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Monthly Archives: December 2011

Sarasota Furniture Buying & Disposal Guide

A new year is a time for new beginnings. For many residents of Sarasota those new beginnings could mean refurbishing their home or condos with brand-new furniture. The first of the year is actually a great time to go furniture shopping. Throughout most of the holidays all the shopping focus was on clothing, jewelry and electronic gadgets. Nobody was really paying attention to buying a new sofa or loveseat. Yet, all those furniture dealers need to get rid of their 2011 inventory to make room for the 2012 catalog. This could translate into some huge savings in all kinds of furniture.
As you head out to the furniture showrooms you also have the opportunity to switch up your current decoration scheme. Unless decorating is a hobby of yours you might not be aware of just how many distinct types of furniture designs there are to choose from. The most popular is what is referred to as traditional. This is the kind of furniture that is not going to stand out in terms of a Pacific design element but is practical in both form and function. Contemporary furniture is closer to modern furniture. The difference really comes down to a level of starkness and collar. With modern furniture you’ll find bolder colors and sharper design angles.
Another choice for furniture design would be to go with a historical approach such as Victorian, Art Deco or colonial. If these types of furniture designs strike your fancy you don’t necessarily have to spend big money getting original pieces. Instead, you’ll be able to find many great replicas of these styles. If you’re looking for something a bit more unique then you might want to go into the exotic realm of furniture buying.
This would cover types of furniture that fall into the tropical, Tuscany or Japanese type of designs. You could also spin the compass and opt for various American versions of furniture design that would be Southwest, coastal, southern or northern. Each of those zones has their own particular tastes. Finally, you could also buy furniture that would fall into the unusual category. This covers pieces that would be considered as shabby chic, retro or eclectic. In other words, anything goes!
Along with buying new furniture you might also want to revamp your carpets and drapes as well as whatever types of tchotchkes or other type of accents you have that bring personality to a room.
It will be easy to get caught up in the excitement of redecorating one or more rooms in your home but one detail you can’t forget about is getting rid of the old furniture. The best course of action to accomplish this task would be to hire a professional Sarasota furniture disposal crew like Junk King, who can show up with the right man power and truck space to take away all your old furniture. They’ll also be able to remove any other bulky items you might want to dispose of. Take full advantage of it big truck and manpower to help you clear out your garage or storage space. Once your new furniture is installed you’ll have the perfect excuse for a housewarming party redo!

For the best in furniture disposal or any other type of Junk Hauling in Sarasota or Bradenton, simply call 1-800 995 JUNK or book a free on site estimate online today, and save $30.

Sarasota Junk Recycling Information

Sarasota, Florida prides itself on being a wonderful place to live, work and raise a family. One of the many reasons of this can be found in just how eco-friendly the town of Sarasota has become. Residents are already well-versed in home recycling. Every home has a red bin in the blue bin. Occasionally there might be some confusion as to what should go into each recycling bin. That’s why it never hurts to review.
Red is for paper. This includes newspapers, magazines, writing paper, envelopes, cardboard, Brown paper bags, telephone books, paperback books, junk mail, flyers, and shredded paper. The blue bin is for cans, glass and plastics. This includes any color of glass bottle or jar, any type of aluminum can or foil trays, steel cans with lids, empty aerosol cans, juice boxes, milk cartons or other plastic bottles.
Just as important of which type of recyclable material goes in which bin it is equally important to remember what doesn’t go in your regular garbage. On the list provided by the municipal Department of Sarasota those items that should be excluded from your garbage include beer and soda cartons, ceramics, cereal boxes, cartons, flower pots, gift wrap, hardcover books, mirrors, prescription bottles, window glass, glass dishes, Styrofoam, plastic toys, plastic bags, pizza boxes, or pool and other chemical containers.
Then there is that list of hazardous waste materials that need to be properly disposed up. These include any aerosol cans that still have product in them, antifreeze, diesel fuel, drain cleaners, fertilizers, fire extinguishers, gasoline, household cleaners, kerosene, lawn chemicals, paint thinner and stripper, pesticides, fluorescent light bulbs, batteries, or paint.
When it’s time to put the bins out on the curb it is suggested that you keep the recycling bins and the garbage bins on the same side of your driveway while the yard waste bins are on the opposite side. This makes for a better pickup by the municipal workers.
Once you have embraced the concept of recycling it’s easy to get into the habit of separating all your garbage. What’s a bit more of a challenge is what to do with those bigger items that can’t fit into your recycling bins. These would be all the large bulky pieces of junk like unused furniture, major kitchen appliances, or e-waste. Those are the things that you either have to arrange to be taken away or end up holding onto them. Clearly, holding onto that junk doesn’t make a lot of sense. It might seem easier to stuff it something in the closet or garage but ultimately it should be carted away if for no other reason than to free yourself of all that clutter.
This large junk can be taken away by professional junk haulers like Junk King Sarasota who not only have the resources to handle a project like this but they also well-versed in eco-friendly recycling. This means that they will take care of diverting any of your junk to the proper recycling facilities. You won’t have to worry whether or not your junk is being recycled. All you have to do is tell the professional junk haulers that’s what you would prefer and they’ll handle the job from there.

For the best in Bradenton or Sarasota Junk Recycling, simply call 1-888-888-JUNK or book a free on site estimate online today.

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