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Bring In Junk King For Full-Service Junk Hauling In Bonita

How much time would you need to get your Bonita home ready to host a party? Usually, you would give yourself a few weeks to pull everything together but could you throw a party tomorrow night? Why put yourself through that kind of pressure? However, it is always worthy of consideration to think about how presentable your home is at any given time. Yes, you probably keep things very neat but there could also be some oversized items that you would like to get rid of to make your living environment even more inviting. Even if you are “hiding” those items in the spare room or out of the garage there is really no reason to hold onto them if you’re never going to use them again. If you have one or more of those kinds of objects in your Bonita home, then it is time to engage the full-service junk hauling provided by Junk King San Diego.

Two Terrific Movers

You are going to be assigned to terrific movers for your junk hauling session. This is the team that has been licensed and insured. That description alone is worthy of designating them as professional. But it is really their positive attitude and problem-solving skills that take them to a whole other level of full-service junk hauling. Junk King has yet to come across an object they couldn’t remove from a home or business. That doesn’t mean there haven’t been challenges. In the past, Junk King crews have taken power saws to hot tubs and small boats. They have also toppled garden sheds and swing sets. This is what full-service junk hauling should be about and it is what Junk King provides every single day.

Those terrific movers are also terrific packers. You want that kind of skill on this type of job because that is how your final fee will be determined. The more that Junk King can pack into a little space translates into the less you will be paying on the price scale. You will know what this cost is before the work begins. And it will also include all the disposal time putting on your behalf.

Full-service junk hauling in Bonita has never been easier thanks to the help provided by Junk King San Diego. Book a session today.

Start The New Year Without Any Rubbish In Your National City Home

There is a simple money-saving go called the 52-week challenge that is perfect for starting on the new year. What you are supposed to do is save the amount that is equal to what number week it is. For instance, on the first week you put aside a dollar. On the second week you put aside two dollars and so on. By the end of the year you can have close to $1400. That’s a decent amount to have set aside with very little effort. The new year is always a good time to take on goals for self-improvement. Those goals can also include making improvements around the house. If you want to revitalize your National City home, then you should start with a call to Junk King San Diego. These are the professional junk haulers who can help clear out all the rubbish once and for all.

What is Rubbish?

The answer to the question, “what is rubbish?” is entirely up to you. Just keep in mind that something designated as rubbish doesn’t necessarily mean it is trash. It could just be something that you no longer need or have any use for. When you have made that determination about a specific item you are designating it as rubbish. From that moment on you have the choice whether to keep it around your house or give it to Junk King. Obviously, giving the rubbish to Junk King will open up a lot more storage space around your home. You will also make things feel a lot less cluttered.

The rubbish that you give to Junk King could be used again by someone else. That can happen if the item is recycled or made as a donation to a charity. Those of both the kinds drop-offs that Junk King does every day. This is been part of their operating philosophy since they began collecting junk way back in 2005.

Setting up your rubbish removal session with Junk King can happen online or over the phone. The majority of those sessions will be completed within 24 hours if that works for your schedule. You won’t have to wait long to get rid of your rubbish when Junk King is on the job!

The best way to start the new year in your National City home is without any rubbish around. Junk King San Diego can help make it all disappear.

Say Goodbye To Your Rubbish Today

Saying goodbye is never easy unless of course you are saying goodbye to rubbish from around the house. Then the goodbyes come very easy! The only factor is to decide just where that rubbish needs to go. A lot of rubbish can be packed into the trash can for weekly pickup but there might be plenty of rubbish items that either can’t be fit into the trash can or shouldn’t and up in a landfill. For getting rid of all of those rubbish items you need to bring in the Junk King San Diego squad. These are the professional junk haulers who make saying goodbye to rubbish a wonderful thing!

In and Out

The rubbish that you want to get rid of from your property might be inside and outside. That won’t matter to Junk King. They are equally adept at removing an old sofa as they would be gathering up palm fronds from the backyard. Some of that rubbish removal task might involves a little dismantling action. That would apply to any furniture item that you built inside a room but can’t fit out of the doorway. It would also apply to the structures out in the yard that have worn out or been outgrown like a swing set or an old hammock. Those can also be taken apart for easy loading on the Junk King truck.

All you need to decide is exactly what rubbish items you want removed. You don’t have to be involved in any of the lifting. Just leave everything right where it is in the crew from Junk King will pick it all up on the spot. You are going to be pleasantly surprised at how effortlessly they make this work look.

Before the loading begins, the Junk King crew is going to provide you with an estimate for the fee. This can only happen after they had looked over all of the items that you want to get rid of. That way they will be able to determine how everything will fit onto the back of the truck. Their goal remains to pack inasmuch as they can in as little space as possible. That will have you paying a terrific price every time.

Are you ready to say goodbye to all of your rubbish? Then you are ready to say hello to Junk King San Diego.

Let Junk King Help Clean Out Your La Mesa Garage

How would you rate  the cleanliness level of your La Mesa garage? Is it “neat as a pin” or approaching a hoarder level situation? If it is close to the latter, then it might be time to schedule a session with Junk King San Diego. These are the professional junk haulers who can help you take that garage full of clutter back to the way it was when you moved in. It might not be absolutely emptied out (unless you want that!), but it can get very close!

Choose Wisely

Before you set up your session with Junk King you will need to go through all of the items in your garage to determine just what you want to keep and what you can turn over to Junk King. The only thing that Junk King can’t load up is anything that would be considered hazardous like a propane tank or solvents. Everything else can go regardless of how heavy or big it might be. That means you can finally get rid of the old exercise treadmill or stationary bike if no one is using. Just imagine how much space that can open up!

Although getting your garage clean out is your priority for your Junk King appointments the session doesn’t have to be limited to the garage. If there are some other big items that you would like to have the team from junking remove, then they will be happy to do so. If this is an exceptionally large garage clean up, then Junk King might dispatch two trucks to facilitate the removal of all the rubbish. You won’t be charged any extra for the truck or for the labor.

Your cost will always be based on how the truck it’s packed up with all the stuff. You’ll know what that cost is before the first piece is loaded onto the truck. If you were the compare those costs for what you would spend doing this job on your own, then you will see how affordable and efficient junk King’s approach is.

To get your La Mesa garage cleaned out quickly you want to give that job to Junk King San Diego.

Hire Junk King For Your Imperial Beach Construction Scrap Cleanup

Completing a construction project on time and on budget is the main focus of everyone that is hired for that job. At the start of every workday, assignments are handed out to the crew. Throughout the day contractors and supervisors check in on the progress of those assignments and make sure they are being performed up to high standards and to code. It is vital that every member of the construction team works together even if they are on separate assignments, they are all building towards that common goal of a successful project.

One of the ways those crews are supported by the contractor is providing them a safe and clean work environment. Every member of the work crew should follow safety protocols at all times. As for keeping the worksite clean, that is a job that can be handled by Junk King San Diego. If you have a construction project starting in Imperial Beach, then you want to outsource the construction scrap cleanup to Junk King.

Prime Directive

Hiring Junk King for your construction scrap cleanup means you are providing them with a prime directive. Unlike other members of your work crew the team from Junk King only has one purpose and that is to remove every piece of debris that you designate needs to be cleaned up. You won’t have to supervise the junk King crew. Once you have identified all the construction scrap that needs to be loaded onto the truck they will go about their business and in no time at all that worksite will be clear of debris.

Junk King always works fast and efficiently but that is especially true when they are sharing the space with work crew. They don’t want to cause any disruption to the workflow. The mere fact that you are hiring Junk King means you will be pulling your crew off of their assignments to clean up and dispose of that construction scrap. Just let Junk King handle it from start to finish.

Keeping your Imperial Beach construction site clean is a job that is perfect to assign to Junk King San Diego. Book the cleanup today.

Book Junk King To Dispose Of Kitchen Appliances From Your Coronado Home

How many items in your Coronado home were “delivered” as opposed to brought in by yourself? Of course, a lot of the original furnishings were probably moved in by a crew of professional movers. The same can be said for your kitchen appliances. Those aren’t the kinds of things you can tuck into the back of the family SUV! It takes a bit of coordination to wait for a major delivery like kitchen appliances. Too often, the company who you bought the item from will schedule multiple deliveries on the same day of the week. If you are lucky, then you could be the first drop off in the morning. Otherwise you could be waiting all day. Of course, before you accept delivery of that new appliance, you have to clear the same. That means arranging for the removal of your old kitchen appliances. That is a job for Junk King San Diego.


A microwave is one of your kitchen appliances that only needs to be plugged into a wall. Your washer, fridge and dishwasher all need to be hooked into plumbing. Your stove needs to be attached to the gas line. Your dryer has to have a vent. All of that means to remove those appliances, you will need experiences hands doing the “unhooking.” That is just what you get with Junk King. The crews working with Junk King not only know all the right way to lift heavy objects but they will have the tools and skills needs to detach any of your kitchen appliances.


Disposing of those kitchen appliances in a responsible way is also what you can count on from Junk King. There are a few recycling centers that would be happy to accept a wide array of appliances. There is a lot of scrap metal and plastic to be pulled from those items. Junk King will make dropping off your appliances to those facilities a priority. This is how they’ve been handling junk disposal since they began collecting junk.

The process of replacing the kitchen appliances in your Coronado home needs to include a removal session from Junk Kin San Diego. Book your appointment today.

Put Junk King To Work For Your Chula Vista Yard Cleanup

This is the time of year when your Chula Vista front yard starts to get a lot of focus. That is because you might be decorating that yard for Halloween. After that, you could make the transition to Christmas decorations. Even though those decorations are going up, that doesn’t mean you can neglect your lawn maintenance. This is why you want to take advantage of this time of year for a thorough yard cleanup. The best approach for that might surprise you: Junk King San Diego.

Not Just Sofa Lifters

Junk King has been providing a valuable junk hauling service for Chula Vista homeowners and businesses for a long time. The majority of those sessions  involve lifting and loading things like sofas, love seats, recliners, mattresses, bedroom sets and baby furniture. The Junk King crews always make short work of that type of removal regardless of how heavy or where that item might be located in the house. But their work isn’t just limited to furniture removal. The team from Junk King can also do some impressive yard clearing.

Essentially, the same rules apply with yard clearing as it does with junk removal from inside the house. If there is something in your yard that you can point to that you want removed, then the Junk King team will make it happen. It doesn’t matter if that object is a swing set for a pile of old lumber. It will be efficiently loaded onto the Junk King truck for disposal.

The same fee structure rules apply as well. You will never be charge by the pound for anything that Junk King is going to haul from your home. Your price will always be based on how the junk King crew will pack up the truck. You will know what that prices before the work begins. It is a fair and competitive price that has made Junk King the “go to” professional junk hauler in the Chula Vista area.

When you need to take care of a Chula Vista yard cleanup look no further than Junk King San Diego. One call gets the job done.

Use Junk King For All Your Junk Hauling Needs In Bonita

As far as geographic classifications are concerned Bonita is a “census-designated place.” That is an official way of saying Bonita is in exactly a city and is not really a village it is a collection of housing tracks that have been around since the 1960s. For the folks who call Bonita home it is just a great place to live. Bonita is governed by the San Diego County Board of Supervisors. That means all of the municipal services that are part of Bonita are handled through the board.

Like the rest of San Diego, things get taken care of around Bonita as they should especially when it comes to keeping the streets clean, the electricity running, the water flowing and the trash picked up. As for that trash, there might come a time when you need to have an extra amount of rubbish removed from your property. That is a task that you might have to hire an independent contractor for in order to get it done on time and to your specifications. The best contractor for that type of junk hauling is Junk King San Diego. These are the junk removal experts who have been helping Bonita and the rest of San Diego stay junk free for a very long time.

No Need to Be Overwhelmed

Sometimes when you are tackling a clean around your Bonita property you can be a little overwhelmed. There might be an it cumulation of several years of clutter in your garage that you would like to finally clear out. You could have also just gone through a remodeling or landscaping makeover that has left huge piles of debris and construction waste. All of those things will be a challenge to cram into a trashcan for the weekly pickup. With Junk King on the job any amount of rubbish, debris, trash or junk can be loaded onto the truck and hauled away in a single session. There’s no need to be overwhelmed by the amount of things that you want to get rid of. Just tell Junk King to haul away and it is as good as gone.

When you have decided on all the items that you want taken away, call junk King to set up your session. You might be able to arrange for a same day pickup. Wouldn’t it be nice to get rid of all your unwanted clutter from your Bonita home in just a few hours? That can happen with one call to Junk King San Diego.

Major Remodels Need Major Cleanup Help From Junk King

How big will your next remodel project be? As long as you are going to make changes you might as well go for “the dream.” That might involve knocking down a wall between your kitchen and the living room in order to create an open flow. It might mean not only adding a single addition but a room addition with an upstairs. It could also mean putting in a skylight or adding a whole new bathroom. Any one of those projects would go a long way towards increasing the value of your property. Of course, a major remodel also means the need for a major cleanup. That is where Junk King San Diego can be a big assistance.

Start With The Demolition Debris

The major cleanup effort begins on the first day of your remodel project. That is demolition day. If you are involving yourself in some of this work, then that means you get to take a sledgehammer to your old kitchen. That can certainly count as an effective workout. When the sledgehammers stop swinging there will be piles of debris that need to be cleared out of the kitchen in order for the work crew to start the installation of the new elements. Typically, this kind debris would end up being piled up on a backyard or driveway. That is not safe at all. Instead, it should be picked up on that first day and cleared out down to the last nail. The team from Junk King can provide that kind of cleanup help and it won’t take them very long to accomplish.

More Than One Session

As the work continues there will be more debris created. That will require another pick up appointment from Junk King to ensure that the remodel site stays safe and clear of trash. You can schedule out your Junk King sessions starting at the beginning and for the duration of the appointment. Your contractor will probably give you a good idea as to when will be the best days for those Junk King sessions. By hiring Junk King for this work you are making sure that the remodel crew stays focus on the project. That will help bring it in on time and on budget.

A major cleanup won’t be a problem for Junk King San Diego. Put them to work at the start of your next remodel project.

A Junk Removal Session Completes The Back-To-School To Do List

How long is your back-to-school to do list? Most of that list is probably taking up with shopping items. Between school supplies and the new outfits there could be a lot of time spent at the mall. Of course, you could also probably get a lot of those items online but there is something to be said for taking the kids out for the yearly tradition of back-to-school shopping. In addition to all that shopping you might have some other items on your to do list that you want to take care of like planning out lunches and setting up schedules for pickups and drop-offs.

This is certainly a busy time of the year for families and that’s why you want to do all you can to make sure that everything around the house is being taken care of as well. Perhaps it will help to add a junk removal session to your back-to-school to do list. This will allow you to take care of that lingering task and help get the home in order. To accomplish that you just need to hire Junk King San Diego.

What Junk Can Go?

As you look around your house, you probably have a few pieces already in mind that you would like to get removed permanently. These can be anything from an unwanted futon to a ping-pong table folded up in the garage. Every item that you have junk King haul away will be opening up that much more space around the house. You can either keep that space empty or organize it with the things that you want to hold onto. The more organizing you can accomplish the easier it will be to access those items. It won’t be long before it’s time to start breaking out the Halloween decorations. Wouldn’t it be nice to have them all in one spot and easy to get at?

When you made the determination as to what junk can go then you should set up your session with Junk King. They are going to send over a pair of movers who will handle all aspects of the lifting and loading for you. This team does want to see you strain your back at all. That’s exactly why you are hiring the first place! Your junk free home will create a positive environment for back-to-school time. One call to Junk King San Diego gets it done.