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Junk Removal Laurel MD


If you’ve got a lot of junk piling up in your backyard, garage, basement, or anywhere within your home or office, you might need the help of our junk removal team. Junk King Rockville now proudly serves the residents of Lauren, MD, and surrounding communities. Regardless of the volume of your junk, our skilled crews will pick it up from your home or business and dispose of it in an eco-friendly fashion. Some of the junk items we pick up include old appliances, furniture, electronics, miscellaneous scrap, leftover building materials, yard debris, and much more. 


The good thing about our junk removal service in Laurel, MD, is that we will often take large, heavy items such as old furniture and appliances that your regular waste collection company won’t touch. From garage cleanouts to trash removal, mattress removal, and debris removal from a major construction site, Junk King Rockville handles jobs of all sizes and shapes. When you choose our junk removal service, you can expect friendly and exceptional service from real professionals. Our goal is to make your life hassle-free with quick, reliable junk hauling services in Laurel and surrounding areas.


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What Is Junk Removal?


Junk King Rockville provides a convenient way to remove junk from your home or business. We can haul big items like appliances and furniture, conduct full house cleanouts, provide light demolitions, and clean up junk and other construction debris from a property cleanout. Junk King can handle just about any type of junk, except hazardous waste. Once you make an appointment with our Junk King Rockville/Laurel team, we will show up on time and load all your junk onto our trucks. We always arrive on time in our big red trucks, armed with the right equipment, ensuring everything goes as planned.


Junk King’s Approach to Residential Junk Removal


At Junk King Rockville, we try to provide friendly customer service and work hard to ensure we do a great job every time. Our mission is to ensure that all your junk is recycled or donated as much as possible. In fact, we are the only nationwide company to have a local sorting facility that processes 60% or more of every job we perform.


You can trust Junk King to provide you with the easiest junk removal process and the lowest rates possible. Junk King is the company that people trust because we are extremely professional and provide great customer service. We offer great value for money by offering customers upfront pricing, easy scheduling, and quick service. When you say Yes, we’ll haul away your junk and leave your property clean.


Strong Commitment to Eco Friendly Practices


At Junk King Rockville, we believe that junk does not have to end up in a landfill, which is why we recycle every bit of material we pick up. You can feel good doing something environmentally friendly when working with Junk King. We donate usable items to local charities and donation centers to help the community and to help less fortunate people. More often, your unwanted furniture or old electronics could give a stranger a big smile.


We believe that cleanliness and organization are essential to having a happy family. So, if you have a lot of useless junk in your home, let Junk King take care of it. Our junk removal services cover just about anything and everything. This includes:


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Appliance Removal


If you’ve ever tried to lift an old air conditioner by yourself, you’ll probably be disappointed. But if you call Junk King, we’ll help you move your old air conditioner out of your home. And if it’s time to replace your dishwasher or old trash compactor, do not hesitate to contact Junk King. We have experts who specialize in removing and recycling large appliances. Those heavy dishwashers and dryers are often the most dangerous household appliances. Heavy washing machines can weigh as much as 175 pounds or more, which is a lot more than most people can carry easily. 


Junk King Professionals will also take care of removing and recycling your old appliances, such as refrigerators and stoves. Because a lot of the components in a refrigerator and stoves can be recycled and the material used can be reused, our team will get your old refrigerator, stoves and other appliances to a proper facility for recycling. 


DIY Construction Debris Removal


You have probably seen in many home improvement programs how messy some home renovation projects can be. Junk King Rockville provides junk removal services that will recycle and dispose of construction waste you produce while doing a DIY project. We have the equipment to recycle all kinds of wood, metal, and plastic, so you don’t have to. 


We’ll also remove all the fallen tree branches, yard waste, and other yard debris accumulated after a landscape project. You may have recently had a huge storm that leaves a lot of tree branches in your yard. Or maybe you have a lot of yard waste that you haven’t got time to dispose of. Junk King provides a fast and efficient way to eliminate all the yard debris you may have accumulated.


Electronic Waste Removal


Old computers, monitors, televisions, scanners, and other e-waste can harm the environment when thrown in a landfill. We recycle or donate the electronic items that we pick up. Junk King safely removes heavy or bulky electronics and then donates or recycles them. Some states allow people to legally dispose of computer monitors, TVs, and cell phones, but not in the trash. If you want to properly dispose of your old computers and other electronic items, it can be quite expensive and take a long time. 


TVs contain dangerous mercury, lead, and other toxic materials. At Junk King, we take away the e-waste from your home and dispose of it safely. E-waste disposal from Junk King consists of picking up and transporting old electronic devices to donation centers or recycling facilities. We do all the heavy lifting, so you don’t have to carry it all the way to the curb. Moreover, we ensure that electronics are disposed of safely at a properly run recycling facility so that the waste doesn’t harm our environment.


Furniture Removal


Junk King has the manpower and trucks to haul away heavy pieces of old furniture. Do not cause yourself back injury by moving heavy furniture yourself. We understand how difficult it is to remove and dispose of old furniture. You have to take down your old furniture and haul it out the door to be disposed of. After that, you have to decide what you will do with the furniture pieces. Besides, most towns won’t allow you to put the pieces of furniture you have gathered over the years on the sidewalk or in the street. Let Junk King do all the heavy lifting and worry about where to take your old furniture, so you don’t have to.


Scrap Metal Recycling


Metal objects that you do not want are great candidates for junk removal because they are very valuable and should not be thrown in landfills. Junk King recycles junk metal by taking it to local scrap metal recycling facilities. Recycling junk metal is a green and sustainable alternative to putting all that metal in a landfill. Our junk removal service is cost-effective because most types of metal can be recovered and reused.


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Junk King’s Approach to Commercial Junk Removal Services


All businesses generate some level of junk. Even if your organization is not a manufacturing company, just being in business for a long time can cause you to accumulate junk. Whether it’s that old office furniture and equipment you no longer use or simply large amounts of trash and debris you produce, it needs to be disposed of somehow.


If your business regularly hauls things to the local landfill or recycling center, you’re a good candidate for our commercial junk removal service. It is unlikely that any of your employees do that kind of work frequently, if ever. We know that most businesses are not even equipped to do this kind of work since they aren’t in the junk hauling business. Here are some commercial junk removal services Junk King offers:


Office Furniture Removal


Some people choose not to sell or donate their old office furniture since removing it is very difficult and expensive. It is best to hire a professional to remove the old furniture. At Junk King Rockville, we do all the lifting and removing from your commercial facility to help you avoid the hassle of doing it yourself. 


Our professional and reliable furniture removal services are smart because we guarantee you will get the best value for your money. We ensure that your old furniture will be donated to a good cause if it’s in good condition or to a recycling facility to ensure that it is disposed of in an environmentally friendly manner.


Commercial Equipment Removal


As a smart business owner, you must think carefully before making decisions involving some kind of expenditure. This includes things like buying or selling equipment. You can easily hire a professional like Junk King to take care of hauling and disposing of large pieces of machinery or other large items. 


Also, note that there are restrictions on what you can and cannot haul or dispose of yourself. Moreover, most of the business junk is quite large and heavy. It is best to hire a professional hauling company to handle the heavy or bulky items from your premises.


Commercial Scrap Pick Up


Businesses find it difficult to get rid of a lot of metal objects, and the process of doing this can be very dangerous. It can be difficult to dispose of large amounts of junk, especially if the items are too big to put in your standard trash can. And if all you have is scrap metal and broken equipment, selling it is not an option.


Some business owners think about recycling scrap metal, but figuring out how to do that can be challenging if you are not sure how to recycle the material. Junk King will take your metal scrap and bring it to a local recycling facility so that it can be recycled into new material. We recycle as much as possible and use only the best environmentally friendly methods to do this.


Some of the metal items we can help recycle include:


  • Steel, iron, copper, brass, aluminum, and more
  • Plumbing fixtures and other commercial facility renovation debris
  • Beams, wires, and lots of other construction metal debris
  • And any other unwanted metal junk


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Property Management Clean Out


Renters constantly move to different houses and apartments. According to the Census Bureau, almost 13 percent of renters move every year. But vacated rentals cannot be rented out again until all the junk is removed and the property is cleaned out. Every day that rental properties sit empty and full of junk is a day that you will not get any rent from a prospective tenant. 


If you’re a property manager who needs to get rid of the junk that a previous tenant left behind in one of your rental units, Junk King Rockville has got you covered. Before a landlord can hire a janitorial company to clean the property, they need to get rid of everything tenants have put in their units. 


As a property manager, you’ll have much more peace of mind when a quick and affordable junk removal company is ready to help you out. Junk King is your go-to partner for cleaning up a home, an apartment, or a rental property for tenants.


Foreclosure Clean Out


Real estate professionals know that working with foreclosed properties often involves removing the junk that the prior owners left behind. And most prior residents feel that they have little or no incentive to leave their homes in a salable condition when they leave. Many foreclosed properties are left with a pile of trash, abandoned furniture, and other property that the previous homeowners didn’t get rid of. 


Junk King is the leading business-to-business junk removal service in North America. We take care of the entire process of getting everything cleaned up. Let us take one big job off your to-do list so you can make your home more attractive to buyers or renters.


Construction Debris Removal


Contractors and project managers understand that every phase of a construction project should be managed carefully, processes streamlined, and resources optimized. What is often overlooked is the problem with managing construction debris. But to ensure that costs are reduced, this function must be equally managed and planned for.


There are many advantages to outsourcing this work to a reputable, professional junk removal service like Junk King. You can be sure that our team will do the job right and fast and make you feel comfortable. Moreover, the costs involved are often less than doing the work yourself.


Where Does Your Junk Go After Junk King Hauls it Away?


At Junk King Rockville, we understand that many people want their junk to be disposed of as soon as possible. But you might also wonder, where is all the junk we pick up going? It may be helpful to know that Junk King Rockville recycles or donates as many items as possible. For example, we give toys to children in need, provide shoes to homeless people, and give old couches to veterans. We also go to great heights to recycle or donate items people no longer need. 


Overall, our junk removal is convenient if you want to take away items that are difficult to handle, such as heavy furniture, appliances, and electronic waste. But there are some things that our junk removal crew does not accept. If something is toxic, hazardous, or dangerous, the chances are that we may not pick it. Besides that, we can haul away just about any kind of junk from your home or office. Contact Junk King today to schedule your junk removal service in Rockville, Laurel and surrounding areas. 


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