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St. Petersburg Refrigerator Disposal

frozen-1-864416-mThere is an old adage among carpenters that goes, “measure twice, cut once.” Basically, that means you have to get your measurements exact or you’ll be going back to the saw time and time again. You should apply that same principle to buying a new refrigerator. This is especially true if you need your fridge to slide into a pre-cut counter space. The other consider you have to take into account is the refrigerator door. Your new model might fit in the counter but will the door clear an island or countertop? It would be horrible if you brought that new fridge home only to discover it won’t work in your kitchen.

Much like buying a new television, getting a new refrigerator should be a time to splurge. This is an appliance that you’ll be using for years. In fact, it will become your most used appliance. Shouldn’t it be all you want it to be? Let’s assume you’re going to upgrade to a model with an ice dispenser and filtered water. What about freezer placement? Do you want it on the top, bottom or side? It could be a whole new way of grabbing your ice cream!

By now, you should know your family’s needs in terms of milk containers, soda bottles and other oversized items. You’ll want to look for a refrigerator that can conform to those needs. It should also be able to adjust as those needs change.

Before your new fridge arrives, you’ll need to take care of your old refrigerator disposal. Here in St. Petersburg there is only one viable option. That would be to hire Junk King to handle the job. Junk King is a professional junk hauling service based out of Sarasota. It’s part of a national chain of junk removal specialists who will have no problem handling your refrigerator disposal. In fact, on that same pickup appointment, you can get Junk King to remove all the rest of your unwanted items. Take advantage of the two-man moving crew and large truck to clear out the clutter from your garage and basement. You’ll be amazed at how the energy in your home will change once you get rid of the clutter.

Call Junk King Sarasota today to set up your refrigerator disposal and junk removal appointment. You’ll be pleasantly surprised at how fast and affordable this service will be.

St. Petersburg Yard Waste Removal

There could be big changes coming to downtown St. Petersburg including a trolley, a bridge over the bay and plenty of new parks. That’s all part of the report that was recently handed in to the City Council aptly titled, “Downtown St. Petersburg Waterfront Master Plan.” Think of this as a kind of “dream list.” Nothing is set in stone but now armed with this report, more committees will be formed and even more reports will be generated. Although it might take a while to figure out what to do, at least the city is moving forward with development plans. It would be a shame to have all that prime real estate and not do anything with it. The same could be said for your own plot of land. Are you making the most of your yards? You could if you first set up a yard waste removal appointment with Junk King.

St. Petersburg

St. Petersburg

Junk King St. Petersburg are the professional junk haulers that specialize in removing all kinds of household rubbish. This is all the stuff you’ve collected over the years but no long serve any purpose. That means Junk King is the company who can finally cart off your old treadmill, futon, crib or fridge. However, Junk King isn’t just about taking junk from your home. They are also experts at all kinds of yard waste removal.

Start with the “organics.” The Junk King crew you hire will be able to load up mounds of dirt, lawn clippings, palm fronds and/or bushes. Then they can move onto the “man-made” waste. This would be things like dirty birdbaths, rusty patio furniture, a buster lawnmower or chunks of concrete. Our yards are often a dumping ground for things like debris from a remodeling project, car parts and lumber. All of that can be removed in a single pickup appointment with Junk King.

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