Junk And Rubbish Don’t Stand A Chance With Regular Junk King Sessions

there are a lot of things that you do around the house based on what time of the year it is. Yes, these are “seasonal decisions” that on some level become a kind of tradition. During the holidays, you were always unpacking decorations and putting them up to share with your friends and neighbors. In the spring, you are getting the garden ready for planting and treating the lawn to a fresh round of fertilizer. In the summer, you might devote more time to cleaning the pool and keeping the backyard maintain. All of these tasks need to happen on a regular basis but they aren’t the only important seasonal items to accomplish. You might want to add regular sessions with Junk King San Diego to your seasonal to do list. This is a terrific way to make sure that your home is never overwhelmed by rubbish and clutter.

Beyond the Trashcan

The reason for hiring Junk King is to clear out the clutter of anything that wouldn’t fit in the trashcan. You can always stay on top of things like junk mail, magazines and newspapers by tossing them into the recycling bin. The same can be said for all the trash that you create in the kitchen basis. But there are things like furniture, electronics, clothing and appliances that can’t be put out with the trash. Those of the items that need to be turned over to Junk King for proper disposal.

By setting up seasonal junk removal sessions, you can clear out those big items from the various storage areas in your home one at a time. It might make practical sense to clear out the garage at the end of summer and all the closets at the beginning of the fall. This way you won’t feel as though your spending all your free time surrounded by boxes and bins.

Always the Same Pricing

Whether you hire Junk King for one big removal session or several smaller ones throughout the year the pricing will remain the same. You won’t be charge for the workers or the trucks. You will only be charged a flat rate based on how your stuff will be packed onto the truck. You know that prices before the work begins and you’ll find that it is extremely fair and affordable considering the amount of helpful work that Junk King will provide.

Setting up seasonal junk removal sessions with Junk King San Diego will make sure your home will always be rubbish free.

Everything Goes With Junk King On The Job

If you were to take a daily inventory of the truckloads of rubbish collected by junk King, then you would be surprised a wide variety of things that people get rid of. It is not just sofas and chairs but all kinds of unwanted debris. Sometimes, that debris is left behind at a property by a former tenant. Other times it’s a bunch of items that have been outgrown by the family. There also total hoarder level cleanups that have to be handled from start to finish. It doesn’t matter to Junk King San Diego whether the job takes a full truckload or just a portion of the truck. The focus is to make each customer happy. You can see by this video that when Junk King is on the job everything goes.

Pack Up

The Junk King crews have a lot of experience with lifting and loading but their experience doesn’t stop there. You can also count on them to understand just what will fit on the back of their truck. Before they pack up anything, they need to make sure that the prices lockdown. That price will be based on how much space the stuff you are tossing out is going to fill the truck. The Junk King crew could look over all the things that you are getting rid of and make the assessment that it could take two truckloads to handle. That leaves you with a decision to make.

Junk King can send for another truck or you can set up a second session. Either way, you will just still be paying the flat rate based on each truck volume. When you agree to the rate, the Junk King crew will start packing up. If it turns out that your stuff takes up more room than what was estimated, then you’ll still pay the original price. If it takes up less room, then you can expect a discount. That is the fair way to do this kind of job.

Whether you need a little or a lot of rubbish removed from your property, you can trust Junk King San Diego to get it done the right way.

Backyards Need To Be A Rubbish Free Zone

Your backyard is an oasis. This is your little slice of property that can be the place where you wind down after hard day at work. It is also the spot where kids will spend many hours over the summer playing and getting into all kinds of fun adventures. If there is a swimming pool and that backyard, then that concept of an oasis is elevated. What your backyard shouldn’t have is any kind of rubbish. You should never be in a position of avoiding going into the backyard because there’s so much junk out there. If you reach the point where you’re avoiding your backyard, then it is time to bring in the Junk King San Diego. One session with these junk hauling pros and you can get your backyard back to be an oasis!

Any Kind of Rubbish

The team some Junk King excel at removing furniture and appliances from homes but they can really take away any kind of rubbish. What would be on your list of things to get rid of from your backyard? It could be anything from an old hammock to an empty hot tub. The junk and crew can load up any size lawnmower and any amount of patio furniture. If you are renovating your backyard, then Junk King can take away the landscaping debris like rocks, gravel, pavers, bricks and even dirt. That is not something that you’ll be able to put in a dumpster rental. Instead, give it all to the junk King crew.

Exceptional Packers

What makes junk King a popular choice for rubbish removal is there pricing policy. There is never a limit with regard to weight or size when it comes to getting rid of something from your home when Junk King is on the job. There pricing policy involves how the truck will get packed up. These crews have packed also is of things I know exactly how everything will fit just by sizing it up. Once they make that determination, they will be able to provide you with a written estimate. If you consider renting your own truck and hiring your own crew, then you’ll discover that the fees Junk King are charging are significantly less.

Get your backyard clear of rubbish today by calling in the Junk King San Diego squad. It’s time to enjoy your backyard!

Use Junk King San Diego For Your Fence Removal

Renovation projects fall into two categories: contractor or DIY. If you have the skills and the time, then doing your own reservation can provide you with a great sense of and pride. However, the bigger the job the more your skills will be put to the test. Ironically, even professional contractors hire other contractors to take care of specific renovation projects that they might not be adept at. One such project could be replacing a backyard fence.

Depending on the type of fence and the geography of your backyard this might be a project that you could do on your own. Even if you accept that challenge there’s still the original fence removal that has to be taken care of. That is a job that you can definitely delegate to Junk King San Diego. Let them handle the old fence removal and cleanup to provide you with a clear space for putting in that new fence.

Fast Working Crew

Every appointment set up by Junk King is staffed by at least two strong movers. With a job like fence removal, Junk King might suggest having additional crew members help with the project. These extra workers won’t cost you any extra funds. They will all be included in the flat rate that you will be paid for the service. This will still be a fast working crew. They know how valuable your time is and they don’t want to waste one minute of it.

The good thing about a fence removal assignment is that you don’t necessarily have to be at your property for the duration. Once the team has arrived and you show them the fence that needs to come down, they will be able to provide you with an estimate for the entire service. That will be based upon how all that fencing material fit on the truck. Once everything is agreed to, the crew could get to work and you can leave them to that job. Of course, when you come home it might be surprising to see your yard without a fence! That’s when you’ll want to start getting busy putting up the new fence.

When you turn the job of fence removal over the Junk King San Diego you can count on it being handled safely and swiftly.

Give Dad A Big Break On Father’s Day With Help From Junk King

Father’s Day is all about giving your dad a break. It helps that the day occurs on a Sunday when he probably doesn’t have to work. Of course, the weekends are when dad’s usually do most of the work around the house. Sometimes those household chores can literally take up the entire weekend. That would mean dad has worked seven days straight. No wonder he needs a break! This Father’s Day you can extend the break for your dad by setting up a junk removal session with Junk King San Diego. This is the most effective way to take care of that lingering sure of rubbish removal around the house. That can make everybody happy!

Old Junk

Most of the junk that your dad might have around the house would definitely be considered as old junk. There might be a lot of left-over car parts from years of repairing family ride. They could also be any level of old vacuum cleaners, toaster ovens and other small appliances that were replaced but held onto for “spare parts.” Plus, there’s all the random pipes, lumber and other building materials that probably aren’t useful any longer. All dad has to do is decide that yes, those things can all be removed by Junk King. And that is just the garage!

The team from Junk King can go through the entire home with dad as their tour guide pointing out other objects that need to be hauled away like furniture and electronics.  One session with Junk King is going to have a positive impact on the living environment around the house. And it won’t take long to accomplish that goal.

Next Day or Same Day

When you schedule the appointment for your dad you could be presented with a simple choice: next day or the same day. Most Junk King appointments are finished within 24 hours of that first contact. But there is also the opportunity to sometimes benefit from a same day pickup. As long as you are flexible and know exactly what you want to get rid of you can count on Junk King to move swiftly to help facilitate all the rubbish clearing from the property.

When you hire Junk King San Diego to help your dad clear out the rubbish from his home, he will get a much-deserved break. That is the ultimate Father’s Day gift.

Check Out The Great Reviews For Junk King San Diego

Companies who get positive reviews from their customers are happy to share those comments. Sometimes those comments can even become an advertisement for the company or product. If a review helps make you choose the right company, then it is worth spending time reading them. If you’re in the market for some thorough junk removal, then you’ll want to read the reviews for Junk King San Diego. Here are just a few that have been recently posted:

“The guys are without a doubt AWESOME!!! After scrambling to the web and calling everyone under the sun and explaining that I was disabled and needed this stuff gone without causing me financial disaster because of the ongoing legal disability case I am involved in… enter into the picture Junk King SD. The online quote system was flawless, the speed was off the chart, the professionalism and friendliness and the price was GREAT and over $100 less than the best number I had. The 5 Stars is not enough and should be like 20!” – Dave S.

Junk King has been in this line of work for a long time and is managed perfect a business model that makes the process of junk removal easy and efficient. That process begins with booking and ends when the crew sweeps up from the area that they just removed junk from.

“I had many items that needed to be haul away. After contacting a few companies, Junk King was the only one to promptly scheduled an appointment for the same day and actually show up. To get the appropriate quote, they needed to see the items in person. Once they arrived, they worked with me on a price that fit my budget. They finished the job quickly and verified if anything else needed to be haul away. If you looking for a company that get things done the right way the first time and ensure a customer is completely satisfied, look no further.” – Melvyn S.

“These guys where great.  I needed them to pick up trash from a residence that I could not be there for.  They contacted me and said “no problem” went to spot met a person that was there to meet them to help me out they picked it up, set the price, done!” – Vicente V.

Whether you have a junk removal job that is big or small, you can always count on Junk King San Diego to make sure it gets handled the right way. Book your session today.

Raise The Home Value By Removing The Rubbish

There are a lot of things that you can do to raise the home value of your property and not all of them involves a major renovation. Improving the curb appeal by adding plants in the front yard or power washing the siding of your home can add to the value. So can removing all the excess rubbish from your property. It is not just the rubbish that might be visible from the street but also all the rubbish that is cluttering up valuable storage space inside the house. To get rid of that level amount of rubbish you’ll want to bring in the team from Junk King San Diego.

Reliable Service

Junk King prides itself on providing reliable service. That means showing up at your appointment on time. When you set up a session with Junk King, you will be asked to pick a two-hour window on a particular day that works best for your calendar. It is within that two hours that the Junk King team will get to your property. You will probably hear from the team throughout the day to keep you informed of their progress. Because they move quickly, they often finish a job ahead of schedule which means they could be at your home earlier. If that doesn’t work and you need them to arrive at the scheduled time, then they will probably squeeze in the same day pickup for another client.

The Junk Tour

Once the junk King team shows up at your home, you’ll want to show them all the things that you’re getting rid of. Consider this the junk tour of your home. They need to look over everything to see how it will fit onto the truck. The goal is to get as much as they can into as little space as possible. They do this so they can make a few more pickups before unloading everything and also to provide you with the low-end price scale. This is probably the big reason why Junk King has so many returning customers: they’re very fair and affordable.

One rubbish removal session with Junk King San Diego can have a positive impact on your home value. Set up that session today.

Set Up A Declutter Session With Junk King Today

What is the one household chore that has been waiting the longest to complete? There are often two reasons why a chore doesn’t get done: Time and help. After working all week, the weekend is the only time you have to do that chore but there are so many other things to do even if that includes relaxing. As for the help, that chore might require extra “manpower” to make it happen. This all describes a major declutter session for your home. It might take a lot of time if you were to do it on your own and you would need extra help. Thankfully, Junk King San Diego is standing by to get that chore taken off your list. They won’t take up a lot of time and will provide all the help that you need to get it done.

What Has to Go?

What has to go from your declutter list? When Junk King is on the job, pretty much anything can go. That means you can say goodbye to recliner, loveseat or an entire sectional sofa. Removing those pieces of furniture is something the Junk King crews do every day. They’ll make short work of getting those items from your home and onto their truck. What about the clutter out in the garage or crammed into your closets? Those might not need two movers to carry out of the house but when you add up all the boxes and bags of clothing, books, toys, sporting equipment and other household goods you could be left with a rather large pile of stuff. There will be a spot for all of that on the Junk King truck, too.

Donated Clutter

The clutter you’re getting rid of from your home doesn’t have to end up on a landfill trash heap. That would be a waste and it is something that Junk King doesn’t want to happen. That is why they’ll collect all the items that can be repurposed and drop them off at a charity. Some of these charities operate thrift stores to generate funds. Others provide employment to local residents to repair and refurbish items that will be provided to families in need. All of this action happens long after your stuff has been collected by Junk King. It will be good to know your clutter won’t go to waste.

Make Junk King San Diego your declutter partner and watch how fast your home gets cleaned out of unwanted items.

Tips For A Successful Estate Sale

There are many ways that people can selloff things like furniture, clothing and household goods. Entire websites and smart phone apps a dedicated to this purpose. However, those are hit and miss because you don’t know when someone will see your post or if what you have is what they’re looking for. A better approach would be to set up an estate sale. This is a great way to get rid of a lot of sessions in your home especially if you become executor of that estate. Here’s some good tips to follow your estate sale:


It is important that you let folks know you are throwing an estate sale. The big difference between an estate sale at a yard sale is that they are held indoors which means they can happen rain or shine. Putting up signs in the neighborhood is always a good step but you can also advertise for free on Craigslist. There are lot of people who start their weekends by reviewing which estate sales are happening within driving range.

Have Cash

Your estate sale is going to be a cash business. You should start the day with change for hundred-dollar bill because you can bet the first person who shows up will have that! You should keep your money in the cash box that is easy to carry because you should never let it out of your sight.

Mark Prices

The night before the sale you should go through all the items that are being offered and attach a sticker with the sale price. This might not be your final price because everyone will haggle for something better. But it will be a good starting point. It also will help  you from getting “stuck” with one customer. If everyone is asking what’s this cost, then you can quickly become over well. They will see the stickers and either offer you what you’re asking or make a counter offer. You can take it and then the item is gone. Everybody wins!

Bring in Junk King for The Cleanup

At the end of the estate sale, there is a good chance that you will still have a lot of leftover items. You want to make sure that you schedule a cleanup appointment with Junk King San Diego. These are the junk hauling pros who can sweep through the home and remove all the leftover items in a single session. That will leave you with an empty house that’s ready to go on the market. Let Junk King San Diego help you with your estate sale cleanup and it will be one less thing to worry about.

Get Hoarding Cleanup Help From Junk King San Diego

The city of San Diego has Development Services department which fields complaints from residents on a variety of issues. One of the most common problems in neighborhoods across San Diego are homes that are potential hoarding situations. There are literally hundreds of cases of these types of properties where the homeowner has created unsafe environment not only for themselves but also for their neighbors.

Many of these homeowners have been notified by the city that they need to clean up the property. That can be slow going especially if the homeowner doesn’t have the support to get this type of cleanup done. Thankfully, Junk King San Diego is standing by to provide that kind of support in the form of two strong movers and a big truck. That can be a great start for any kind of hoarding cleanup.

Hire Professionals

When you hire Junk King to help with your hoarding, you are definitely hiring professionals. All the crews working for Junk King have been licensed and insured. They’ve also been trained to provide an exceptional level of customer service. These crews show up with a no problem attitude that persist from start to finish. That is important especially when you’re dealing with a massive cleanup. The Junk King crews have handled these types of removal jobs and understand exactly what’s at stake.

Extra Help

It might be that the job itself is too big to handle in a single session by just two movers. When that happens, Junk King will happily send over additional crews. This won’t be overwhelming with regard to cost because there isn’t any extra charge for the extra labor. You will only be charged the same flat rate as every other junking customer. That rate will be based on how the truck it’s backed up with all the things you getting rid of. It might be a full truckload. You’ll still know what the price is before the work begins. There won’t be any surprises with the Junk King fees.

Once you have decided to tackle the hoarding cleanup you want to move fast. Junk King San Diego is ready to spring into action to clear away all the rubbish from a property, inside and out. Put them to work today.