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Monthly Archives: November 2021

Case Study: Junk King Helps Monte Vista High School Clean Up For Graduation

Junk King San Diego Downtown School Clean Out

When Your School’s Graduation Venue Needs A Major Cleanup – And Your Graduation Ceremony Is Just Days Away



Monte Vista High School was busy making preparations for their 2021 graduation. It was May, the weather was great, and the skies were clean and clear.


But not the bleachers.


In fact, it almost seemed as if the bleacher area hadn’t been cleaned all year and the build-up of trash, dirt, and other debris was almost overwhelming. And graduation was just around the corner…


Another School Year Comes to an End and Another Graduation is Planned

Monte Vista High School is, in many ways, a typical San Diego County public school with thousands of great students, engaged families, and a dedicated staff. The school is part of the Grossmont Union High School District and boasts, among other amenities, a handsome athletic stadium with massive bleachers. 


And, like many other public schools in California, they have their share of budget woes.


Recent challenges with COVID-19, of course, had its impact on staffing and scheduling, and there were the typical issues with students. But all in all, the school year was a success and now, graduation was quickly approaching.


This meant, of course, that among many other tasks the graduation venue had to be cleaned and decorated accordingly. 


In typical sunny Spring Valley fashion, the graduation ceremony was to be held outdoors in the grand stadium of the Mighty Monarchs. After all, “This is Monarch Territory!”


But there was an unanticipated problem. 


The stadium’s bleachers were a mess. And not just the metal seats, but underneath and behind the bleachers, as well. Simply power washing the bleachers in a stadium this size could take four machines with two-man crews most of a day.


Cleaning and hauling all the trash, junk, and debris that had piled up and collected would take far more effort and a great deal more time. 


And more time was something that the Monte Vista High School graduation planners didn’t have.


When You Need a Major Cleanup Done Quickly and Efficiently   


Fortunately, the folks behind the graduation ceremony preparations for Monte Vista High School chose to call Junk King San Diego.


In addition to our well-earned reputation for professionalism, fair and transparent pricing, and a genuine commitment to being a recycling-based junk removal firm, we had what was needed to get the job done.


Once the school explained to us the scope and the urgency of the project, we knew that we could provide the manpower and trucks for the job. In addition, we had the insurance requirements to work on the school premises.


Being insured on large jobs like this is very important because the liability is high when you have workers working side-by-side, multiple trucks moving on and off the premises, and large debris being broken down.


Our team was on a tight schedule to complete the job in a timely manner for the school. And, while they worked hard and efficiently, the potential for incidents and injury is always high when teams are tasked with a large, multi-truck job such as this one.  


Having the proper insurance and sufficient insurance to enable us to work for public and private entities is important to us.


We quickly discovered that the “trash and debris” that had collected underneath the bleachers consisted of much more than food wrappers, beverage cups, and litter. 

School Clean Out

There was, in fact, old athletic equipment, plywood and other building material debris, and assorted mix of trash and discarded materials going back years.


We were not daunted, however!


Our highly trained and expert team of junk hauling professionals went into “overdrive” and we succeeded in cleaning the entire bleacher area, as promised.


In the process, we also cleared out four storage rooms under the stadium along with one large, covered area that was adjacent to the rooms. There were items that needed to be cut down and dismantled in order to be loaded on the trucks. We encountered loose debris, concrete rubble and rocks, and scrap metal perfect for recycling!


In addition, we picked up old sports equipment, scrap wood, used tires, broken signs and lawn care equipment, discarded pipes, and piles of trash.


The results?


  • One stadium
  • Five Junk King trucks
  • Seven man crew
  • Eight truckloads and one bedload of junk
  • One day to complete


Mission accomplished!





No Matter Your Cleanup or Junk Removal Problem, Junk King San Diego has the Solution


At Junk King San Diego we work hard to provide the best in junk removal services and the best in customer service. We also work hard to ensure that our pricing is the best in our market. And one way we do that is by taking a much more equitable approach to pricing each job that is guaranteed to save you money.



So, how does that work?


Unlike most other junk removal services, Junk King only charges by volume, not by weight. In other words, we only charge you for how much space your junk and other debris takes up in our junk removal trucks.


That means you don’t pay more for removing one heavy junk item than someone else is paying to remove a half dozen lightweight items, for example. This makes the process simple, fair, and saves you money!


And we never add on extra charges nor surprise you with hidden fees. In fact, we guarantee to outdo any other written estimate.


That’s because we are so confident that our prices are better than any comparable operator in our area. And, by comparable operator, we mean any licensed, insured, junk removal company in the greater San Diego area that operates a recycling-based operation and works to keep our landfills free of unnecessary waste materials.


Which is how Junk King San Diego operates, by the way!

Need Safe, Reliable, and Efficient Junk Removal? Graduate up to Junk King San Diego


So, for fast, safe, and convenient furniture removal, San Diego residents can save green and be green with Junk King San Diego.


We serve the entire San Diego area including communities like El Cajon, Lakeside, Chula Vista, Alpine, and beautiful Spring Valley, of course!


For residential junk removal, commercial junk removal, schools, churches, and most any other junk removal needs, you can rely on Junk King San Diego to make it easy, green, and affordable.


Give us a call today and, like the nice folks at Monte Vista High School, tell us about the junk items you need removed from your home, office, or workplace.


And remember, you can always get a free estimate from us first by going online, sending us a text, calling us, or simply get one once we arrive on site. When you call Junk King San Diego you will always get on-time junk pickup and removal in the San Diego area that is both eco-friendly and affordable. 


So, need to get rid of your junk, too? It’s as simple as 1, 2, 3.


Contact us today and tell us about the junk items you need cleaned up. You can make an appointment by booking online or by calling us at 1.888.888.JUNK (5865).


When You Need Professional Debris Removal In San Diego

construction debris removal services in san diego


Sometimes you find yourself with a cleanup project that is made up of “worthless” material.


In other words, while you might have some junk items to get rid of once in a while – things like broken-down appliances or old dining room furniture – sometimes it’s just… debris. 


Maybe it’s old, broken up lumber and scraps of hardware from an old deck or backyard fence. It could be construction debris from a remodeling or renovation project. Perhaps you’ve got some excess trash and other unusable materials left over after a large event. 


Whether you’re a homeowner or renter, or a small business owner or manager, if you have piles of debris of pretty much any kind, you might need some help with debris removal. 


full service junk removal


Debris Removal Can Often Mean Debris Recycling – If You Can Do It


A common source of unwanted debris for many businesses, for example, is scrap metal items. And even people living in homes or apartments can find themselves saddled with large piles of old metal materials. 


These could be things such as:


  • Aluminum, iron, steel, copper, brass debris materials
  • Beams, wires, and other construction metal debris
  • Plumbing fixtures and other office renovation debris


Another common source of debris materials for both residential and commercial customers is concrete and masonry rubble. 


The good news is that both metals and concrete materials are highly recyclable. In fact, most metals are 100 percent recyclable and can be recycled almost infinitely. And concrete can be easily recycled into aggregate and other building materials. 


According to one source,


“Recycling concrete helps reduce construction waste and extend the life of landfills as well as saving builders disposal or tipping fees. It also reduces transportation costs because concrete can often be recycled in areas near the demolition or construction site.”


The issue for most of us is that we lack the time, personnel, or resources to efficiently carry out our own debris removal and see to it that any of it that can be recycled ends up in the right place.


We often don’t have a suitable vehicle, for example, that we can load all the debris in. And we probably don’t have anyone to help us load, haul, and unload all the debris even if we do have a pickup truck or a trailer.


Which is why Junk King San Diego specializes in debris removal.


Learn about the importance of recycling.


Debris Removal for San Diego that is Green and Affordable




No matter what type of debris we pick up from our neighbors and customers at Junk King, we always hold to our company’s mission of recycling as much of everything we can.


It’s never enough to simply “get rid” of junk by “dumping” it.


The quick and easy route to junk and debris removal is to simply haul things to a landfill or incineration plant. This option takes very little effort and minimal skills on the part of the junk hauling crew.


Not Junk King San Diego. We do not operate quite that way and we never have.



In fact, when Junk King was founded back in 2005, we also pioneered the concept of green junk removal and disposal. Junk King was the first genuinely eco-friendly junk removal service in the industry and at Junk King San Diego, we continue to hold true to our mission to recycle as much of the junk items we pick up as possible.


And this is continuously demonstrated by our company’s efforts to recycle up to 60 percent of everything we pick up. We make it our priority with each junk load we pick up to achieve our environmentally-friendly goal of recycling as much junk and debris as possible.


At Junk King San Diego, our junk disposal process takes all the junk and waste materials that we’ve picked up during the day to our local processing warehouse. This is where we sort through everything for items that can either be donated, as well as those that can be successfully recycled.


The Environmental Protection Agency has estimated that as much as 70 percent of all solid waste is recyclable. In other words, most of your debris, trash, and junk items are made of materials that are easily recycled.


All of which means that regardless of whether you live in Bonita, Santee, Ramona, or Lemon Grove, you can be confident that when you call Junk King San Diego for your debris removal, you’re engaging in a green junk removal process, as well.


Click here to see more reviews.


Did We Mention Junk Removal is Affordable?


 Junk King Trash Removal


One of the aspects of calling Junk King San Diego for your debris pickup and disposal is knowing that you will always get affordable service. In fact, we pride ourselves on offering the best pricing in Alpine, Bonita, Chula Vista, Dulzura, El Cajon,  Jamul, La Mesa, Lakeside, Winter Gardens, Lemon Grove, Casa de Oro, Scripps Ranch, Rancho San Diego, and the surrounding areas.


We also do things a bit differently than most other firms. We never charge you by the weight of your load as most other companies do. We only charge you for the amount of space your junk items and debris material takes up in our trucks.


In other words, regardless of whether your debris weighs 1,000 pounds or just 100, you will still only pay for how much volume it fills in the truck. And that means far more equitable pricing for you. 


It has always been one of the hallmarks of our company – along with being genuinely green and environmentally friendly – to offer fair and transparent pricing. And we continually work to ensure that our removal and hauling services are the most affordable in our service area.


Not only do we believe in fair and transparent pricing, but we also give you with four different ways to get a free, no-obligation estimate beforehand:      


  • – On-site is the best and most accurate way for us to assess your job and offer you the most accurate estimate.


  • – Call us at 1-888-888-JUNK or live chat through our website with our highly trained customer service representatives.


  • – Text us a photo or two of your debris to 737-888-5865 and we will text back a free estimate.


  • – Online is a quick way to get an estimate by clicking the “Pricing” tab above, scrolling to “Pricing Estimator” and clicking the green “Launch Pricing Estimator” button.


So, for an authentically green and affordable debris removal service, call Junk King San Diego


Free Junk Removal Price Estimator


Debris Removal Can Be Easy and Reliable for San Diego Residents


Junk King San Diego serves the entire San Diego area including Alpine, Bonita, Chula Vista, Dulzura, El Cajon, Jamul, La Mesa, Lakeside, Lemon Grove, City Heights, Allied Gardens, Paradise Hills, Otay, and Spring Valley.


For residential debris removal, commercial debris removal, and most other trash and junk disposal services, you can count on Junk King San Diego to be reliable, green, and affordable.


Give us a call today and tell us about the debris and other junk items you need removed from your home, office, or workplace. At Junk King San Diego, we can remove almost anything except items that are classified as hazardous waste.


And we will never surprise you with pricing nor hidden costs or charges. 


In fact, you can always get a free estimate from us first online, by text, or by calling us, or get one once we arrive on site. We’ll give you a quote in writing that is guaranteed to beat any other written estimate.


When you call Junk King San Diego you will always get on-time, as promised, junk pickup and removal in San Diego that is both eco-friendly and affordable. 


You simply point and we’ll haul your junk items into our large, clean truck for one simple price and no hidden fees.


Contact us today and tell us about the junk items you need cleared out of your home. You can make an appointment by booking online or by calling us at 1.888.888.JUNK (5865).


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