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Get Rid Of Junk From Your Rocklin Home Today

According to recent California population surveys, Rocklin was the fourth-fastest growing percentage-wise among those cities with at least 30,000 residents. Overall, Sacramento comes in as the sixth largest city in the state. The influx of new Rocklin residents will be good all around as it will only mean a boost to local businesses. Those new residents will learn very quickly what a great place Rocklin is to live. It all comes down to homeowner’s pride. If you need to make improvements around your Rocklin home, then you’ll want to start by clearing out the junk. A session with Junk King Sacramento can take care of that very quickly.


Junk King Sacramento was one of the earliest Junk King franchises. That puts them in the professional junk hauling business since 2005. In that time, they’ve perfected how to provide this particular service in the most efficient way. You might have found it to be a hassle to try and get rid of things like a worn-out sofa or old mattress. But Junk King is dedicated to making that kind of removal as hassle free as possible.

At this very moment, you can set up your junk removal session online with Junk King. You’ll pick a day and two-hour window that works best for your time. The session will be confirmed and you’ll be locked in. On the day of the appointment, the Junk King will be reaching out to keep you aware of their progress on other appointments. They don’t want to waste a minute of your day.

When the crew arrives, you’ll should them all the things you want removed. That is all it will take for them to put together and estimate of the cost. This estimate will be based on how they’ll pack the truck with your stuff. Their mission is to get it all into as little space as possible. That will leave you paying on the low end of the pricing scale. Everybody wins with that approach!

As for what Junk King can haul away, any household item, furniture, appliance or electronic can go. Let Junk King Sacramento transform your Rocklin home into a junk free zone today.

3 Keys to Hiring Home Foreclosure Clean out Services

While the economy has definitely improved since the housing crash in 2008, the need for foreclosure clean out services in the Sacramento area is still strong. California was hit particularly hard and, while recovering, banks and realtors continue to find themselves looking for competent and reliable clean out professionals.

Foreclosure Clean Out Services in Sacramento

Foreclosure Clean outIn addition to new cases, there are plenty of foreclosed homes still on the market. Nearly all of them need to be thoroughly cleaned out. Because California has a high number of foreclosures, many companies calling themselves professional foreclosure clean out firms have been appearing on the scene. Some of them are legitimate, others not so much.

At Junk King of Sacramento, we know you have many options to choose from for your foreclosure clean out services. We believe there are huge advantages to hiring a junk hauling firm like ours.

To help you make the best choice, here are what we believe are the three key elements to hiring a home foreclosure clean out service you can depend on: speed, reliability, and quality service.

  1. Speed: How promptly can the firm be on-site when needed? How quickly will the clean out team complete the job? Many foreclosure sales are time-sensitive. You don’t have time to wait for a junk removal service that can schedule you in several weeks from now. A professional junk removal firm should be able to respond quickly, work efficiently, and complete your clean out within your time frame, not theirs.
  2. Reliability: You want a company that shows up when and where they promise to. You can spot a quality foreclosure clean out service from day one. How? If they’re willing to come to the property, meet you in person, and walk you through the scope and potential volume of debris to be removed. And the company’s estimate should be precise and comprehensive, clearly spelling out all phases of the work, including any disposal fees.
  3. Quality service: There are many hallmarks of quality service. Does the junk removal firm offer both single and recurring pick-ups and removals for larger properties? Are they willing to do periodic clean outs in cases of construction or remodeling? Junk King’s professional teams ensure that all furniture, appliances, debris, and trash is out of the foreclosed property, so you can concentrate on getting the home on the market and sold as quickly as possible.

The Right Company for Home Foreclosure Clean Out Services

Junk King of Sacramento is the area’s leading business-to-business foreclosure clean out service. We’re the right company to call for getting your property ready to sell or rent after foreclosure. We’ve been doing this a long time and we know how to deliver hassle-free and friendly junk removal services.

We’re proud of our commitment to eco-friendly disposal practices, too. We recycle or donate at least 60% of the junk we haul. Furniture, appliances, debris, construction materials and more are all recycled, donated, or repurposed, keeping more waste out of area landfills. We’re also fully insured and are the highest rated service brand in the country!

Contact Junk King of Sacramento

If you want a Sacramento home foreclosure clean out service that emphasizes speed, reliability, and quality, call us today. We look forward to bringing you the peace of mind that comes with getting your foreclosed property ready fast!

How To Get Rid Of Junk From Your Rancho Cordova Home

Developers just broke ground on the new Consolidated Headquarters Complex. This is a $135 million project that is described as “a diverse, community-based organization comprised of four pillars: the California Army National Guard, the California Air National Guard, the California State Military Reserve, and the California Youth and Community Programs. When completed the 285,000-square-foot, multi-building campus will sit on a 31-acre site next to Mather Airport. The campus will have a headquarters office building, warehouse, emergency operations center, utilities building, badging center, and access control point. This is a major project that is going to be a big boost for the Rancho Cordova economy for years to come.


Are you planning any major improvements around your house this summer? They might not be as elaborate and complex as a $135 million project but even a small improvement on your property can go a long way towards increasing the value of your home. One of the easiest ways to improve your property is to get rid of all the rubbish you’ve collected over the years. Even if all that rubbish is tucked away in closets and your garage where no one can see it, you should still consider getting rid of it with a little help from Junk King Sacramento.

Do you think all the things you want to get rid of could fill up an entire truck? With Junk King on the job, you’ll have the opportunity to do just that. The crew working for Junk King has plenty experience with heavy lifting of all kinds of stuff. They’re also great with packing up that truck. That is important because it will be how your fee will be determined. Junk King doesn’t charge by the pound. Instead, they charge by space. The crew can look over all the things you want to get rid of and will know right away if it will take up the whole truck or just half. Whatever estimate they present it won’t change when the work is done. That is a fair deal by anyone’s standard.

For trustworthy and dependable junk removal from your Rancho Cordova home, you can always count on Junk King Sacramento to get the job done.

Take Your Cellar Back! Basement Junk Removal in Sacramento

Ah, the basement! Where unwanted, unused, and unloved stuff is sent and never seen or heard from again. It’s the place where people store all sorts of things they no longer use. Children’s toys, home office furniture, workout equipment, old patio furniture, and BBQs. Ready to get the lower level back in shape? A basement junk removal service is your best solution.

Basement Junk Removal in Sacramento

Basement Junk Removal Junk King of Sacramento is the answer to all your junk removal needs, including that overflowing basement. We take it all:

  • Pool tables and other gaming equipment
  • Televisions and other electronics
  • Computer, monitors, office equipment
  • Appliances
  • Toys and bikes
  • Carpet removal
  • Furniture

Cleaning the junk out of your basement on your own can be a hassle and major inconvenience. Instead of trying to handle it yourself, leave the backbreaking work to our professional crews.

Our basement junk removal services save you energy, time, and money. Our friendly team quickly and efficiently hauls away all your unwanted items. No job is too big for us to handle!

Letting Junk King handle your basement cleanout is also the safer way to go. Why risk serious injury just because you lack the proper equipment? You’ll also feel safe knowing that any toxic materials are removed by professionals who know how to dispose of them in the proper way.

Going Green with Junk King

Many times, what people consider basement junk can be repurposed or recycle for someone else’s enjoyment. At Junk King of Sacramento, we recycle, reuse, or donate up to 60% of what we haul! We’re proud to say we’re the greenest junk removal service in the country. Since 2005, we’ve been sorting each and every job we do for metals, paper, household goods, appliances, clothing, furniture, and so much more.

We’re also committed to keeping the environment as clean and green as possible today and for future generations. Many of our trucks run on biodiesel, a more environmentally safe renewable fuel.

Your Best Bet for Basement Junk Removal in Sacramento

Why dread going into your basement because it’s overflowing with unwanted junk? Junk King of Sacramento can haul away all the trash, debris, and unwanted items and materials you no longer want or need. We have the right tools, trucks, and expertise to get the job done on time, and on budget.

Junk King is your #1 choice in Sacramento for basement junk removal projects both big and small. We have the competition beat by a mile with lower prices, better services, and the greenest process in town.

Contact us today to discover just how simple it can be to get the most cost-effective basement junk removal service for your home.

Eldorado Hills Real Estate Clean Outs

Real estate clean outs are not just for foreclosures! These valuable services are needed for a lot of reasons. Junk King of Sacramento offers Eldorado Hills area real estate agents, estate executors, and homeowners the assistance they need to organize, sort, declutter, and clean out homes in a responsible and ethical manner.

Real Estate Clean Outs in Eldorado Hills

Real Estate Clean OutsForeclosures may have decreased n the last several years, but Boomers are retiring and downsizing in ever greater numbers. In other words, there’s no shortage of real estate properties in need of clean outs.

If you own residential or commercial real estate in the Eldorado Hills area, you’ve likely dealt with one or more of the following scenarios. And we bet all of them probably involved large quantities of accumulated items in the garage, attic, basement, and closets. You know that real estate clean outs are a big job – one that most people don’t want to take on.

The top 5 real estate clean out situations we see are:

  • Tenant debris. Unfortunately, many tenants up and leave without cleaning out their old junk, trash, furniture, and even appliances. You can probably use the cleaning deposit to freshen the place up but still need someone to lift and haul the rest of the stuff out. Let Junk King take care of old or broken furniture, dated electronics, piles of trash, and any other junk left behind.
  • Estate clean outs. A major life event such as divorce or the death of a loved one often requires the services of a junk removal professional. Junk King offers families and executors the friendly, respectful, and quick services they need to take care of unwanted or unneeded items in an estate home.
  • Foreclosures. Selling or buying an Eldora Hills foreclosure home frequently calls for a lot of work like changing the locks, repainting, and making repairs. Contracting with a professional junk removal service to get rid of accumulated and/or broken furniture, appliances, and other debris helps you get a property back into shape and on the market much more quickly. Let us do the heavy lifting!
  • Construction projects. Remodeling, renovations, and new home construction all produce large quantities of debris and waste, much of it recyclable. Using a professional service like Junk King lets you do your part in protecting the environment. We’re a green company, recycling, reusing, or donating up to 60% of what we haul.
  • Commercial real estate. The average length of a commercial lease is about 5 years and commercial landlords typically deal with a large number of abandoned items when a tenant moves out. Office furniture, inventory, and electronics are just some of the big-ticket items that must be disposed of. An expert commercial junk removal service like Junk King serves as your partner in fast, affordable, green, and reliable commercial real estate clean outs.

The Right Choice for Eldorado Hills Real Estate Clean Outs

If you’re a real estate professional, individual, or business owner in the Eldorado Hills area in need of a quality real estate clean out service, there are plenty of reasons to make Junk King of Sacramento your service provider of choice.

We’re proud of our reputation with real estate professionals across the country. We’re fully insured, and you can count on us to remove your unwanted items in a professional and courteous manner. Don’t make real estate clean outs a DIY project!

Ready to get started on your Eldorado Hills real estate clean out? Give us a call, text us a photo, or book an appointment online today!

Best Full Property Clean out Service in Sacramento

What better time than spring to clean out all the junk from your dusty attic, clutter-filled basements and garages, and backyard storage sheds? Junk King is a full-service junk removal company with fast and friendly service, free up-front estimates, and a low-price guarantee. Our professionally trained crews clean-up, bag, sort, load, and haul away all your unwanted household items including:

Clean Out

We offer the most professional level of service in the Sacramento area and are committed to make the junk clean out experience an easy and pleasant one.

The Sacramento Area’s #1 Clean out Service

No two ways about it, cleaning out years worth of junk is a hassle. Save your time and energy by calling Junk King to make it a stress-free chore. We take care of all the lifting and hauling so you can sit back and relax. When you decide to rid your home of unwanted and unused junk, we’re here to navigate crowded basements, tricky staircases, and overflowing garages. There’s no job too big or small for our skilled crews to handle.

Eco-Friendly Made Easy

The greatest benefit to hiring a clean out service is, of course, the time you’ll save by not having to do the job yourself.  But we believe another huge benefit we bring to the process is our commitment to eco-friendly practices. We work with Sacramento area charities and recycling centers willing to accept your mildly used items and qualified recyclable materials. We love doing our part to reduce the amount of waste that ends up in local landfills!

We’re Your Junk Removal Partners

A professional clean out service makes the task of packing up and removing years or even decades of unwanted junk as easy an experience as possible.

We want all our customers to think of Junk King as their partner in cleaning out the items they no longer need. We’ll make quick work of hauling away all trash, furniture, debris, appliances, and other unwanted items taking up precious space in your home. We have the latest tools, trucks, and expertise to get the job done right, on time, and on budget.

Make Junk King your #1 choice for a full-service clean out. We offer low rates, superior services, and the eco-friendliest process in town. Contact us today to discover how easy it can be to get the most cost-effective and professional estate cleanout throughout the greater Sacramento area.

They Are Big, They Are Bulky, They Need to Go! | Furniture Removal Sacramento

It’s big and bulky, you want to get rid of it, but you have no idea how you’re going to get it down the stairs and out the door. And once it’s out there, what do you do with it? Furniture removal is nothing like taking out the trash or recycling!

Furniture Removal in Sacramento

Furniture Removal When you’re ready to dispose of an old sofa or two, worn-out recliners, dated bedroom furniture, or kitchen, dining or patio sets, it isn’t as easy as moving it to the front curb. There are a lot of restrictions and requirements, too.

For most Sacramento County residents, you can schedule an appointment for bulky waste pick-up one day a year. In the city of Sacramento, you get two annual appointments for free pick-up of acceptable bulky items. But it’s only from February through October and there are a lot of restrictions and requirements, like making appointments in advance and a limitation on when you can put furniture out to 24 hours before pickup. There’s even a “pile size” restriction.

An Easier Way to Handle Furniture Removal in Sacramento

Whether you need to dispose of a single chair or an entire house of furniture, a professional furniture removal service is your most convenient solution. Here are just some of the unwanted furniture Junk King will remove for you:

  • Wardrobes and dressers
  • Accent, coffee, and end tables
  • Headboards and bedroom sets
  • Hutches, china cabinets, and curio cabinets
  • Bookcases and desks
  • Gaming tables, benches, and old television consoles

Besides not having to strain your back or otherwise deal with the hassle of removing bulky items, one of the best benefits we offer is giving your old furniture a new life. The stuff you leave out for the trash service to pick up? Unfortunately, most of it ends up in landfills. Today, that’s not the best option.

You may not want your old furniture, but if it’s still in usable condition, someone else might! Junk King partners with local charitable organizations throughout the greater Sacramento area to help your old furniture become something new for someone else. Has your furniture seen better days? We’ll do our best to responsibly recycle it. We’re committed to protecting the environment any way we can!

5 Good Reasons to Call Junk King of Sacramento

If you’re ready to dispose of unwanted furniture, give us a call, text us a photo, or book an appointment online today. We offer a no-pressure estimate, the peace of mind that comes with being fully insured, quick service, eco-friendly solutions, and a stress-free experience. We have all your bulky junk and furniture removal problems covered!

Junk Removal vs Storage Facilities

There are plenty of times people need to use storage facilities: waiting for a new home to be built, traveling, and moving to another part of the country are just a few. More often than not, though, what ends up in storage might have been better off being hauled away. An experienced junk removal company can help you decide what should be kept and what should be disposed of.

Don’t Pay Rent on Junk

Junk Removal Whether you’re moving, going through a life change, or have just run out of room to store your “stuff,” a self-storage unit can seem like the perfect solution. Many of them offer great first-month deals that can leave you thinking it’s a cheap way to solve your storage shortage.

The problem is, once you’ve packed everything up and stored it, it’s tempting to leave it all there for months or years on end. Depending on the length of time you use the facility, your costs can quickly escalate into the thousands of dollars.

There will definitely be times self-storage makes sense for your short-term needs:

  • College students leaving their dorms for the summer.
  • When you’re in the middle of a home renovation.
  • Thinning out to better stage your home when putting it on the market.

All good situations when storing large items may be cost-effective. But a far more less-expensive and effective option is to take a good hard look at what you’re thinking of storing and getting rid of what you really don’t need or could easily replace down the road.

The Junk Removal Solution

What likely keeps a lot of people from saying no to junk removal and yes to storage is having to deal with their clutter. That’s where Junk King can help! We’re here to assist residents in Roseville and throughout the greater Sacramento area clear out their accumulated junk, resulting in big savings and a less-stressful way of life.

At Junk King, we understand that deciding what to keep and what to junk can be an emotional time. Our friendly and professional junk removal crews know just how to walk you through the process. We’ll also donate and recycle as much of your junk as possible, so you can feel good about supporting your community and minimizing the amount of waste that ends up in local landfills.

There are a lot of benefits to having a junk removal company handle the task:

  • It’s safer. Our crews have the right training and equipment to get the job done right and in a safe manner. Large household appliances and heavy furniture are best removed by junk removal professionals who have years of experience.
  • It saves time. Sorting through years of accumulated junk is a time-consuming task. Having a professional crew do it for you saves a ton of time.
  • It helps reclaim space. You may find that you don’t need a storage unit at all! People often feel overwhelmed by the junk in their lives because there’s nowhere to put it. Once it’s removed by a professional service your home suddenly has much more livable space.

If you’re in need of quick and efficient junk removal by trained crews, Junk King of Sacramento is the solution you’re looking for. There’s no better way to have an organized clutter-free home and mindset! Contact us today to learn more.

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