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Tag Archives: Valentine’s Day

How About Session With Junk King Richmond For Valentine’s Day?

The days leading up your Valentine’s Day there is a lot of phone activity. Husbands and boyfriends are calling florists and restaurants to line up the perfect Valentine’s Day date. Hopefully, they’ll do this before February 13! There is another call that you could make for Valentine’s Day that would be truly appreciated. That would be a call to Junk King Richmond. You won’t get roses or chocolates a Junk King Richmond but what you will get is a home that is free of junk. Just think of how appreciated that will be.


You can slip a printout from Junk King Richmond into a Valentine’s Day card to surprise your special someone. To make the session happen just have to pick a date and two-hour window that works best for your schedule. If you want to surprise your partner, then Junk King can certainly accommodate getting in and getting out with your junk as quickly as possible. Of course, that person that you are giving the gift to might want to be involved in finalizing the list of junk items to be taken from the house. What you have to remember is that Junk King Richmond is going to provide a two-man team and huge truck to complete this chore. That could have a major impact on deciding what you want to get rid of. In other words, anything goes!

The crews working for Junk King Richmond are all licensed and insured. That makes them the exact kind of professional crews you should be inviting into your home. These teens also have worked in all kinds of junk removal situations. Nothing you’re going to give them will surprise them. If you need something taken apart or brought down from a second floor it won’t be an issue. All they care about is making sure you’re happy at the end of the job.

Before the job starts there to present you with an estimate based upon how much space your stuff is going to fill on the back of the truck. It’s all about the volume with Junk King Richmond and never about the weight. Make this Valentine’s Day very special with a junk removal session from Junk King Richmond.

Give A Special Valentine’s Day Gift: Junk Removal With Junk King

Roses on Valentine’s Day are sure to make your special someone smile. Of course, those are kind of expected. It’s a tradition and nothing is wrong with that. However, if you want to really impress that special someone, then you might arrange to have their home transformed. You don’t have to give them a new kitchen. Instead, set up a junk removal appointment with Junk King. You’ll be amazed at how much improvement can be made when all that clutter is cleared out.


Want to know how Junk King operates? Here’s how some of your neighbors found the Junk King experience:

“The website was easy to use for online estimating and booking. Saturday availability and fair pricing sealed the deal. Ryan called me to tell me they were on the way near the opening of the time window I’d picked. The online estimate was extremely close to the price given once the guys saw my stuff. The guys were very courteous and good-natured about the task ahead of them, which was to remove an oversized and heavy antique sofa set from my apartment. They got it done quickly.” – Julie E., Richmond

Although the majority of junk removal calls handled by Junk King are at homes, they can certainly make a big difference with apartment renters. That is where space is really at a premium. It doesn’t matter how many flights of stairs need to be climbed, the crew from Junk King will get it done.

Julie also discovered that scheduling with Junk King is all about your time. Because there are crews always on the move, it could be easy to schedule a same-day pickup. However, if it works best for your junk removal to happen on the weekend, then that is when Junk King will make it work.

“The gentlemen were very polite, helpful and a pleasure to have helping us.”

“They were very prompt, friendly and willing to do anything to get to my “junk.” I highly recommend them!”

“You arrived when you said, the whole areas that I needed taken out was done quickly and without lot of problems.”

And those are just the reviews that came in last week! Image the smiles you can make this Valentine’s Day with junk removal from Junk King.

Valentine’s Day Junk Removal In Richmond VA

What better place to spend a day dedicated for love than in the state that is made for lovers? The “Virginia is for lovers” is a tourism slogan that has been used by the state since 1969. It even inspired New York’s famous, “I Love New York” campaign. When it comes to planning the perfect Valentine’s Day date, you’ll have plenty of choices for fine dining here in Richmond. Hopefully, it will be a memorable meal you’ll recall with fondness. Of course, it can only be a memory. Even if you take home a “doggie bag” those leftovers won’t last long. The same can be said for Valentine’s Day flowers and candy. It’s all going to go. However, there is one gift you can give this year that might just last for months, if not years. That would be a junk removal appointment with Junk King.

Junk King is a company dedicated to clearing out the clutter in people’s lives. Perhaps your significant other has been dropping not-too-subtle hints about cleaning out the garage or basement. Maybe they want to make room for a workout space or a home office. Maybe they want to avoid the mountains of snow piling up outside and simply park the car in the garage. Whatever the reason for getting rid of your junk, Junk King can provide the solution.

It starts with setting up a junk removal appointment. Often these can be accomplished on the same day but usually within 48 hours you can get your junk gone. As a special present, you could arrange for Junk King to do the job as a surprise. You just have to make sure your loved one is out of the house when Junk King shows up. They won’t have to be gone long because Junk King is one fast operation. Before you know it, all the junk it took you years to collect will be gone from your world for good. That would be a terrific surprise to come home to.

Wedding chapel ready for Valentine's Day

On the other hand, your partner might want to get in on the junk removal action by adding to the pile. Since you have a two-man crew and a huge truck to fill up, there is no limit to what you can discard from your home. How long you keep your home junk free is entirely up to you. Just know that Junk King will always be standing by to take out the trash! Call today to set up your Valentine’s Day surprise.

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