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Summer Decluttering in Sacramento

Summer is the season of the summer camp here in Sacramento. If your kids are looking for something fun to do this summer they’ll have a lot to pick from. Lodi’s World of Wonders Science Museum is offering up four weeklong day camps with a focus on all things science. “It introduces science in a really fun way,” says Liz Brown, the museum’s educational programs coordinator. “They are really learning through doing.” Included in the camp are programs like Explainable Magic, Tasty Science, Calling all Chemists and Your Body and You. Best of all this gives the kids something to do and you plenty of free time.

Of course, you could also spend some of that time decluttering your home. Sounds like fun, huh? Actually, this can be a very easy project to take on especially when you hire a company like Junk King Sacramento.

While the kids are off at camp, a Junk King crew can show up for a removal appointment and haul away all that stuff that has been wasting space in your home or yard. This is a golden opportunity to toss out old sofas, loveseats, boxes of papers, appliances and mattresses. You know, all that stuff you’ve hanging onto for no good reason. With Junk King on the assignment all that clutter can be whisked away in the blink of an eye. They will be doing all the backbreaking lifting. At least, it might be “backbreaking” for you. For the Junk King crew it’s just another day at the office.

If you want to spend some time whipping your garden into shape, Junk King Sac can help you there as well. This might mean getting rid of busted up planters or patio furniture. The Junk King crew will also haul off dirt, sod and anything else that doesn’t belong in your yard.

All of your junk is going to be loaded into the Junk King truck which is another thing you won’t have to worry about. The Junk King crew does all the loading and dumping. Even if it only takes them ten minutes to load up your junk and another hour to drop it off at a recycling center, you’re not going to be paying for any labor costs. Your fee is based on the amount of space your junk takes up on that truck and nothing else.

After Junk King Sacramento is finished, your kids might just become inspired to keep things clean. It’s worth a shot, right? Call Junk King today and find out how that can have you de-cluttered in no time.

Sacramento Junk Removal Reviews

Happy customers mean successful businesses. Junk King of Sacramento understands this and that’s why they make customer satisfaction priority number one. Judging by the responses they’ve gotten on their Facebook page it looks like they’re hitting the target in a big way. Consider these supportive comments:

“The staff was extremely professional, organized and knew exactly what to do. I highly recommend Junk King.”

“Very friendly!”

“The gentlemen (Mike and Mike) were very polite, precise and efficient.”

“They were prompt and the guys worked very hard.”

When you invite workers into your home you want to make sure they are responsible. It helps when the company who hired them makes sure they have not only been trained but they are also certified and insured. There are rarely any complications with a junk removal job but it’s nice to know the Junk King crew you’ll be working with will know what they are doing.

For instance, you might not know how to take apart a hot tub or break down a BBQ grill but the Junk King crew will. They also know how to pack up their truck to insure that your stuff takes up as little space as possible. That’s important because you’re going to be charged by the amount of space and not by labor or dumping fees. This makes Junk King the most affordable option there is when it comes to any kind of junk haulers.

Not only can you get your home clear of clutter but you can also be a star at your office but suggesting Junk King for a cleanup there as well. They’ll be able to take out old office furniture and out dated equipment. If you need to make more storage space available then Junk King Sacramento is the answer. Your boss will love the prices and how quickly the JK crew works.

Junk King isn’t just an “interior” junk removal service. They can also do a sweep around your front and back yards to take away all the debris. Is it time to say good-bye to a sandbox, treehouse and play set? Those are just the kind of oversized items that fit very nicely on the back of a Junk King truck. With the summer season upon us you’ll want to get your yard into shape and Junk King can lead the charge.

Along with the peace of mind that comes with getting rid of junk, you also have the benefit of reclaiming that space in your home. Nothing beats coming home to a clean house. If you can add a home office or park the car in your garage (finally!) then it’s a true bonus. All of that can happen when you hire Junk King. Give them a try today!

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