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Junk Removal San Mateo: Top Five Tips for De-cluttering Your Home or Business

 A 2019 survey of more than 3,000 U.S. adults sought to determine exactly what percentage of Americans are partaking in the decluttering trend. The Google Survey surprisingly determined that nearly 30 percent of U.S. adults had a decluttering project planned for that year. It´s probably safe to say that after spending the better part of a year inside our homes due to the lockdown and “shelter-in-place” order associated with the COVID-19 pandemic, a much higher percentage of people are now wanting to reclaim some of the space in their homes, apartments, or businesses.  Junk King Dumpster filled with furniture and debris Consider some of the following eye-opening statistics about the clutter that fills our homes and lives: 
  • Well over 10 percent of U.S. households (10.6 percent) rent a storage unit, amounting to 1.9 billion square feet of storage space. 
  • The national average cost for all unit sizes of storage space is $89.12 per month, according to data from 2020. That means that an enormous percentage of the U.S. population is spending well over $1,000 each and every year to store their extra “stuff,” much of which simply sits and collects dust. 
  • Around two-thirds of people who rent self-storage space live in single-family homes (not apartments or condos) that also have a separate garage area. A third of those self-storage renters ALSO have a basement. This most likely means that many of these households have already filled up their garages and basements with mostly un-used junk, and are not spending extra cash to rent extra space. 
  • Across the United States, there are at least 52,000 storage units, which is actually more than all McDonalds, Subways, and Starbucks brick and mortar locations combined.
  • Over 11 million people purchased the book “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up” from the Japanese “guru” Marie Kondo. And millions more regularly watch her shown on Netflix to learn practical actions for decluttering the spaces we live in. 
  • Lastly, 67 percent of people in one survey stated that they thought they could save up to 30 minutes each day if they were more organized and their spaces less cluttered. 
Having an over-cluttered home, office, or business thus leads to less productivity, strains on our mental health, less livable space, and often an extra economic burden by forcing us to rent even more storage space. Unfortunately, many people simply don’t know where to start when it comes to de-cluttering their lives. Below, we offer a few tips for how you can reclaim the valuable space in your living space in an efficient and environmentally-friendly way!  bulk item and trash removal

Tip #1: Start with a Checklist

One of the biggest challenges when it comes to decluttering is that we often don’t have any idea where to start. The scope of the “job” might seem too overwhelming at first. To avoid this engulfing feeling, we recommend starting with a checklist of things you want to get rid of.  You can organize your checklist by “room” and create a schedule for going throughout your home (including those over-filled garages and basements) to de-clutter in an organized and systematic way. If you think this process might take several days, consider hiring a dumpster from Junk King of South San Francisco. Placing a dumpster near your home will give you a convenient space to “store” your junk as you patiently go through the over-cluttered areas of your home or business. 

Tip #2: Determine What Areas of your Home Can Still be Used for Storing Things 

Decluttering your home or business doesn’t mean simply going through the rooms and tossing EVERYTHING. Obviously there are still going to be antiques, mementos, and other nostalgic items that you simply cannot bring yourself to throw away. You might even want to hold onto your old saxophone from your high school marching band in case you need a new hobby to pick up. We recommend surveying the amount of valuable space in your home (including the garage, attic, and basement) to accurately determine how much space you realistically have to store certain things. This will give you a better idea of how much junk you need to throw away. 

Tip #3: Use the Four-Box Method

This decluttering method requires you to get find four, large boxes and label them: “trash, give away, keep, or re-locate/re-purpose.” As you go through the rooms in your home or business, take those boxes with you and place each item into one of the following boxes. This may take a bit longer, but it is a great way to discover how many excess things you really own. It also helps direct the decluttering process so you know exactly what to do with each item. commercial junk removal services

Tip #4: Hire Only the Best Junk Removal Companies with a Proven Track Record of Environmental Responsibility 

Once you have determined what exactly you are going to throw away, it is important to take practical steps to ensure that your junk doesn’t simply end up in the nearest landfill. That perfectly suitable extra couch in your attic might be a godsend to a family who doesn’t have one. And as the old saying goes: “one person´s trash is another person´s treasure.” Instead of simply hauling all your junk to the curbside, consider hiring Junk King of South San Francisco for all your junk removal needs. We are proud to be the leading junk removal company in the South San Francisco region. Unlike other waste management companies, we make every possible effort to help you reduce your waste footprint. David Meacham, the owner of the Junk King franchise in South San Francisco says: “Our team of crew members that we’ve built here are dedicated to helping South San Francisco reduce its environmental footprint and help people lift that metaphorical weight of their clutter off their shoulders.” Our mission is to ensure that 60 percent of the junk collected at each job is either recycled, reused or repurposed, rather than simply being dumped into landfills. We have developed a huge network of relationships with recycling facilities, thrift stores, donation centers and other businesses that specialize in finding ways to reuse or repurpose your junk items. We offer both residential and commercial junk pickup services to individuals and businesses in San Mateo and other communities in the South San Francisco region of the Bay area, including Brisbane, Burlingame, Daly City, El Granada, Half Moon Bay, Millbrae, Montara, Moss Beach, Pacifica, San Bruno, and South San Francisco.  Book a Touchless Appointment Today and Save $20!  
Junk Removal San Mateo: Top Five Tips for De-cluttering Your Home or Business


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