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What to Avoid When Renting Your MINI Dumpster


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At Junk King San Francisco, we know how much of a pain dumpster rental can be, especially if it’s for a personal or home project. With our very own specially-designed MINI dumpsters, we’ve tried to avoid a lot of the frustrations or pitfalls that first-time dumpster renters can run into.


Why Pick a MINI Dumpster?


For one, Junk King’s MINI dumpsters are priced specifically to avoid the problem of renting an oversized dumpster and getting stuck with a higher bill. With Junk King’s self-service dumpster rental, you only pay for the space in the dumpster that you actually use, which means you can be secure knowing you’re not going to accidentally end up spending extra for a huge container you don’t really need. Our MINI dumpsters have 12 cubic yards of space, which is more than enough for any project, but you only pay for the space you use. There’s a minimum price, a price for a half-filled MINI dumpster, and a third price for one that’s completely filled. It’s that simple – no hidden fees and no extra costs.


We also designed our MINI dumpsters to avoid some of the practical concerns that larger industrial dumpsters can lead to. Many dumpsters can be unwieldy or take up too much space in your driveway, but the MINI dumpster takes up only about as much space as a car or small pickup truck, which leaves you plenty of room to park and get in and out of your garage. Junk King’s dumpsters also come equipped with special polycarbonate wheels that are designed to leave no scratches or scuffs on your driveway. That means you can easily move the dumpster anywhere it needs to go, and when our workers come by to pick it up, it’ll be like it was never even there.


Still, there are a few things that you should still try to avoid while making use of your MINI dumpster, especially if you’re a first-time renter.


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What You Can Put in a MINI Dumpster – and What You Can’t


Junk King Dumpster


At Junk King, we can handle pretty much anything that you might possibly want to have hauled away. That means trash, construction debris and materials, furniture, mattresses, and even electronic waste that most California-based hauling companies won’t take. However, there is one limit – we won’t take radioactive or otherwise hazardous waste. As long as you don’t have toxic waste or a miniature nuclear reactor in your garage, you should probably be fine.


When it comes to putting stuff in the MINI dumpster, the rules are pretty much the same. Besides hazardous or toxic waste, anything goes! However, it’s worth noting that what you put in the dumpster can sometimes have an effect on your final rental price. This only applies to certain items that are more difficult to dispose of, like mattresses or tires. If you have any questions about specific pieces of junk, feel free to give us a call at 1-888-888-JUNK and one of our customer service representatives can talk you through any extra costs that your junk might require.


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Overfill or Tonnage Issues

Any dumpster, whether it’s from Junk King or a different company, is going to have a fill line up at the top. As a general rule, you should try to avoid filling the dumpster above that line, since it makes transporting or unloading it less safe. To avoid this, make sure you’re laying everything down as flat or compressed as you can, so it takes up less room. You can also try being careful with how you slot in larger items, making sure they don’t stack up on top of one another. Just think of it as a real-life game of Tetris.


Many dumpster rental companies won’t take a dumpster with junk above the fill line, but at Junk King San Francisco, we understand that sometimes you can’t quite make everything fit. If you fill a MINI dumpster above the fill line at the top, as long as it’s not dangerously high, we’ll still haul it away for you. However, you will have to pay a small extra fee.


The same goes for going over the tonnage limit. Even if you’ve been able to stay under the fill line, extra heavy objects like concrete or certain appliances can cause you to go over the tonnage limit of 2000 pounds. Just like if you go over the overfill line, we’ll still haul away an extra heavy dumpster, it will just cost you a little extra, especially if we need to bring out a bigger truck to carry the load.


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Dos and Don’ts of Dumpster Safety

Even though the MINI dumpsters are designed to be safe and easy to use, they’re still construction equipment and a certain amount of care should be taken when using one. As you might imagine, a big metal box on wheels can be a safety hazard if you’re not careful around it, and the junk inside can sometimes be hazardous as well. Here are a few easy safety rules you should follow while using your MINI dumpster.


First things first: make sure to keep the area around the dumpster clean and clear of any debris. This means not leaving any junk there to be thrown away later and making sure you sweep up regularly. Someone carrying junk to the dumpster might not be able to see the ground, and debris can be a tripping hazard.


Always be aware of your surroundings when throwing anything into the MINI dumpster. If you’re not paying attention, it can be easy to accidentally hit someone while you’re swinging an object up, or you could overthrow the dumpster and hit someone standing behind it. This is especially true if your MINI dumpster is by the road – you don’t want junk or debris flying into the street and distracting drivers or even damaging vehicles.


Finally, try to keep your kids away from the dumpster if you can. Make sure they don’t end up inside the dumpster, or they might be hit by debris or hurt themselves when the junk under their feet shifts.


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