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Monthly Archives: January 2021

The Go-To Furniture Removal & Couch Disposal Service in San Diego


furniture pickup in san diego before and after


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Imagine you’re driving along Hwy 52 between San Diego and Santee. At some point you glance over and notice an old, tattered couch sitting abandoned in a field. Not all that unusual perhaps, but it’s a sad picture of one of the ways not to do couch disposal.


In fact, as you probably already know, dumping your old furniture – including unwanted couches and sofas – is not only unsightly littering, but is illegal, too. It certainly is in San Diego.


So, what’s a person supposed to do with their old furniture like couches or recliners?


A simple call to Junk King San Diego is a great place to start.


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What is Furniture Removal and Why Do I Need it?


Old furniture removal is an on-demand service for having just about any type of furniture removed from your home or business. When it comes to furniture removal and disposal, most homeowners, renters, and others find that the task is difficult, labor intensive, and can even be a bit hazardous. 

And we get that.

In fact, used furniture and couch disposal can require a team of people and usually a suitable vehicle like a pickup truck. In a city the size of San Diego, one can imagine that there are likely to be hundreds of moving projects involving furniture removals and couch removals every day.

And these all require at least two people, usually some tools like straps or furniture dollies, and a truck. The fact is, however, that most people who need furniture removal done don’t have all or any of these assets. 

Which is why they need professional furniture removal services.


Sofas and Couches and Chairs – Oh My!



san diego couch and furniture removal services


In the course of life, we all tend to accumulate things and belongings. Among all the things that we collect through the years, furniture items are usually the largest. Unfortunately, much of our furniture doesn’t outlast us and, in fact, many pieces become worn and damaged after only a few years. 


So, what do we do? 


Usually, we buy new furniture to replace the old stuff. Which is fine except that we then have to figure out what to do with the old pieces. Sometimes they are still usable and can be improved with a bit of cleaning, patching, or painting. Other pieces, however, are beyond saving and simply need to be disposed of. 


But furniture removal can be a challenge, especially when it comes to couch disposal. 


If you’ve ever tried to lift a couch by yourself, you know how awkward it can be to move one around. Which means that, for starters, you’re going to need some help when it comes time to actually lift your old couch and carry it out of your house or apartment. 


Once you’ve done that, assuming you can, you still have to have a vehicle that can accommodate a couch. Take it from us – it’s probably not going to fit into a Prius! 


Exactly how big are couches?


According to an article at Dimensions.com the size of couches can vary, of course.


“Although couches can vary in size, the standard range is between 72”-96” (183-244 cm) for a three-seat sofa and 48”-72” (121-183 cm) for a loveseat. Ultimately, 84” (213 cm) is considered the typical length of a couch.”


So, if your old couch or sofa is a typical sized piece, then it is about seven feet long and close to three feet deep, or wide. That’s even too long to fit into a standard pickup truck bed with the tailgate closed. Of course, if you’ve tried this before then you already know all this. Which means you also know that loading and hauling a couch is a bear!


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When it comes to furniture removal, you’re possibly looking at dining room tables, old chairs, and maybe even a credenza.These can all be large and heavy. In fact, most all furniture removal is difficult, labor-intensive, and requires a large vehicle if you want to do it yourself.


How to Choose a Furniture Removal Company




It would seem to be perfectly logical that choosing the best furniture removal company would mean only choosing from the highest quality furniture removal services in the San Diego area.


But, in fact, many people tend to choose those they feel will give them the best price. 


And, when it comes to junk removal services and old furniture removal companies in particular, it is definitely a situation where you usually “get what you pay for.” The truth is that anyone with an old truck can advertise themselves as a “used furniture hauler” or an old furniture removal service. 


But just hiring some guy with a truck can be a decision fraught with unforeseen consequences.


Not only do we live in a litigious society that is also full of local, state, and federal regulations and legislation regarding disposal practices both in California and in San Diego County, but there are real environmental concerns to consider, as well. 


So, if one were to opt for hiring a reputable, professional, and affordable furniture removal company what would one look for?


The answer here is in the question, really:



  • Professionalism


This will show up in the cleanliness and quality of the company’s equipment and trucks, as well as the website, the level of customer service, and the quality of the work and the workers.



  • Reputation


Customer reviews, referrals, and word-of-mouth. Any company can say that they’re the best – and many do – but a firm’s reputation is the real litmus test of their level of quality. And this is true for furniture removal companies, as well.



  • Affordability


Price and value combine to create the standard of affordability in any market. For furniture removal – as well as other junk removal services – this means up-front and transparent pricing based on volume, not weight, nor on flat or fixed fees. 


How to Hire a Professional Couch Disposal Service


furniture removal san diego



There are many situations where homeowners and, especially, renters need to relocate. Of course, relocation can also mean commercial tenants or occupants, not just residential. And any

relocating often includes moving furniture.


Fortunately, most furniture is relatively lightweight with a few exceptions. And one of those bigger exceptions is often the couch or sofa.


We already discussed how large various types of sofas and couches can be, but bulk is just one aspect of these furniture items that make them difficult to move. How much they weigh is a factor that has to be taken into consideration when moving them.


So, how much can a sofa weigh?


According to LittleUpgrades.com,


“Most couches weigh between 54 pounds to 240 pounds. A loveseat, or 2 seater couch, can weigh as low as 54 pounds. A sectional can weigh as much as 240 pounds, and a standard couch, or 3 seater couch, is in between at a max weight of 145 pounds.“


The lesson here is that no one needs to be lifting 140 to 240 pound pieces of furniture! Even with sufficient help it is a hazardous undertaking. Not only can you or your furniture hauling cohort get injured in the process, but your walls, doorways, and floors can take an unnecessary beating, as well.


Really, when it comes to couch and sofa removals, knowing how to hire a couch disposal service quickly and easily is something that is quite handy. 


And, when it comes to professional, reputable, and affordable local couch disposal services, there is one that should be at the top of your list: Junk King San Diego.


A Better Alternative for Furniture Removal and Couch Disposal


Here’s a thought: why not have someone else take care of your old furniture or couch disposal for you?


No, not your brother-in-law with the big 4X4 truck. While he might be willing, it’s quite likely you’ll still be doing most of the heavy lifting. And even if you do work it out and can borrow a large enough vehicle for hauling a couch or other old furniture, what are you going to do with it?


For most people, the first response is something like, “Take it to the dump.”  Well, for starters, the Miramar Landfill is the City of San Diego’s only active landfill. Depending on where you live, this can be a bit of a haul. And it will cost you. 


In addition, when it comes to most sofas, couches, recliners, and padded office chairs, there can be disposal problems because of the materials in the cushions. These are usually difficult to recycle since the materials are often toxic.


You could, of course, try donating or selling your furniture items if you feel they are in good shape and still usable. But unless your recipient agrees to come and pick up the couch or other furniture item, you may still have the problem of transporting your donation or “For Sale” item yourself.


And if it is simply only good for the dump, you still have to figure out how to get it there.


The good news is that the expert removal and disposal teams at Junk king San Diego have a long and reliable track record of removing and disposing of furniture like couches. In fact, you might say that we are known for it.


A better option is to choose the professional route and hire a furniture removal firm, like the folks at Junk King San Diego. With a professional team working for you, you can know that the job will be done quickly, efficiently, and competently. And you won’t have to deal with the landfill dumping fees or wait in line at the landfill. 


Not to mention that we do all the work!


We also make sure that appropriate items are either recycled or repurposed. This way you can still have the satisfaction of helping the environment, but without having to deal with figuring out where to take which furniture items, and so forth.


With our competent and well-trained team, we will ensure that every item that can and should be recycled is taken care of accordingly.


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Hiring the Wrong Service Might Cause Trouble For You


junk removal in san diego



Do you need a sofa removal service?


You might think that it’s really not that big of a deal and you can probably maneuver it out the front door and out to the driveway or sidewalk yourself. 




But what if it’s upstairs? Or, what if your old sofa is too big for you, or even you and your best friend? We’ve already looked at both how large and how heavy sofas or couches can be. And even if the weight is manageable for you and you succeed in getting it outside without tearing out a door jam or putting a few holes in the sheetrock, what are you going to do with it then?


You have to get it somewhere for proper disposal and that means having a suitable vehicle and knowing where to take it.


Okay, so you’re thinking that, yes, you do need to hire a sofa removal service but be aware: hiring the wrong service can mean trouble. That could be any number of things from being grossly overcharged to being unwittingly made an accessory to environmental sabotage. 


Some junk removal services charge by weight, which simply means that the heavier your load the more it will cost you. However, a far more equitable pricing structure is to charge you by how much space your junk takes up in a junk removal truck, the way Junk King does it, for example. 


And unwanted, unusable couches and sofas, like any other junk, should be properly disposed of which means never being dumped illegally and never being landfilled if at all possible.


A far better approach for any kind of furniture disposal – sofas and couches included – is to either see them being refurbished and reused through donations, or dismantled and recycled in a green and environmentally-friendly manner. These pieces can, in fact, be recycled and their various components used to provide new, “raw” materials for manufacturing.


However, hiring the wrong service means running the risk that your junk furniture items will not be disposed of properly nor in a green and ecologically safe manner. But, the good news is that Junk King San Diego guarantees that your junk items will always be professionally and reliably disposed of and always in a green and eco-friendly way. 


We have helped to build our reputation on the fact that we consistently recycle up to 60 percent or more of everything we pick up every day, from every job. 


And we do it all with fair and transparent pricing that means no extra fees or hidden charges. 


Got Business Furniture? We Take That, Too! 


Businesses need to get rid of old furniture for several reasons including relocating and expanding space. 


A big move often involves the acquisition of new furniture for the new surroundings, which often means old furniture that must be disposed of now. Although this typically consists of office chairs, file cabinets, and maybe even desks, it can also include couches and sofas. And the larger the business, the larger the volume of old furniture. 


You could, of course, have some of your own staff take time to load the old furniture in either a company vehicle or rented truck. This may seem like an economical approach until you realize that every hour your employees spend doing the work of removal and hauling professionals, they are not doing the work you hired them to do.


That “opportunity cost” means their time is actually far more expensive for your business than the cost of outsourcing the work would be.


Which is simply another way of saying, “Call Junk King San Diego!”


We can show up at your office or place of business and quickly, safely, and efficiently remove all your old, unwanted furniture items. Not only do we make it a painless and cost-effective decision, but we also make sure your old office furniture is properly disposed of, whether that means repurposing items or simply ensuring that they are properly recycled. 


commercial junk removal services

Did We Mention That Our Furniture Removal and Couch Disposal is Green?


The good news is that most furniture really can be recycled most of the time. And, at Junk King San Diego, recycling is a major part of what we do.


Here are a few good reasons for recycling your furniture and the benefits of it:


  • Conserves limited natural resources
  • Conserves up to 95% of the freshwater used to process many materials
  • Keeps waste materials from out of the oceans
  • Preserves forests which help to reduce CO2 emissions
  • Reduces the use of fossil fuel energy


It could be that your company is finding that it needs to downsize, which involves getting rid of some furniture. Or maybe you simply have to replace some of your office’s furniture items like the old couch. Whatever the reason and whatever the piece, recycling these pieces is a great choice.


junk removal service recycling

For Furniture Removal and Couch Disposal call Junk King San Diego


At Junk King San Diego, we serve the entire San Diego area including Bonita, Lemon Grove, Chula Vista, Alpine, La Mesa, Dulzura, Ramona, El Cajon, and Santee.


For old couch disposal and other junk removal services that are both affordable and green, you can rely on Junk King San Diego.


So, call us today and tell us about the old furniture and other junk items you need cleared out of your property or place of business. We’ll give you a quote in writing guaranteed to beat any other written estimate. Once you agree to our quote, we’ll schedule a time that works with your busy schedule…or we can provide same day junk removal


Ready to get rid of your old couch? It’s as simple as 1, 2, 3.


You can make an appointment by booking online or by calling us at 1.888.888.JUNK (5865).


After you do, our professional and insured junk removal team will call 15 minutes before we arrive on site. Once there, you simply point and we’ll haul your couch, sofa, and any other old furniture items into our junk removal trucks – all without any hidden fees.


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