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How Can I Get Rid of an Old Mattress?

How Can I Get Rid of an Old Mattress When you’re all packed and ready to go move in to your new home, it’s likely you’ll be leaving a lot of old furniture behind, including that moldy old mattress that’s been with you forever. There’s no way you’re taking that along with you, as you have a brand new bed waiting for you in a new place, and it’s not as if you can just leave it on the sidewalk or out on the front yard for garbage services to pick it up. So how can you get rid of an old mattress? You can either break it up yourself, donate it (if it’s still in usable condition), or call your neighborhood waste management authority or local recycling services to have it picked up and come dispose it for you. How Can I Break Up My Old Mattress? Many states now require you to recycle your old mattress. Nevertheless, a good number of mattresses still end up in landfills where about 12 million of them end up each year. Breaking up that old mattress yourself would entail: 1. Cutting the cord with a seam ripper or utility knife, then pulling the cord from the sides 2. Peeling and pulling the sides of the mattress away 3. Removing the top layer of fabric off the mattress 4. Gathering the fabric and fluff from the mattress interior 5. Removing the bottom layer of fabric 6. Breaking up the springs with a bolt cutter Where Can I Donate My Old Mattress? As long as your mattress is still in a fairly usable state, you can get in touch with several groups from around your neighborhood to come pick up your mattress for you. 1. The Salvation Army will usually come pick that up for you for free: https://www.salvationarmy.org/ 2. Goodwill will accept mattresses that are in relatively good condition: https://www.goodwill.org/ 3. Habitat for Humanity: https://www.habitat.org/ 4. Bye Bye Mattress: https://byebyemattress.com/ 5. Posting an ad on Craigslist might also help: https://craigslist.org/ 6. Your local furniture store might sometimes provide this service, especially if you’ve bought the mattress from them in the first place. 7. Your local shelters may want to take in your old mattresses as well. Which Neighborhood Waste Management Authorities Should I Call? Contact your local municipality, sanitation department, or garbage collector and ask them how they deal with old mattresses like yours. Junk Removal in Sacramento by Junk King It’s likely that, aside from your moldy old mattress, you also have other heavy pieces of furniture which you need cleared away. So when you’re doing that major bedroom renovation project, or just moving to a new home altogether, call our team over at Junk King Sacramento for everything else you might choose to leave behind. Junk Kung Sacramento has been providing professional, fast, and eco-friendly junk removal services, which can even cover stuff around your yard, heavy furniture and appliances, recycling, and garbage disposal. And yes, we can take care of your old mattresses as well. For inquiries and even more details, give our Junk King team a call at 1-888-888-JUNK.
How Can I Get Rid of an Old Mattress?


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