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Monthly Archives: July 2018

Clever Travel Tips To Make For A Stress Free Vacation

The goal of any vacation is to take a week off from work and use that time to get rid of the stress you’ll have the other 51 weeks of the year. The ideal vacation is different for everyone. You might actually see a lot of people heading into San Diego for their vacation as you head out of town. In order to make your travels as stress free as possible, you might want to put some of these tips into action:


Take a Photo of Your Checked Luggage

When it comes to airlines and luggage, you need to prepare for the worst. That could mean having your luggage get lost. It will help if you have a snapshot on your phone of the suitcases to help identify them quicker. You should also tie a bright ribbon around the handle to make them stand out. And if you’re concerned about break ins, then you can wrap the whole piece in plastic.

Learn the Rules

If it has been a while since you’ve flown, then it will help to review the rules of the airport you’re flying through. You don’t want to hold up the line tossing out things from your carry on that you shouldn’t be carrying on.

Don’t Rush the Gate

Whenever boarding is called, everyone rushes the gate. This makes sense only on Southwest Airlines where there are no assigned seats. But for everything else, there is no need to cram into the plane. Even if your biggest worry is getting space in the over bin, relax, there will always be room.

To Avoid Turbulence Book Morning Flights

Most thunder storms occur when the weather has warmed up. That’s why early morning flights are often more smoother. And if you really want to buffer from the bumps, snag the middle seats nearest the wings. It’s most stable there.

Call For A Rebooking

If your flight gets cancelled, then there will be a long line of people trying to rebook with an agent. Skip that and make a call either on your phone or at a courtesy phone. The airline reps you speak on the phone with will have the same information as the desk attendant. You’ll just be talking to them sooner.

Finally, think about how Junk King San Diego can help your vacation. More to the point, how they can help when you come home from your vacation. Won’t it be nice to return to a home where all your unwanted rubbish has been removed, your garage is clear of clutter and your closets have room? All of that can happen with one junk clearing session from Junk King San Diego.

Call On Junk King For Fast Trash Removal

We can all agree that trash isn’t pretty, especially in the heat. No matter how clean your garbage cans are, when the bags of kitchen waste start baking in the sun, there is no escaping the “aromas.” Thankfully, the weekly garbage pickup helps mitigate dealing wit trash in the heat. However, you might have some other trash that needs tending to around the house. This trash might not be “ripening” but it can certainly cause plenty of strife. That would be all the trash that isn’t going to be picked up by the city. These are the big items that aren’t going anywhere unless you bring in outside help. That help should come from Junk King San Diego.


Not matter how heavy something is in your home, you could probably move it a couple of inches. That might be enough for some dusting and vacuuming but it is as far as it goes. That’s true for a fridge or a sofa. For those things to get out of the house, you’re going to need two movers and that is exactly what Junk King is going to provide. It helps that those two movers also will show up with a very friendly attitude. Not amount of junk that you want to get rid of with dissuade them from get your house clear.

Having these two movers can also make a difference around the yard. Although Junk King crews won’t be able to push a lawnmower, they can do a lot of yard clearing. Anything that and everything can be picked up or dismantled. If the kids have outgrown the swing set, then let the crew from Junk King pull it out so you can regrow grass or put in a fire pit.

That is really the big benefit from hiring Junk King to clear out all the junk from inside and outside of your home: You get to take your space back. Even if it means getting to park your car in the garage again, then it will be worth it for sure. When you’ve got a need for big trash removal put Junk King San Diego on the job.

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