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Junk Removal Blog

The Most Efficient and Practical Shed Removal in Rockville


Shed Removal


For homeowners in Rockville, Maryland, purchasing a shed or building one from scratch in your backyard might seem like a great way to add a few more square feet of storage space to your property. A U.S. Department of Energy study actually found that 25 percent of people with two-car garages don’t park in them at all. A third can only park one car, largely due to garage clutter taking up the space where you would park your car. Furthermore, a high-quality shed may even help to increase your asking price when you decide it’s time to sell your home or business. Some real professionals estimate that a new shed could add as much as $15,000 to your property’s price tag.


Of course, if your backyard shed has fallen into disrepair, the shabby building behind your house will most likely drive down your home´s value. Due to the nature of their construction, exterior sheds tend to have a much shorter lifespan than your regular home. Not only are shed no insulated or conditioned, but they also tend to not have any sort of sturdy foundation. This means that they are prone to the stresses that come with extreme temperature changes, and many shift due to exposure to the elements. This eventually leads to cracks or fissures in the shed structure that cause water damage, mold, and other types of exposure that can quickly ruin the simple 2×4 and plywood structure. 


For homeowners, business owners, and other residents of Rockville, how exactly can you go about getting rid of an old shed that has become a refuge for mold, mildew, rodents, and is driving down your property value? Junk King of Rockville is proud to be able to offer the most efficient and practical shed removal service in the region. We provide shed removal services to the entire Rockville area, including the communities of Ashton, Beltsville, Brinklow, Brookeville, Burtonsville, Derwood, Gaithersburg, Germantown, Kensington, Laurel, Montgomery Village, Olney, Rockville, Sandy Spring, Silver Spring, Spencerville, Suburb Maryland Fac, and Washington Grove. 


The Challenges that Come with DIY Shed Removal in Rockville 


For many people in Rockville and the surrounding areas, getting rid of an old shed might seem like a simple DIY project that can do over a free weekend. Before you start the demolition process, however, it is important to take into consideration some of the following challenges you will likely encounter: 


  • The Need for the Right Tools: When tearing down a backyard shed, you will most likely need some heavy power tools. Even the simplest shed will have several braces and brackets to hold structure together. As you take apart the roof, walls, windows, doors, and flooring, you will probably need some heavy duty tools to take those pieces apart.  
  • Potential Health Risks: As you tear apart the shed, it is common to find that your shed is severely invested with mold and mildew. For people who suffer from asthma or other types of respiratory allergies, this could be a concern. Furthermore, sheds that have been abandoned for several years may have turned into a home for snakes, rodents, wasp nests, and other animals that could pose a danger. 
  • C&D Debris Removal Guidelines: Even if you do successfully deconstruct the shed, you will then be stuck with an enormous pile of construction and demolition (C&D) debris that you have to take off your property. In the City of Rockville, you will probably find that the municipal waste management service will not be able to haul away your trash without first scheduling a bulky item pickup. Even then, you will need to find a place on your property to store that C&D debris until your pickup day rolls around, as well as having to haul all the heavy debris out to the curb on the morning of the scheduled pickup. 


Why Hire Junk King for your Shed Removal Needs in Rockville? 


If you don’t want to waste a weekend trying to tear down your shed, or if you don’t have the necessary power tools or place to store the debris while waiting for a special bulky item pickup date that may be weeks away, you might consider hiring a private junk removal service to get rid of that old shed. Junk King of Rockville is proud to be offer the most efficient, practical, and environmentally friendly shed removal for people in the region. 


When you hire us for your shed removal needs, we are committed to making it extremely easy for you to get rid of that old shed in the easiest and timeliest manner possible. Our junk removal professionals can help you with the demolition of the old shed, and will also do all the heavy hauling, lifting, and towing. Simply show up where the shed is located on your property, and we can do the rest. Furthermore, if your old shed is filled with old junk items that you no longer need or want, we can also help you get rid of that junk in one simple junk removal service. Due to the continued COVID-19 pandemic, we also offer no-contact service, meaning that you never have to physically interact with our junk removal technicians. 


Lastly, our company is also proud to offer the “greenest” junk removal service in the region. When you hire us for your shed removal, we will take the time to determine if any parts of the shed can be de-constructed and donated to thrift stores or other charities. If the shed is severely damaged and no parts can be salvaged, we also work with several recycling companies and organization. In short, we do everything we can to ensure that as much of your old shed as possible stays out of our area landfills. In fact, we are able to either donate, recycle, or otherwise repurpose up to 60 percent of the junk items we haul away. 


How to Hire Junk King for your Shed Removal Needs?


Providing our customers with “fair and transparent” pricing is one of the hallmarks of our company and we even offer your four different ways to get a free estimate for your shed removal needs:

  1. On-Site Pricing Estimate: On-site pricing is the best and most accurate way for us to assess the job and offer you the lowest price. Unlike other companies, our on-site pricing estimates are completely free, and come with no-obligation on your part. Our junk removal professionals will inspect the junk you need hauled away and offer you an upfront price. If a price agreed upon, we will often be able to get rid of the abandoned items on the same day. 
  2. Call to Talk with a Trained Customer Service Representative: If you´d prefer to talk with someone before making a decision, you can call us toll-free at l 888-888-JUNK. Our customer service representatives can offer you a pricing estimate and help you plan the logistics of your shed removal. 
  3. Text us a Photo: Also, you can simply take a photo of your old shed and text us those photos at 737-888-5865. We will promptly text you back a transparent price estimate. Once you accept the estimate, all you have to do is wait for the Junk King truck to arrive.
  4. Online pricing estimator: Lastly, Junk King also offers an easy-to-use online pricing estimator. Simply enter your zip code to ensure that you are in right service area and provide a few more pieces of information regarding the type and size of the junk items that you need removed. Our pricing estimator allows you to receive a transparent cost estimate based on either the actual items you need hauled away, or the anticipated volume in the Junk King truck you plan on taking up. The online pricing estimator is convenient, reliable, and time saving for those on a tight schedule. 


No matter what option you choose, as soon as a price is agreed upon, you choose a date and two-hour service window that works for your schedule. Our junk removal professionals will call you 15-30 minutes before we show up to promptly take your car junk away! 


No matter what type of junk items you need taken away from your home or business, we are here to help you. Give us a call at 1-888-888-JUNK, text a photo to 1-737-888-5865, or book an appointment online to save $20 on orders totaling more than $99. Junk King continues to offer free, on-site written estimates, which is still the best way for us to give you our lowest pricing possible. 


The Top 3 Reasons to Use Junk Removal for HOAs in Rockville


HOA Junk Removal


Did you know that there are over 6,700 homeowner´s associations (HOAs) and similar community associations in the state of Maryland alone? Homeowners associations play an incredibly important role in helping to maintain communities and neighborhoods in order. HOAs devise and implement rules and norms that everyone in the community must adhere to and follow. They also hire contractors and maintenance personnel with dues paid by homeowners in order to maintain the community´s common areas. 


One of the most important though often overlooked role of homeowner´s associations is helping to ensure that the community is clean, orderly, and trash-free. In communities that do not have strict ordinances and norms regarding trash disposal, waste management, and other similar policies, individual homeowners generally have to rely on an anonymous call to the local government. Waiting for local officials to come around and clean up the illegal dump on your street corner might take weeks, if not months. During this time, the presence of illegal dumps, improperly placed dumpsters, and other disorderly aspects of waste management in the community is a surefire way to drive down property values. 


One of the main benefits that comes with living in a neighborhood or community governed by an HOA is that this generally helps to improve the property value of the homes in the area. If you are manager or board member of a local HOA in Rockville, Maryland, there are certainly times when hiring a private junk removal service will offer the most efficient and easiest way to deal with pending trash and junk problems in your community. 


Junk King of Rockville is proud to be the top-rated junk removal company in the region. We offer the most affordable, efficient, and environmentally friendly junk removal services in Rockville and the surrounding area. Below, we offer a brief explanation of the top three reasons when homeowner´s association in Rockville might benefit from hiring a junk removal service from Junk King. 


Reason #1 for Junk Removal for HOAs in Rockville: Immediate and Efficient Service 


We understand that getting rid of bulky junk items, excessive trash, and other types of waste is usually an important and time-sensitive issue. Nobody likes having excessive amounts of waste sitting in their home or business. In the specific case of HOAs, we know that you probably have a responsibility to the due-paying homeowners to maintain the community areas free of trash and junk. 


If you find that somebody came through you community in the middle of the night and decided to dump an old couch, a broken down refrigerator and other items in your community tennis court parking lot, we can help you get rid of those unwanted items in the most efficient and timely manner. When you hire Junk King of Rockville for your trash removal needs, we make it extremely easy for you to get rid of those items in easiest and timeliest manner possible. Once you have hired us, we will do all the heavy lifting and towing. You simply have to let us know where the junk is located and we will do the rest. Due to the continued COVID-19 pandemic, we also offer no-contact service, meaning that you never have to physically interact with our junk removal technicians.


Reason #2 for Junk Removal for HOAs in Rockville: Virtually Zero Limits to What we Can Haul Away 


One of the biggest difficulties that comes with depending on the public trash service for bulky junk items and other oversized trash removal needs is that the waste management company often imposes several restrictions on what they can and cannot haul away. For HOA administrators who need a one-stop solution for junk removal, it can be frustrating to find that half of the items you wanted removed are left behind by the junk removal or waste management company. What was supposed to be a one-day junk removal service, can often turn into a several day ordeal. 


When you hire Junk King of Rockville, on the other hand, we are able to help you haul away virtually any type of junk that you have on hand. From old appliances, to any type of furniture, to large amounts of yard waste, we can help you get rid of virtually any type of junk item, no matter how large and bulky it might be. As long as your junk items are not classified as toxic waste, we should be able to help you get rid of those items in the fastest and easiest way. 


Reason #3 for Junk Removal for HOAs in Rockville: The Most Environmentally Friendly Junk Removal 


Lastly, when you hire Junk King of Rockville for your HOA junk removal needs, you can rest assured that you will be hiring the “greenest” junk removal company on the market. Junk King is one of the few junk removal companies around the country that has an environmental ethic as a foundational element of our business model. We originally began our junk removal services in the San Francisco, California area as a way to offer our residential and commercial clients an environmentally friendly way to deal with all different types of junk and waste that they accumulate. We are proud to say that all of our franchises across the country are committed to recycling, donating, repurposing, or “upcycling” at least 60 percent of the junk that we pick up. In the specific case of storage facility cleanouts, we are almost always to recycle or donate a much higher percentage of what we haul away. 


Additionally, providing our customers with “fair and transparent” pricing is one of the hallmarks of our company and we even offer your four different ways to get a free estimate:

  1. On-Site Pricing Estimate: On-site pricing is the best and most accurate way for us to assess the job and offer you the lowest price. Unlike other companies, our on-site pricing estimates are completely free, and come with no-obligation on your part. Our junk removal professionals will inspect the junk you need hauled away and offer you an upfront price. If a price agreed upon, we will often be able to get rid of the abandoned items on the same day. 
  2. Call to Talk with a Trained Customer Service Representative: If you´d prefer to talk with someone before making a decision, you can call us toll-free at 1-888-888-JUNK. Our customer service representatives can offer you a pricing estimate and help you plan the logistics of your HOA junk removal.
  3. Text us a Photo: Also, you can simply take a photo of the items you need removed and text us those photos at 737-888-5865. We will promptly text you back a transparent price estimate. Once you accept the estimate, all you have to do is wait for the Junk King truck to arrive.
  4. Online pricing estimator: Lastly, Junk King also offers an easy-to-use online pricing estimator. Simply enter your zip code to ensure that you are in right service area and provide a few more pieces of information regarding the type and size of the junk items that you need removed. Our pricing estimator allows you to receive a transparent cost estimate based on either the actual items you need hauled away, or the anticipated volume in the Junk King truck you plan on taking up. The online pricing estimator is convenient, reliable, and time saving for those on a tight schedule. 


No matter what option you choose, as soon as a price is agreed upon, you choose a date and two-hour service window that works for your schedule. Our junk removal professionals will call you 15-30 minutes before we show up to promptly take your car junk away! 


We are confident that we can beat any written estimate, and offer the absolute best service in our industry. For HOAs in Rockville, Junk King is hands down the most efficient, affordable, and environmentally friendly way to get rid of your junk items in the quickest possible manner. Call us today at 1-888-888-JUNK to find the best solution for your junk removal needs. 


The Pros and Cons of Bagster vs Full Service Junk Removal


Bagster vs Junk Removal


If you’re getting ready to sell your home, you may be wondering how to get rid of all the junk that’s accumulated over the years. Because moving trucks typically aren’t allowed to transport items like furniture or appliances, this task can seem especially daunting. However, there are two main options for removing junk from your home that can help simplify the process and even save you money in the long run. Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of bagster vs full service junk removal.


Advantages of Full Service Junk Removal

If you’re looking for a hassle-free way to get rid of your junk, then full service junk removal is the way to go. With this option, you don’t have to lift a finger – just point and junk disappears! Plus, full service providers are typically more experienced and can provide a more efficient service. Here are some other advantages of full service junk removal In many cases, prices are fixed and do not fluctuate with weight or volume; customers know how much they will be charged before they book; customers can trust that all debris will be hauled away; customer gets to take a break while their unwanted items are removed from their property. Disadvantages of Full Service Junk Removal: Although most people find full service junk removal very convenient, there are still disadvantages associated with it as well. For example, since customers aren’t involved in the actual hauling process themselves, it might not feel like the job was done completely by them. Customers may also need to make sure they leave enough time for their items to be removed from their property so that it doesn’t cause any safety hazards on site.


If you have other junk items that you don’t want hauled away, but instead taken to a recycling center or donation center (such as televisions, lamps, mattresses and furniture), it might be worth considering another option such as bagster. With bagster junk removal, customers can do some of their own hauling while professionals handle all other aspects of the service. This is an ideal choice for customers who don’t have much space on their property and need to limit what they bring inside to keep clutter to a minimum. Disadvantages of Bagster Junk Removal: While there are advantages associated with using bagster for your junk removal needs, there are also some downsides as well.


Advantages of Bagster

There are a few advantages to using Bagster over full service junk removal. First, it is generally cheaper. You only pay for the bag and not for labor. Second, you can do it yourself which means you don’t have to wait for someone to come and do it for you. Third, it is more convenient because you can put it out on the curb and they will pick it up when they are doing their rounds. Fourth, there is no need to haul your junk to the dump yourself. Fifth, there is less of a chance that something will get damaged in transit since it is all contained in one bag. Sixth, you don’t have to worry about disposing of your junk properly since that is taken care of by the company.


There are some disadvantages to using bagster over full service junk removal. First, it doesn’t work for everything. Some items will not fit in a bag so you will need to either haul them yourself or arrange for full service junk removal. Second, you might have more junk than you expect. This means you will either have to pay extra or make several trips back to your property to finish clearing out your junk. Third, it is inconvenient when something breaks while they are picking up your junk. Fourth, they may not pick up everything on your list which means that you will have to hire another company later on if there is something that wasn’t picked up by Bagster.


If You Go With Full Service

If you’re looking for a comprehensive junk removal solution, full service is the way to go. With full service, you don’t have to lift a finger – we’ll do all the work for you. Plus, we can usually get the job done faster than if you were to do it yourself. However, full service comes at a higher price tag. But if you’re looking for convenience and peace of mind, full service is worth the investment.


On the other hand, bagster trash can leave you with more physical work to do, but it’s less expensive. If your primary concern is saving money, you may find full service isn’t worth it. In that case, we recommend going with bagsters – you have to load them yourself, but they’ll also cost significantly less than a full service provider. They won’t be able to dispose of larger items like furniture or appliances for you (but many will), so keep that in mind if you have bigger waste needs. You should also check with your city government regarding any restrictions on what can be placed in bagsters.


Whichever service you choose, we can help you make sure that your junk gets picked up quickly, so you don’t have to worry about it anymore. Plus, we’ll make sure to haul away everything – even junk like refrigerators and tires! And while we do encourage using full service if convenience is your main concern, bagsters are a great option if money is tight. In any case, contact JK Rockville today for more information on how to get started with garbage removal in your area.


If You Go With Bagster

Assuming you have a regular-sized home, the Bagster is probably your best bet. It’s more affordable than full-service junk removal, and it’s a good option if you’re able to do some of the work yourself. That said, there are some downsides to using a Bagster. For one, you have to take everything to the curb on your own – which can be tough if you have large or heavy items. Plus, there’s always the chance that your items won’t fit in the bag, which means you’ll have to pay for an extra bag or use full-service junk removal after all.


If you’re looking for a more complete junk removal service, full-service junk removal is probably your best bet. For a fixed fee, a professional will come to your home or business and haul away almost anything you need – furniture, appliances, electronics, yard waste – with no limit on weight or items. While full-service junk removal costs more than Bagster services typically do, it’s usually worth it in terms of convenience. Plus, since everything is taken away together in one load (instead of having to deal with multiple trips back to pick up missed items), full-service junk removal reduces your overall cost per item because you can unload one truck instead of two or three.


If you need to hire junk removal services, you have two options: you can use a service like Bagster, or you can go with full-service junk removal. Depending on your situation, either one can work for your needs. For example, if you’re looking for affordable pricing or are planning to do most of the work yourself, using a bag may be your best bet. But if convenience is key – such as if you don’t want to transport your items to curb by yourself – full-service junk removal may be a better option. Make sure that whichever option you choose fits your budget, so that it won’t cost more than hiring an employee or friends to help out with cleanup after an event! Good luck!


Junk King is Your Best Option

If you’re looking for a professional junk removal company, look no further than Junk King. We provide full-service junk removal, which means we’ll take care of everything from start to finish. We’ll even do all the heavy lifting! Plus, we have a proven track record of providing great customer service. Here’s a look at the pros and cons of bagster vs full service junk removal.

The key advantage of using a full-service junk removal service like Junk King is that we will remove any type of junk without question, including large items like bulky furniture or appliances that may be difficult to haul away on your own. And if you need help getting something down your stairs or into your elevator or vehicle, don’t worry about it—we’ve got that covered too! Don’t want to deal with those massive pieces? No problem—we can also pick up anything from small trash items up to 10 cubic yards in size and haul it away. With our same day and next day pickup options, Junk King can quickly get rid of whatever you don’t want so it’s out of sight, out of mind in no time flat!

yard cleanup

Junk Removal Laurel MD


If you’ve got a lot of junk piling up in your backyard, garage, basement, or anywhere within your home or office, you might need the help of our junk removal team. Junk King Rockville now proudly serves the residents of Lauren, MD, and surrounding communities. Regardless of the volume of your junk, our skilled crews will pick it up from your home or business and dispose of it in an eco-friendly fashion. Some of the junk items we pick up include old appliances, furniture, electronics, miscellaneous scrap, leftover building materials, yard debris, and much more. 


The good thing about our junk removal service in Laurel, MD, is that we will often take large, heavy items such as old furniture and appliances that your regular waste collection company won’t touch. From garage cleanouts to trash removal, mattress removal, and debris removal from a major construction site, Junk King Rockville handles jobs of all sizes and shapes. When you choose our junk removal service, you can expect friendly and exceptional service from real professionals. Our goal is to make your life hassle-free with quick, reliable junk hauling services in Laurel and surrounding areas.


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What Is Junk Removal?


Junk King Rockville provides a convenient way to remove junk from your home or business. We can haul big items like appliances and furniture, conduct full house cleanouts, provide light demolitions, and clean up junk and other construction debris from a property cleanout. Junk King can handle just about any type of junk, except hazardous waste. Once you make an appointment with our Junk King Rockville/Laurel team, we will show up on time and load all your junk onto our trucks. We always arrive on time in our big red trucks, armed with the right equipment, ensuring everything goes as planned.


Junk King’s Approach to Residential Junk Removal


At Junk King Rockville, we try to provide friendly customer service and work hard to ensure we do a great job every time. Our mission is to ensure that all your junk is recycled or donated as much as possible. In fact, we are the only nationwide company to have a local sorting facility that processes 60% or more of every job we perform.


You can trust Junk King to provide you with the easiest junk removal process and the lowest rates possible. Junk King is the company that people trust because we are extremely professional and provide great customer service. We offer great value for money by offering customers upfront pricing, easy scheduling, and quick service. When you say Yes, we’ll haul away your junk and leave your property clean.


Strong Commitment to Eco Friendly Practices


At Junk King Rockville, we believe that junk does not have to end up in a landfill, which is why we recycle every bit of material we pick up. You can feel good doing something environmentally friendly when working with Junk King. We donate usable items to local charities and donation centers to help the community and to help less fortunate people. More often, your unwanted furniture or old electronics could give a stranger a big smile.


We believe that cleanliness and organization are essential to having a happy family. So, if you have a lot of useless junk in your home, let Junk King take care of it. Our junk removal services cover just about anything and everything. This includes:


garage cleanup

Appliance Removal


If you’ve ever tried to lift an old air conditioner by yourself, you’ll probably be disappointed. But if you call Junk King, we’ll help you move your old air conditioner out of your home. And if it’s time to replace your dishwasher or old trash compactor, do not hesitate to contact Junk King. We have experts who specialize in removing and recycling large appliances. Those heavy dishwashers and dryers are often the most dangerous household appliances. Heavy washing machines can weigh as much as 175 pounds or more, which is a lot more than most people can carry easily. 


Junk King Professionals will also take care of removing and recycling your old appliances, such as refrigerators and stoves. Because a lot of the components in a refrigerator and stoves can be recycled and the material used can be reused, our team will get your old refrigerator, stoves and other appliances to a proper facility for recycling. 


DIY Construction Debris Removal


You have probably seen in many home improvement programs how messy some home renovation projects can be. Junk King Rockville provides junk removal services that will recycle and dispose of construction waste you produce while doing a DIY project. We have the equipment to recycle all kinds of wood, metal, and plastic, so you don’t have to. 


We’ll also remove all the fallen tree branches, yard waste, and other yard debris accumulated after a landscape project. You may have recently had a huge storm that leaves a lot of tree branches in your yard. Or maybe you have a lot of yard waste that you haven’t got time to dispose of. Junk King provides a fast and efficient way to eliminate all the yard debris you may have accumulated.


Electronic Waste Removal


Old computers, monitors, televisions, scanners, and other e-waste can harm the environment when thrown in a landfill. We recycle or donate the electronic items that we pick up. Junk King safely removes heavy or bulky electronics and then donates or recycles them. Some states allow people to legally dispose of computer monitors, TVs, and cell phones, but not in the trash. If you want to properly dispose of your old computers and other electronic items, it can be quite expensive and take a long time. 


TVs contain dangerous mercury, lead, and other toxic materials. At Junk King, we take away the e-waste from your home and dispose of it safely. E-waste disposal from Junk King consists of picking up and transporting old electronic devices to donation centers or recycling facilities. We do all the heavy lifting, so you don’t have to carry it all the way to the curb. Moreover, we ensure that electronics are disposed of safely at a properly run recycling facility so that the waste doesn’t harm our environment.


Furniture Removal


Junk King has the manpower and trucks to haul away heavy pieces of old furniture. Do not cause yourself back injury by moving heavy furniture yourself. We understand how difficult it is to remove and dispose of old furniture. You have to take down your old furniture and haul it out the door to be disposed of. After that, you have to decide what you will do with the furniture pieces. Besides, most towns won’t allow you to put the pieces of furniture you have gathered over the years on the sidewalk or in the street. Let Junk King do all the heavy lifting and worry about where to take your old furniture, so you don’t have to.


Scrap Metal Recycling


Metal objects that you do not want are great candidates for junk removal because they are very valuable and should not be thrown in landfills. Junk King recycles junk metal by taking it to local scrap metal recycling facilities. Recycling junk metal is a green and sustainable alternative to putting all that metal in a landfill. Our junk removal service is cost-effective because most types of metal can be recovered and reused.


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Junk King’s Approach to Commercial Junk Removal Services


All businesses generate some level of junk. Even if your organization is not a manufacturing company, just being in business for a long time can cause you to accumulate junk. Whether it’s that old office furniture and equipment you no longer use or simply large amounts of trash and debris you produce, it needs to be disposed of somehow.


If your business regularly hauls things to the local landfill or recycling center, you’re a good candidate for our commercial junk removal service. It is unlikely that any of your employees do that kind of work frequently, if ever. We know that most businesses are not even equipped to do this kind of work since they aren’t in the junk hauling business. Here are some commercial junk removal services Junk King offers:


Office Furniture Removal


Some people choose not to sell or donate their old office furniture since removing it is very difficult and expensive. It is best to hire a professional to remove the old furniture. At Junk King Rockville, we do all the lifting and removing from your commercial facility to help you avoid the hassle of doing it yourself. 


Our professional and reliable furniture removal services are smart because we guarantee you will get the best value for your money. We ensure that your old furniture will be donated to a good cause if it’s in good condition or to a recycling facility to ensure that it is disposed of in an environmentally friendly manner.


Commercial Equipment Removal


As a smart business owner, you must think carefully before making decisions involving some kind of expenditure. This includes things like buying or selling equipment. You can easily hire a professional like Junk King to take care of hauling and disposing of large pieces of machinery or other large items. 


Also, note that there are restrictions on what you can and cannot haul or dispose of yourself. Moreover, most of the business junk is quite large and heavy. It is best to hire a professional hauling company to handle the heavy or bulky items from your premises.


Commercial Scrap Pick Up


Businesses find it difficult to get rid of a lot of metal objects, and the process of doing this can be very dangerous. It can be difficult to dispose of large amounts of junk, especially if the items are too big to put in your standard trash can. And if all you have is scrap metal and broken equipment, selling it is not an option.


Some business owners think about recycling scrap metal, but figuring out how to do that can be challenging if you are not sure how to recycle the material. Junk King will take your metal scrap and bring it to a local recycling facility so that it can be recycled into new material. We recycle as much as possible and use only the best environmentally friendly methods to do this.


Some of the metal items we can help recycle include:


  • Steel, iron, copper, brass, aluminum, and more
  • Plumbing fixtures and other commercial facility renovation debris
  • Beams, wires, and lots of other construction metal debris
  • And any other unwanted metal junk


junk removal

Property Management Clean Out


Renters constantly move to different houses and apartments. According to the Census Bureau, almost 13 percent of renters move every year. But vacated rentals cannot be rented out again until all the junk is removed and the property is cleaned out. Every day that rental properties sit empty and full of junk is a day that you will not get any rent from a prospective tenant. 


If you’re a property manager who needs to get rid of the junk that a previous tenant left behind in one of your rental units, Junk King Rockville has got you covered. Before a landlord can hire a janitorial company to clean the property, they need to get rid of everything tenants have put in their units. 


As a property manager, you’ll have much more peace of mind when a quick and affordable junk removal company is ready to help you out. Junk King is your go-to partner for cleaning up a home, an apartment, or a rental property for tenants.


Foreclosure Clean Out


Real estate professionals know that working with foreclosed properties often involves removing the junk that the prior owners left behind. And most prior residents feel that they have little or no incentive to leave their homes in a salable condition when they leave. Many foreclosed properties are left with a pile of trash, abandoned furniture, and other property that the previous homeowners didn’t get rid of. 


Junk King is the leading business-to-business junk removal service in North America. We take care of the entire process of getting everything cleaned up. Let us take one big job off your to-do list so you can make your home more attractive to buyers or renters.


Construction Debris Removal


Contractors and project managers understand that every phase of a construction project should be managed carefully, processes streamlined, and resources optimized. What is often overlooked is the problem with managing construction debris. But to ensure that costs are reduced, this function must be equally managed and planned for.


There are many advantages to outsourcing this work to a reputable, professional junk removal service like Junk King. You can be sure that our team will do the job right and fast and make you feel comfortable. Moreover, the costs involved are often less than doing the work yourself.


Where Does Your Junk Go After Junk King Hauls it Away?


At Junk King Rockville, we understand that many people want their junk to be disposed of as soon as possible. But you might also wonder, where is all the junk we pick up going? It may be helpful to know that Junk King Rockville recycles or donates as many items as possible. For example, we give toys to children in need, provide shoes to homeless people, and give old couches to veterans. We also go to great heights to recycle or donate items people no longer need. 


Overall, our junk removal is convenient if you want to take away items that are difficult to handle, such as heavy furniture, appliances, and electronic waste. But there are some things that our junk removal crew does not accept. If something is toxic, hazardous, or dangerous, the chances are that we may not pick it. Besides that, we can haul away just about any kind of junk from your home or office. Contact Junk King today to schedule your junk removal service in Rockville, Laurel and surrounding areas. 


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Dispose of Metals in Rockville

How to Dispose of Metals in Rockville


Junk King is North America’s top-rated junk removal company. We are also the ‘greenest’ junk removal company in the country. As part of being the most environmentally responsible junk removal firm, we facilitate a variety of recycling services, including metal recycling. At Junk King Rockville, we offer scrap metal recycling for various metals, including iron, copper, aluminum, and steel. 

We know that a lot of plumbing fixtures and construction debris contains such metals. That’s why we are here to partner with you in your next home or office remodeling project to help you dispose of the junk metal in an eco-friendly manner. But our recycling process goes much further than that. Our crew can haul away and help you recycle the metals found in furniture, yard waste, household appliances, home cleanouts, and more. We work with local metal recyclers, charities, and nonprofits to ensure more items can be recycled, reused, or repurposed.


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Metal Recycling Facts and Trends


Recycling scrap metal has numerous interrelated benefits. At Junk King Rockville, we recycle both ferrous metals (cast iron, wrought iron, alloy steel, carbon steel, etc.) and non-ferrous metals (aluminum, copper, tin, zinc, etc.). Most appliances, furniture, and pots and pans around your home or office are likely made of at least one of these metals. 


In the United States, steel is actually the most recycled metal since it’s easy to melt down and create new products. Aluminum is also an efficient metal to recycle. In fact, it’s 20 times more efficient to recycle aluminum than to manufacture it in the first place. Recycling aluminum consumes only 5 percent of the energy. Statistics indicate that recycling just one aluminum can save energy equivalent to one day worth of lighting with a single lightbulb or three hours of powering a computer. 


Currently, only about 30 percent of recyclable metal is actually getting recycled. The good news is that about 40 percent of the steel production globally is being done with recycled steel today. Every year, about a half-billion tons of metal is recycled, which is definitely a reason to cheer! At Junk King Rockville, we’re dedicated to growing that number even more. As a full-service junk removal company, we have virtually any kind of junk hauled away and safely recycled. As long as your junk contains recyclable metal, we’ll keep it out of landfills and help cut down on groundwater and soil pollution.



Efficient E-Waste and Metal Recycling in Rockville


Although Rockville provides unlimited pickup for electronic and metal items, it’s done by appointment only. Moreover, you must place the items at the curb by 6 a.m. in an open area, away from parked cars, fire hydrants, tree limbs, and overhead wires. When buying new electronics, always check with the store regarding recycling old electronics. At Junk King Rockville, we understand that your time is valuable and is better off spent on more important things. We provide efficient metal pickup and recycling services, so you don’t have to worry about the pickup or disposal of your metal junk.


We collect all kinds of electronics and metal items, including:


  • Computers and related items
  • Portable chargers
  • Printers and printer drums
  • Holiday string lights
  • Cell phones
  • Video cameras
  • TVs
  • VCR/DVR/DVD or Blu-ray players and discs 
  • Air conditioners
  • Automobile tire rims, doors, hoods, and fenders
  • Bicycles
  • Aluminum siding, pots, and pans
  • Grills (no propane tanks)
  • Chain link and wire fencing
  • Metal doors 
  • Metal furniture
  • Lawnmowers (drain oil and gas)
  • Scrap metal
  • Sheds
  • Refrigerators/freezers 
  • Swing sets 
  • Water heaters
  • Washers, stoves, dryers, and toasters 


How to Dispose of Metals in Rockville


Why Recycling Metals is Essential 



Metals like steel, aluminum, copper, silver, brass, and gold are all recyclable. The more we recycle these precious metals, the less mining that has to be done. Fortunately, many of your household appliances contain brass and copper, and these are easily recyclable. Recycling metal has many benefits, such as keeping these items out of landfills and reducing the need for fresh mining. Recycling metals also means less energy expended in manufacturing new products. Additionally, recycling reduces the number of harmful materials released into the atmosphere and lowers the manufacturing costs that consumers and businesses would otherwise incur. 


How Junk King Makes Metal Recycling Seamless


At Junk King Rockville, we work with local metal recycling facilities to ensure your products get recycled properly. Our goal is to recycle 60% or more of the junk we haul away. The higher the percentage of recyclable metal, the better for the environment. If you have worn-out unusable equipment lying around and rotting away on your premises, Junk King can help you recycle it. 

Working with Junk King for appliance disposal is in your best interest. We have specialized equipment to safely haul away your heavy appliances without damaging your property or hurting anyone. Furthermore, all our employees are insured and skilled in handling and disposing of heavy appliances. Although it might seem like a cost-saving approach to haul away junk metal in your car, the money spent on professional junk disposal is always worth it.

Junk King Rockville is the best choice for hauling away all recyclable metal from your home or business premises. Besides, we offer the most competitive rates in Rockville for junk removal services. We’ll send a team to your home or business premise in a few minutes after your call to assess the metal junk and give you an instant cost estimate for the hauling services. Junk King Rockville is also a green waste removal company dedicated to safeguarding our planet. We can partner with you to recycle the junk appliances you no longer use. 

When you choose Junk King Rockville to recycle your unusable appliances, you can expect the following steps:


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1. Collection


At Junk King, our metal recycling process begins with collecting old or unused appliances from your residential or commercial property. You won’t have to trouble yourself moving your junk metal to the curb. Our well-trained and equipped team will handle this often dangerous task, so you don’t have to lift a finger.


Whether your junk items contain ferrous metals or non-ferrous metals, we’ll haul them away using specialized vehicles to ensure the metals don’t cause any injuries or damage to other valuable items. We’ll save you the hassle of transporting your junk metal appliances in your car, which might leave it with rust stains and scratched paintwork or upholstery.

2. Sorting


Once we get the metal out of your property, the next step is to sort them out at our scrap metal yard. Sorting involves separating the metals into what can and cannot be recycled. We then haul away anything that is unrecyclable to a dumpsite and send quality recycled metallic products to the right recycling facility. Our sorting process is rigorous since most recycling centers only accept materials that are more than 50% metal. 

Even appliances surrounded by plastic are recyclable when they have a high metal content. Our team will ensure the metal is separated using a magnet that selectively picks out ferrous metals with iron. Large recycling facilities even use sensors with x-rays and infra-red scanning technology to separate non-ferrous and ferrous metals. 


3. Processing and Shredding   


After carefully sorting the metal, they are compacted or squeezed to reduce the space they occupy. This enables easy transportation of the metal to other facilities. After compaction, the next step is to shred the metal, breaking it into tiny fragments that can easily melt in the next stage. Shredded metal also takes less time and energy in the furnace than large components. Generally, aluminum is transformed into aluminum sheets, while steel is changed to steel blocks after shredding.

4. Melting


Once the metal is shredded, it’s fed into a furnace for melting. Metal recyclers use different furnace types with varying temperature levels for melting different metal types. Overall, the melting process takes a few minutes to several hours, depending on the metal type and volume in the furnace. Although the melting procedure consumes significant energy, it’s not as much as it would cost to manufacture or mine new metals. 


5. Purification


The molten metal is then purified to eliminate any imperfections that may affect the quality of materials manufactured with recycled metals. There are several methods used for purifying metals, but the most common one is electrolysis. An electrochemical reaction is achieved by introducing a direct current in the molten metal to separate impurities. Recyclers may also pass powerful magnets over the molten metal to collect any impurities. 


6. Solidifying  


The final step of metal recycling is to purify the solidified by placing it through a conveyor belt where it cools. Density-increasing chemicals may be added to boost the solidification process and improve some properties of the metal. During purification, recycled scrap metal is formed into appropriate shapes and sizes to make it easier to produce new products. After solidification, the recycled metals are ready to use as raw materials for making new products. They are then transported to manufacturing plants. 


Call Junk King for Eco-friendly Metal Disposal in Rockville


Junk King Rockville can collect and deliver your junk metal to the right local recycling facility. Our primary goal is to ensure your metal debris becomes new recycled materials through the most environmentally friendly methods. We actually recycle more than other junk removal companies in the country. Our junk metal recycling is available for almost all kinds of metals, including iron, steel, copper, brass, aluminum, and more.

Whether you have beams, wires, plumbing fixtures, home renovation debris, or other construction metal debris, we have the capacity to haul it all away and ensure the unwanted metal junk is recycled. Our crew members are also fully insured to protect you against any potential liability risks. We can safely carry the scrap metal debris from your property, load it into our spacious, heavy-duty trucks, and transport it to the right recycling facility. Contact us to schedule your appointment for junk metal removal and recycling in Rockville or surrounding communities.


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Junk Removal Gaithersburg MD – We remove your clutter today


Junk King offers the most professional level of junk removal service in Gaithersburg, MD, and we guarantee to meet or beat any written estimate. Whether you want to declutter your home, renovate your property, or relocate your business, you might benefit from our professional junk removal service. Besides clearing out space in your existing home or office by getting rid of the stuff you neither want nor need, we also ensure the junk is disposed of conveniently and in an eco-friendly fashion. Our team will always ensure your junk is donated, repurposed, recycled, or disposed of in a way that does not harm our environment.


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What Is Junk Removal?


Junk removal is the process of decluttering your home or commercial property and disposing of the junk appropriately. It is quite different from regular trash pick-up. Standard garbage companies usually provide a bin for your home or business to keep permanently or indefinitely. You’ll then fill that bin with your daily or weekly garbage and wait for the company to collect the waste on a designated trash day and haul it away.


With Junk King’s junk removal service, you won’t have to wait for trash day. You can call us any day if you have more extensive trash removal needs. For example, if you’re cleaning out your basement and don’t have adequate space in your standard garbage bin to dump all the junk you find, you might call our junk removal company for help. You can also depend on our junk removal service if you have a series of sizable items—such as old furniture pieces or large broken appliances—that you want to get rid of from your house.


Junk King’s Full-Service Junk Removal  


Junk King Gaithersburg offers full-service junk removal services, so you don’t have to lift a finger. If you’re a contractor who renovates houses, we offer quick and efficient junk removal. We can help you set up a dumpster or a convenient spot to discard pieces of flooring, piles of drywall, and other construction debris to ensure you don’t slow down your build processes.


With our full-service junk removal, we typically dispatch 2-3 people to come into your home or business premise, carry your junk outside, load it into our truck, and then haul it away. This service is more like hiring movers, except your unwanted stuff goes away forever instead of being moved to your new address. Overall, our full-service junk removal is the go-to strategy for handling bulk clutter or large garbage items.


Junk King handles jobs of all shapes and sizes, from garage cleanouts and trash removal to mattress and construction debris removal. When you choose Junk King’s junk removal service, you can expect friendly service from real professionals. Our goal is to make your life easier with quick, dependable junk hauling services. We do all the heavy lifting; just point, and it’s gone!


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Junk King’s Approach to Junk Removal


When you hire Junk King for junk removal, we haul away just about any kind of trash from your home or business. We can haul large items like furniture and appliances, conduct full house cleanouts, do light demolition, and pick up all kinds of junk and construction debris from real estate cleanouts. Our team has the skills and equipment to haul away pretty much everything and anything except hazardous waste.


Simply make your appointment, and our crew will show up on time in our professional trucks with the right equipment to free you of your junk! We always emphasize friendly customer service and a job well-done each time. Our eco-friendly mission drives us to recycle or donate as much as possible. 


We are the only national company to operate with a local sorting facility with the primary goal of recycling 60% or more of every job! With Junk King Rockville, you can expect a simple process, competitive rates, and the highest quality of service. That’s why we are ranked #1 in junk removal services across the United States.


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How Junk King Makes Junk Removal Seamless 


The top reason we’ve become the #1 junk removal company in North America is our exceptional customer service. We believe in the old-fashioned style of customer service of offering each customer top-quality results and a pleasant experience. You get honest-to-goodness junk hauling professionals. Our crew members are uniformed, licensed, insured, and come with a fleet of trucks designed to handle the task. 


Besides providing the highest level of professionalism and unmatched customer service, Junk King offers a no-hassle experience with upfront pricing, simple scheduling, and fast service. Here are other ways Junk King makes junk removal seamless for Gaithersburg residents:


You Can Count On Our Expertise


When you hire Junk King for junk removal, you get the advantage of unparalleled expertise. Our junk removal experts are fully trained to efficiently disassemble, move, and haul away all types and sizes of junk, including bulky furniture items and appliances. It doesn’t matter how large or heavy the item is. We’ve been doing this for several years. We have the gear, furniture dollies, and state-of-the-art trucks. Moreover, our crews know how to navigate narrow hallways, stairwells, and even tight doorways. Don’t risk damaging your home but instead leave it to the experts.


Saving You Time


If you’re like many homeowners, you don’t really want to be bothered with the responsibility of removing heavy furniture and disposing of them in the landfill. It’s a cumbersome affair, not to mention the tons of other stuff you could be doing with your time. If you want to be efficient with your time, let Junk King take care of your junk removal. When you hire us, you won’t need to worry about the logistics or where to take your unwanted stuff. Just text us a picture, and we’ll show up and do the rest. We’ve made junk removal our business, so you don’t have to.


Safer, Fully Covered Junk Removal Service


Large, bulky, and weighty items are always a health and safety hazard. Instead of risking injury, our team has the skill, resources, and experience to make junk removal easy, safe, and stress-free. We have a crew of fully trained staff on all safety guidelines and standards. We’ve gone the extra mile to equip our teams with safety gear and the appropriate equipment to handle any kind of junk removal. You can rest assured that in case of an accident, our junk removal team is fully insured, meaning you are never liable for the injuries or damages.


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Junk King’s Junk Recycling Service


As our planet becomes populated by more people each year, junk recycling has become tremendously important. New styles and technology continuously evolve, which means we need to somehow dispose of our old stuff. The easier solution is to dump them in the trash. But for us at Junk King, it means taking the time and effort to recycle as much as we possibly can. That’s why we are successfully recycling 60% of what we haul away, on average, which is not bad for a day’s work!


With our junk recycling service, we endeavor to convert waste materials into new materials and objects. This is an alternative to “conventional” waste disposal that focuses on disposing of junk in landfills. Our primary goal is to save material and help reduce greenhouse gas emissions. We collaborate with trusted local recycling facilities to ensure your junk is broken down into useful products instead of disposing of them as trash. 


Although most communities and waste management companies make recycling easier by providing labeled waste collection containers for public use, many of them still haul away the waste to landfills. Even if you have curbside recycling bins in your home or business premise, many curbside pick-up services may not adhere to strict recycling policies.


At Junk King, we emphasize recycling and will ensure as much of your junk is properly recycled. You simply point, and we haul those items into our spacious junk removal trucks with no hidden fees. While recycling primarily benefits our environment, it also provides revenue for the U.S. and global economies.


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Automatic Action 


There might be several items that you are getting rid of that you would consider recyclable or a donation. Although every customer’s input is valuable, this type of recycling action occurs automatically. You don’t have to designate anything for our drop-offs. Our Junk King crews are trained to spot those recyclable items and those for donation. We do that sorting action back at the depot where all the junk materials are collected. 


Part of Junk King’s recycling approach also involves charity drop-offs. So, any item that can be kept out of the landfill can be considered recyclable. We also work with many charities that take old appliances and furniture regardless of their condition. Overall, Junk King can handle all recycling drop-offs from start to finish, so you don’t have to lift a finger.


Book Your Junk Removal Service today


Junk King has state-of-the-art technology solutions to allow you to easily schedule junk pick-ups in real-time. With our user-friendly online booking system, you only need to make a few clicks, and in a matter of minutes, Junk King can schedule and complete your junk removal job. When you choose Junk King for junk removal, you can expect superior service at a very competitive price point. 


Overall, Junk King fulfills the Gaithersburg community’s needs as a professional and affordable junk removal company that residents can trust. Our crew will typically call you 15-30 minutes ahead of time and provide you with an up-front pricing estimate for your convenience. Once you agree to our pricing, we’ll swing into action and execute the job efficiently, leaving the job site cleaner than we found it. Contact us today to schedule your junk removal service in Gaithersburg, MD!


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Apartment Junk Removal in Rockville, MD: Junk King

Property managers can face numerous challenges when transitioning a unit between tenants. In many cases, tenants moving out of apartment units leave behind unwanted items and junk. As a property owner or apartment manager, you probably don’t want to deal with the hassle and headache of figuring out how to make all that junk disappear. That’s when Junk King Rockville saves the day with professional junk removal services for rental homes and apartments.




When you call Junk King Rockville or schedule an appointment online, you can stop worrying about how to clean out that rental unit in time for the next tenant. We’ll provide a simple quote based on the amount of space your junk will take in our truck. Our team of local junk removal experts will show up to the appointment on time with all of the tools necessary to complete the job. Simply point to the junk, and we’ll haul it away in no time!

Reliable Apartment Unit Cleanout Services

Very few tenants leave their apartment units completely empty. Many of them leave behind old furniture, mattresses, electronics, appliances, and massive amounts of junk. If you need a unit empty and ready for the next tenant in a hurry, Junk King Rockville is your fast and affordable junk removal solution.

We understand that cleaning out apartments can be a challenging task that requires skills and expertise. Our crew is trained on how to carry large and bulky items through hallways and down flights of stairs. We can clear out an entire apartment quickly and efficiently. Our junk removal team makes things easier for you by doing all the heavy lifting and hauling. Be sure to schedule junk removal services before the start date of the next lease, and we’ll show up for the appointment ready to haul things away immediately.

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Handling All Kinds of Junk from Your Apartment!

Before you schedule your apartment cleanout service with Junk King, you will want to assess what kind of trash has been left behind. Once you’ve decided that everything can go, then you can give the instructions to our crew. Our team will do all the heavy lifting and loading for you. It doesn’t matter if you have a heavy futon that has to be carried down several flights of stairs – that’s the kind of work we do on a daily basis, so it won’t be a challenge to us.

If it is all trash, the Junk King Rockville crew will make their way through each room of the property and clear out all that was left behind.

Efficient Appliance Removal from Apartments

If your previous tenant left behind an old appliance sitting around the apartment, broken down and collecting dust and occupying valuable space, Junk King could help haul it away. We understand that getting rid of old appliances such as washing machines, refrigerators, and stoves can be daunting. Big appliances are notoriously hard to pick up and move, and finding a facility that accepts them can be daunting.

Junk King Rockville provides efficient, eco-friendly, and safe appliance removal services, so you don’t need to grapple with the pick-up or disposal of such old items. Additionally, we make sure that your old appliances end up in the appropriate place. For example, we can take your appliance to a charity if it’s still functioning or a recycling center to ensure it’s disposed of in an eco-friendly way.

We remove nearly all types of appliances, including:

  • Beverage/Wine Chillers
  • Air Conditioners
  • Dishwashers
  • Heaters
  • Lawnmowers
  • Dryers
  • Garbage Disposals
  • Microwaves
  • Refrigerators/Freezers
  • Stoves/Ranges/Cooktops
  • Mini-Fridges
  • Ovens/Wall Ovens
  • Water Heaters
  • Trash Compactors
  • Vacuums
  • Washing Machines/Dryers


Ecofriendly Disposal and Recycling for All Kinds of Junk

Junk King hauls all kinds of items except hazardous waste. Don’t be afraid to call us if you have difficult and tricky items such as broken furniture, old washing machines, electronic waste, and even renovation debris. Our crew will figure out how to make everything disappear while ensuring nothing harms our environment.

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We also emphasize eco-friendly junk removal services by ensuring that all recyclable materials such as paper trash, metal, and electronics are safely and responsibly disposed of at local recycling facilities. Junk King Rockville even works with local organizations to donate usable items such as old furniture, appliances, and clothes. Our goal is to help you avoid the landfill with green junk removal and disposal solutions.

Whether it’s an old dishwasher, stove, refrigerator, oven, range, washer, dryer, or HVAC equipment, we’ll ensure all recyclable parts are recycled and the remnants disposed of in an eco-friendly manner. Fortunately, most appliances, especially kitchen and laundry appliances, are largely made of metal. Metals are highly recyclable and recoverable, and our team works with reputable recycling facilities that can process scrap metal from your non-working appliances.

Opting for an eco-friendly junk removal company like Junk King ensures that as much of the scrap metal from your junk is recovered and recycled. Also, note that some older appliances such as freezers, AC units, and refrigerators contain Freon or other hazardous chemicals. These are solvents that can harm the environment and should be handled carefully. Junk King always ensures that Freon is collected by a recycling center before recycling the actual appliance.

Donating Your Junk

At Junk King, we can find a new home for many of the junk items we pick from your apartment, such as old electronics and appliances. Most churches, second-hand shops, non-profit groups, and community thrift stores are always willing to accept various items if they are in good condition. We can even help you get a receipt for your donation so you can use it as a tax deduction.

Highly Skilled Team for the Job

Every Junk King Rockville appointment is staffed by an efficient two-man moving crew to take care of any of your junk removal needs. Our team has a lot of experience carrying out heavy items of any size. They can navigate stairways with ease, which comes in handy in most apartment complexes!

Our crews also have the skills to pack up the truck with your junk, which is exactly how your price is determined. We offer a flat fee based on how your stuff fits onto the back of the truck. This means that the less room your stuff takes up, the less you’ll pay. This approach to the junk removal service makes Junk King the leading junk hauler in the entire country.

Get The Junk Out Of Your Apartment Today!

Personalizing an apartment doesn’t always mean repainting walls or remodeling the kitchen. There are a lot of personal touches you can bring into your apartment space to make it feel like a true home. Unfortunately, an apartment unit can also feel cramped with the extra stuff that tenants bring into that space.

If your previous tenant left behind lots of stuff that makes the space feel cramped, you might want to get rid of the stuff and free up the space for the next tenant. And since most of these things can’t be simply thrown out in the trash, you’ll require help from Junk King Rockville to haul it all away fast and dispose of it appropriately. Contact us today to schedule your consultation and eliminate the headache of apartment cleanout in Rockville and surrounding communities!


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Did Home Renovations Leave You With Construction Debris? We Can Help!

Home renovations will inevitably leave you with construction debris.  Whether you are renovating or remodeling your home, business or other space, you will need construction debris removal, bulk waste pick up and possibly some junk hauling.  Regardless of what you need removed from your property, Junk King Rockville is here to perform the haul so you can focus on family, fun and the finer things in life.


Construction Debris Removal Performed the Right Way

Construction debris should be recycled and reused rather than trashed.  So don’t try to stuff all the excess in your trash can or haul it to a landfill.  Instead, rely on Junk King to repurpose the material as much as possible.  Our aim is to perform construction debris removal in a manner that protects the environment and brings out the best in your living space.
We have all the manpower, equipment and trucks necessary to perform construction debris removal to protect the environment as well as your property.  Our commitment to recycling reduces the cost of construction debris removal, sidesteps the financial pitfall that is landfill fees and ultimately safeguards our increasingly sensitive planet.
Add in the fact that obtaining utility out of the construction debris we haul from your home serves as a net positive for the surrounding community and there is even more reason to choose Junk King.

Taking the Stress out of Renovations

If you are like most homeowners, you are a bit stressed out after your home renovation or remodeling project.  Though items are left behind in the aftermath of the project, there is no need to feel flustered.  Junk King is here to remove the debris from your property so you can focus on living the good life after the remodel.  Our team removes random debris scattered about your property after remodeling projects.  We will haul away tiles, drywall, floorboards and other sundries leftover from the project.
Whether your home recently underwent minor renovations or a major remodeling, our team is up to the task of eliminating the excess remaining after the project.  We even tackle construction debris removal after home addition construction.  All you have to do is point us in the direction of the debris you would like to be removed and we will haul it away from your property in the most efficient manner possible.
Our bulk waste and construction debris removal service extends to eliminating the excess after new construction in addition to remodeling and renovation projects.  The construction site at your home, business or other space is likely laden with materials of all different sorts, be it debris, trash or other junk.
There is no sense attempting to fit the items in a dumpster or drag them out to the curb on your own.  You would have to invest hours of your time in such a project, wasting energy on physical labor that is best performed by a team of junk hauling specialists with a strategic approach and the right equipment for the job.

We Make Construction Debris Removal Easy

There is a common misconception that removing construction debris from a home, business or other space is egregiously expensive and will prove disruptive.  We go to great lengths to ensure our construction debris removal and bulk waste pick up is performed in a manner that does not cause a disturbance at your home or other property.
Our team works quickly and efficiently, removing items in a coordinated manner to clear out all the excess in as little time as possible.  We even call 15 minutes ahead of our arrival so you can prepare for the haul.  Our team also provides free estimates in accordance with the amount of space the junk will take up within our trucks.
We take pride in honoring our quotes.  You won’t have to worry about a hidden fee or other latent expense when you trust Junk King to perform your construction debris removal and bulk waste pick up.

Recognize the Merits of Outsourcing Junk Hauls

Hauling away construction debris, bulk waste and additional junk is not a DIY (do it yourself) project.  Though it might be possible to eliminate these items from your property on your own, doing so is not a wise use of your limited energy and time.  Even if you own a truck, van or sport utility vehicle, loading it up with random construction debris is a recipe for disaster.
Construction debris is messy and potentially hazardous.  Our junk hauling crew is here to determine which items are safe for removal, which ones are hazardous and eliminate those items the right way.  As long as the junk in question does not pose a threat to the health of our hardworking team, we will remove it from your property.
Experienced junk hauling professionals understand the subtleties of the best approaches to hauling away specific items from construction sites.  From tiling to wood, concrete, steel and beyond, each unique item requires a nuanced approach for hauling.  We know which items can be repurposed and donated as well as which items should be trashed.  This means we won’t make a beeline to the nearest dump to drop off all the items we picked up from your construction project.
Rather, we will carefully review the entirety of the items in question, assess them to determine which can be recycled and repurposed then remove them accordingly.  Our construction debris removal is mutually beneficial to you, our business and the surrounding environment.

Don’t Take the Risk of Removing Construction Items on Your Own

Construction debris might seem harmless at first sight yet it might be quite dangerous.  It is a mistake to approach the removal of these items head-on as they are likely to contain some or all of the following threats:

  • Nails
  • Screws
  • Chemicals
  • Asbestos
  • Potentially toxic components that compromise health and wellbeing

Everything from paint to adhesives, gas, splintered wood and chemical-based products has the potential to cause health problems or significant pain.  It is in your interest to consult with our experts for hands-on assistance.  We will determine which items pose a threat to human health as well as the environment and develop a plan of action that makes sense for our work crew as well as you and your property.

Schedule a Haul Through Junk King Rockville

If you are left with construction debris after a home renovation project or have any other junk you need removed from your property, trust the industry’s best to do the job right.  Junk King Rockville is here to do the work on your behalf.  Give us a call today at 1-888-888-JUNK or contact us online for construction debris removal, bulk waste pick up and more.

Spring Cleaning Made Simple – Follow These Tips


Is it That Time of Year Again? Let Junk King Help You With Your Spring Cleaning in Rockville, MD, This Year 

Spring cleaning is the widespread practice of cleaning your house thoroughly in the spring time. While its precise origins are unknown, that hasn’t stopped individuals from coming up with a variety of possible answers. Spring cleaning, for example, is thought to have been inspired by the Iranian custom of cleaning everything before Nowruz, the first day of their solar calendar and a time of new beginnings. Likewise, Pesach (Passover) is a popular contender since observant Jewish families are abstain from leavened foods occasionally, which requires cleaning their homes of little crumbs of leftover foods.

Others believe that spring cleaning may have gained popularity in Northern Europe and much of North America for far more practical reasons. After all, in early modern times, a damp, continental climate made March the ideal month for cleaning a house. People could open their windows and doors to let the breeze carry away the dust from their cleaning because it was warm enough. At the same time, swarms of insects couldn’t come in via those same windows and doors because it wasn’t warm enough. Furthermore, because coal furnaces were turned off in the spring, it was possible to clear the soot without it being made worthless the next day.

Spring cleaning, whatever its roots, is a good thing. A thorough cleaning is beneficial to any home on a regular basis since it keeps it in a presentable condition. As a result, you might want to try your hand at spring cleaning.

Our Top Tips for Spring Cleaning 

You can enlist the help of professionals if you need it. Nevertheless, you can do a lot on your own, especially if you follow these spring cleaning tips:

  • Declutter unnecessary belongings first
  • Use up the cleaning products you already have before buying new
  • Get help from friends, family or professionals
  • Set a clear plan to do the different tasks in stages

Spring Cleaning Guide


To begin with, decluttering is one of the most immediately beneficial cleaning techniques. After all, getting rid of things makes it a lot easier to tidy up what’s left. As a general guideline, if you haven’t used something in the last 12 months, you should seriously consider selling it, donating it, or even throwing it out because the odds are higher that you won’t use it again. This rule does have several exceptions. However, you should be brutal in your evaluation of what is still of use to you. If you find yourself claiming that you still “might” use something, but can’t remember the last time you used it, time to go!

Do Not Purchase New Cleaning Products

Many people are so enthusiastic about spring cleaning that they purchase a large quantity of cleaning supplies to ensure that they have something for every task. While you may have had the right intentions to get help with the cleaning, this is usually a terrible idea in terms of decluttering. You generally spend a lot of money on a lot of clutter, for starters. Secondly, utilizing a microfiber cloth and an all-purpose cleaner should produce similar results. You can get a specific cleaning product if you come across something that requires it.

Get Help

Spring cleaning can entail a number of time-consuming and labor-intensive tasks. You’re capable of taking care of things on your own. Spring cleaning, on the other hand, is a lot more bearable if you divide it up with the rest of your family. Even children can assist if they are given duties that are age-appropriate. For example, you could have kids as young as 3 help organize the Tupperware cabinet, and older kids can wipe down window sills, baseboards and other such tasks.

Some tasks are too big for even your grown children to help with, such as removing that old refrigerator from the garage, or hauling away that old broken shed in the yard. Those are the jobs that you’ll want to call in the big dogs for quick and easy assistance. Junk King Rockville can remove all of your unwanted items in one simple trip. Just point to what needs hauling away, and watch it disappear!

Do Tasks in Stages

On a related point, don’t try to finish your spring cleaning all at once. Rather, divide the activities into manageable chunks so that you can do them all in a few days. As a result, you reduce your possibilities of becoming overburdened, increasing your odds of cleaning effectively and efficiently. In fact, frequent cleaning throughout the year might make spring cleaning less of a chore.

It’s a good idea to start with a simple evaluation. Develop a plan of attack. First identify any large items that are no longer useful to the household, and get these things out of the way. From here you can reorganize the things you are keeping and begin to determine which smaller items can also be bagged up for disposal. At the end of the day, the “cleaning” part of spring cleaning becomes much more manageable once the de-clutter process is complete.

Why Should You Hire a Professional?

If you are feeling overworked, you should seek professional help. Perhaps you only have a couple of bulk items you need hauled away, which is a-okay. At other times, you may want them to help with an entire room full of random junk to be removed. In both circumstances, you can save a lot of time and effort in exchange for an affordable price, especially if you make sure to investigate the cost beforehand using our online price estimator.

Of course, this is reliant on your selecting the best rubbish removal service for your wants and conditions. Fortunately, the internet makes it simple to find reviews and other sources of information that might give you an idea of what to expect.

Contact Junk King in Rockville, MD, for Assistance Today!

Junk King in Rockville, MD, is a trustworthy and reliable junk removal service provider. If you require rubbish removal services for any reason, including spring cleaning, you should contact us as soon as possible. By asking questions, you may gain a thorough understanding of the options accessible to you, allowing you to make the best decisions for yourself and your home.

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Junk King Offering The Best Services For Bulk Waste Removal

Junk King is proud to embrace the challenge that is your bulk waste removal.  Whether you have a large pile of yard debris, several piles of debris or bulk waste inside of your home or business, we’ll take care of it.  In fact, bulk waste removal is one of our specialties.  Our bulk waste removal service is revered for its efficiency and comprehensiveness.

Let us tackle this intimidating project on your behalf and you’ll be liberated to shift your attention to your family, hobbies, or another more enjoyable use of your free time.

Bulk Trash Removed the Right Way

Local garbage collectors collect most items yet they won’t pick up certain things.  In particular, bulk waste left out by the curb is unlikely to be picked up.  There is no sense hauling your heavy and messy items out to the side of the road only for them to remain there after trash day.
Even if the local trash department eventually picks up bulk waste later in the month, those items will sit by the curb for weeks, taking up space and becoming an eyesore that makes everyone in the neighborhood think less of you.  Instead of letting bulk waste sit by the curb indefinitely, be proactive by leaning on Junk King for bulk waste removal.
Part of what makes our bulk waste removal service so efficient is the fact that we have an experienced team of junk haulers.  We go out of our way to make the entirety of the process easy, fast, organized and clean.  We won’t leave stray items behind or damage our property.  Rather, we implement a strategic approach that efficiently removes bulk waste from the premises, disposes of those items in an environmentally efficient manner and safeguards our increasingly sensitive planet for generations to come.

Bulk Waste Removal Made Easy

Now is the time to finally get rid of that bulk waste for good.  Seize the opportunity to have these undesired items finally removed from your home, business or other building and you’ll enjoy an invaluable peace of mind as well as that much more free space.  Simply give us a call to schedule bulk waste trash removal and we will schedule a time for removal.  Our team prioritizes communication, meaning we will reach out to you 15 minutes prior to our arrival, provide a no-cost estimate in accordance with the amount of space the bulk waste will take up in one or several of our trucks and coordinate the removal.
All you have to do is point us in the direction of the appliances, furniture, yard waste or other items you would like transported away from your property and we will perform the removal on your behalf.  It simply does not get any easier or more efficient than that.  Aside from yard waste, furniture and appliances, our team also removes bulky items ranging from mattresses to hot tubs, construction waste and items remaining after foreclosures.
If you have other items you would like removed from your home, reach out to us today to find out if our team can remove them and you’ll likely find we are up to the task.  We perform bulk waste removal without any hidden fees, meaning we are transparent, straightforward and take pride in earning our keep.

Don’t let Bulk Waste Compromise Your Living or Working Space

If you are like most people, you have gone long enough with bulky items taking up space in your home or office.  Bulk trash includes items that are too heavy or large to fit in trash cans and other garbage receptacles.  Bulk waste also consists of items that are too voluminous to fit in trash containers.
There is no reason to overload your garbage cans or put your bulk items out by the curb when you can rely on our bulk waste removal service to eliminate them once and for all in one fell swoop.  We remove all items that are non-hazardous to our team, meaning we are ready and willing to remove 99% of the junk from local homes and businesses.
Unlike city and town municipal waste management crews that rarely, if ever, perform bulk waste removal, our team goes to great lengths to prioritize the removal of such bulky and messy items to provide you with an invaluable peace of mind.  Reach out to us today to schedule your bulk waste pickup and we will prioritize your project to clear out those unwieldy items from your home, business or other space for good.

Don’t Fall Into the Trap of DIY Bulk Waste Removal

Most people are unaware that it is illegal to transport bulky items to landfills and dump them as such items typically contain chemicals that will compromise the land and water.  Even if you were to remove the harmful components from your bulk waste, you would still have to load them up into your car or rent a truck.
Lifting bulk waste from your home or business to the car and carrying them away from the vehicle to the area for disposal requires significant manpower, energy and time.  The better approach is to let our team do the work in a safe and efficient manner on your behalf.  We have the trucks, dollies, lifting straps, manpower and other equipment/tools necessary to perform bulk waste removal the right way.

Schedule Bulk Waste Removal With Junk King

Junk King is ready and willing to haul away your bulk waste and other junk.  Let us do the heavy lifting and you’ll find we eliminate the waste quickly and efficiently.  Give us a call today at 1-888-888-JUNK to find out more about our bulk waste removal and schedule service at your home, business or other property.

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