Seattle Junk Recycling

Alaska is preparing to send tons of trash to Seattle but that’s a good thing. A massive cleanup effort is underway in Alaska as crews make their way around the state’s extensive shorelines and tiny islands to collect debris that has washed ashore. Most of this rubbish can be traced back to the tsunami that struck Japan back in 2011. Yes, it took over four years for that trash to finally complete its transpacific journey. Now that it has landed, it can be collected and recycled. That’s where Seattle comes into play.


Thanks to the robust recycling program offered by Seattle, there are several facilities who can take on the extra material. After being collected from the coastline, the garbage is transported by dump truck to a barge. That barge then makes its way to Seattle and unloaded. It won’t be long before those tons of trash will find their way back into world as recyclable materials. That’s a very good thing indeed.

All of this talk of recycling tsunami trash should inspire you to step up your own recycling efforts. When it comes to junk recycling, things aren’t as complicated as bringing trash from Alaska. Here all you have to do is call Junk King and they’ll take care of everything.

Junk recycling with Junk King starts with the hardworking moving crew who will be assigned your junk removal job. This is the team who will be doing all the heavy lifting. They will also be on the lookout for those pieces that can be put into the “recycle cycle.” The easy picks are things like e-waste, scrap metal and construction waste. Those all have a specific recycling center that will accept those materials. When it comes to items like useable furniture, clothes, toys, books and other household items, Junk King can find a new home for that at a local charity. There are many organizations that help families all over Seattle strictly by donations. Your junk never goes to waste with Junk King on the job!

The best part of this service is that it’s not going to cost you any extra. Junk recycling is included in Junk King’s low price. The fees are based on volume not weight. It all comes down to how much space your junk will take up on the back of the truck. Give Junk King a call today and find out how easy it junk recycling can happen at your home.