Big Garbage Removal Made Easy

Although the logistics can be staggering, it is conceivable that you can move an entire house from one location to another. This isn’t done by using massive amounts of balloons but rather massive crews that not only have to coordinate the actual lifting a the house onto a trail but also clear the road between destinations. That would be considered a “big move” by anyone’s standards. On a much smaller scale, you might have some big garbage removal tasks that you would like to make happen. You won’t need massive crews to get this done. All you really need is to hire Junk King Sacramento.


When you put Junk King in charge of your big garbage removal project you will be working with a capable crew of two. This is the only team you’ll need to reduce a big pile of garbage down to an empty spot in no time at all. What can be among your big garbage items? Any piece of furniture, kitchen appliance or electronic gear. You can also add in sporting equipment, clothing, auto parts and random household goods. That big pile of garbage might be on the outside of your home in the form of construction debris or yard waste. All of that can be gathered up on the same Junk King session.

The cost for this helpful service will depend on how the truck gets packed. The Junk King crew will have a good idea of the space that will be needed just by looking over all the things you want to get rid of. They’ll then provide you with an estimate of that packing. It will be a flat fee covering all the labor, transportation and disposal.

Sometimes a big garbage pile is just that: big garbage. But if you have anything in that pile that can be donated or recycled, then you can count on Junk King to make every effort for that kind of drop off. Before the big garbage around your home becomes overwhelming, bring in Junk King Sacramento to clear it all away. It can happen fast!

Property Clean Out Services the Junk King Way

When it’s time to put your rental property back on the market, a spotless house or apartment will attract better tenants and get the unit rented in record time. And a property clean out by professionals will save you lots of time, money, and headaches. Whether you own a single property, a vacation rental, or manage hundreds of rental units, Junk King of Sacramento can help make your property look as well-maintained and clean as it was before the previous tenants.

The Benefits of a Property Clean Out for Rentals

Property Clean out Hiring a professional property clean out service has a wealth of benefits including:

  • Quicker turnover. Naturally, an occupied rental property makes money. The faster you can get your rentals clean and ready for the next tenant, the better. A property clean out service like Junk King can haul away all the trash and debris left behind by renters or tenants, help secure rentals more quickly, and maintain your stellar reputation as a property manager or landlord.
  • Professional experience. Some property managers try to do clean outs themselves, or have one or more employees do the work. Hiring professionals gets the job done right the first time, saving you time and money. Plus, you and your employees can stick to what you do best – getting properties rented!

At Junk King of Sacramento, our friendly crews are equipped to handle even the biggest hauls. They’re the pros when it comes to making a rental property clean out fast and totally stress-free!

Special Challenges of Rental Clean Outs

Even short-term tenants have a difficult time leaving a place uncluttered when they move out. Your goal is to get the place clean and back on the market. Our promise is to help you do it quickly and effortlessly. One of the most challenging aspects of cleaning out a rental is that so often the items left behind simply can’t be hauled out to the curb. For example, electronics, appliances, and furniture usually need to be disposed of according to local rules and regulations. Why spend your time arranging three different pick-ups? Here’s why it’s better to choose a property clean out service like Junk King:

  • No heavy lifting except by your Junk King team. Why risk serious injury when we have the right tools and equipment to do the job safely?
  • No need to sort. Just point to what needs to go and we’ll do the rest. We know which items should go to the local landfill and which ones can be repurposed or recycled.
  • Upfront pricing means you don’t have to worry about hidden fees and costs. In addition to an onsite estimate, we even supply you with a handy online pricing estimator.

Rental homes, vacation properties, triplexes, duplexes, and more. We handle properties of every size. No two ways about it—a rental property clean out is a whole lot easier when you have a quick and affordable junk removal service at your disposal! To learn more about all of Junk King of Sacramento’s property clean out services, contact us today. With our top-rated services and lower prices, you won’t find a more cost-effective way to get your rental properties in tip-top shape between tenants!

How to Clean Out Your Sacramento Home: Start Now!

“My house is so cluttered, I don’t know where to begin!” If you’re overwhelmed and need a clean out, you’re not alone. We often avoid decluttering our homes by telling ourselves we just need to “get organized.” But the reality is you’ll never achieve peak organization if you don’t first get rid of what you don’t use.

Junk King of Sacramento offers comprehensive clean out services to get you started. Here are three quick ways to get a jump on a home clean out. The impact they make will inspire you to keep going until your house is back to its glorious pre-clutter days.

Clean Out Overview

1: Perform a Quick Sweep

Clean Out This is a terrific way to get started. Grab several handled laundry baskets and/or sturdy boxes and use them in the rooms you want to clean out. Now’s not the time for a scattershot approach. Stick to one room until it’s cleared out. Throw anything that’s no longer needed or used into either a “sell” or “donate” container. Starting with the living room? Toss in pillows that have seen better days, knickknacks that are covered in dust, and old magazines and newspapers.

2: Tackle the Worst Room First

For most people, this is the attic, basement, or garage. You know, the out of sight, out of mind place where all unwanted objects go! Begin your deeper clean out in one of these areas for a quick psychological and aesthetic boost. The confidence you gain will carry you through the rest of the house.
the complete summer cleaning guide

3: Stay on Track

Remember, you’re decluttering, not organizing (yet)! Stick to the clean out task at hand and you’ll avoid feeling consumed by how much there is to do. It’s fine to tidy up a bit as you go, but organization can come later.

Junk King for All Your Clean Out Needs

Junk King of Sacramento is your full-service home junk removal expert. Our friendly teams can handle even the biggest hauls. They’re the pros when it comes to making a residential clean out fast and totally stress-free!

We offer flexible scheduling, guaranteed pick-up times, and eco-friendly disposal and recycling options. From our first hello to your junk’s final sendoff, you’ll love how easy we make your home’s clean out process.

Make it a Habit

Once your home’s clean out complete, it’s time to embrace new habits that help you avoid junk accumulating once again. Here’s how to stay organized moving forward.
the do you really need it checklist

  • We get it—they’re a lot of fun! But promotional freebies like water bottles, coffee mugs, tote bags, and key rings have a way of worming their way onto counters and into drawers. If you just can’t resist, promise yourself to donate the item to charity, where someone who really needs it can benefit.
  • Avoid impulse purchases. Prepare a written or digital shopping list before heading out to shop. Purchasing online? Put the items in the cart but unless they’re needed immediately, wait a couple days before going back to checkout.
  • Reduce paper mail, especially catalogs you’ll look at “one day.” There are online services that help you remove your name and address from mailing lists. And opt for paperless statements from utility companies, banks, and credit card companies.
  • Follow the one-in, one-out, and the one-year rules for preventing clutter from building up. Donate or sell what you don’t need any more.

free guide - transform your garage
To learn more about all of Junk King of Sacramento’s clean out services, contact us today. With our top-rated services and lower prices, you won’t find a more cost-effective way to reclaim your home!

Furniture Removal : Goodbye Old Furniture, Hello Reclaimed Space!

When you hear the phrase “furniture removal,” do you think of houses, apartments, and other residential properties? It’s true that a lot of the furniture we haul away comes from people’s homes, but we also remove old and unwanted furniture from offices, hotels and motels, restaurants, medical facilities, and more. Junk King of Sacramento can help with any and all your furniture removal needs!

We Clear Out Furniture Big & Small

Furniture RemovalJunk King offers efficient, safe, and eco-friendly removal of all types of furniture:

  • Sofas, sofa beds, and loveseats
  • Recliners and other chairs
  • Dining, coffee, and bedside tables
  • Bookcases and filing cabinets
  • Armoires and dressing tables
  • Rugs and drapes
  • Office desks and chairs
  • Hotel and motel suites
  • Lobby furniture

We offer the finest furniture removal services in the greater Sacramento area and make it easy for you to dispose of, recycle, or repurpose, any shape and size furniture you no longer need or want.

We’re also the top eco-friendly furniture removal service, too! We oversee the whole process and coordinate with local donation centers to accept your still usable furniture. What can’t be donated is recycled, helping to reduce the waste that would otherwise be sent to local landfills.

All Your Old Furniture Removed Quickly & Efficiently

We make furniture removal in Sacramento easy! We have the expertise and commitment it takes to ensure we not only help you reclaim your space but also maintain our stellar reputation.

No furniture removal job is too big or small for us to handle. Our modern fleet of trucks and trained professional crews make sure the entire process is a stress-free one. Our services feature:

  • Outstanding reliability and performance that provide unparalleled value.
  • Exceptional customer service that makes it easy for you to stay in touch during the entire removal process. We answer to you!
  • Unbeatable prices.

And most of all, we bring you peace of mind. We know how important it is to know you and your home, office, or other commercial location are safe and secure. Junk King of Sacramento is fully insured, so you’re completely protected when we perform furniture removal services.

Junk King of Sacramento Goes the Extra Mile

Why take on a big job like furniture removal yourself? Do yourself and your back a big favor and work with a professional service like Junk King of Sacramento!

Are you ready to start getting rid of all that unused, unwanted furniture that’s been hanging around your home or commercial space? We have the equipment and manpower you need to get it down today.

All our furniture removal services have your convenience in mind. Our goal is to minimize disruption to your daily life while quickly and efficiently removing all your old furniture.

To learn more, get in touch with us today. We look forward to hearing from you!

Is Your Inventory Storeroom As Clean As It Can Be?

Every business needs a storeroom. Retail stores have storerooms to cycle stock in and out of the salesfloor. A restaurant has a storeroom for dry goods and a cooler for perishable items. A business with an ecommerce component needs to have a place not only for inventory storage but also for shipping. Each business can adapt their storeroom to their own needs but the one thing that they all have in common is that they have to be kept clean. Is your inventory storeroom as clean as it can be?


Some businesses get deliveries every day. Others a few times a week. On delivery days, a storeroom can quickly become overrun with boxes. As those boxes are unpack and shelves are restock, a lot of mess is created. The same can be said for a day of packing up orders for shipping. Around those shipping stations there can be piles of garbage. This is why it is important to dedicate clean up time at the end of every shift. The storeroom should be clear of trash for the next shift, even if it is the same shift reporting to work the next morning!

Clearing up the trash is easy but what about the specific inventory items that need to be removed but won’t all fit in the dumpster. Instead of having those things take up valuable space on shelves, let Junk King Sacramento pick them all up in a single rubbish removal session.

As with hiring Junk King to declutter your home, only you can make the final decision about what to get rid of. Just know that with Junk King you’ll always have a crew doing all the lifting and loading. Plus, you won’t ever be charged by the pound. Junk King charges by the amount of space your discarded stuff will fill on the truck. You’re going to like how tightly the crew can pack up that truck. That will have you paying the low end of the price scale every time. The best approach to keeping your inventory storeroom as clean as possible is to schedule regular rubbish removal sessions with Junk King Sacramento. That makes good business sense.

Make Back-To-School Count

Back-to-school is when everything changes. Even though you might have been through this routine for several years, there is always room for improvements and to learn something new. Here’s how you can make back-to-school count this year:


Meet the Teachers

Everyone is curious about the teachers for the new school year. Every school has some kind of orientation or open house at the beginning of the school year. This is where you can meet with the teachers and other parents. You’re all in this together. When you meet with the teacher, be sure to talk about ways to communicate when questions arise.

Tour the School

If this is a new school for your kid, then you’ll want to go on a tour. Teachers will probably be getting ready for days ahead of the first day so the school will be open. Call ahead and let them know you’d like to walk your kid around to familiarize them with their class location. This will go a long way towards alleviating any fear about the first day that your child might have.

Catch Up With Friends

Familiar faces are going to matter a lot on that first day. Before school starts, you might want to set up a play date with your kids friends who will be in the same class this year. It will also help you to reconnect with the parents in case you want to set up car pools.

Practice Waking Up

Your sleep patterns might not have changed over the summer but your kid’s sleeping probably did. Before school starts, it is time to turn the alarms back on and get them in the habit of waking up early, having breakfast and getting ready for the day ahead. The first day of school is not the day to “drag.”

Get Rid of Clutter

Back-to-school prep also involves getting all the possible outfits ready. There was probably a lot of growing that happened over the summer and that means it is time for some new school clothes. Going through every item in the closet and dresser will help give you a sense of what fits and what is needed. It might also create a lot of things that can be tossed out. For that task, you want to bring in Junk King Sacramento for some serious decluttering. Most of what you turn over to Junk King will probably be donated to a charity. That should make you feel good about getting rid of those clothes. Start your back-to-school prep with help from Junk King Sacramento and everyone will get an “A.”

Basement Junk Removal – 10 Helpful Basement Organization Ideas

One of today’s biggest lifestyle trends is decluttering. Though not a new concept, possession downsizing has usually been reserved for retirees. Now it’s every generation embracing purging, particularly millennials who would rather spend money on experiences, not goods. If you’re ready to embrace a less cluttered way of living, one of the best places to start is at the bottom. A basement junk removal company can help.

Basement Junk Removal in Sacramento

Basement Junk RemovalJunk King of Sacramento offers the area’s best solution for clearing your home’s basement of unwanted and unused items like furniture, appliances, gym equipment and gear, toys, old books and clothing, and more. Other items we take include:

  • Pool tables
  • Televisions and stereos
  • Computers and other office equipment
  • Carpeting and tiles

No job is too big—or small—for our experienced crews to handle.
the do you really need it checklist


 Basement Organization Ideas

Everyone struggles with how to organize a basement! Here are some of our favorite tips for getting your basement in shape and then keeping it that way once all the junk is hauled away.

  • Have items that are rarely used and can be rented or borrowed when needed? Tools, party furniture and supplies, and that collection of coolers are a good place to start purging.
  • Once you remove all the junk, a good cleaning and painting of the basement will make it feel more like an extension of the house rather than a storage room.
  • Designate separate zones by seasons or type. This will help keep the clutter and chaos under control. It will also be much easier to find something when you need it.
  • Is there a designated laundry area in the basement? Install some closed cabinets above and/or on either side of the appliances to improve the look and function of the space.
  • Stay organized by conducting a basement inventory at least once a year. Get rid of items you didn’t use over the past year. And when you’re tempted to buy something new, check the basement to make sure you don’t already have one!


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The good news is that a big portion of the junk you remove from your basement may be recyclable or repurposed for someone else’s use. Junk King of Sacramento is the greenest basement junk removal service in the country. We’re committed to keeping the environment as clean and green as possible today and for future generations!


free guide - transform your garage

Your #1 Basement Junk Removal Service

Whether you dream of transforming your basement into a home theater or pub, or you’re just tired of facing an overwhelming mess every time you head down to do laundry, Junk King of Sacramento can haul away all the trash, debris, and unwanted items and materials you no longer want or need. We have the right tools, trucks, and expertise to get any size basement junk removal job done on time, and on budget.

Contact us today to discover how easy it can be to get the most cost-effective basement junk removal service for your home.

Junk King Sacramento for All Your Storage Clean out Needs

Junk King of Sacramento is your #1 choice for storage unit clean out. Storage units can be pretty handy for temporarily storing household items, especially during a home remodel. But most people rent storage spaces because they’ve accumulated more stuff than they have room for at home.

If you rarely pull anything useful out of a storage unit or worse, can’t even remember what you have in there, it may be time to consider a storage clean out.

Residential and Commercial Storage Clean Out Services

CleanoutOld files, equipment, and furniture from your business. Usable but no longer needed appliances, furniture, and equipment from your home. Whatever starts to pile up, you’ll soon find your storage unit is as packed at your office or home once was. That’s where Junk King of Sacramento comes in. We’re the junk removal service with the right crews for all your storage clean out needs.

At Junk King, we pride ourselves on looking after all our customer’s clean out needs and we’re only happy when you’re 100% satisfied. No clean out job is too big or small for our experienced teams.

We move it all. Our professionally trained crews clean-up, bag, sort, load, and haul away all your unwanted commercial and household items including:

  • Couches, sofas, and sofa beds
  • Dining and living rooms sets
  • Office and home entertainment equipment
  • Bookcases
  • Desks and filing cabinets
  • Entertainment units
  • … and more!

We’re your full-service storage clean out service that can quickly and expertly remove your unwanted junk and we do it in an eco-friendly way. We offer the most professional level of service in the Sacramento area and are committed to make the junk clean out experience an easy and pleasant one.

free guide - transform your garage

Eco-Friendly is our Middle Name

Of course, one of the best reasons for hiring a professional clean out service is you save time and money by not having to do the job yourself. Another huge benefit? We believe it’s our long-time commitment to eco-friendly practices. The area’s first green junk removal service, we’ve partnered with charitable organizations and recycling centers throughout the Sacramento area who accept your used items and qualified recyclable materials. For years we’ve loved doing our part to reduce the amount of waste that ends up in local landfills!
the complete summer cleaning guide

Your Junk Removal Partner

A professional clean out service like Junk King of Sacramento makes the task of packing up and removing unwanted commercial and residential junk from a storage unit as easy an experience as possible.

Our happy customers tell us they think of Junk King as their clean out partner. We earn that distinction by making quick work of hauling away all trash, furniture, debris, appliances, and other long forgotten items filling up storage units and taking a monthly toll on your bank account. We’re equipped with the latest tools, trucks, and expertise to get the job done right, on time, and on budget!
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Make Junk King of Sacramento your first choice for a full-service storage unit clean out. Our low rates, superior service, and eco-friendly process make us the best junk removal service in town. Contact us today to discover how easy it can be to get the most cost-effective and professional estate clean out throughout the greater Sacramento area.

The 7 Top Benefits of Dumpster Rental in Sacramento

We get it—some people would rather do it themselves! If you’re a DIYer who wants to handle your own home cleanout and disposal, Junk King of Sacramento has just what you need. Our residential dumpster rental services can be used for a variety of cleanout chores:

  • Remodeling or new construction debris—we take it all. Kitchen and bathroom fixtures and furnishing, old siding and windows, roofing materials, yard debris, and more.
  • Accumulated junk. Attic, basement, and garage cleanouts are some of the most popular reasons our customers rent a dumpster. They also come in handy for estate cleanouts, roommate cleanup, and foreclosure disposal.
  • Property damage. If your home has suffered water, fire, or wind damage, a dumpster is ideal for hauling away carpet, flooring, furniture, or other damaged materials.

dumpster rentalIf your home is bursting at the seams with junk and debris that won’t fit in trash bags, or if there’s just too much debris to put out for normal trash collection, a dumpster rental service offers an easy and convenient solution!

Benefits of Dumpster Rental Service

We promised your seven great benefits for using Junk King of Sacramento’s dumpster rental services, and here they are:

  1. Flexible scheduling
  2. Guaranteed times for both delivery and pick-up
  3. Driveway-friendly dumpster specially made for residential use
  4. Pay only for the space you use
  5. We’re fully licensed, bonded, and insured
  6. Eco-friendly disposal and recycling options
  7. Award-winning customer service that Junk King’s famous for

the do you really need it checklist

If you need to get rid of a lot of junk and want to handle it yourself, there’s no better solution than renting one of dumpsters. You can keep it for a day, a week, a month, or as long as your project takes (extra fees apply after 3 days). It also gives you more time to decide what goes and what stays.

Just fill the dumpster with all your unwanted items and we’ll care take of disposing it for you, including repurposing and recycling whenever possible.

free guide - transform your garage

What Makes Junk King Different?

All dumpster rental services are not alike! Junk King is the #1-rated junk removal service company in North America for one very simple reason: from initial contact to the final wave goodbye, our customers rave about how pleasant we make the cleanout process.

We won’t nickel and dime you to death with hidden fees or costs. Our upfront pricing reflects our commitment to making our customers first. We’re also the area’s first dumpster rental service offering pay-per-use pricing. You’ll get a reduced rate for containers that are less than full!

We guarantee your appointment time and call you 15-30 minutes before we safely deliver a dumpster to your doorstep. And we offer flexible scheduling—you control the delivery and pick-up times, not us.

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Schedule Your Next Dumpster Rental

Junk King of Sacramento offers a dumpster rental service guaranteed to give you the peace of mind you need when disposing of all your household junk. Our dumpster rental service is the perfect solution for homeowners, renters, landlords, and anyone else who needs a simple self-service dumpster solution.

Book online now or call us at 888.888.JUNK (5865) to schedule a Sacramento area dumpster rental service by the friendly team at Junk King!