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Celebrate the 4th of July With Fireworks And Without Junk

Although the actual signing of the Declaration of Independence took place on the east coast, the west coast has certainly gotten into the spirit of celebrating this American holiday. Nowhere is that more evident than right here in San Diego. If you’re looking for a place to see some fireworks, then you’ll have plenty of options. Here’s the list from CBS8:


“Big Bay Boom – Location: San Diego Bay

The Bay Boom Fireworks Show lights up from the Port of San Diego and can be seen from Shelter Island, Harbor Island, North Embarcadero, Marina District and the Coronado Ferry Landing beginning at 9 PM Families are advised to take the trolley, free shuttle or carpool.”

“SeaWorld Fourth of July Fireworks – Location: SeaWorld, 500 SeaWorld Dr, San Diego

Watch SeaWorld light up the sky with this spectacular display of sparkle and excitement. Wednesday, July 4 through Saturday, July 7.”

“4th of July Celebration in Ocean Beach – Location: Ocean Beach Pier at the end of Newport Avenue

The Ocean Beach Pier is presenting a spectacular beach view of fireworks beginning at 9 PM. Families are advised to pack a lunch, bring blankets, and arrive early. Free parking in Main Beach Parking Lot and Pier Parking Lot.”

“4th of July Celebration in Coronado – Location: Coronado, San Diego

Coronado’s Fourth of July celebration begins at 7 AM with the annual Independence Day 12K Run and 5K Run/Walk in Tidelands Park. The Parade will begin at 10 AM along Orange Ave from 1st Street to Churchill Place. From 2:30 PM 4 PM the San Diego Star Wars Society will be available for photos in Star Park. This is followed by a concert provided by the Coronado Community Concert Band at 4 p.m. in Spreckels Park. At 9 PM there is a fireworks display over Glorietta Bay. Families are advised to bring blankets and watch the display from the golf course or Stingray Point.”

With so many fireworks displays going off around SD, you might just have a terrific vantage point from your own backyard. If that is the case, then you’ll want to invite friends and family over and fire up the grill. Before that can happen, let Junk King San Diego work their magic in your backyard. One session with these junk removal professionals is all it will take to get unwanted patio furniture and yard waste cleared for good? Are you ready to make that happen? Then Junk King San Diego is ready to make your home free from junk for the fourth!

trampoline removal

The Easy Approach For Trampoline Removal

Updated 5/17/22


Even in one of the most beautiful areas of the country like San Diego, life can sometimes hand us difficult tasks. No amount of sunshine, shoreline, or good vibes can make things like getting rid of large junk items any easier.


The good news is that if you do live in San Diego, there is an easy approach for junk removal.


And this is true for just about any seemingly difficult job. In fact, almost every task in life can be approached in an easy way or the hard way.


Of course, sometimes the reason some tasks are hard is simply because we fail to follow directions and take our time. In fact, most of the time when we try to do something new without instructions or rush through the steps, that’s when things get hard.


While it might seem a bit unusual, this principle holds true for many types of junk removal tasks, as well. 


Think about the things you have to do around the house. Most of those chores typically fall into “easy” and “hard” categories. Fortunately, most of the hard things are much easier when you bring in outside help.


That is certainly true if you need to take care of a backyard trampoline removal.


yard waste removal guide


When the Thrill is Gone – Old Backyard Trampoline Removal 


One of the wonderful things about living in places like San Diego, Chula Vista, and La Mesa is the abundant opportunities for outdoor fun. And a great deal of this fun can even be had in our backyards. Especially when there’s a trampoline to jump on!


So, when did backyard trampolines become a thing? According to one vendor,


“You could say that trampolines became popular immediately after their invention, or, at least, shortly after. Whoever saw one wanted to get on and jump up and down as much as possible. It just looked awfully cool and felt equally good.


However, the true expansion of the popularity of trampolines started in the 1950s, when there were dedicated “jump centers” at every gas station in the US. Parents would allow their kids to have a go on a trampoline while they took care of other things.


That peak in popularity lasted for some 30 years, with a decline afterward. The popularity came back after the year 2000 when trampolining became an Olympic sport, and it would continue to rise ever since.”


Of course, much of the enthusiasm for backyard trampolines was diminished over time because folks began to learn how dangerous they can be without sufficient safety equipment attached. 


As one source noted,


“Between 2002 and 2011, more than 1 million people landed in emergency rooms with injuries related to trampoline use. Almost 300,000 of the injuries included broken bones. Children under 16 suffer nearly 93 percent of fractures related to trampolines.”


All of which led to large numbers of disappointed parents, as well. 


Consequently, there have been thousands of trampolines either sitting unused in backyards all across the country – including San Diego County – and many more being gotten rid of. And if you’re one of those households looking to dispose of an old and unwanted trampoline, you know it’s not an easy task.


How to Make the Difficult Task of Trampoline Removal Easy


Of course, the hard way would be taking the thing apart yourself, renting a truck to transport it in, loading it into the truck, and then driving around San Diego County trying to find a proper place to dispose of it.


And this is assuming that you have the ability and resources to dismantle, load, and unload all that material. Of course, it also assumes you want to spend the money renting a truck, buying for the fuel that will be needed, and paying for whatever fees will be required for disposing of it.


On the other hand, like most other tasks, there is usually an easy way to handle it. And, when it comes to trampoline removal, the easy way would be to just give that job to Junk King San Diego.



Book Online Now!  Save $20


When you think of “junk removal” the image of a backyard trampoline is not likely to come to mind! However, trampoline removal is one of those unique tasks that Junk King is well equipped to do. While dismantling and then loading may take a bit more time than simply hauling away a few pieces of furniture, it is still a job that we can manage quickly and safely. 


When dismantling outdoor equipment like trampolines, our Junk King San Diego junk removal team will take the time to do it safely and without causing any damage to your lawn. And no matter how long it does take, one of the best parts about using Junk King is that you won’t be charged by the hour. That’s because you are only charged based on how much room that dismantled trampoline takes up in our truck.


And the best part is, we do all the heavy lifting and loading!


How to Make Trampoline Removal Green and Affordable: Junk King San Diego


Hiring someone else to do those difficult tasks around the house might be a sure-fire way to make those jobs easy, but it can also be costly. 


Having to pay a plumber $150 to replace a worn out washer in a faucet? Not so cost-effective. 


Paying almost $100 for an oil change? That’s a pretty high cost for convenience. 


And paying for the weight of your junk load, especially when it’s just one piece of equipment that happens to be quite heavy? That’s not really in the realm of “affordable.”


Which is why the pros at Junk King never charge you by weight and we don’t resort to flat fees (nor any hidden charges, either!) In fact, we pride ourselves on our fair and transparent pricing policies and having the lowest rates in our service area. And we always provide free estimates!


But what about being green and taking care of the environment?


Well, that’s why Junk King pioneered green junk removal way back in 2005 when the company was first founded. In fact, we pride ourselves on being the greenest junk removal and disposal firm in the industry. And we demonstrate this every day by recycling as much as 60 percent or more of everything we pick up from our customers.


And that includes all the recyclable trampoline parts, as well!


Professional Trampoline Removal by Local Professionals: Junk King San Diego


We take extra care in our work for our customers in San Diego and the neighboring areas because this is our home, too. And we view our customers as our neighbors and friends, which means we provide the best junk removal services possible for them.


One of the many ways that we do this is to carefully pack junk items to minimize the space they take up in our trucks. We’ll know how much room your trampoline will take up even before we take it apart. That estimate will become your fee and once agreed to, that’s all that you will pay. 


And it is quite likely that once you have our courteous and expert junk removal team on site, you’ll want us to take away much more household junk for you, than just doing the trampoline removal. 


Whether that’s more yard waste, old exercise equipment, broken-down bikes and toys, or even old appliances that no longer work or old furniture you no longer want, we can handle it for you. 


Heck, we even remove old hot tubs if you need us to!


Want to Get a Jump on Your Trampoline Removal? Just Call Junk King San Diego


Junk Removal La Mesa, Junk Removal Alpine


For all types of residential junk removal including exercise and outdoor equipment, along with most other trash and debris disposal services, residents in and around San Diego have Junk King San Diego.


We are equipped to remove and haul all types of junk and other unwanted items from your home, office, or place of work. The team at Junk King San Diego can remove and dispose of just about anything except items that are classified as hazardous waste.


And we will never surprise you with pricing nor hidden costs or charges. 


When you call Junk King San Diego you will always get on-time, as promised, junk pickup and removal in the San Diego area that is both eco-friendly and affordable. 


We’ll come out to your home, and you simply point, and we’ll haul your junk items into our large, clean truck for one simple price and with no hidden fees. So, contact us today and let us know what kinds of junk items you need cleared out of your home and yard.


You can make an appointment by booking online or by calling us at 1.888.888.JUNK (5865).


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