How To Host A Great Graduation Party

Doesn’t it seem like only yesterday when you were throwing a toddler birthday party complete with bounce house, balloons and a super hero birthday cake. Now, that same toddler is about to graduate from high school. How did the years go by so fast? Graduation is a major milestone. Whether your kid is headed off to college in another city or will be sticking around home for awhile longer, you still want to celebrate this moment. Here are some good ideas to put into action for your great graduation party.


Photo Decorations

You have 18 years worth of photos that can be used for decorations for your graduation party. Blow up some of the fun pictures of your grad when they were just a baby and use them for the decorations. You could even find a baker that can put them on the cake. And there’s no reason why you can’t bring back the balloons!

Pick an Easy Menu

You don’t have to impress a bunch of high school kids with your culinary skills. You just have to fill up their stomachs. Hot dogs and hamburgers are easy if you have someone who can operate the grill throughout the night. A few trays of spaghetti with meat sauce is also easy to prepare ahead of time and heat up for the party. You also can’t go wrong by having a taco bar. Finally, the old standby of ordering pizza will work, too. If your kid is going away, then you should try to get all the foods they might miss at their new college town.

Add Lights

If your party is going to be outside, then you don’t want to use the harsh security lights. Instead, break out the holiday lights and string them up around the deck, porch and even in the trees. You might also be able to pick up some inexpensive paper lamps to use for lighting the area.

Clear Away Rubbish

Before any set up of chairs and tables can happen, you’ll want to make as much room as possible. Junk King Richmond can help with that task. One call to these junk hauling pros can have your backyard clear of all kinds of unwanted debris, patio furniture or anything else that is cluttering up your property. Setting up your great graduation party begins with a yard clearing session from Junk King Richmond. Book it today.

Clear Away Your Old Bike And The Rest Of Your Rubbish Today

Most people don’t hold onto trash. When you finish a bottle of water, you drop the bottle in the recycle bin. If you are finished with your grocery list, then you’ll crumple up the paper and toss it out. We probably make as many trips to a trashcan as we do to our refrigerators. When we have things that can’t be tossed into a can they start to pile up. Those piles can be in the garage or down the basement and can include things like an old bike, skis or other sporting equipment that we’ve outgrown. Are you ready to get rid of those things today? It could happen with a call to Junk King Richmond.


Junk King is the professional junk hauling service that is always on the move. On any given day, the Junk King crews could make upwards of five to six pickups depending on the route. These appointments are booked in two-hour windows. That allows enough time for the crews to do the work and make it to the next pickup. If the truck gets filled, then it will be taken back to the depot for unloading and then the crew is off again. All of this means that when you call to set up your appointment, you might find that a Junk King crew is not only near your location but in between runs. That could mean you can get your junk picked up within hours of that first call. Will you be ready?

Before calling Junk King, you’ll want to be clear about the things you want to get rid of. That old bike that you no longer fit on is a perfect candidate for removal but don’t stay focused on the garage. The team from Junk King can remove items from all over your home. That includes the backyard. Remember, the Junk King squad is doing all the work so your back will never be put at risk. If you need more time to sort through your closets and boxes, then you can always schedule your appointment for later in the week or on the weekend. No matter when you call Junk King Richmond for an old bike removal and junk clearing, they’re going to act fast.

More Great Reviews For Junk King Richmond

If you go out for brunch on a Sunday and the restaurant has a line outside of people waiting for a table, then you can tell this must be a good place to eat. It confirms what you might have guess about that place. The reasons for those long lines might be great reviews. For professional junk removal, Junk King Richmond earns great reviews, too but you won’t have to wait in line to put this company to work. Here’s what some of their customers are saying:


“As always, the two young men that came to my house were excellent. Very polite, right on time and they wasted no time taking the things that I needed hauled off. I have in the past recommended Junk King to friends and will continue to do so.” – Sharon Mounts, Richmond

“The guys were awesome and took everything and kept smiling and asking if there was anything else they could do! Scheduling was easy and they arrived as promised. Great service. Great Company! Thank you, Junk King.” – Joan Wilkins, Manakin-Sabot

Junk King doesn’t want to make getting rid of your rubbish complicated. They provide the work crew and the truck. You provide the junk. It is just that simple.

“Junk King went out of their way to help us with very little notice. They worked hard for over 3 hours on a Friday afternoon and successfully cleaned out all of the junk from our garage, storage room, and shed. The company swept the rooms as well. I would highly recommend them.” – J.H., Midlothian

“I am extremely pleased with the service I received from Junk King. First thing I really liked was how you could go to their website and get a rough estimate of cost based on what you’re having hauled away before even booking your appointment. The price quoted when they got here was actually lower than what was estimated and it was a very reasonable price. The online booking was easy too. I chose an 8-10 a.m. window and they were here at 8:15 so I didn’t have to wait around for them. They also called when they were 20 minutes away so that you know to expect them soon. Our two guys, Alex and Steve, were very polite and professional. They were quick with removing the sofa, loveseat and bookshelf we needed hauled away. I will definitely use this company again if ever I have the need to and will recommend to anyone who may ask me who they should call to get rid of heavy items.” – Antonia Chevalier, Richmond

One junk hauling session with Junk King Richmond is all it will take for you to write your own rave review. Make that happen today.

Smart Way To Increase Business Productivity

How is your business doing? Is it living up to the expectations of your original business plan? It is not uncommon for a business to hit the occasional “snag.” Even a terrific staff could find themselves stuck in a rut. If you’re in need of productivity boost, then you might want to put some of these plans into action:



There are some bosses that believe the best incentive if a weekly paycheck. There might be some truth to that but your staff would appreciate a bit more in terms of motivation. Once you set goals, there is no reason why you can’t incentivize those goals. This doesn’t mean giving out a jet ski every week but something as simple as buying the office lunch on Friday if that hit the goals can get them fired up to perform and help each other.

Let Them Know You Trust Them

When was the last time your told your staff that you trust them? Just saying the words, “I trust you with this assignment” can go a long way towards empowering those workers. Everyone needs encouragement.

Set Realistic Goals

Telling the staff on Monday that they need to generate a million dollars in sales by Friday might not be the most realistic of goals. As a result, you’re essentially setting them up for failure. That is going to drive a spike into whatever productivity you had going. Instead, set achievable goals. Once those goes are made, you can move onto the next batch. Accomplishing goals sets up for future achievements.

Stay Positive

A boss needs to be part “cheerleader.” You need to radiate positivity. It means getting out into the office and circulating among the staff to check in on their progress. If your staff sees your positive attitude, they’ll reflect it right back.

Provide a Productive Workspace

Productivity is tied to the workplace environment. Works who toil away in a drab office don’t tend to be very productive. It’s not just about company perks (also important) but about providing a workspace that is clean and efficient. This is where a session with Junk King Richmond can be a big help. Junk King can dispatch a team of movers to your worksite to remove all kinds of unwanted equipment, furniture and files. That is going to open up a lot more space and make the office look a lot less junky. Let Junk King Richmond help with your business productivity by getting rid of office rubbish today.

Better Ways To Buy A New Car

Believe it or not, there is a vending machine in Japan that sells cars. It is actually a huge parking structure where you can pick up your new car after you’ve purchased it but the cars are delivered on a series of elevators just like a vending machine. Technically, you could buy a car online without test driving it but that might not be the best approach. Instead, think about these ideas for a better way to buy a car:


Look at Both New and Used Cars

A used car will often cost less than a new car but a lot depends on where you’re buying it and how many miles are on it. A good range to shop is the 30,000 to 45,000 miles. You can still have a long way to go especially if you take drive until you hit 150,000 miles, which isn’t unheard of.

The other benefit of buying a used car is that the previous owner has already “built it out” for you. They might have added all those features you’re looking for in a new car but would be expensive if you tried adding them on one by one. If you’re buying a used car from a private seller, then you might be able to get away with offering a lower price. Dealerships might lockdown a price as non-negotiable. If that works for your budget, then go for it.

Buy Based on Purchase Price, Not on Monthly Payments

You should always focus on the purchase price not the monthly payment. That’s because you could have a loan structure to pay off in 72 months, which might have you paying several thousand dollars more for a car you thought you were getting a good deal on. Be on the look out for the full purchase price. You might discover the price jumps up in the contract once all those delivery fees and car prep charges are added on. You can work to knock those off.

Don’t Mention Your Trade-In

Your trade-in is going to be your “ace in the hole.” Don’t mention until you’ve locked down a price. Otherwise, the dealer might use that trade-in against you. What if you find a car for $24,000 and get it down to $22,000? Everyone is happy. Then you spring in the trade-in for another two-grand off. The other way, the dealer will factor in the trade-in and hold at $22,000. If you don’t like the trade-in offer, then sell the car on your own and then dump that cash into your loan to pay it down sooner.

The last thing you have to do for your new car might just be the most important: Get your garage ready. A session with Junk King Richmond can take care of that. The Junk King crew assigned to your garage cleanup can lift and load anything object regardless of size or weight. Make sure your new car is safe in your junk free garage. Junk King Richmond can help with that.

Trustworthy Junk Hauling Service For Midlothian

It is always heartwarming to see folks pitching in to help in the aftermath of a disaster. A prime example of this was on display last summer when a group of volunteers helped to clean up the Woodville Elementary School on North 28th Street. Vandal had set the school’s playground on fire and that caused significant damage. When the call went out for help member of the Richmond Police Department, volunteers from The Peter Paul Development Center and families from the school all answered the call. In one day, landscaping was cleaned up, ceiling tiles were replaced and a fresh coat of paint was applied throughout. This is the exact type of positive action that kids need to see.


Hearing about this type of cleanup might also inspire you to take a hard look at your own property. What improvements could you make to your home and yards? Adding plants for spring, power washing your siding and raking the winter leaves are all good things to do but why stop there? If you’ve got some rubbish stored on your Midlothian property, then it’s time to bring in the pros from Junk King Richmond.

When you set up an appointment with Junk King, you’re actually setting up an appointment with a pair of movers. This is your standard Junk King crew who will provide you with all the necessary muscle to clear away any pile of rubbish you have in your yard. The team from Junk King can swiftly lift and load lumber, bricks and construction waste. They can even help you get rid of those spare tires you’ve been stuck with. Try to visualize how much of a difference that kind of junk clearing can make in your backyard.

The team from Junk King can then move onto the clutter you have stored throughout the rest of your property. Anything can be brought up from the basement or down from the second floor of your home. Junk King is going to do all the work even if that involves a lot of stair climbing. Is it time to finally get rid of all the junk from your Midlothian home? Then it’s time to bring in the Junk King Richmond team.

Kitchen Organizing Hacks

How much time do you waste in your kitchen? It’s not just staring in the fridge looking for a snack but also all that time you used up looking for the right tool or pot. Then when you find those items, you always seem to dig through so much clutter to get to them. That can all stop if you put these cool kitchen organizing hacks to work:


Pot Lid Organizer

No matter how many times you try, stacking pot lid never works. Instead, hang a piece of peg board on the cupboard walls and line up the lids to match with the pots below. Go from small to large. You be able to match things up at a glance.

Knife Storage

Storing knives the right way will not only keep them handy but also keep them sharp. A proper knife rack with a magnetic strip is a good option. Just make sure it is anchored in the wall.

Binder for Recipes

How many recipes do you have that were clipped from magazines or printed from online. Those should all go into a binder in between photo protectors. Those are the plastic covers that will keep those recipes dry and stain free. This will become your custom cookbook.

Baking-Pan Organizer

Stacking jars and can in a cabinet makes them hard to retrieve. Try putting everything on a small baking tray. You can then use that tray like a drawer to slide out and get what you need. If that feels too wobbly, they try to incorporate a lazy Susan. One spin gets you want you need.

All the kitchen organizing that you do should have you piling up a collection of things you no longer need. This can not only include utensils but also bigger items like appliances. What about around the rest of the house? How many things do you want to get rid of from there? When those piles grow bigger than the trashcan, it is time to bring in Junk King Richmond. One session with these decluttering experts is all it will take to convert your home into a junk free zone. Your kitchen organizing should end with a clutter clearing session with Junk King Richmond.

Get Your Junk Picked Up The Right Way

Every city handles their garbage in different ways. Often this will mean that residents are charged a type of municipal tax on their power bill that covers the cost of a weekly trash pickup. A city that has adopted a recycling program can use the proceeds from that program to pay for the pickup services. It’s the perfect example of recycle, repurpose and reuse.


For your trash pickup, are you happy with their services? One of the things you should ask your trash pickup company is just where are they taking your trash? Any community is going to generate tons of garbage every day and that garbage needs to go somewhere. Most often this will mean a landfill somewhere on the outskirts of town. For anyone who is unfortunate enough to live downwind of a landfill, you know what a potentially vile experience that can be. The purpose of a landfill is to merely dump garbage in a hole and wait for it to decompose and melt. That process takes hundreds of years. Until then all kinds of chemical compounds from that melting garbage is released into the air and leeched into the ground. Not a pretty picture is it? This is why recycling and safe dumping is so important.

Safe dumping means using a landfill that has been constructed using modern technology. The pit for the garbage should be lined with a protective covering that can prevent seepage. When the landfill has met maximum capacity, it can be covered over and effectively sealed off. This approach has the least impact on our environment.

As for recycling, there are also many facilities around Richmond that can break down recyclable materials and reuse them. The goal would be finding the best way to get your rubbish to those centers. That is accomplished by putting Junk King Richmond on the job. Your junk removal appointment will be staffed by a pair of movers who have been trained to spot all the things that can be recycled or donated. Let this crew do the heavy lifting for you. Getting your junk picked up the right way means hiring Junk King Richmond from the start.

Cost Efficient Home Decorating Ideas

If you were to add up all the money you’ve put into your home since you moved in, it would no doubt amount of a hefty sum. All those little repairs and fixes add up. Not to mention the furniture, electronics and appliances you bought over time. The great thing about a home is that it is always a “work in progress.” There is always a change for a makeover or a new decorating touch. None of those have to be expensive. Here are some great cost efficient home decorating ideas:


Build a Headboard

If your bed doesn’t have a headboard, then you might be surprise at how easy it is to build one yourself. You can look for old headboards on Craigslist that can be refinished with stains or paint that suit your design scheme. Or you can find a piece of reclaimed wood to do the trick. As for mounting on your bed, you could mount it directly into the wall and slide the bed underneath. Easy.

Improve the Lighting

It is amazing what a new lampshade can do for a room. You the base of the lamp doesn’t matter as much as that shade. If you are feeling especially creative, then you can take an old shade and spray paint it a different color. These muted lights work especially nice in the bedroom.

Put Rugs Down

Rugs can become a nice accent for any room but you don’t have to always go with an expensive option. Every rug store has remnants they would love to get rid of at a nice cost. You might have to do a little trimming to fit it into your space but with the right scissors that is simple to accomplish.

Decorating your home goes hand in hand with entertaining. After all, you want to show off the new touches, right? Before you invite any guests or do any decorating you should first hire Junk King Richmond. This is the professional junk removal service that is going to help you clear out your unwanted furniture, electronics and other rubbish that is cluttering up your rooms. Decorating works best when you don’t have clutter around. One call to Junk King Richmond can make your clutter disappear.

Make More Storage Space In Your Shed

No matter how big your home is when you moved in, storage is the first thing you need more of. This is why closets and garages fill up so quickly. You might have added a backyard shed to your property for additional storage space. It makes perfect sense to use the shed for gardening tools and equipment. This is also a good spot for outdoor toys and winter sporting goods. Over time, that shed can fill up with stuff just as quickly as the garage. Are you ready to make more room in your shed? Then you’re ready for a session with Junk King Richmond.


Junk King Richmond specializes in removing those bulky objects you can’t toss out into the trash. An old rider lawnmower would definitely fit into this category. So would rusty rakes, hedge trimmers and snow blowers. It could be the only reason you’re holding onto that stuff is because you can’t simply throw it away. That is where Junk King Richmond can be a huge help.

When you set up a junk removal session, Junk King is going to dispatch a team of movers. Think of this hard-working crew as the ultimate problem solvers. Their goal is to get everything you want tossed out onto the back of their truck. When it comes to packing up a truck, the Junk King teams know no rivals. That matters because it is how they pack the truck that will impact what you ultimately pay. The less space your junk takes up, the lower the amount. You’ll know that the price is before the work begins.

Clearing out your shed of unwanted rubbish might be the big mission but you can put the Junk King crew on a bunch of little missions as well. They can just as easily load up any old furniture or electronics you want disposed off from the inside of the house. Junk King Richmond is also a company that wants to keep things green, even in the middle of winter. That’s why they’ll happily drop your stuff off at a recycling center or charity. It’s all about avoiding a trip to the landfill. Open up more storage in your backyard shed and the rest of your house with help from Junk King Richmond. It can happen today.