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Set Up Your Garden For Spring Planting

Farmers will often get up before sunrise and finish their day just after sundown. All of that hard work provides us with an abundance of food. You can do your own type of farming but on a much smaller scale. A backyard garden can yield it’s fair share of fresh produce for your family but you probably wouldn’t have to work from sun up to sun down to make it happen. It all starts with the prep work. Here’s how to set up your garden for spring planting.


Start Composting

One of the best things you can do for your garden is to set up a compost pile. Compost is often referred to as the “black gold” of a gardener’s world. You can buy ready-made compost or create your own using food and yard waste. Your compost pile will be where all your kitchen scraps will go and that reduces your carbon footprint even more. It doesn’t take much to set up a compost. Even an old trash can with holes poked in it will do the trick. Some folks even use hay bales or cement blocks to block off the pile. You’ll find directions on how to layer your compost online. Get start ASAP.

Start Growing Seedlings

You can buy plants that are already blooming and replant them in your garden or you can go the seedling route. This means growing plants from the seed up. Those seedlings can be started in windowsill in your home. Egg cartons make great seedling containers. Once the seedlings start to sprout, transfer them to your soil.

Prep Your Soil

Getting your soil ready will be the most labor intensive part of your garden prep. First, you need to break up the soil and get it aerated. Then clean up the edges around your flowerbeds. Next, check the pH levels to see if your soil is starving for nutrients. It probably is. That’s when you want to bring in the fertilizer. Give it a nice bed and let the fertilize soak in and work it’s magic. Ideally, that soil should be left alone for a couple of weeks before planting. Time it right and your seedlings will be ready to go in as soon as the dirt is fertile.

Get Rid of Rubbish

All around your yard there is probably a lot of yard waste to rake and scoop up. What about the bigger things like fencing or patio furniture? Those should all be removed too and they can with a call to Junk King Sacramento. It will only take one rubbish removal session with Junk King Sacramento to help get your garden ready for planting.