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Monthly Archives: August 2017

Five Things Every Homeowner Needs To Know

Have you finally bought your first home? How long did it take to get to this place? There is certainly a lot to take pride in. There’s also a lot of things that you’re going to have to fix. Even if your home was perfect when you moved in, it’s yours now and there’s always room for improvement. There are a few things you need to know that you might not even have given a second thought about before owning. Here the five things every homeowner needs to know:


You Can Flush With a Bucket

If your plumbing is connected to a well pump or the city water supply, then you can still flush if those two things are shut off. All you need to do is have a bucket of water handy. After flushing, refill the toilet tank with that water. It works the same as the usual flush just don’t refill the bowl.

Shut Off Your Water Before Vacation

When you go on vacation the hope is that nothing will go wrong back at home. It helps to let your neighbors know you’ll be gone so they can keep an eye the place. But you can also take proactive measures to minimize the risk of potential damage. A big issue could be trouble with your plumbing. That’s why you should turn off your main water valve before going away. It’s a very simple fix and could save you major headaches upon your return.

Don’t Leave Your Garage Remote in Your Car

Most people who have a garage remote clip it to their visor for easy access. That might be setting yourself up for trouble from some unscrupulous characters. Anyone who breaks into your car can quickly check the registration for your home address and swipe the garage remote. That gives them instant access into your house. Look for remote that you can carry on your keychain or adapt your garage door opener to your smart phone apps.

Use High R-Value for Insulation

Your home needs to be insulated. That insulation is measured as an R-value. The higher the R-value the better you’ll be insulated. Even though insulation may to be the same thickness it is the density that matters.

Use Professionals For Junk Removal

No matter how big your home is you’ll soon find that it fills a very quickly with a lot of clutter. There are plenty of things that you want to keep in storage that you used throughout the year. However, they could be just as much if not more items that you’re never going to use again. This is all the junk you’re holding onto for no good reason. It can all be carted away with one call to Junk King Sarasota. These are the junk removal professionals that can make a huge difference when it comes to clearing rubbish from your home. It doesn’t matter how heavy or bulky something is. All that matters to Junk King Sarasota is that you want to get rid of it. Hire them to help today.

What Is Better For Property Development: Renting Or Flipping?

Real estate remains one of the number one investments you can make to enhance your financial before you. When it comes to developing a property, you have two options: renting or flipping? Each has its advantages and disadvantages. What’s the better pick for your needs? Consider these factors:


Discount Price

A home or commercial space that has been deemed “distressed” and in need of renovation could come at a discounted price. The only red flag would be the condition of that distress. An inspection could reveal a lot more work is needed to get that place habitable then you’re ready to invest into. The reality flipping shows makes it look easy. That might be true but you should enter into a project very carefully. Buying something sight unseen at an auction and “as is” could be full of challenges

Renting Revenue Stream

A rental property can set up a positive revenue stream. It might require a bigger initial investment just because you want something that is turnkey ready. However, if it is in good condition and you can rent it out right away, then those rental funds can pay for the mortgage. The only drawback is what happens if you don’t rent it? Can you carry two mortgages at once?

Landlord vs. Construction

Someone who makes a career out of flipping properties means they are always on the lookout for their next investment opportunity. It’s always a hustle to find new homes and set up the financing. Then there’s all that time that needs to be invested in the renovations. That means your funds are going to be tied up for several weeks if not several months. Plus, there’s no guarantee you will sell the home once everything is finished.

As a landlord with a rental property, you are entering into a long-term relationship with your renters. That means you are responsible for collecting rent, making repairs and screening those tenants. A lot of that work can be turned over to a property management company but they will charge you a fee. It’s not a stretch to imagine that several rental properties could become a full-time business. But it still frees you up with a lot of time during the day.

With either type of development, you’ll have to build a list of reputable vendors. When it comes to clearing rubbish from a property the only vendor you should think about hiring is Junk King Sarasota. This is a professional junk hauling service that has been in this line of work since 2005. Every Junk King appointment is staffed with two strong movers and a truck big enough to hold whatever you want to haul out. Before you can get any property ready for development, bring in Junk King Sarasota to clear it out.

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