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Sacramento Clean Out – College Edition

When it comes to institutes of higher learning, California can certainly boost as the home of some of the best. UCLA, USC, Pepperdine, Cal State Berkley… the list is seemingly endless. Best of all, for California residents the tuition is cheaper. That means you kid can stay within the state and get an amazing education. They might still have to move out of home but that’s a good thing. Going away to college provides some valuable life lessons. Sure, you can teach them how to do laundry and cook but they also need to learn how to cope on their own. That can’t be taught as much as experienced.


With your kid off at college, your home will be going through a transition. First, there will be all that quiet to deal with! Second, you might want to consider making over their room. After all, the hope is that they will soon be off on their own starting a new life. You could goose that along by transforming their former bedroom into a general guest room. Better yet, it could also become that reading room you’ve always wanted. Maybe it is even big enough for a pool table! To help with that kind of makeover, you’ll want to bring on the pros from Junk King. These are the clean out experts who can have a clutter room cleared out in no time!

Every Junk King clean out appointment comes fully equipped with a two-man crew, moving equipment and a truck big enough to haul away whatever you’re tossing out. That crew is going to do the hard work of climbing up and down stairs and carefully carrying out the heavy objects. All the Junk King crews have been trained, licensed and insured. They know what they are doing when it comes to junk removal. After everything is taken away, you’ll have yourself a kind of “blank pallet” to create a new space in. Maybe if you’re lucky you can hook up with a reality TV show and get the makeover for free!

Junk King doesn’t have to stop with the clean out of a single room. They can go through your entire home removing all the unwanted stuff that is taking up space and collecting dust. Same for the backyard. Anything you don’t want can be gone in a flash! A complete home clean out begins with a call to Junk King.