeks of giving thanks. In between, you can take care of getting the scary junk removed from your home by putting Junk King Richmond on the job.


What is the definition of “scary junk?” That would any item that you couldn’t lift on your own or toss out into the trash. It is scary to consider how hard it might be to get rid of something like that and that’s why you’re still holding onto it. With Junk King on the job, that scary junk can be removed in a single session. Old sofas, broken recliners, worn out futons; they’re all easily lifted and loaded by the Junk King crew. They don’t care how heavy something is. They only care that you want it removed.

What about the cost? There is nothing scary about that for sure! Junk King has a fair pricing policy that will be determined by the crew once they’ve had a chance to look over all the things you’re getting rid of. You might think that your stuff would take up the whole truck but the Junk King team can get it crammed into half of that amount of space. They want to do that for two reasons: It allows them to make another pick up and it gets to save you money.

All the scary junk that you’re getting rid of could be donated by Junk King on your behalf. Part of their disposal rounds include making drop offs to local charities or thrift stores. It’s a good way to get rid of unwanted stuff without having to trash it in a landfill.

Don’t let your scary junk take over your home. Hire Junk King Richmond to make it all go away today!

Junk King Can Take Care Of Your Old AC Removal

How many things in your home would fall under the category of, “What am I going to do with that?” The moment you decide that something isn’t useful it becomes a junk item. If it can be tossed out in the trash, then you know just what to do. But there could be plenty of things that break down or get replaced that you don’t know what to do with. An old AC unit that has stopped working is a perfect example. Just what would you do with that? The answer should be, “Hire Junk King Richmond to get it removed today!”


There is a lot to be said for waiting for the right “season” to buy something. You should never go shopping for a new air conditioner in the middle of the summer. That is when supplies are few and the prices high. If you wait until the fall when things have cooled off, then you could probably score a much better deal. But you still have to deal with getting rid of the old AC. For that you’ll need a truck and a pair of movers. In other words, Junk King.

That old AC also shouldn’t be dumped into a landfill. It belongs at a certified recycling center where they can properly dispose of it. Junk King knows exactly where those kinds of facilities are located and will make is their mission to see to it that your old AC will get dropped off there.

What about the rest of your unwanted items that you don’t know what to do with? Those can all be put onto the Junk King truck in the same appointment. Talk about transforming your home!

The cost for Junk King’s services will be a flat rate that is determined by how your stuff will get packed onto the truck. The less space it takes up will mean a lower rate. You’ll be given an estimate by the crew before the work begins so there won’t be any surprises. Getting rid of an old AC and the rest of your rubbish has never been easier thanks to Junk King Richmond being on the job.

Get Rid Of Appliances The Junk King Way

A smart rule to establish with your kids is that any time a new toy comes into the house, an old toy has to go out. This way they can learn about donating and you won’t be overwhelmed by clutter. Of course, if you establish a rule like this, then don’t be surprised if your kids remind you of the rule when you bring something new into the house. For instance, if you’re buying a new fridge, then you need to get rid of the old fridge. It can’t just go out on the porch or into the garage. Getting rid of appliances like that isn’t complicated when you put Junk King Richmond on the job.


Have you ever tried to move the fridge or stove on your own? You can usually pull it away from the wall for a couple of feet before it becomes a challenge. The team from Junk King who will be helping you out won’t be challenged at all. They remove big appliances from home and apartments nearly every day. They’ve got the skills, experience and equipment to make it happen safely and without damaging your home.

The appliance you’re getting rid of might not be broken as much as in need of a repair. When you have Junk King remove it from your home, that appliance could be dropped off at a charity that specializes in fixing these kinds of items. For all the rest, recycling might be an option and it’s all part of Junk King’s playbook.

Along with the old appliances that you want to get rid of, you can also put the crew from Junk King to work removing anything else you want to get rid of. If they can clear out a fridge, then they won’t have any issue with hauling off a sofa or mattress.

If you know when the new appliance is being delivered, then you can make that the same day for your Junk King pickup. The Junk King Richmond approach to getting rid of appliances and rubbish is to make it easy on you from start to finish. Give them a try.