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Seattle Junk Removal Reviews

Are you the type of person who relies on reviews? You’re not alone. We all work hard for our money and when it comes time to spend it we want to make sure we’re going to get what we pay for. That’s true whether it’s a summer movie, a restaurant or a junk removal service. Although there are plenty of opinions about movies and restaurants, when it comes to junk removal, it seems like one company is getting all the rave reviews. That would be Junk King of Seattle. Here is what a few recent customers had to say about their experiences with Junk King:

“Very quick service. Called on Saturday in desperation. Job was completed early Monday afternoon. The driver called to let me know they would be a little late due to a large job before mine, but still made it in a timely manner. My property manager recommended your company. You were a lifesaver.”

The weekends are indeed the busiest for Junk King but it’s not unusual to have same day service in some instances. It’s best to call early in the morning and try to set up an appointment for later in the day during the middle of the week. No matter when you call, Junk King is determined not to waste your time.

“The 2 gentlemen that came out did a great job with clearing/cleaning our brush pile and removing a couch from our basement. They worked very hard and provided excellent customer service.”

That comment reflects the perfect Junk King experience. It doesn’t just have to be one thing and it doesn’t just have to be stuff from your home. The Junk King crew is happy to pick up anything from the inside or the outside. If it can fit on the truck it can be taken away. That means pretty much anything goes!

“Rick and crew were on time, quick at their work, respectful, and pleasant. It took about 20 minutes to get rid of junk that had been plaguing me for years. It truly was just a matter of me pointing at the evil stuff, and then within a matter of minutes, Bam! Gone! Kind of like waving a magic wand. The pricing was fair – especially considering that now I don’t have to invest time and money in renting a trailer, making a dozen trips to the waste facility and paying a dump fee for every trip.”

Does that sound like your situation? Do you have junk you’ve been holding onto for years? Let Junk King wave their “magic wand” and make it all disappear. You’ll be so happy you made that call!

Tacoma Junk Removal

Tacoma Junk RemovalThe city of Tacoma might be getting into the house flipping business. They have identified more than 200 homes that are in disrepair because of abandonment issues. This is the result of the many foreclosures that have plagued the area since the housing bubble burst. But now there are signs of a rebound so the city is looking to make things better for everyone by buying up these properties, giving them a quick makeover and selling them for a profit. This is good news for homeowners who are forced to live in an area with run down housing.

“If you happen to be a homeowner on a block with a foreclosed unit or two that’s vacant, you know it attracts vandalism, squatters and crime,” Maureen Fife of Habitat for Humanity told Q13Fox. There are discussions between Habitat and the city to team up on some of these refurbishing projects.

That’s perfect because if there is one group who knows about getting houses ready for occupants it is Habitat for Humanity. Maybe you are thinking about getting into the flipping game. If so then you’ll want to put Junk King Central Seattle on your speed dial. These are the junk removal specialists who won’t have a problem cleaning up a foreclosed property.

Before you can do any painting or fixing up, you’ve got to get rid of the junk. It wouldn’t take long for a Junk King crew to load up their truck with all the rubbish left behind at a foreclosed property. Once that has been accomplished you can bring in your contractors and put them to work.

You don’t have to be in the house flipping game to hire Junk King. They are happy to help you clear out your home or business of any kind of junk. We all have something big to throw away. We just need the time, the manpower and the truck to get the job done. You’ll be getting all of that with every Junk King removal appointment. The hard working Junk King Seattle crew will climb the stairs, do the lifting and loading of things like couches, loveseats, recliners, tables and kitchen appliances. When they are done taking out the junk from your home then send them out to the backyard where they can take away an old BBQ grill, piles of dirt, chunks of concrete, lumber and any other kind of debris.

Bottom line: Whether you’re flipping or just cleaning, Junk King Seattle is the one call you need to make to get the job done right.

Seattle Summer Junk Removal

Do you feel the pressure to do a big spring cleaning every year? You’re not alone. As soon as the weather turns warmer and flowers begin to blossom it seems as though everyone gets all fired up about spring-cleaning. The local news and internet are full of cleaning tips. This feels a lot like peer pressure to clean your home. What happens if you don’t do a spring-cleaning? Not much other than living in clutter. What about a summer cleaning? That could be just as effective and in many ways a lot better timed.

Towards the end of the summer there is a sense of “getting back on track.” That certainly applies to students who are heading off to college or school. It also applies to anyone who is coming off a nice vacation. Time to get back to work, right? Why not take advantage of the waning days of summer by getting rid of all of your junk? Truth be told it is just as easy to clear out junk in the summer as it would be any time of the year when you hire Junk King Central Seattle.

Junk King is a local owned business that is part of a national franchise of junk removal professionals. Yes, you can be a junk removal professional. In fact, you should demand that! Being a professional means they are going to respect your time. The Junk King crew won’t keep you waiting around all day like the phone company. If there is a delay due to unforeseen traffic issues then the JK crew will be calling you with updates to pinpoint arrival time.

When they show up for the job, you’ll be greeted by a friendly crew who is eager to help you get rid of your junk. Another way this crew is professional is that they are licensed and insured. You’re not going to get that level of certification with a day laborer you hire from a street corner. All you have to do is tell/show the Junk King Seattle crew what you want taken away and they’ll handle the rest. It doesn’t matter if they have to climb up several flights of stairs or bring the junk down marina walkways, you won’t hear any grumbling.

As soon as your stuff is loaded in the back of the Junk King truck they’ll be heading out to drop it off at a recycling center or charity that takes in furniture and household goods. In other words, they want to stay as far away from the landfill as possible. The less they put in there the better we’ll all be. Are you fired up to get you summer cleaning done? Junk King will be ready when you are!

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