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Monthly Archives: April 2021

The Certainty Of Junk Removal In San Diego

junk removal services in san diego ca

“Tis impossible to be sure of anything but Death and Taxes.”
– Christopher Bullock, English actor and dramatist, in The Cobler of Preston, 1716

And we would add to that quote: “and Junk.” Because as anyone who has had a place of their own for any length of time knows that junk seems to accumulate, no matter how hard you try to keep it at bay.

And, by the way, that quote was later appropriated by Benjamin Franklin and his slightly altered version became famous,

“Our new Constitution is now established, and has an appearance that promises permanency; but in this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes.” 

The source is a letter that was written in French from Franklin to French scientist Jean-Baptiste Leroy in 1789.


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Dealing with Junk and Junk Removal

For many of us, most of the time, junk is represented by collections of smaller items and things that we haven’t taken the time to get rid of or throw away. Sometimes it is the result of months or even years of collecting certain things, or just holding on to them, only to find that they are only taking up space and we no longer want them. 

And that’s the easy junk removal

In other words, unless those things are too large to fit in the household trash, then it’s usually a simple matter of throwing them away. But what if they don’t fit? And what if they don’t fit in the large residential trash bins that get picked up at the curb every week or two? 

That’s when you need another junk removal option. And that’s when you should think about calling Junk King San Diego.

Depending on the type of “junk” items you have, you might be able to sell them in a yard sale or online through one of the various shopping sites such as eBay, Facebook Marketplace, and Craigslist, along with dozens of others. But that takes some time and effort and no guarantee that you’ll find a buyer.

And you may have to deliver it or ship it. Not exactly convenient.

Donating is always a great alternative to dumping, especially for those unwanted items that are in good condition, usable, and still in working order. All types of excess belongings can find a new home and grateful recipient. And, while we wholeheartedly advocate donating, it can also require some time and effort on your part.

Not to mention hauling the things to the donation center

So, if you can’t sell it or donate it, or you don’t want to take the time to do so, what do you do with all that junk you still need to dispose of?


full service junk removal


Junk Can Come from Unexpected Sources

Sometimes we do things or go through things in life that result in some accumulated junk. We know that might sound a bit odd but think about it: whenever you decide to upgrade something or get new things, you invariably end up with the old things still hanging around. 

For example, let’s say you’ve decided to buy some new furniture. That’s exciting. And the great feeling you get when your living room no longer looks like a room at a frat house is priceless. But it’s likely that you now have an old couch or sofa, maybe a recliner or two, and possibly a beat-up coffee table all looking for a new home.

Or frat house.

Perhaps you’ve set your sights even higher and you’re finally going to update your home. New furnishings, a kitchen cabinet facelift, some bathroom remodels, and maybe even a new roof or new carpet. You saved for a few years, held onto your stimulus checks, and maybe won the lottery. However you did it, you’ve given your home a much-needed makeover.

And now you have LOTS of junk to get rid of

It’s spring now and summer is coming sooner than you think. And, while winters in San Diego are a dream for most people in terms of weather, maybe you’re still way behind in getting rid of your winter stuff. And that could be all sorts of things like the Halloween and Christmas decorations that have seen their last holiday. Or the kids summer clothes that suddenly got too small over the winter. 

Oh, and that old saw about how it never rains in Southern California? Yeah, right.

Some of the outdoor furniture and decorations you left out all winter didn’t do so well this time and need to be tossed. Along with that decades-old storage shed that leans a bit now and leaks all the time. 

One thing you can be certain of, you probably aren’t going to get all that junk into the back of the family car. And you probably wouldn’t want to even if you could. Nor do you likely relish the idea of a family trip to the local landfill or waste transfer station. 

Right. There’s got to be an easier way…


Spring Cleaning Guide


Why Most Junk Removal is Certainly Not a DIY Endeavor

Many homeowners are into taking on “doing it yourself” projects, which is a commendable thing. However, too often they are also thinking that their DIY efforts should also include residential junk hauling. But the reality is that loading, hauling, and disposing of your own junk, debris, and excess garbage can be time-consuming and labor-intensive.

And, ultimately, you can be certain that a DIY option is not very cost-effective. In fact, it doesn’t always pay to “do it yourself.”

First of all, you’re going to need a truck. If you don’t own one, it’s certainly possible that you have a friend with a truck. Otherwise, you’re looking at renting one. That alone is a good reason not to do your own junk hauling. But then, you still have to do all the heavy lifting, moving, loading, and securing your load.

Once that’s all done you’ve still got to do the driving, the unloading, and then drive back. Oh, and you have to pay the tipping fee or a gate fee that is paid by anyone who disposes of waste in a landfill. And this fee is usually based on the weight of waste per ton. More good reasons not to do it yourself.

Depending on the size or quantity of your junk load, this is the type of work best left to a professional junk removal company like Junk King San Diego. In other words, just because you can doesn’t mean you should.

As a homeowner or a renter, you have limited time and limited resources. And, like anyone else, your time is also valuable. Ideally, you should consider your budget since household junk, yard waste, or bulk trash removal involves some costs. And the truth is, it really can be more cost-effective to leave these tasks to a local professional firm.

And, while we’re on the topic, keep in mind that junk removal is not always an easy task. Also, in San Diego County, there are certain restrictions on what can and cannot be disposed of at our local landfills. Cleaning, loading, covering up, hauling, unloading, cleaning again… residential junk hauling requires a great deal of work.


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Junk King San Diego Makes Easy Junk Removal Certain

At Junk King San Diego, we serve the entire San Diego area including Dulzura, Ramona, El Cajon, Bonita, Lemon Grove, Alpine, La Mesa, Santee, and Chula Vista.

For residential junk removal and other junk disposal services that are easy, green, and affordable you can rely on Junk King San Diego to make them a certainty.

Give us a call today and tell us about the junk items you need removed from your property. You can get a free estimate online, by text, or by calling us and, once we arrive on site, we’ll give you a quote in writing guaranteed to beat any other written estimate. Once you agree to our quote, we can provide same-day junk removal or schedule a time that works with your busy schedule.

It’s a certainty that same-day residential junk removal can be both eco-friendly and affordable when you call Junk King San Diego. Contact us today and tell us about the junk items you need cleared out of your home. 

Ready to get rid of your junk? It’s as simple as 1, 2, 3.

Just make an appointment by booking online or by calling us at 1.888.888.JUNK (5865).

You simply point and we’ll haul your junk items into our large, clean truck for one simple price and no hidden fees.


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Making Furniture Removal Easier Here In San Diego

furniture pickup in san diego before and after

Moving furniture isn’t always easy.

In fact, some pieces of furniture are almost impossible to move for just one person. If you think that’s an exaggeration, just ask the poor guy whose wife or girlfriend has him rearranging the furniture for her. 

And as if moving furniture from one spot to another, or from one room to another, wasn’t hard enough, try moving it out of your house or apartment and out to a truck. And then try to get it in the back of the truck. But when it’s time for old furniture removal that’s what must be done.

It might be easy for someone like Dwayne Johnson but, for the rest of us? We’d rather stand out of the way and supervise! 

Seriously, though, for those who are older or have some type of physical limitations, lifting and moving large furniture yourself isn’t really practical. Never mind moving old furniture out of the house and into the back of a truck.

But one of the realities of life in San Diego is that we need to get rid of furniture every once in a while. And, with over 1,400,000 people living in the city, you have to imagine that there’s a lot of furniture being hauled off and disposed of every day.

This is why Junk King San Diego specializes in furniture removal.


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Dude! Where’s My Furniture?

Okay, so you’ll probably never say that in real life, but there are many folks in the city of San Diego who would like to see their old furniture disappear. This is why so many of us choose to eventually replace our living room, dining room, or bedroom pieces periodically. That way we can get rid of those old, broken-down pieces.

But that’s not always easy. 

Unless the retailer for your new items offers to take away the old ones, the old furniture removal task is on you. And if you can’t sell them and they’re not in good enough shape to even donate them, you’ve still got to find a way to get rid of them. For most people, their first thought is to take them to the dump. 

But what does that involve?

First, before you try to figure out how you’ll get them out of the house, you will need a suitable vehicle to transport them with. The family Prius might be green and economical, but it can’t hold a dining room table!

Not to mention all the kitchen chairs, the recliner, or the sofa. In fact, most pieces of furniture take up a lot of room in a vehicle. Which simply means you’ll need a truck or at least a large cargo van. And, if you don’t own one or can’t borrow one, then you’ll have to rent one. 

But you must get the furniture out of your house or apartment first. And this can be especially challenging if you have stairs, which are quite common in San Diego.

By the way, you can’t just leave your old furniture items out on the curb, as tempting as that might be. In fact, it’s illegal and bad karma to just dump your old couch somewhere. Even if you put a sign on it that reads: “FREE”

And, if you do get your hands on a truck or large cargo van, then you have to haul it to a waste transfer station someplace. Taking it directly to a local landfill is not only one of the worst options you can choose, but it’s not that easy. For starters, there are only six landfills in San Diego County for almost 3,284,000 people. That’s an average of just one landfill for 547,000 people each.

So, the line might be a bit long… 

The good news is that there’s a far easier option for furniture removal: just call Junk King San Diego.  


full service junk removal


Furniture Removal for San Diego: Making it Easy for You

We’ve all seen it: the abandoned couch or recliner sitting in an empty lot or on the side of a back road somewhere. Unfortunately, there are people who sometimes simply dump them in front of a thrift store, possibly thinking they’re doing a good thing. 

And, while it’s illegal if it’s not reported when it occurs, nothing happens. The truth is, too, that no one wants to have old, broken-down furniture, appliances, or torn mattresses dumped in their own neighborhood, either. 

In fact, according to some studies, having garbage, junk, debris, and abandoned furniture piling up in a neighborhood can diminish the overall quality and safety of that residential area and even be a contributing factor to a rise in crime. 

So, if you have old furniture that needs to be removed and disposed of, and you are considering renting a truck to make that happen, you still have to take it somewhere. While you can probably dump your old furniture pieces at a transfer station or even directly into an actual landfill, that’s still not the best option.

A far better solution, assuming it isn’t reusable or can’t be repurposed, is to have your unwanted, old furniture recycled. And Junk King San Diego is just the firm to do that for you!


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Is “Green” Furniture Removal and Disposal Possible?

In a word: Yes!

Many other junk removal companies simply take everything to the nearest landfill. That may be quicker and seem to be efficient, that’s how we do it at Junk King San Diego.

Green furniture removal and disposal means we recycle as much of everything as possible.

At Junk King San Diego, being green is what we do, not just what we say. Recycling at least 60 percent of everything we pick up is at the heart of our company mission. 

This applies to old furniture as well as everything else we pick up. Our junk disposal process involves taking the junk and unwanted furniture that we pick up during the day and transporting it to our local Junk King warehouse.

Once there, it is sorted through to determine which of the items can either be reused, repurposed, or at least recycled.

Most furniture, especially older pieces, is made with large quantities of wood, which can be recycled. In addition, there are often metal, glass, plastics, and other materials that can be reused. For those furniture items that are in good condition and are still usable, Junk King San Diego will get them to a local donation center.

When it comes to furniture, many of the materials used in its construction are easily recycled such as plastics and most wood. 

At Junk King, it has always been our company’s mission to recycle as much of your waste and junk items as possible since the company was founded in 2005. We have always done this, and we continue to work to protect the planet and provide a sustainable alternative to landfills. And when you call Junk King for your junk removal, you’re contributing to a greener alternative, as well. 

We’ve been named “America’s greenest junk removal service” in large part because we understand that you want green removal and disposal of your junk. This is why we make it our mission to take care of it for you! 


junk removal service recycling


Junk King San Diego Makes Furniture Removal Easy

And who doesn’t like easy?

If you need furniture removal service here in the city of San Diego, your easiest solution is to call Junk King San Diego. We specialize in furniture removal and we do it every day and have for years, so we’re experts!

Oh, yeah – another great benefit of calling Junk King is that we do all the heavy lifting.

Our highly trained and insured professional junk haulers are experts at removing large furniture and other bulky items like appliances. This means we’ll take care of it quickly and efficiently without damaging your walls, floors, steps, and door frames.

Our courteous and friendly furniture removal experts will show up at your home and we’ll call 15 to 30 minutes before we arrive on site. Once there, we’ll also give you a free quote based on how much room your junk furniture takes up in our truck.

You just point and we haul the debris into our junk removal trucks, with no hidden fees.

Ready to get rid of your old furniture? It’s as simple as 1, 2, 3.

When you need to dispose of that old sofa, mattress, recliner, dining room table, or other large household items, simply call Junk King San Diego.

Book online or call us today at 1.888.888.JUNK (5865) to get started with a free estimate for your old furniture removal.


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