Ready To Get Organized In Your Kitchen

How often do you send a family member in search of something in your kitchen only for them to get completely lost? Maybe you’ve experience that same “rabbit hole” where you fall into a cabinet or drawer and find all kinds of thing except the one thing you’re looking for. When this happens more than once, it is time to get your kitchen organized. Here’s how to make it happen:


Pull Everything Out

This is the part that will be the most time consuming. Everything needs to come out of everywhere. Clear the dining room table and spread out everything in your cabinets and drawers. Once it is all out, you can being sorting through the things you use and the things you’ll never use. Now you know what goes back into the kitchen.

Utilize Open Space

The doors of cabinets are a good place to utilize for storage. Any container store will have a kitchen section with plenty of options for this space. Of course, you could just go simple and put hooks up for things like potholders and utensils.

Group Like Items

Your pots and pans need to be together and they should be close to the stove. Storage items should be together by the fridge. Dishes and glasses go by the sink. Those are the three main zones of your kitchen and what you’re keeping in those zones should reflect how those zones are used.

Nothing Scattered

Everything needs to have a place even if it is the rubber bands in your junk drawer. Flatware holder work for kitchen utensils. Some plastic containers can be arranged in a draw to hold all those loose random items. It’s all about finding a spot for everything. Even you take out menus should be gathered into a folder or binder.

Get Rid of Unwanted Clutter

All the stuff that was left behind on your dining room table needs to be taken out of the house. Don’t box it up and put it in the garage. Instead, call in Junk King Seattle. They’ll send over a team of movers who can not only clear all that unwanted clutter but also make sure it is dropped off at a charity where it can be put back to use. While they’re at it, the Junk King team can also remove all the rest of your unwanted furniture or big appliances. Think of how much storage space you can take back when all that stuff is gone. Junk King Seattle will help you put the finishing touches on your organized kitchen by getting rid of rubbish.

Start A New Hobby This Weekend

Have your weekends become a bit boring? Yes, it is nice to occasionally do nothing for an entire weekend but that usually results in your feeling as if nothing was accomplished. A hobby could change that. Hobbies are all about creating something and that can be very rewarding. Not sure what hobby you could start this weekend? Here are some fun ideas:


Refurbish Furniture

Do you have a favorite chair, dresser or table that needs a little TLC? Maybe you found a unique piece at yard sale. You can refurbish that furniture. Upholstering might be too much to take on but you can certainly strip the paint/stain off an old piece and repaint it to make it look like new again. This is a great hobby to do in the garage with the door open for ventilation.

Take Up Canning

There is no shortage of famer’s markets around Seattle. That means you have access to a wide assortment of fresh vegetables. What can you do with all that produce? Can it. Canning has a long history. If you like working in the kitchen, then this is a skill to add to your culinary resume. Canning also could mean pickling. You’ll find all the recipes you need online.

Jigsaw Puzzle

A jigsaw puzzle is a great way to spend a lazy weekend afternoon. With some nice music in the background and a cool beverage by your side, you can dive into a puzzle. The more challenging, the more fun when you complete them. Once the puzzle is done, you could brush clear glue or lacquer over it and turn it into a piece of art to hang on your wall.


Sewing is a skill that comes in handy when you want to make alterations to an outfit. It is also something you can literally start from scratch. There are many places around town that offer sewing classes. Get stitching.

Before you dive into any one of these hobbies, you’re going to need some space to work in. That will require clearing of clutter. Cue Junk King Seattle. These are the experienced junk haulers who can swiftly go through your garage or spare room to haul out all the things you want to get rid of. Once clear, you’ll have the space to set up your hobby corner. Get your new hobby started with a junk removal session with Junk King Seattle.

Fresh Decorating Ideas For Your Home

When was the last time you freshened up your home? Bringing flowers and lighting scented candles are nice touches but for real freshening you should be thinking about adding new decorating touches. Here are some fresh decorating ideas you can put into action today:


Mismatched Elements

There are some folks who’s taste gravitates towards uniformity. Nothing wrong with that but if you are more at home with eclectic mismatches, then there is no reason why that cant’ be reflected in your decorating. You can probably find a wide assortment of vintage items at thrift shops, yard sales and flea markets. Whether you’re looking for furniture or items for a shelf, be sure to bring cash to those places and don’t hesitate to haggle.

Wall Collage

Every wall in your home is like a blank canvas. How you fill up that “canvas” will reflect on your decorating style. You can create a wall collage of family photos. Mix and match sizes and frame styles. You might find a bunch of unique art pieces in your thrift store hunting that could become part of your wall collage. Create a theme for the wall and build on that.

Put Art in the Kitchen

When looking for art, don’t neglect the kitchen. There are a lot of fun vintage signs and other kitschy items you can find to decorate your kitchen. While you’re at it, you might consider repainting your kitchen with a bold color.

Spruce Up a Hallway

Hallways are often neglected. They’re just the way to get from one end of the house to the other. But they’re also an area that can benefit from art on the wall, narrow benches or plants.

Decorating is also about keeping your home clean and clear of clutter. Even if you put a lot of items on display, you don’t want to necessarily make it seem haphazard or a mess. That’s why it might be helpful to start this process with junk removal session from Junk King Seattle. The crew who will be assigned to your session will be able to life and load anything you want to get rid of. It doesn’t matter if it is as heavy as a piano or light as box of scarves. Their only focus is making all that clutter disappear. Let Junk King Seattle help you with your next home decorating project. Start with a junk free home.

Quality Junk Removal Every Time

The success of a business can be measured by how consistent they are with their services. You go to a restaurant that consistently provides good tasting food. If you start to get bad meals, then you’ll find a new place. That principle applies to dry cleaners, plumbers and any other type of service professional. What about junk removal? You want a service that you can depend on for efficiency and affordability. You’ll find both of those factors in full force with Junk King Seattle.


Junk King’s efficiency starts with when you set up your appointment. You’ll always get a fast response to a phone call query. The majority of junk removal sessions are handled by the next day. Call at the right time and you might be able to benefit from a same-day pickup.

As for affordability, Junk King’s pricing policy is based on how the truck will be packed with all your stuff. One sofa won’t take up a lot of room, so that is on the low end of the price scale. An entire garage full of clutter might take up half the truck and so on. The crews have a lot of experience with this type of work. They’ll be able to size up any pile of rubbish and know exactly how to fit in onto the truck. You’ll know your price before the work begins and it is a price that isn’t going to change.

Included in that fee is all the labor costs. That might only be genuine factor if the team from Junk King has to take extra time dismantling something in order for it to fit on the truck. Typically, they can load up everything in no time at all. Either way, you won’t be charged by the hour.

Finally, you have to take a moment to think about what happens to your junk after it is picked up by Junk King. It won’t automatically be dropped off at landfill. Instead, the crews will sort through the collection to pull out anything that can be dropped off at a charity or recycling center. For quality junk removal, call on Junk King Seattle today.

Get Your Home Safe For Seniors

Many retirees are opting for downsizing. This means moving out of a big house and into a smaller home or apartment. There are some retirees that are moving back in with their children. That is a terrific way to keep families together. If you’re thinking about moving your parents in with you, then you’ll need to make some adjustments regarding safety. Here are some suggestions for how to make your home safe for seniors:


Secure the Rugs

Rugs on the floor are something you probably don’t even think about until it is time to vacuum them. But they could become a potential tripping hazard for someone who shuffles more. Make sure the edges of the rugs are properly secured to the floor. In the bathroom and kitchen, you should only use non-slip varieties of rugs. Simple test: Try moving the rug with your foot. If you can’t, then it is safe.

Add More Light

A pet in a dark hallway can spell trouble. You can’t always keep your pets from plopping down wherever they want but you can add light. Instead of attempting to rewire lighting and adding switches, you can put motion sensor lights along the baseboard. These will be bright enough to light the way along the hallway. You can also place these lights on stairs.

Tighten Railings

Railings are a big help for seniors getting up and down stairs. You’ll want to make sure all your railings are firmly in place and don’t shake when leaned on. If you don’t have railings on a front or back porch, now is the time to add them.

Remove Clutter

Not only should pathways throughout the house be well lit, but they should also be clear of clutter. You’ll want to break the kids’ habit of dropping things as they cross through the house. More importantly, you’ll want to remove any unnecessary furniture or other items that could get in the way.

If you’re moving your parents into a guest room, then you’ll want to make them feel welcome by clearing out the clutter in those closets. All of this decluttering could create a huge amount of things to get rid of. That’s when you hire Junk King Seattle. It will only take a single appointment with these junk hauling pros to remove all your unwanted items. Best of all, you won’t have to lift a finger to get it done. Junk King does all the work. Get your home safe for seniors by getting rid of the clutter today. Junk King Seattle makes it happen.

Organize Your Shed Without Any Clutter

The key to a successful organization plan is to find a “home” for everything. Whether it is your car keys or shoes, they should have a proper place to be put when you come in the door. Some things that need a place are items that aren’t used every day. That doesn’t mean they can’t be organized. Consider your backyard shed. You might be keeping a lot of things in storage out there that you only use for gardening or other yard activities. Are those items organized or just tossed inside the shed? The only way to really get organized is to get rid of the clutter and that begins with a call to Junk King Seattle.


You can take two approaches to scheduling your shed clearing with Junk King. You can call to lock down an appointment ASAP or you can sort through all the things you want to get rid of and then call Junk King. You don’t actually have to lock down your final list of junk items until the Junk King crew arrives for the appointment. That could give you more sorting time. It will help if they know they’re moving a few things or cleaning out a hoarder type situation. They just want to make sure you have the right amount of work force and the truck space.

For the big jobs, Junk King is happy to send more help but typically, they are taken care of with the standard two-man moving team. This is the crew who is going to do all the work for them and they mean that quite literally. Clearing out the shed could get a bit  dirty but your hands will remain clean with Junk King on the job.

Along with all the junk from your shed, you can also have the crew load up any item from the inside of your home. Remember, you have a moving team at your disposal. Think of how much more room you can create when you’ve gotten rid of all that old furniture and stuff from the closet. Clearing out your shed and home of clutter is simple: Just call Junk King Seattle. Done.

Is Your Guestroom Ready For Holiday Visitors?

Are you inviting out of town visitors over for a holiday stay? Whether they are friends or family, you want to make them feel welcome. It can actually be fun pulling the room together and making into your version of a quaint bed and breakfast inn. Here are some great ideas to help get your guestroom ready for holiday visitors:


Spend the Night

It might seem odd that you should spend the night in your own guestroom but it is really the best way to tell if the bed, sheets, blankets and pillows are comfortable. If you can have a good night’s rest, then your guests will be fine, too.

Add Details

Little details in the guestroom can put a smile on your holiday visitors. Think about touches like fresh flowers, a fruit basket and some bottle water… just like a four-star hotel! You should also print out your home’s Wi-Fi password so it is handy. For the bathroom, you can offer up slippers, a bathrobe (nobody packs those!) and fluffy towels. A small basket with shampoo, soap and lotion is travel size bottles is also a nice touch.

Plan Activities

You are going to be playing tour guide for your guests. If you can’t spare the time off from work, consider hiring a car with a driver for the day to show them around town. That way you won’t have to worry about them getting lost or dinging up your car. It might help to also provide your guests with a spare key so they can be free to come and go.

Clear Out Rubbish

You certainly don’t want your holiday guests to be surrounded by junk in that guestroom. Take this opportunity to finally get rid of all the old furniture, clothes and other items you’ve stashed in there. One call to Junk King Seattle can take care of that. They’ll send over a team of workers who will do all kinds of lifting and loading. Your only job will be to point to what you want taken away. Getting your guestroom ready for holiday visitors starts with a junk removal session with Junk King Seattle.

Important Recycling Facts You Should Know

How much do you know about recycling? You don’t need to become an expert on environmental policy to know that recycling is a benefit for everyone. Not only is it helpful to the environment but it also saves companies money on their bottom line. We all recycle the easy stuff like soda cans, water bottles and newspapers. But there’s a lot more that we could be recycling. Here are some things you should think about when it comes to expanding your own recycling opportunities:


Cardboard is a big recycling item. When cardboard gets recycled it only takes up 75% of the energy needed to make new cardboard. One ton of recycled cardboard can save up to 46 gallons of oil. Over 90% of every product shipped in the US comes in it cardboard box. That adds up to 400,000,000,000 square feet of cardboard.

What about food waste? All your organic food scraps can be used for compost and maybe even sold back to farmers as a food source for their animals. Almost half the food in the US goes to waste. That breaks down to around 3,000 pounds per second. All total, food scraps make up around 12% of municipal solid waste generated across the country.

What about e-waste? Recent studies have found that 1.8 million tons of e-waste ended up in landfills. That translates into a just around 2% of the total way stream in the US. Many states have created mandatory collection and recycling programs for electronics. A lot of folks recognize that e-waste should be tossed out into the trash but it’s not convenient to find a drop-off site. What happens then is that those old computers, televisions and other devices end up getting shoved into a closet or out into the garage. A better approach would be to turn it over to Junk King Seattle. This is a company that has been recycling what they collect for over 12 years. All the crews working for Junk King have been trained to identify those items that can be donated or recycled. Those drop-offs become part of their weekly routine. You won’t find a better junk recycling partner then Junk King Seattle.

Make Your Holiday Merry And Junk Free

The quest for the perfect holiday has begun. We all want things to be nice without complications. Sometimes things out of our control get in the way like bad weather or running out of the toy you’re meant to buy for Santa. With the right amount of planning, you can always pull off a perfect holiday but you don’t have to do it alone. The family will always pitch in. As for getting rid of your unwanted junk, all the help you need can be found with a call to Junk King Seattle.


Junk King Seattle crews pretty much work from sun up to sun down. They could make several pickups in the course of a single day. It could also mean they’re making several drop offs back at the depot of all the stuff. Everything that Junk King Seattle collects needs to be sorted to determine where it will “land” for its final destination. Some items could be dropped off at a charity while others are earmarked for the nearest recycling center. Once the truck is empty, it is back on the road for the Junk King crew.

Because the crews are always in operation, you might be able to land a same day pickup. If you would prefer to schedule Junk King for the weekend, then that won’t be a problem. They understand how busy things can get for the holidays so it’s all about your schedule that works for Junk King.

As for what you can turn over to them, that is entirely up to you. You can give them old furniture, busted air conditioner and even a water heater that has been replaced. It is all going to be loaded onto the truck without your lifting a finger.

The cost for Junk King Seattle’s service will be arrived at once the crew has had a chance to look over all the things you want to get rid of. They’ll be sizing up how all that stuff is going to fit on their truck and they’ve got a lot of experience with packing p that truck. Junk King Seattle is standing by to make your holidays totally junk free.

Regular Junk Removal Sessions = A Business Free Of Clutter

Are you preparing any special promotions for holiday shopping season? It’s hard to imagine any business that doesn’t take advantage of the influx of potential new customers. In fact, there many businesses that depend on holiday shopping season to keep them afloat throughout the year. The goal is to attract new customers during the holiday that may come back after the New Year. The best approach to that is to make sure that your staff is friendly, you’re fully stocked and your business is free of clutter. That’s a lot to take on but thankfully, there’s help especially with the clutter. You might want to think about setting up regular junk removal sessions with Junk King Seattle to take care of that task.


Junk King Seattle will provide you with a kind of satellite work crew. This will be a two-man moving team that will be assigned for your regular pickups. It’s a team that works fast and is very friendly. All you need to do is show them the things you want taken away and they will be gone in a matter of minutes. This is also something you can delegate to your staff to supervise. The Junk King crews don’t need a lot of instructions.

They also understand how important it is not to disrupt your business. That’s why they will always work around your schedule. If it’s more convenient to show up after hours or before the day begins, then that’s what you can arrange. Because you are going to set up regular appointments, Junk King can make it a priority. You could be the first pickup of the day.

Everything that you’re tossing out will also have the opportunity to be recycled. Junk King Seattle has always operated with an eco-friendly disposal philosophy. The never want to see anything go to a landfill. Even if dropping off to a charity or recycling facility takes them out the way, then they will happily go the extra mile. Once you get into the routine of regular appointments with Junk King Seattle, you’ll hardly notice them at all. What you will notice is that you never have a backup of rubbish. Make sure your business is always junk free with regular appointments from Junk King Seattle.

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