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Monthly Archives: August 2012

E Waste Recycling In Sacramento

This past Earth Day a new Guinness World Record was set and Sacramento was front and center for all the excitement. This wasn’t the world’s longest set of fingernails or beard made of bees but something of greater importance for all of us. The Roseville based Sim Recycling Solutions launched a single day e-waste recycling at drop-off locations in Sacramento, Long Beach, Dallas, New York and Chicago. By the end of the day, over 80,000 pounds of e-waste was collected and headed off for recycling. That’s the kind of World Record we can all benefit from.

Sims Recycling Solutions is in the business to “divert thousands of pounds of electronic waste from local landfills and focus much-needed attention on why recycling electronics is necessary.” That is according to company president Steve Skurnac. While Steve was busy setting up the collection here in America, there were similar events being held in Austria, Belgium, England, Germany, India, Scotland, South Africa, Sweden and the Netherlands. It’s the quintessential Earth Day activity. But supposed it’s the beginning of the school year (which it is) and you have e-waste you want recycled (which you do)? What are you supposed to do? That’s easy: call Junk King Sacramento at 1-888-888-JUNK.

Junk King is the local Sacramento based business that handles all types of junk removal big and small. Picking up electronic waste is a specialty of Junk King. If you have any old computers, fax machines, televisions, monitors or keyboards Junk King will make sure that stuff gets to the right recycling center. That’s vital because none of that unused equipment should be tossed into a landfill. E-waste can also include boom boxes, cell phones, microwaves or any type of small kitchen appliance that needs a plug in for power. But Junk King isn’t just about e-waste. They can take away anything you want to get rid of.

Take a tour of your closets, garages and attics. How much of the stuff you have stored in there could be tossed out? What’s stopping you? Climbing up those stairs? Don’t worry; Junk King Sacramento will make the climb. All you have to do is designate what you want removed and Junk King will handle the rest. Most of us hang onto junk because we don’t have a “removal” plan. Junk King can provide that plan in the form of an empty truck and a crew of professional movers who are certified and insured to handle the job.

Once they have their truck loaded up, they’ll head off to the proper recycling facility. This might mean a drop off at the e-waste center and another one at the furniture center. But don’t worry; you’re not going to be charged for multiple drop-offs. Instead, you’ll be provided with an estimate as to how much space your stuff will take up in their trunk. That’s the price you’ll pay and you can see on this site how that breaks down. This is the smart and eco-friendly way to handle e-waste or any other kind of junk.

Sacramento Air Conditioner Disposal

Ask any real estate agent what’s the number two selling feature for a home (aside from “location”) and they’ll probably tell you “central air.” But there is a drawback with central air and that’s those crazy electric bills. Unless it is a really efficient “smart” form of central air you’ll have no choice but to cool off the entire house even if you’re basically just using the living room and your bedroom. Believe it or not, you’ll find many folks who have a home with central air that opt for a unit air conditioner for a single room use. Sure, they’ll crank up the central AC when company comes over but for the most part it makes better economical sense to just keep a single unit running.

If you’re someone who enjoys the benefits of a unit air conditioner then you know how important an appliance that is especially on days when the thermometer outdoors rises and that’s just what has been happening this summer. A lot of ACs have been working overtime. Depending on how old those units are there could be some serious wear and tear on those appliances which might lead to thoughts of replacement. If you’re in the market for a new air conditioner then you’ll want to take into account some buying suggestions. Even swapping out an old model for a new model in the same window might not be the best use of that unit.

First of all, you should measure the room you want to get cool. That measurement is going to determine how powerful an AC you should be looking at. It might be that you really need to bump up your BTU output. The goal is to make sure your AC can circulate air in a room or two. That cool air isn’t going to go around corners or down a long hallway. You’ll also want to measure the window that the unit will be going into even if you’ve had a unit there for years think about starting from scratch.

Because you’re using a unit that will be running for long hours you’ll also want to look into an EnergyStar rated model and one that has warranties. An EnergyStar label will let you know that the model is meeting all the requirements put forth by the EPA about energy efficiency. It’s going to be the model that will lower your costs. As for warranties, this is not an appliance you want to take chances that it won’t work.

The other consideration to make is what to do with the old unit. That’s where a single call to Junk King Sacramento can solve the problem. Not only can the Junk King Sac crew carry out your old AC without a hassle but they’ll also make sure it is properly disposed of. That’s very important when it comes to air conditioners because of the potentially harmful elements contained within.  They also are fairly heavy, with sharp edges – it’s not worth attempting to haul it off on your own.   No worry with Junk King Sacramento right around the corner! The sooner you call the sooner you can get cooled off.

Junk Removal for Sacramento Realtors

Don’t look now but the Sacramento real estate market is creeping back to full vitality. Want proof? RE/MAX has posted figures about returning agents and those numbers definitely ticking back up. Of course, they like to toot their horn a bit as they did with the Sacramento Bee.

“RE/MAX has always attracted top-performing agents, and that’s especially true after everything we’ve been through in recent years,” Margaret Kelly, RE/MAX CEO, told the paper.  “Because of the many innovations we’ve put in place, the best agents know that RE/MAX is where they want to be in this new market environment.”

If you’re a realtor working for that real estate giant then you probably already know about the change in the business. You might have seen more agents setting up shop in your office. You might find new or old faces at open houses. Bottom line: things are starting to get a bit more competitive. The question then becomes how are you going to maintain your edge? One proactive step you can take is to go after those listings which might not be outwardly attractive but look great on paper. If that’s the case then all you need is a little cosmetic work and you’re good to go. That’s why you should have the number for Junk King Sacramento on stand-by alert.

Junk King Sacramento is made up of junk removal specialists. They’ve been helping folks all over the Sacramento area clear the clutter from their homes, garage, attics and closets. Thanks to their efforts, Junk King has also managed to divert a large portion of everything they collect away from landfills. Going green is extremely important to Junk King.

So, how can they help your broker business? When you see one of those “undesirable”  looking homes loaded with trash or debris, don’t fret. Call Junk King Sacramento and within a day they can have that property looking fantastic and ready for action on the market. Most prospective buyers lack real imagination when it comes to their houses. That’s why you often stage homes to make them more enticing. Cleaning out garbage is the same. It’s just garbage but a homeowner won’t be able to look beyond that. They won’t have to especially when Junk King is on the case.

No matter how disgusting the stuff left behind might be, Junk King will take it out as if it was never there in the first place. That includes drapes, rugs, furniture and kitchen appliances. It’s a shame that the previous occupants often have such little respect for a piece of property but you let karma worry about that. Junk King Sacramento will take care of the garbage with an “out of sight, out of mind” approach that simply can’t be beat.

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