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Junk Removal Services in San Francisco

Fast, eco-friendly junk removal and hauling services in San Francisco, CA, and the surrounding areas

Meet the Owner

We started Junk King in 2005 from our garage in San Carlos. Today we have 8 trucks and serve you, our customers, in the greatest city on earth, San Francisco, CA!

Our philosophy is simple, offer the absolute best customer service anywhere, and recycle more than anybody else. That’s how we started, and things have not changed that much today. We are proud to have a 5-star rating on Yelp, with over 50 reviews.

Our disposal practices are second to none. We pioneered recycling based junk removal right here in the Bay Area. Call us or book online today, we’ll show up, do all the work, and give you a great price!

Is junk piling up in your home or office in the San Francisco area? Let our courteous and efficient staff at Junk King™ solve your junk hauling needs for you. We are local to the San Francisco area and provide junk pickup services throughout the area. And we’re green! We recycle up to 60% of the items we collect.

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Junk Removal Services in San Francisco, CA

Items We Take for Residential Junk Removal

If you live in San Francisco, you know that getting rid of junk from your home is not an easy task. And it’s not just you! Homeowners, renters, and others throughout the city all find themselves with unwanted junk items they need to get rid of.

But how do you do that here? Not to worry – at Junk King San Francisco, we’ve got the solution!

We take almost every type of residential junk item you can think of – including the junk you need to dispose of today. Just give Junk King San Francisco a call and we will come to your home and haul away old furniture, broken toys, and other unwanted household items. Large or small, we take just about everything and anything you need to dispose of (except for hazardous waste.)


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San Francisco’s Best Commercial Junk Removal and Hauling Services

Commercial Junk Removal and the Items We Take

If you’re working at a business location, you’ve probably had the frustration of discovering that your waste management company won’t take all your commercial junk items.

While it’s true that some waste management providers will allow for a special pick up, this usually means additional fees. And, if your large commercial junk removal needs are frequent, that’s not practical.

For most commercial junk disposal, there are really only two other options for getting rid of large junk or debris: You do it yourself, or you hire someone to do it.

But keep in mind that dumping your own junk may not save money. Your employee’s time is required for the job and you’re paying for that time. In addition, your actual cost is doubled since the time spent loading, hauling, and dumping is time your employees are not being productive in your business.

Not to worry! Junk King San Francisco specializes in providing efficient and cost-effective commercial junk removal services.

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Junk King San Francisco – How Junk Removal Works

Working with Junk King San Francisco is easy. And we work hard to keep it that way.

We have the well-earned reputation of being Number One for service in our industry. Add to that the fact that we take just about anything and everything that you need to get rid of (except hazardous materials.)

In addition, our long-standing and deep-rooted commitment to being “green” and eco-friendly means that you can be certain we will recycle or repurpose as much of your junk as possible.

At Junk King San Francisco, we can take just about everything that you need to dispose of except for hazardous materials. For our residential customers, the EPA refers to these items as Household Hazardous Wastes, or HHW.

According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), there are waste materials you may want to dispose of that are classified as Household Hazardous Waste if they meet these criteria:

“Leftover household products that can catch fire, react, or explode under certain circumstances, or that are corrosive or toxic as household hazardous waste.”

Keep in mind, too, that other common household waste products, such as old paint, caustic cleaners, oils, batteries, and most pesticides often contain hazardous ingredients and require special care when you dispose of them, especially in California.

All junk removal services are prohibited by law to pick up and dispose of hazardous materials. And these restrictions apply to our commercial clients, as well, when it comes to disposing of industrial hazardous waste.

So, how does it work?

It Starts with a Call to Junk King San Francisco

Junk King San Francisco

Junk removal is simple with Junk King.

Step One: Contact us to schedule your junk removal

You can call, text, or book online. Once you have a firm pickup date scheduled and chosen a convenient two-hour arrival slot for that day, you’re all set. You choose the day and time, and we book the appointment.

Step Two: Be ready for our professional junk removal team to arrive

Our two-person junk removal team will call you 15 to 30 minutes before they show up to let you know they are close by. Once they arrive, the team will give you a free estimate based on how much space your junk is going to take up in our truck.

No need to “stage” your junk somewhere or even haul them out of your house and out to your driveway. Why not, you might ask? (See Step Three!)

Step Three: Point us to your junk and debris and let us do all the heavy lifting

Once you agree to our price, the team will start moving and loading all the junk items and other waste materials that you point out to us. As we noted, we can take just about anything and everything, and that includes large furniture, used mattresses, and even old appliances.

And all this without any hidden fees or added charges.

Another thing about how Junk king works is our long-standing and deep-rooted commitment to being “green” and eco-friendly. This means that you can know that we will recycle or repurpose as much of the junk that we pick up as possible.

Our Pricing – Fair and Transparent

Want to know how much it’s going to cost before you schedule a junk pickup? We understand.

Which is why we give you four easy ways to get a free, no-obligation estimate from us:

  1. Get a free online estimate using our online pricing estimator.
  2. You can also obtain an estimate by texting us a photo of your items and we will text you back an estimate. Just text us a photo or two of your junk to 737-888-5865 and we will text you with a free estimate.
  3. Or you can simply call or live chat with our customer service representatives. Call us at 1-888-888-JUNK or use the cool live chat option on our website to talk with our highly trained customer service representatives.
  4. And, of course, you can simply get your no-obligation pricing estimate onsite at your location once our expert junk hauling crew arrives at your home or workplace.

So, if you like our price, we can make the appointment.

Free Junk Removal Price Estimator

Once you’ve gotten an estimate and chosen a date and a two-hour arrival window, our professional and courteous team will show up on time, as promised, and call you 15 to 30 minutes before they get to your location.

And, once they arrive, you simply point, and they’ll quickly and safely load all your junk.

Our Guarantee:

  • To offer you an estimate in writing
  • To beat any written estimate
  • To provide the best service in our industry

Why Junk King

Our Difference

  • Environmentally Friendly
  • We Recycle
  • Experienced
  • Insured
  • Bigger Trucks/Lower price
  • Ease of Use

Our company is environmentally friendly. We recycle, we have experience, and are insured. Our trucks are bigger than the competitors and the price is lower. We offer ease of use to help you create your order quickly and easily.

If you are looking for the best in recycling, experience, and cost, we are your company. We have been in the industry for over 17 years and have the experience to back it up. We can recycle a variety of items that other competitors cannot such as used electronics or mattresses.

In fact, almost everything and anything (except hazardous waste) can be handled by Junk King. Whether you need one truck or many we can get the job done right.

Junk King – Not Like the Other Guys

Junk King serviceman standing on top of a truck

When Junk King was founded in 2005 in a garage in San Carlos, it was the first recycling-based junk removal operation in the nation. At that time, no one was doing that. And, today, most of them still aren’t.

At Junk King San Francisco, our junk removal operation continues that tradition and commitment of being “green” and environmentally friendly.

As our trucks serve customers throughout the day picking up junk and other unwanted items, our teams are carefully packing the trucks so that they can unpack those items quickly and efficiently at what we call our warehouse recycling Hub.

Our goal is to be as efficient as possible in our operations while recycling and repurposing as much junk materials as possible, so we can help keep our landfills free of unnecessary junk and waste items.

Valuing Customer Service While Taking Junk Removal to a Greener Level

When our company was founded back in 2005 by two friends in San Carlos, the idea behind Junk King was simple: Always provide great customer service and work hard to recycle far more than any other junk removal company out there.

In the close to twenty years since, Junk King has become the number one rated junk removal and hauling service in North America, and we’ve grown to more than 100 locally owned franchises ranging all across the U.S. and with several locations in Canada, as well.

full service junk removal

That growth and reputation are due in large part to the way we approach our business: by serving one customer at a time. Which is just another way of saying that we treat every one of our customers as if they are the most important client we have.

Because they are.

And some of how we do that is by always offering fair and transparent pricing, calling our customers 15 to 30 minutes before we arrive on time at every job, and even sweeping up when we’re done with a job!

So, the bottom line?

Junk removal with Junk King San Francisco is your best option for getting rid of your bulk clutter or large junk items. And working with Junk King San Francisco is easy – you simply make an appointment.

So, are you ready to schedule an appointment? We make that easy, too!

Once you have an estimate simply pick a date and a two-hour window. Our professional and insured junk removal team will show up at your home and call 15 minutes before we arrive. Once there, we’ll give you a free estimate based on how much room your junk takes up in our truck.

You just point and we’ll haul away your unwanted items with no hidden fees.

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Areas We Serve at Junk King San Francisco

At Junk King San Francisco we are proud to serve the residents of the City of San Francisco.

This venerable city of more than 880,000 San Franciscans is also the fourth largest city in California.

For the sake of simplicity, we’ve gone with the 10 districts used and defined by our friends at the San Francisco Association of REALTORS®.

Junk Hauling San Francisco

This district is the area in the northwest corner of San Francisco, running north of the Golden Gate Park to Ocean Beach and just south of Lincoln Park and Park Presidio.Often referred to locally as the Richmond District, it offers a variety of outdoor activities, many interesting historical sites, as well as numerous shops and restaurants. It also bears the reputation as one of the most desirable areas in San Francisco.

Neighborhoods here include Central Richmond, Inner Richmond, Outer Richmond, Seacliff, Jordan Park – Laurel Heights, Lake Mountain, and Lone Mountain.

Central west San Francisco is bordered by the Pacific Ocean on the west and the Golden Gate Park to the north. It is more commonly referred to as the Sunset District by residents in the city, and it originally consisted of sand dunes stretching out to the ocean.Golden Gate Heights, which rises above the flats here, is characterized by sweeping views, winding streets, and more upscale homes.

Other neighborhoods include Parkside, Central Sunset, Outer Sunset, Inner Parkside, and Outer Parkside.

The southwestern side of San Francisco was one of the last areas that saw major development. Horse farms and even a racetrack have long given way to a residential neighborhood with a distinctly suburban feel.You’ll also find several local attractions here such as Lake Merced, the Lake Merced Golf Club, the San Francisco Zoo, and the Olympic Club.

Neighborhoods you may recognize here include Oceanview, Ingleside and Ingleside Heights, Merced Heights and Merced Manor, Pine Lake Park, and Stonestown.

This large area on the southwestern side of Twin Peaks and Mt. Davidson, is located in what was once a heavily wooded, scenic expanse of land. Known as District 4 by the San Francisco Association of REALTORS®, it has a total of 16 neighborhoods and is considered to be one of the most upscale districts in San Francisco.Along with the prestigious communities of Saint Francis Wood, Forrest Hill and Balboa Terrace, neighborhoods here include Ingleside Terrace, Mount Davidson Manor, Westwood Park, Midtown Terrace, Sherwood Forest, Miraloma Park, West Portal, and Monterey Heights.

Being right in the geographic center of the city, the Central District can be thought of as the heart of San Francisco. This is fitting since it’s the home of the famous Haight-Ashbury and the Castro districts, as well as popular family neighborhoods like Noe Valley.This district is also a popular destination for both tourists and locals as it is often sunnier than other parts of the city. It is home, too, of the oldest public park in the city, Buena Vista Park. And, of course, there is Twin Peaks, Mission Dolores Park, and Mission Dolores itself.

Other neighborhoods in the Central District are Cole Valley – Parnassus Heights, Buena Vista, Ashbury Heights, Dolores Heights, Clarendon Heights, Duboce Triangle, and Corona Heights.

The Central North District was once known as the Western Addition because it was built just west of downtown San Francisco. Today it is home to some of the most popular neighborhoods in the city and attracts both tourists and locals.It was also one of the few neighborhoods to survive San Francisco’s devastating 1906 earthquake. Today, it has some of the finest original Victorian houses in the city. The famous “Painted Ladies,” six gorgeous Victorian homes are located here, perched over Alamo Square Park.

Neighborhoods here are Lower Pacific Heights, North Panhandle, Alamo Square, Hayes Valley, Western Addition, and Anza Vista.

Go any further north and you’re in the Bay here. Considered by many as one of the most desirable areas to live in the city, North San Francisco offers what locals like to think of as an “old San Francisco” vibe.Perhaps some of the best known real estate in the city is in this area. That would include the several parks such as Crissy Field, Fort Mason, and Marina Green, a broad expanse of grass that covers 74 acres and boasts some of the best views of the Golden Gate Bridge, Alcatraz Island, and Angel Island.

The dignified homes of Pacific Heights and the always fashionable Marina are here, along with just two other neighborhoods, Cow Hollow and Presidio Heights.

This is the area that is steeped in iconic landmarks and heavy tourism. When describing this part of San Francisco and what all is here, it is tempting to ask what isn’t here?For your average tourists there’s Fisherman’s Wharf, Chinatown, Coit Tower, the skyscrapers, cable cars, Union Square, and loads of world-class restaurants. And, for the locals throughout the City of San Francisco, there is the theater district, the San Francisco Opera and Ballet, the Asian Art Museum, and the San Francisco Public Library building.

And, despite all the commerce, cultural centers, and government buildings here, there are still great neighborhoods including Downtown San Francisco, Russian Hill and Telegraph Hill, Nob Hill, North Beach, and the Tenderloin, among others.

Many people who do not live in the city know this area, especially since it’s where they come to be at AT&T Park, home of the San Francisco Giants, and the Mission District – two of the most well-known locations in San Francisco.This area is the largest district in the city, and the neighborhood of Dogpatch escaped the destruction of the 1906 earthquake and fire. Today it is the location of some of the oldest homes in San Francisco.

Central-east San Francisco neighborhoods include part of the Financial District – Barbary Coast, Mission Bay, South of Market, Central Waterfront – Dogpatch, South Beach, Yerba Buena and Potrero Hill.

This area is the most southeastern point of San Francisco and is bordered by the San Francisco Bay to the east and I-80 and I-280 on the west. Long regarded as a light industrial and an old warehouse area, it was once home to navy ships and tanning operations.Local realtors describe this part as San Francisco:

“Bayview feels like its own city within San Francisco, while Crocker Amazon, Visitacion Valley, and the Excelsior neighborhoods have more of a suburban character.”

Other neighborhoods in Southeast San Francisco are Hunters Point, Bayview Heights, Little Hollywood, Candlestick Point, Silver Terrace, Portola, Mission Terrace and Outer Mission.

Frequently Asked Questions

Junk King San Francisco is a top rated junk hauling company in San Francisco and locally owned and operated by a San Francisco native. Junk King San Francisco is a full service and dependable junk removal company specializing in residential and commercial junk hauling. Best of all, no job is too big or too small for us!
At Junk King San Francisco, our junk collection service includes trained and insured team members, a 20% larger truck than our comparable operators, dumps fees, pricing based on volume, and a sweep up after the job is complete.
Yes, Junk King San Francisco offers same day junk removal. Our trained and insured team will provide an onsite estimate. If the customer agrees to the estimate, our team can haul the items the same day. Junk King San Francisco hauls just about everything but hazardous materials. Contact us today to learn more about same day junk removal.
At Junk King San Francisco we charge based on volume which provides higher value and better pricing than any comparable operator. Our BIG red trucks hold 20% more volume for less money. We believe in fair, transparent pricing, and we back it up with a free estimate.
Your unwanted furniture may be someone else’s treasure. Junk King San Francisco’s goal is to keep 60% of every junk haul out of the landfill. We do this by recycling, donating, and repurposing as much as we can through our Recycling Center warehouse.
There is no job too big or too small for Junk King San Francisco. Sit back, relax, and let Junk King San Francisco do all the heavy lifting on your next furniture removal project.
It is important to check with your municipal trash hauler before leaving your large items on the curb. Junk King San Francisco can assist with furniture removal from the curb with our COVID friendly touchless options, such as no contact pick up and no contact payment.
Removing old furniture can be a challenge, let Junk King San Francisco help. Check out our January blog post to learn more.
Avoid the hassle of going to the dump. Junk King San Francisco’s pricing includes all dump fees, so you don’t have to worry about any additional charges during your junk removal job.

It is important to check with your municipal trash hauler before leaving your mattress on the curb. Junk King San Francisco can assist with curbside mattress removal and recycle up to 90% of the mattress.

Junk King San Francisco can haul construction debris for both residential and commercial projects. Our trained staff will provide you with a C&D recycling receipt upon your request after visiting the appropriate transfer station with your construction debris.
Real estate agents, banks, and property owners partner with Junk King for affordable and efficient residential junk removal services to take care of leftover belongings and junk in foreclosed homes.

How it Works in 3 Easy Steps

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    We call you 15 min. before arrival.

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    If you agree to our $, we take your junk.

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