Raise The Home Value By Removing The Rubbish

There are a lot of things that you can do to raise the home value of your property and not all of them involves a major renovation. Improving the curb appeal by adding plants in the front yard or power washing the siding of your home can add to the value. So can removing all the excess rubbish from your property. It is not just the rubbish that might be visible from the street but also all the rubbish that is cluttering up valuable storage space inside the house. To get rid of that level amount of rubbish you’ll want to bring in the team from Junk King San Diego.

Reliable Service

Junk King prides itself on providing reliable service. That means showing up at your appointment on time. When you set up a session with Junk King, you will be asked to pick a two-hour window on a particular day that works best for your calendar. It is within that two hours that the Junk King team will get to your property. You will probably hear from the team throughout the day to keep you informed of their progress. Because they move quickly, they often finish a job ahead of schedule which means they could be at your home earlier. If that doesn’t work and you need them to arrive at the scheduled time, then they will probably squeeze in the same day pickup for another client.

The Junk Tour

Once the junk King team shows up at your home, you’ll want to show them all the things that you’re getting rid of. Consider this the junk tour of your home. They need to look over everything to see how it will fit onto the truck. The goal is to get as much as they can into as little space as possible. They do this so they can make a few more pickups before unloading everything and also to provide you with the low-end price scale. This is probably the big reason why Junk King has so many returning customers: they’re very fair and affordable.

One rubbish removal session with Junk King San Diego can have a positive impact on your home value. Set up that session today.

Set Up A Declutter Session With Junk King Today

What is the one household chore that has been waiting the longest to complete? There are often two reasons why a chore doesn’t get done: Time and help. After working all week, the weekend is the only time you have to do that chore but there are so many other things to do even if that includes relaxing. As for the help, that chore might require extra “manpower” to make it happen. This all describes a major declutter session for your home. It might take a lot of time if you were to do it on your own and you would need extra help. Thankfully, Junk King San Diego is standing by to get that chore taken off your list. They won’t take up a lot of time and will provide all the help that you need to get it done.

What Has to Go?

What has to go from your declutter list? When Junk King is on the job, pretty much anything can go. That means you can say goodbye to recliner, loveseat or an entire sectional sofa. Removing those pieces of furniture is something the Junk King crews do every day. They’ll make short work of getting those items from your home and onto their truck. What about the clutter out in the garage or crammed into your closets? Those might not need two movers to carry out of the house but when you add up all the boxes and bags of clothing, books, toys, sporting equipment and other household goods you could be left with a rather large pile of stuff. There will be a spot for all of that on the Junk King truck, too.

Donated Clutter

The clutter you’re getting rid of from your home doesn’t have to end up on a landfill trash heap. That would be a waste and it is something that Junk King doesn’t want to happen. That is why they’ll collect all the items that can be repurposed and drop them off at a charity. Some of these charities operate thrift stores to generate funds. Others provide employment to local residents to repair and refurbish items that will be provided to families in need. All of this action happens long after your stuff has been collected by Junk King. It will be good to know your clutter won’t go to waste.

Make Junk King San Diego your declutter partner and watch how fast your home gets cleaned out of unwanted items.

Tips For A Successful Estate Sale

There are many ways that people can selloff things like furniture, clothing and household goods. Entire websites and smart phone apps a dedicated to this purpose. However, those are hit and miss because you don’t know when someone will see your post or if what you have is what they’re looking for. A better approach would be to set up an estate sale. This is a great way to get rid of a lot of sessions in your home especially if you become executor of that estate. Here’s some good tips to follow your estate sale:


It is important that you let folks know you are throwing an estate sale. The big difference between an estate sale at a yard sale is that they are held indoors which means they can happen rain or shine. Putting up signs in the neighborhood is always a good step but you can also advertise for free on Craigslist. There are lot of people who start their weekends by reviewing which estate sales are happening within driving range.

Have Cash

Your estate sale is going to be a cash business. You should start the day with change for hundred-dollar bill because you can bet the first person who shows up will have that! You should keep your money in the cash box that is easy to carry because you should never let it out of your sight.

Mark Prices

The night before the sale you should go through all the items that are being offered and attach a sticker with the sale price. This might not be your final price because everyone will haggle for something better. But it will be a good starting point. It also will help  you from getting “stuck” with one customer. If everyone is asking what’s this cost, then you can quickly become over well. They will see the stickers and either offer you what you’re asking or make a counter offer. You can take it and then the item is gone. Everybody wins!

Bring in Junk King for The Cleanup

At the end of the estate sale, there is a good chance that you will still have a lot of leftover items. You want to make sure that you schedule a cleanup appointment with Junk King San Diego. These are the junk hauling pros who can sweep through the home and remove all the leftover items in a single session. That will leave you with an empty house that’s ready to go on the market. Let Junk King San Diego help you with your estate sale cleanup and it will be one less thing to worry about.

Get Hoarding Cleanup Help From Junk King San Diego

The city of San Diego has Development Services department which fields complaints from residents on a variety of issues. One of the most common problems in neighborhoods across San Diego are homes that are potential hoarding situations. There are literally hundreds of cases of these types of properties where the homeowner has created unsafe environment not only for themselves but also for their neighbors.

Many of these homeowners have been notified by the city that they need to clean up the property. That can be slow going especially if the homeowner doesn’t have the support to get this type of cleanup done. Thankfully, Junk King San Diego is standing by to provide that kind of support in the form of two strong movers and a big truck. That can be a great start for any kind of hoarding cleanup.

Hire Professionals

When you hire Junk King to help with your hoarding, you are definitely hiring professionals. All the crews working for Junk King have been licensed and insured. They’ve also been trained to provide an exceptional level of customer service. These crews show up with a no problem attitude that persist from start to finish. That is important especially when you’re dealing with a massive cleanup. The Junk King crews have handled these types of removal jobs and understand exactly what’s at stake.

Extra Help

It might be that the job itself is too big to handle in a single session by just two movers. When that happens, Junk King will happily send over additional crews. This won’t be overwhelming with regard to cost because there isn’t any extra charge for the extra labor. You will only be charged the same flat rate as every other junking customer. That rate will be based on how the truck it’s backed up with all the things you getting rid of. It might be a full truckload. You’ll still know what the price is before the work begins. There won’t be any surprises with the Junk King fees.

Once you have decided to tackle the hoarding cleanup you want to move fast. Junk King San Diego is ready to spring into action to clear away all the rubbish from a property, inside and out. Put them to work today.

Get Your E-Waste Disposed Of The Right Way

The state of California takes the matter of e-waste disposal very seriously. Recently, they slapped a fine on Target for over $7.4 million. The reason was improper e-waste disposal. It is ironic when you consider that Target probably has the resources to get any e-waste they collect dropped off at a certified facility. It really doesn’t take that much extra effort to facilitate that task if you’re large company like that. What about the homeowner or business manager who needs to deal with e-waste? That can be a challenge because access to those disposal facilities aren’t always convenient. Fortunately, there is an alternative. Junk King San Diego can remove all the e-waste items from your property and strive to make sure that they are disposed of in the right way. This puts them on the front line of recycling and that’s just where Junk King wants to be!

E-waste is considered anything that needs to be plugged into an outlet. Although appliances would certainly fall into this category, e-waste most often refers to things like televisions, computers, laptops, monitors, printers and fax machines. Those are also the exact kinds of items that are constantly being updated. The flatscreen television you bought last Christmas will probably come out in a new and improved model by next Christmas. Of course, you don’t have to constantly update your electronics that quickly. However, anytime you do update you are going to be responsible for the old e-waste item. Instead of being bothered with trying to find the place to drop it off at, most people end up putting it into storage out in the garage or closet. That might be helpful for the environment but it certainly isn’t doing you any favors!

When you call Junk King your primary focus can be to just get rid of your e-waste. It won’t take much effort for the junk and crew to load up all your items. What will be left is a lot more room on the truck. You could stop there or take advantage of the crew and put them to work clearing out all the rest of your unwanted rubbish. This is a great opportunity for the entire home to be clear of clutter from top to bottom. Turn your old e-waste and rubbish over to Junk King San Diego today. Your home will be all the better for it!

Get The Yard Clear Of Debris With Help From Junk King

All across San Diego flowers and trees are on the verge of bursting out of their winter cocoons and are ready to blossom. You might take your cue from all of that foliage to get your yard ready for some spring planting. This might involve more than simply turning the dirt and adding a layer of fertilizer. Perhaps it is time for a genuine backyard makeover and that should always begin with a clearing session with help from Junk King San Diego. Junk King aren’t landscapers but they can certainly clear the way for some amazing things to happen in your yard.

The same two-man moving crew that are help you remove furniture from your home can be put to work in the backyard. Perhaps you have some sort of structure up that you would like taken down. It could be anything from a toolshed to a playground set. Those would certainly constitute as big pieces that require a big truck. That is exactly what Junk King is going to provide. Not only can the crew lift and load heavy objects but they can also take things apart. That makes them the perfect team to turn loose in your backyard.

Junk King crew can also remove things like chunks of concrete from a torn-up patio, lumber, construction waste and even a pile of dirt. All you have to do is point to what you want taken away any will quickly be lifted and loaded onto the Junk King truck. Of course, you can always count on Junk King to help remove the clutter from the inside of your house. There will be plenty of room on the truck for all your stuff!

If you are ready to schedule Junk King, then they’ll be ready to lockdown the date that works best for your calendar. If you have flexibility, then you might be able to take advantage of the same day pickup. That only means making sure you know exactly what you want taken away.

From the outside yard to the inside of the house, Junk King San Diego is going to help make your property free of debris. Book a session today.


Junk Removal Made Easy For Chula Vista

Where does Chula Vista rank in terms of population? It’s the second largest city in San Diego, the seventh largest city in Southern California, the 14th largest city in the entire state and the 74th largest city in the entire country. That translates into a lot of folks coexisting in a community that is rich with culture and history.

One of the big economic engines Chula Vista is tourism. There are many spas, golf courses, fine dining and boating opportunities here that attracts all kinds of out of town visitors all year round. Thankfully, the residents of Chula Vista understand the importance of keeping their communities clean. They also get plenty of help from a company like Junk King San Diego. These are professional junk haulers that make junk removal easy.

What is the oldest piece of furniture you have in your home? Is this something that you want to hold onto or are you ready to replace it? That’s the kind of question that can inspire calling in Junk King. The minute you decide that you’re done with that object it does becomes a kind of piece of junk. That’s not insulting at all. It just means that you no longer have any use for. Should you keep it around for sentimental value? That’s just cluttering up your home. Junk King is gonna send over a pair of movers that will swiftly get that items taken from your home.

Your only job in this scenario is to point to the things you want taken away. After the Junk King crew has seen all the things you pointing to, they’ll be able to provide you with an estimate. This estimate is based on how they intend to pack up truck. You may know exactly how much groceries you can fit into the back of your SUV. The same thing happens with the Junk King things but on a much larger scale. Fortunately, their goal is to get a lot of items into as small a space as possible. That equates into you paying the low end of the price scale. Not only is junk removal easy, it is also affordable!

Junk King San Diego can help keep your Chula Vista property clear of rubbish and junk both inside and outside! Set up a session today.

How To Open Up Storage Space In Your Coronado Home

Have you ever had the experience of opening the closet door and having the contents tumble down in an avalanche on top of you? That’s not an uncommon occurrence for many households! Usually what happens after that is you find whatever item you were looking for and then try to strategically place everything back into the closet, closing the door swiftly to make sure it doesn’t tumble out again. Of course, it will always tumble out! This same type of “avalanche scenario” can also happen in kitchen cabinets and shelves in the garage. This is a clear indication you need a session with Junk King San Diego. It’s all about opening up more storage space your Coronado home and that’s a great goal to have!

A Junk King session puts two movers and a big truck at your disposal. That truck will be big enough to hold several rooms full of furniture and household goods. Of course, you don’t have to hire Junk King to get rid of that much stuff. Maybe all you need to get rid of is an old futon and a few boxes of clothing. Whether the job is big or small the Junk King crew will handle it the same positive attitude. These are friendly crews that you’re going to have a lot of fun working with.

When you set up your appointment with Junk King, you’ll be asked to pick out a two-hour window in your day. Whether that will be early in the morning or later in the afternoon, the Junk King crews will stay in touch with you to let you know about their progress. Ironically, it’s not the actual work that slows down the Junk King crew but the traffic in between the appointments!

Once the team shows up, you’ll take them on a quick tour of all the things you want to get rid of. This is how they’ll come up with their final price. They can look over any number of objects and know how it will fit onto the truck. It might take up one half or the whole truck bed. Your flat fee will reflect that volume. When everything is agreed to, the crew will get busy and adult time at all everything you want removed will be gone for good. When you need to open up more storage space your Coronado home you need to bring in the pros from Junk King San Diego.

Let It Be A Junk Free New Year

Have you written out your goals for the new year? It always helps to have a plan whether that’s for a big project or something small. Your New Year’s goals can involve personal growth along with changes in your living space. Junk King San Diego can’t help motivate you to be active in the gym but they can certainly make a big difference around your home when it comes to creating a junk free space. That might just be what you need to make for a very happy new year!



The two most important things you’ll be getting from Junk King are in moving crew and a truck. That can make all the difference when it comes to deciding what you want to get rid of from your home. Junk King does have a limitation on transporting hazardous material. Beyond that, pretty much anything you want taken from the house can be efficiently removed. The goal for the Junk King crew is always to get those items safely out of the home damaging any other property. They’ve certainly maintained a great track record with that goal.

What do you have that is big and bulky that needs to be removed? Maybe it’s not something that’s heavy but a lot of little things that are taking up space around the house. Whatever you are turning over the Junk King is going to be packed onto the truck in as little space as possible. They do this to make sure they have plenty of room for the next pickup and so that you will benefit from the low end of the price scale. Yes, Junk King wants to clear out your rubbish and save you money. Imagine that!

All you need to set up your appointment is to select the day and two-hour window that was best for your time. Junk King always strive to accommodate your schedule. Even if it means a last-minute change on your part you’ll find that junk King is very flexible. They might even offer a same day pickup when you call in. Are you ready to start the new year with a junk free home? Let Junk King San Diego help make that happen for you.

Customers Rate Their Experience With Junk King San Diego

After every meal in a restaurant, the food server should always ask “how was everything?” This is your chance to tell them directly exactly what you thought of their service and their food. Most companies don’t get that kind of immediate response from their customers. Often, reviews will be posted days after a service is provided. But that doesn’t make those reviews any less vital to that companies. Junk King San Diego certainly appreciates the time and effort it takes their customers to share their experiences. Here’s what a few of those customers recently had to say about working with Junk King:


“10 out of 10! Richard and Josh arrived on time and called ahead to gauge load. Friendly and clear on explaining services. They even had a broom to sweep up the little pieces. So nice to use a local company instead of a national chain, supporting San Diego businesses. Plan to use them again and share with my friends and community. Thank you so much for your help.” – Courtney M., La Mesa

With the right moving crew and experience, junk hauling should be complicated. Junk King strives to make every junk removal session hassle free.

“We had a great experience using Junk Kings for our office’s junk removal. The estimate and scheduling process was very easy and convenient. On the day of the removal they called 30 minutes prior to arrival to let me know that they were on their way. The removal itself was very quick and efficient considering the amount of large items we had. Overall, Junk Kings had fantastic customer service and I would definitely recommend them to anyone looking for a reliable junk removal company.” – Kristin G., San Diego

Junk King doesn’t just clear out homes but also businesses, retail stores, schools and even the occasional vacant lot. What do you need to get rid of? It won’t be a challenge for Junk King.

“Once again, the Junk King was professional and personable. The job was completed timely and efficiently. Thank you!” – A.L., San Diego

That is a decent summation of how Junk King operates. When you’re looking for quality junk hauling services for your home or business, then look no further than Junk King San Diego. We’re looking forward to making you a satisfied customer!