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Monthly Archives: March 2018

Where To Find Reliable Junk Clearing In Tukwila

Bears need to eat. In fact, they need to knock back around 3,000 calories a day just to survive. That means they’re always on the prowl for something to snack on. The obvious target is a trashcan that is ripe with delicious scents. Bears have also been known to go for a bird feeder, too. Have you ever spotted a bear in Tukwila? It is probably something you’re better off avoiding! To make sure the bears aren’t coming around your home, you’ll want to keep your garbage cans sealed. If you can keep them in the garage until garbage pickup day, then even better. In fact, you should keep you entire property clear of rubbish to avoid attracting all kinds of critters and bugs looking for a nest. Is that too big of a job? It won’t be if you hire Junk King Seattle to help out.


If you ask the Junk King crew about their bear stories, they’re sure to have a few. That’s because they’re always working throughout Tukwila and the rest of Seattle. The crews are up early and back late so the chances of running across a grizzly are high! The fact that they’re always on the road can be an added benefit for you for a potential same day pickup appointment.

When you call into Junk King you’ll be asked to provide a general sense of how much you’re getting rid of. This will let the drivers know how much space they have open on a truck. If that truck is near your home, then it can swing by for the pickup. Otherwise, you can expect that most sessions are handled by the next day. If you need more sorting time, then you can lock in the first appointment for Saturday morning. Junk King is all about making this process easy for you.

Always remember that Junk King picks up from inside and outside of the house. Most of their junk removal involves things like furniture, appliances and electronics. But the crews have also taken down the occasional backyard shed or hot tub. Nothing is too big or too small for Junk King to handle. If you want fast and reliable junk clearing in Tukwila, then you want to work with Junk King.

Spring Break Fun In Seattle

Many college students are heading out of town for a little beach fun for their spring break. That’s probably a good reason to avoid those beach destinations! For everyone staying behind, Seattle has a lot to offer in the way of spring break fun. These are all terrific one-day adventures that can fill up a weekend or the whole week. Here’s where to take your family on spring break in Seattle:


Chocolate Indulgence Tour

You might not be able to tour Will Wonka’s Chocolate Factory but this tour comes pretty close and it’s geared for kids. Local guides will take you on a walking through the sweet shops in and around Pike Place Market. You’ll be able to sample all things chocolate from cheesecake to cupcakes.

Seattle Foot Kid’s Tour

The day after all that chocolate is a good day to go on another walking tour. This one has a child’s interests in mind. They can make art at the Seattle Art Museum, learn about skyscrapers and spend time at the Seattle Public Library. All the while, the informative guides will share trivia and history about Seattle.

Seattle Aquarium

As aquariums go, this one is one the smaller scale but that makes it perfect for a quick visit if you’re spending the day at the waterfront. There is plenty of marine life to see and interact with. Find out when feeding time is and you might catch the scuba divers delivering snacks to all the life under the sea.

The Museum of Flight

This is a great museum for all ages. You’ll be able to trace the history of flight and get a look inside a Concorde, the first 747 ever built, the original Air Force One and fighters, bombers. The kids will have a blast in the flight simulators. It might even be enough to inspire them to become a pilot some day!

Before you head out on any of those Seattle adventures, you’ll want to take care of the chores back at home. It’s never fun to come home to a house full of junk. That’s where Junk King Seattle comes into play. You’ll have two movers and a huge truck standing by to help you get rid of any unwanted thing in your home. Are you ready to clear out your garage and closets from all that clutter? Then you’re ready to put Junk King Seattle to work today.

Junk King Seattle Is Looking For Ways To Help You Get The Best Junk Removal Service

Junk King Seattle is always looking for ways to improve. Our commitment to value, effort and superior service shows through in all the services we provide. The company was formed by two like-minded friends who wanted to recycle more junk than the competition.

Of course, that meant they had to start the company by looking for ways to be the best.

Junk King Seattle has grown over the years and today has locations in Canada and the US. However, they’ve stayed close to the original roots. They are always looking for different ways to add your name to their ever-expanding list of clients.

Here’s a few of the ways they’ve been doing that for years now.

Looking after your yard waste

Being ecofriendly also means being helpful. Junk King can help when an unexpected storm has brought a tree down and scattered branches through your yard. There’s no need to be worried about making a mess with a gardening project when you’ve got their contact address handy.

Junk King Seattle is proud of the fact take an active part in making your yard look great.

E-Waste Disposal

They are also committed to making sure all your old electronics get to the right place. It is important that a good portion of these old electronics don’t wind up in landfill. Making sure that you don’t lose any personal data is critical too. That’s why they suggest you back it up before you turn any of your old gadgets over to them. An external drive works wonders.

All you need to do to start the process is get in touch. They’ll phone 15 minutes before they arrive and give you a quote once they reach your location. Once a price is agreed on, Junk King Seattle will take away your old electronics as well as any other appliances and furniture you want removed.

Junk King Seattle has been part of the number one rated junk removal service in America for quite some time. They recycle up to 60% of everything that they take away. The company commitment is to the climate and their valued customers at the same time.

Here’s a simple way for you to reduce the level of e-waste. When you start shopping for those new electronics, why not bring a bag from home so you don’t need to purchase a plastic one?

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