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The Benefits of Using Junk King for Your Junk Removal Needs in St. Paul

The Benefits of Using Junk King for Your Junk Removal Needs in St. Paul

2023-04-06 13:31:45

How much junk do you have around your house? Is your basement so full you can’t really get into it? Are your closets about to burst? How easy is it to park your car in the garage? These are all places junk gathers. Even if you can get your vehicle into the garage or navigate through the basement, you may still have some junk there that needs to go. What do you do with this stuff?

You do have a few options. St. Paul’s city bulk trash services can sometimes be the solution, but there are limits to what they will take. You also have to wait until bulk trash pickup day comes around. That means you’ll have to hold on to the junk until then. Another option is to take the stuff to the landfill yourself, but that’s a lot of work, too. Instead, just reach out to Junk King of St. Paul. Our crew is here to help you with everything from getting old appliances out of your home to disassembling busted hot tubs and loading them up.

Why should you work with Junk King St. Paul? Here are many of the benefits we provide.

Full Service CTA

We Do the Heavy Lifting

One of the biggest downsides of using the city bulk trash service is that you’re at the whims of their schedule. Do you really want to have old furniture or appliances taking up space for several weeks or even a month? That can be annoying. If you forget to haul that junk out to the curb, you’ll have to wait until the next pickup date.

If you live by yourself, you may also have to get help if you can’t get the furniture, appliances, or other things down to the curb. If you’re not able to move these heavy things on your own and can’t easily find help, using the bulk trash service may not even be an option.

With Junk King, that’s not an issue. We do all of the heavy lifting. All you need to do is show us what you want us to take. You don’t have to move it at all. We can get that old refrigerator, dresser, sofa, or whatever else you want us to take no matter where it is. We will carefully get these things out of your home and load them up. It’s that simple. This is why many elderly people and those who live alone work with Junk King. We make junk hauling easy.

Junk is Gone when You Want it Gone

Another benefit Junk King has over the city bulk trash service is that you don’t have to wait for a specific day. We will get rid of junk right away or when it’s most convenient for you. We’ll work with your schedule. Whether you want us to come as soon as possible, need an afternoon pickup, or have any other specific time restrictions, just let us know. We will do everything

possible to make junk removal convenient.

When you arrange services with some companies, they may give you something like an eight-hour window or simply tell you their crew will be there on a certain date. When? They won’t give you a time. Junk King is different. We do jobs in two-hour blocks, so you won’t be waiting around all day. We will also give you a call 15 minutes before we arrive, giving you time to wrap up anything you’re doing. If there’s any kind of emergency that will prevent us from making it during the timeframe you’ve selected, we will let you know as soon as possible.

Our Junk Hauling Service Takes Nearly Everything

The city trash service and many other junk hauling companies have specific limits on what they will take. You may not be able to put any sort of construction debris in your trash bins, for example, or put out any of this type of trash for bulk pickup. What can you do with it? Call Junk King. Our crew can haul off just about anything. For safety reasons, we can’t deal with anything that’s classified as hazardous waste. Other than that, everything else is fair game. We can haul away furniture, old appliances, broken hot tubs, DIY construction debris, storm debris, and much more. Give us a call the next time a winter storm hits your area of Minnesota—we’ll be there to help you get rid of all those downed tree limbs and other junk.

We do more than take stuff inside your home, too. Have you decided that old gazebo needs to go, or do you have a shed that’s about to fall down? We can take care of these structures for you. Junk King demos sheds, gazebos, fences, and other backyard buildings. After we tear it down, we will load up the debris and get rid of it. We’ll even take away your entire fence if it needs replacing. It doesn’t matter how big or how small the job is—we’re here for all of your junk removal needs.

There’s No Need to Go to the Landfill

If you try to haul away all the junk you have at home yourself, you face a few different challenges. First, you have to have a vehicle large enough to haul furniture, appliances, and other debris. If you don’t own such a vehicle, you’ll have to borrow or rent one. Do you know anyone who has a truck and is willing to help you haul stuff to the dump? If not, you may end up renting a truck, and that is going to cost money. You then have to be very careful you don’t scratch up the truck bed or do any damage to the back window.

Second, you have the same problem you may have had when trying to move stuff to the curb: you’re going to need some help. Lifting up an old refrigerator or sectional sofa into a truck isn’t something everyone can do, especially by themselves. You’ll have to have help loading and unloading the truck. If you have to take several loads to the landfill, this quickly becomes an all-day project.

Junk King handles all the loading, and our trucks are large enough that we can do most jobs in one load. If you’re cleaning out an entire house, we can deal with that, too. We may have to bring in a second crew and another truck, but that’s no problem.

There’s No Need to Go to the Landfill

There Are No Hidden Fees

When you reach out to Junk King St. Paul for an estimate, we will include every potential fee and charge. You’ll know the maximum amount the job will cost. In some cases, it may cost less. If we do the quote over the phone or online, we will try to be as accurate as possible. However, some large jobs do require an in-person evaluation. We always do a final in-person quote for every job, even if we’ve already given you an estimate, because we want you to have the most accurate information possible. We will answer any questions you have about the cost and walk you through all the numbers before we start.

We Keep Junk Out of the Landfill

Landfills are beginning to run out of space. Even those that compact their garbage don’t have room for infinite amounts of trash. What happens when a landfill is full? There are a few options, but one thing almost always happens: another section of land is selected for garbage. Land isn’t infinite either, so we can’t keep doing that forever. There’s also the issue of what the junk in old landfills is doing to the soil and water.

That’s why Junk King St. Paul is dedicated to finding other solutions to garbage. The first step we take to accomplish this is to pull out whatever junk you’ve given us that’s not actually junk at all. Some people replace their furniture, but the old sofas, chairs, and other items are still usable. They may be scratched or have some stains on the fabric, but those in need can still make use of them. We will donate anything that can still be used to local organizations that help those who need assistance.

Our next step is to pull out recyclable materials. We work with various recycling plants in the area to ensure recyclable materials are given another life. We’ll even pull recyclable materials out of furniture and other items. Finally, whatever is leftover goes to an energy transfer station. Here, junk is used as fuel to generate more energy for homes and businesses in the area.

Want to Get Rid of Junk Today? Call Junk King St. Paul Now

Junk King is ready to help you reclaim your space, get rid of storm debris, or finally say goodbye to that old shed that’s been leaning over for years. Whether it’s one old chair or a whole house full of stuff, you can trust us to quickly and affordably haul away the junk that’s cluttering up your life. Call Junk King St. Paul today at 1-888-888-JUNK or send us a text to 1-737-888-5865 to learn more.

How Junk King Can Help Declutter Your Home and Simplify Your Life

How Junk King Can Help Declutter Your Home and Simplify Your Life

Minimalist living has become more and more popular. People are downsizing or even moving into tiny houses. Some of this is driven by finances—it’s much more difficult to buy a home today than it once was, but tiny homes continue to be affordable. While these small homes may be perfect for some, you don’t have to move into a 500-square-foot space to declutter and simplify your life. Many people aren’t looking to move, but they want to get rid of clutter and unnecessary things that they just don’t need anymore.

How can you accomplish this? There are a number of ways to simplify your life, and not all of it has to do with getting rid of stuff. While that’s certainly a part of decluttering your St. Paul home, it’s just the beginning of the process. Fortunately, you have help during this first step. Junk King is here to help you get rid of the things you don’t need so you can create a comfortable space to relax. Let’s look at some ways of decluttering your home and what Junk King can do for you.

Items We Take CTA

What Does it Mean to Declutter Your Home?

When people think of decluttering, they usually think about getting rid of knickknacks and other things that are purely decorative. They imagine rooms with very little in them other than furniture. While that’s certainly one option, it’s not the only way to define decluttering. Just because you don’t like clutter doesn’t mean you have to get rid of everything that’s purely decorative. You can still have photos, artwork, mementos, and other decorative items throughout your home. The goal of decluttering is to get rid of the things that you truly have no attachment to or have no use for.

For example, you may have a blender in your kitchen that you haven’t touched for years. Why do you still have it? Maybe you used it a few times years ago to make drinks for a party but haven’t needed it since then. That’s clutter, and you should let that blender go. Another example could be an art print you bought at a big box store years ago just because it was on sale and you wanted something to put on the wall. If you have no attachment to it and have purchased better art over the years, you don’t really need to keep it. This is especially true if that print hasn’t hung on the walls for years. It’s just taking up space in a closet or cabinet.

Clothing, toys, electronics, hobby tools, and yard equipment can all become clutter if you don’t use them regularly. Junk, of course, can also be clutter. If you don’t get rid of junk mail regularly, it’s going to clutter up the counter or coffee table.

How do you get this clutter under control? The first step is identifying it.

What Does it Mean to Declutter Your Home?

Where is Your Clutter?

What’s cluttering up your home? Figuring out where the clutter is will help you get rid of it. It could easily be in your kitchen cabinets, but it could also be in your closet or spilling out of your bookshelves or entertainment center. When most people think of cluttered houses, they picture stuff everywhere. That may be true in your case: you might need to declutter just about every part of your home, and that’s okay. Decluttering does typically involve going through each room and determining what needs to go.

Don’t forget to look outside your home, too. You might have clutter in your garage, in the shed, or elsewhere on your property. Even your car could be full of clutter. Check the basement and the attic, too. If you’re going to do a full declutter on your home, you might as well do every part of it so you can truly start with a fresh slate.

Note that decluttering doesn’t always mean getting rid of stuff. You should never throw away something that has sentimental meaning to you or that you’re deeply attached to, such as family heirlooms or thoughtful gifts. In some cases, decluttering is more about curating what items you have out on display and what you have in storage. It’s about learning how to decide what to use at any given time and how to rotate through items so you get to enjoy everything that has meaning to you without your home feeling cluttered.

Keep, Donate, or Trash?

Once you’ve identified cluttered areas, it’s time to decide what to do with the stuff. Anything broken should go into the trash pile. This is what you’ll want Junk King to come get rid of once you’re done sorting. We can haul away just about anything, so don’t hesitate to mark pieces of furniture or appliances as trash. The trash pile can also include things you know no one else will ever want. In fact, Junk King can actually help you out with things that are still in good condition, too, because we sort out items that can be donated or recycled.

If you do have things that are in good shape that you know others might get some use out of, set them aside to donate them. This includes items that you want to pass on to friends or family members. Let them know that you have things they may want and that they need to come and get them. Be sure to let them know that they need to do so soon because you’re decluttering your home. In some cases, it may help to set a date to have your donated items picked up. This way, you can tell your friends and family that they have until that date to come get things. Otherwise, the items will be donated.

Finally, there’s your keep pile. These are the things you don’t want to let go of. There’s no shame in having a large keep pile, and you shouldn’t feel like you have to reduce the number of things you’re keeping to a certain number. However, you should ask yourself why you’re keeping something. Make sure you have a reason why, especially if it’s not something you’ve used recently or have out on display. Be purposeful in what you keep.

Sort Items Into Keep, Donate, or Trash Piles

Keeping the Clutter Down

Decluttering your home isn’t the end of simplifying your life. You also need to make certain you don’t replace all of that clutter with new stuff. It can be an easy trap to fall into, especially since you may have a lot of empty drawers and cabinets.

In order to keep your home uncluttered, think about what you’re bringing into it. Ask yourself if you really need what you’re about to purchase. There are some things that you will need to buy, but there are other alternatives to some items. If you’re an avid reader, for example, you could turn to the library or start reading books on an e-reader. If you love sewing and had a lot of fabric you ended up donating, don’t buy more unless you have a specific project in mind for it. This should be a project you’re going to actually start and complete within a few weeks, too.

One of the many reasons people fall into clutter is because they find good deals that they feel like they simply can’t pass up. Buying things on sale can be a great financial decision, but you do need to be careful that you don’t impulsively buy things just because you can get a discount on them. That’s how you end up with things like a novelty waffle iron that you only used a few times.

Another way of continuing to keep your home decluttered is to deal with trash promptly. If something breaks that you can’t repair, get rid of it right away. Junk King can help with this. If you need to get rid of furniture, appliances, yard debris, or other things, call us. We work year-round, even when it’s snowing and cold out, so never hesitate to call for a free quote. We’ll haul away just about anything as long as it isn’t hazardous. If you ever have any doubt about what we can take, just give us a call or send us a message online. Don’t let clutter accumulate in your home, garage, shed, or any other space.

Get Started CTA

Ready to Declutter Your Home?

Dealing with the clutter in your home can take some work, but when you’re done, your home will feel larger, cleaner, and even brighter. Carefully curating what you keep while getting rid of trash and things you’ll never use can even have an impact on how you feel. You may be more productive at home or feel more relaxed because you’re not surrounded by stuff.

If you’re ready to declutter your home, Junk King St. Paul can help you deal with the trash. We will get rid of all the junk so you can create the simplified, organized life you’ve always wanted. Give us a call today at 1-888-888-JUNK or send us a text to 1-737-888-5865 to learn more.

8 Ways To Organize Your Home To Create More Usable Space Starting With Junk Removal

8 Ways To Organize Your Home To Create More Usable Space Starting With Junk Removal

Does it feel like you’re running out of space in your home? If you don’t have any more room for stuff, there are a few things that could be the problem. First, you may have too much junk. For whatever reason, many people do have old, useless stuff in their homes. This could be an old appliance or piece of furniture that got put in the garage but never disposed of, or it could be broken things that got shoved in a drawer instead of going in the trash. 

Even if it’s not broken, you may have things that you just don’t use any longer. These things take up space that you could use for things you actually want. Calling Junk King St. Paul can be a great way to deal with all of this stuff that you don’t need in your home.

There are a few other reasons why you may not have as much space as you would like. If you live in a small apartment or house, you may truly have run out of space. If you do a junk purge and still feel like the house is about to burst, it may be time to seriously consider upsizing. In some cases, though, some simple organization may be all that you need. Here are a few tips to help you with organizing your home and creating more usable space.

1. Gather Up Junk

The first step to organizing is to get rid of junk. This can include anything that’s broken, damaged, or is trash. Old junk mail, catalogs, and empty boxes definitely count as junk, as do broken chairs and that old microwave that doesn’t work any longer. There’s no need to keep these things, so they need to go. In some cases, like with junk mail and boxes, they can go in your city recycling bin. Other, small pieces of trash can go in your trash bin. 

What do you do with things like old mattresses and other large items? That’s where Junk King St. Paul comes in. Just let us know what you need to get rid of, and we will take care of the rest. We haul away old furniture, appliances, yard debris, DIY construction waste, and much more. In fact, as long as it doesn’t include hazardous waste, we can take it. Just call Junk King St. Paul to schedule a pickup. 

The First Step To Easy Junk Removal Is To Organize What You Want to Get Rid of

2. Donate or Sell What You Don’t Use

Next, take a look at the times that aren’t necessarily trash but that you simply don’t use. These things need to be sorted and either given away, donated, or sold. There are a few different ways you can determine if something falls into this category. The first is fairly easy: have you used the item within the last 12 months? If not, will you ever need it again? Likely not. There might be a few exceptions to this rule, but generally, anything you haven’t needed in the past year isn’t something you need to keep. Of course, this doesn’t apply to things like family heirlooms and other valuable items. 

Another organizational tool you can use here is Marie Kondo’s Konmari method. This method is useful for clothing, knick-knacks, and other items that may not have a practical use but that you’ve been keeping. It asks you to judge your emotional response to the object. If you pull out a sweater, ask yourself if it “sparks joy.” In other words, does seeing the sweater cause any positive feelings? If not, don’t keep it. This should help you remove anything in your home that you dislike or that causes negative emotions. Why keep something that makes you angry or that you feel embarrassed about? Again, there could be some exceptions. 

3. Get the Right Organizing Tools

Organizing takes more than just some trash bags. You need the right tools to help you organize each space. This could mean plastic storage bins for the garage, drawer organizers for the kitchen, and extra hanging rods for your closet. As you prepare to organize, look at the spaces that need the most work and find the right organizing method. With the right tools, you’ll find the process easier. Sometimes, adding something as simple as a belt organizer or tie rack can make a closet look much more organized. In other cases, you may need to add shelving or other types of storage to make an area really work. 

4. Think Through Your Layout

Sometimes organizing doesn’t mean moving small things around in the closet or in your kitchen cabinets. Sometimes, it means looking at the layout of your furniture. Could you move the sofa to the other wall and have more space? Does a room seem to lend itself to being laid out in one specific way, or could you play around with how you set it up? If you find that one room seems particularly tight, take a look at what furniture you have in that space and how it’s arranged. Sometimes, moving out one single chair or end table makes a world of difference. Other times, completely flipping how you’ve laid out a space makes it work a lot better.

5. Is Your Furniture Too Large?

Similarly, another organizational tip that has less to do with drawers and more to do with your furniture is to look at the size of things. You may love your king bed, but does it take up so much room in your bedroom that you can’t have end tables or easily access the closet? If so, that may be a bigger issue than clutter. A giant sectional could make your living room feel very cluttered and small when it really isn’t. Think about this before you start throwing things away because a room feels cluttered.

If Your Furniture Too Large It Could Make You House Feel Smaller

6. Is Everything in its Right Place?

This is a good organizing tip for the garage and other places where you tend to store things. Ask yourself if what you have stored in that space should really be there. For example, if you have a shed in addition to the garage, does it make sense to have any of your yard equipment in the garage? It might not. Those items should be moved to the shed. Likewise, should you keep your holiday decorations in the garage or in the attic or basement? If you can’t park your car in the garage, one of these other options is the better way to go.

This could even apply to your closet. Are you storing items other than clothing in the closet? If yes, could those items go elsewhere? If you tend to shove things wherever there’s free space, you may find that by moving them to their proper storage location, you do free up a lot of space where you really need it. 

7. Look for Ways to Incorporate Hidden Storage

Storage solutions don’t always have to take up a lot of space. In fact, some types of storage are designed to be hidden or to work without taking up a lot of space. You can replace your current ottoman with one with storage, for example. Storage bins designed to slide under your bed make that space usable, and they’re great for things like your out-of-season wardrobe. You can add storage that mounts to the ceiling in the garage, allowing you to use another area that is more often than not wasted. Look for as many ways as possible to incorporate storage that doesn’t take up a lot of space or isn’t that visible. 

8. Consider Making Digital Copies of Items

Photographs, documents, and other physical items can take up a lot of space. One solution to making these items more manageable and freeing up space is to make digital copies and then recycle the originals if they’re no longer needed. It can also be a great way of sharing these things. If you have a lot of old family photos, scan them and then put them online so your relatives can see them. This way, everyone can share in the memories for years to come. 

Ready to Call Junk King St. Paul and Get the Process Started?

Organizing your home can’t really start until you have gotten rid of all the junk. That’s step one, and it’s where Junk King St. Paul can help. We take just about everythingfurniture, appliances, electronics, yard debris, and more. As long as it isn’t classified as hazardous waste, we can haul it away. 

We won’t just trash everything, either. We believe in recycling and donating. If you have furniture that’s still in good shape or appliances that still work, we will pass them along to a local organization that will get them to those in need. After pulling out items that can be donated, we will set aside anything that can be recycled and get it to the correct facility.

Want to know more or get a free, no-obligation estimate? Give us a call at 1-888-888-JUNK or send a text to 1-737-888-5865.

Resolve to Declutter Your Home in the New Year

Resolve to Declutter Your Home in the New Year


It’s hard to believe that another year is about to come to a close. It may seem like spring was just here, and now winter is coming on. While holiday plans and preparations may be consuming your life right now, it doesn’t hurt to start thinking about next year. When January rolls around, there are a number of things you’ll need to do. Your kids will be going back to school, you may have new projects at work, and you have to make sure you have all of your tax documents ready to go.

There’s something else you may want to do in the new year: declutter your home. Many people make New Year’s resolutions to get in shape or eat better, but if your house is disorganized, it may be time to resolve to clean it up. Living in a clean, organized home has been proven to positively affect your mood, plus it makes it much easier to find things. Let’s take a look at what a New Year’s resolution to declutter entails and how Junk King St. Paul can help you achieve your goals.

Do an Inventory of Your Home

The first step in decluttering is to know what spaces need to be better organized. Where is the clutter, and what do you need to do about it? In some cases, the solution is simply to straighten things up. For example, if you have a lot of papers, files, and other things spread out across your home office, straightening them up and placing them in their correct places is all that you really need to do. There’s likely not much to get rid of there.

On the other hand, your basement may have some boxes you haven’t opened in years. What’s in them, and do you still need it? That’s the big question, so you’ll want to sort through those things. You may determine that you do want to keep what’s in those boxes. They may contain old family heirlooms and other treasures you don’t necessarily need on a daily basis but won’t part with. In that case, you may want to organize them better. You may want to invest in some plastic storage bins that you can clearly label so you know what’s what.

One of the biggest reasons junk tends to collect in homes is because it becomes invisible. If you don’t know what’s in a box, closet, cabinet, or other space, you don’t know if it’s trash or not. Labeling boxes or assigning certain drawers or cabinets for specific things is the best way to avoid this. The other reason junk accumulates is because of a lack of organization. You may shove as much as you can into a closet without really considering how you’re storing it. This can result in things that should go together being stored in multiple places, which isn’t helpful.

Make a Plan

Now that you know what areas of your home need to be touched, you can make a plan. It might be too much to try to organize and declutter your entire house from top to bottom in a single day. It could even be too much for a single weekend. That’s okay. In fact, that may actually be the best way to tackle your home since it gives you time to recharge in between rooms.

The first step is to decide how much cleaning you can realistically do at a time. This may be one room, or it may be part of a room. This can vary from room to room, too. For example, in the bedroom, your closet may need a dedicated cleaning session, while you may be able to do the entire dining room in an hour. Don’t plan by room or by hour but by how much stuff you have to sort through. Some spaces, like the attic, might need a couple of days if it’s full.

Once you’ve got your zones defined, consider what tools you need. This doesn’t necessarily mean brooms or mops—those are for daily maintenance cleaning. Instead, think about bins, storage boxes, labels, hangers, and other things that will help you organize. You may need to do a few shopping trips to get these items before you can start cleaning.

Consider Installing an Organization System

Depending on the space you’re organizing, simply putting things into labeled bins may not be the right approach. Organizing the garage, for example, may be better done by using pegboards or a rolling tool chest. Your home office may need a filing cabinet or a set of trays for project organization. Your closet may need a new system of drawers, open shelving, and hanging rods for clothing.

Think about the best way of organizing each space, and remember that what works in one room may not work in another. Likewise, a system that works for others may not be the right one for you. You’ll want to organize in a way that makes sense to you and helps you find things easily. Some people may find it best to have cabinets so they can tuck everything away and close the doors. Others may fill those cabinets with all sorts of junk. For them, open shelving is better because they can always see what they have. It all depends on what works best for you.

Pick an Organization Strategy

There are several different organizational strategies out there that you can use. Many people use the three-pile system. This means that each item you pick up has to go in one of three piles: keep, donate, or trash. While the keep pile is likely to be the largest, you may find that you have more things you can donate than you thought.

Another approach is the one-year rule. If you haven’t used an item within the past year, do you really need to keep it? There are some exclusions to this rule, but it’s not a bad way of sorting through things, especially clothing. You might give a pass to your heavy winter coat if the past winter was fairly mild, but on the whole, do you really want to keep clothing you haven’t worn in an entire year?

The Marie Kondo method of sparking joy is another option. If you don’t get joy from something, why keep it? Again, this may not apply to everything. Your cheese grater may not spark joy, for example, but it may be a kitchen tool you do need every now and then. Some other items, especially items you’ve inherited from family members who have passed, may spark a number of emotions rather than pure joy, but they’re still items you will want to keep.

Regardless of which approach you use, Junk King St. Paul is here to help you deal with anything in your trash pile or that you’ve determined does not bring you joy. We make the entire process easy so you can focus on organizing what you are keeping.

What Will Junk King St. Paul Do to Help with the Decluttering?

Junk King St. Paul is a full-serve junk hauling company. This means we will do everything from getting the junk out of your home to dropping it at the landfill or other destination. You don’t have to do anything other than tell us what you want us to take. We handle just about everything, too. From furniture to appliances, hot tubs to yard waste, it can go in our truck. The only thing we have to decline is hazardous waste due to the safety issues surrounding its disposal.

Our process is very simple. First, you reach out to us for a free, no-obligation quote. You can do this over the phone, via text, or through our website. The more detail you can provide on what you need us to haul away, the more accurate our quote will be. In some cases, we will need to do an in-person estimate. That usually happens if you have a large project or unusual items you need us to take. We will always do a final in-person quote when we arrive regardless of what method you did first just so we can make certain there’s nothing unexpected.

While our traditional full-service crew will come into your home to quickly and safely remove the junk, we do offer a no-contact junk removal option. For this, you will need to move the trash out to the curb, driveway, or other area. Then we will pick the junk up from there. You don’t even need to be home, and all payment arrangements can be made over the phone.

Contact Junk King Today for Your Quote

If you’ve made your New Year’s resolution to declutter your home, there’s no time like the present to get started! There’s no harm in getting a little head start, even if it’s just in planning out what areas of your home need to be organized. You can also learn more about junk removal services and what Junk King St. Paul can do for you. Call us today at 1-888-888-JUNK (5865) or send us a text to 1-737-888-5865.

Tips to Eliminate Slip and Fall Injuries when Removing Appliances this Fall

The fall brings with it a number of hazards. These hazards can result in injuries if you’re not careful. When trying to move heavy objects like appliances, the risk of injury greatly increases. If you were to slip on a damp sidewalk, you may break your fall and walk away with just a few bruises. If you slip while also trying to maneuver an old refrigerator out of your home, the appliance could fall on you. This can lead to cuts, fractures, broken bones, and other, more severe injuries.

If you know you’ll be dealing with old appliances this fall; you need to be aware of the risks you face and how to stop them. Here at Junk King St. Paul, our crews are very familiar with working in unfavorable weather conditions and in recognizing safety hazards. Here are some of the tips we use regularly to avoid slip and fall injuries.


Why Are Slip and Fall Injuries Dangerous?

Slip and fall accidents are one of those situations that can range from fairly minor to very severe. You may have slipped and fallen in the past, only to get up with a few bumps and bruises. Sometimes that’s the case, but other times, it’s not. Some people slip, fall, and fracture or break bones. Severe slips and falls can put you in the hospital and result in long recovery times. 

Another reason why this type of injury is dangerous is that it’s both unexpected and can occur anywhere. You can slip and fall getting out of the shower, walking down the sidewalk, or going upstairs, and really in any other situation where you’re walking somewhere. Your risk of slipping and falling increases when you’re walking on ice, a damp surface, or even a very slick floor. Certain footwear may also make it easier to slip. 

Fortunately, by being aware of your surroundings, you can reduce the risk of slipping and falling. While it can still happen, you can avoid a lot of situations where you could slip and fall simply by watching where you walk and paying attention to potential hazards. 


What Can You Do to Reduce the Risk of Accidents While Moving Appliances?

What can you do if you want to avoid injuries while removing appliances? While there will always be a small chance that an accident will occur, there are some things you can address. Here are some of the top causes of slip and fall accidents during the fall and what you can do to address them.


Clean Your Porch, Sidewalk, and Drive Before Moving Heavy ItemsClean Your Porch, Sidewalk, and Drive Before Moving Heavy Items

Before you load up the appliance on a dolly or call a friend over to help you lift it, you need to do some cleaning. Wet leaves can create a slipping hazard, so be sure you sweep them all off the sidewalk. In fact, if it’s damp at all, you will want to take it slow and be incredibly cautious, so you don’t get hurt. If possible, avoid moving anything heavy while the sidewalk is wet because you can slip more easily. This is especially true if you must go down a few stairs to get off your porch. You could easily slip, fall, and end up with the appliance on top of you.

Even if it hasn’t been raining, be sure to take a look at the route you’re going to be using to move the appliance out. Move any pots, planters, kid’s toys, bikes, etc., that are near the path out of the way. While you may plan to perfectly follow your sidewalk or other paths, always leave space on either side just in case you end up veering to one side or the other while removing appliances.

If you end up with several large bags of leaves, don’t worry about throwing them in the trash. Junk King St. Paul can pick them up when we come to help with removing appliances, furniture, and other junk. Set them aside and let us know that you’ve got a few trash bags to go with your other items.


Small Branches, Twigs, and Rocks Can Also be a Hazard

Two-wheeled dollies can be incredibly helpful when moving bulky appliances such as refrigerators. Once the appliance is on the dolly, you must tip it slightly and roll it away. You do have to make certain the dolly doesn’t slip out of your hands or get unbalanced. If it does, the appliance could fall off or, worse, fall back onto you. 

Another concern with dollies that you may not think about involves the wheels. If a small branch happens to get stuck in the wheel, it can cause you to lose control. Rocks and even small pebbles can also be an issue. You need to be careful when you’re rolling a dolly over the grass, rocky area, or uneven pavement. Look over the route you plan on taking first and remove anything that could cause the wheels to get stuck. 

Even if you’re not using a dolly, you should check for any tripping hazards before moving stuff. This includes inside the house. You don’t want to stop on a toy or other item and fall before you even make it to the front door. 


Have Your Children and Pets Stay Out of the Way

Whether inside or outside, you need to ensure your pets and your children don’t get in the way. You may need to shut your pets in another room while you’re moving the appliance and have someone watch any young children. This is true outdoors as well. While you may trust that your kids or pets won’t interfere, you never know for certain what could happen. Your dog might see another animal and take off running, bumping into you and causing you to drop whatever you’re moving. Always take precautions. 

If possible, it can be helpful to have someone who isn’t involved with removing appliances from your home serve as an observer. They can help ensure you’re lined up with the door and ready to step up or down when you reach the stairs. They can also stop any kids or animals from getting too close to you. 


Leave the Heavy Lifting to the ProfessionalsLeave the Heavy Lifting to the Professionals

The easiest way to deal with getting rid of large appliances during the fall, or any time of the year, is to call on Junk King St. Paul. Our team knows how to safely remove junk during all types of weather. We will aid with removing appliances, including refrigerators, ovens, cooktops, washing machines, dryers, and more. We’re a one-stop junk hauling service, which means we take much more. Furniture, electronics, hot tubs, mattresses, yard waste…the list goes on and on. The only thing we cannot deal with is hazardous waste. For our safety, we have to leave that to those who are trained in hazardous waste disposal. 


Why Use Junk King St. Paul?

In addition to hauling off multiple types of junk, there are a few reasons you should turn to us for bulk waste disposal needs. First, we do it all. All you have to do is show us what junk you want us to haul away. We will maneuver it out of your home, down the sidewalk, and into our truck. You don’t need to get it out to the curb or even move it to the front door. 

You also don’t have to have a truck, dolly, or any other equipment. You’re not going to the landfill, meaning there’s no need to figure out where your local landfill is or pay the dumping fees. Everything is as easy as it can be when you work with Junk King.

We provide a free, no-obligation estimate for every job. It’s very easy to get one of these quotes, too. You can call us, text us information, use our online pricing tool, or require an in-person estimate. With so many different options, you’re sure to find one that fits your needs and schedule. Our quotes include all costs and fees, too, so you’ll never get hit with a huge bill with tons of hidden charges at the end. 

Finally, another great reason to partner with Junk King is that we donate and recycle as much as we can. If it’s still useful, we’ll get it to an organization that will pass it on to those in need. If it’s recyclable, it goes to one of our local recycling partners. In the end, as much as 60 to 70 percent of every truckload is redirected away from the landfill. 


Call Junk King Today For Help!

Don’t risk removing appliances and large, heavy junk from your home alone. Let Junk King’s team of experts do all the hard work instead. Call us today at 1-888-888-JUNK or text us at 1-737-888-5865. 

How Junk King’s Yard Waste Removal Is Helping St. Paul get Ready for Halloween

The first day of fall is almost here; after that, it’s not too long before Halloween. If you’re someone who loves Halloween more than any other holiday, you may already be planning your costume and décor for this year. After the last few years of the pandemic-affected parties and other events, things are looking a little brighter this year. Now’s the time to make your triumphant spooky return to Halloween with an amazing costume and decorations that put every other house on the block to shame.

Need some help creating the ultimate haunted house or trick-or-treat destination? Here are a few tips to transform your normal St. Paul home into the Halloween house of your dreams (or nightmares?).


Theme or No Theme?Come On St. Paul - Theme or No Theme

One of the first decisions to make is whether you’re going for a specific theme or if you’re simply celebrating Halloween with some of the classics like witches, bats, pumpkins, and skeletons. There are a lot of themes out there, including famous Halloween movies. You could transform the front of your home into a haunted house by adding silhouettes to each window or create a scene in the front yard. If you have the time and skills, you could create an entire cemetery in your yard with multiple tombstones and other spooky accessories.

You can go all-out with the décor or keep it more traditional with pumpkins, scarecrows, and a few other basic items. There’s no right or wrong way to decorate for Halloween. Some people even get really creative and decorate the front of their home to match their costumes so they provide a true experience for their guests.


Inflatables Make Your Home Stand Out

One way to ensure your house gets noticed is by bringing in a large inflatable. These ghosts, ghouls, and other creatures can be purchased at many different stores. Just plug in the air compressor, turn it on, and watch the large inflatable come to life. Some of these decorations are on the small side, but others stand ten feet tall or more.

A whole yard-full of air-filled monsters could look amazing, especially if you go with a theme. You’ll find classic Halloween inflatables like pumpkins, skeletons, and ghosts, but there are also many character inflatables. If you love the movie The Nightmare Before Christmas, you can find inflatables of those characters and recreate your favorite scene. There are also whimsical inflatables like cute cats wearing witch hats or fun fantasy creatures like dragons.

Make sure your yard is cleaned up before you set these up—while they are made of durable materials, a sharp stick could spell the end of your spooky friend. Junk King St. Paul can help you with all of your yard debris removal needs, including hauling off dead bushes, bags of leaves, tree limbs, and even entire trees.


If Going Big Isn’t for You, Focus on Your PorchIf Going Big Isn’t for You, Focus on Your Porch

If you don’t want to decorate your whole yard or don’t have much of a yard to decorate, keep your focus on the porch. It’s the star as far as trick or treating goes. There are many different ways to decorate your door, porch, and the walkway leading up to it. You can buy plastic door covers that make it look like a large spider web or monster face. Another option is to add a Halloween wreath. You can buy these, of course, but if you’re crafty, you can make your own using plastic spiders, bones, and other items from the dollar store.

While lights are usually reserved for Christmas, Halloween lights have become fairly popular in recent years. Orange and purple are two popular colors for Halloween lights, and adding a few strands of these around the posts on your porch will give visitors a little more light and add a bit of fun Halloween color to the space.

The rest of your porch décor depends on how large the space is and what you have to work with. A spooky welcome mat is a good addition to any home. If you have a porch swing, putting a skeleton or other spooky creator on it can be fun. Trick-or-treaters might even want to pose for photos on the swing if you make it really unique. Some fake spider webs in the corners, jack o’ lanterns on the steps, and other classic items can round out your porch décor.


Halloween Doesn’t Necessarily Mean Scary

While Halloween has traditionally been associated with the scary and creepy, it doesn’t have to be. There are plenty of cute Halloween decorations out there. You’ll find everything from adorable bats to Hello Kitty in a witch’s costume. If you love cute things, combine that love with your love of Halloween. Cute pumpkins, friendly skeletons, and a grim reaper in a bedazzled cloak will certainly stand out.

If you have a lot of little kids who trick or treat in your neighborhood, going extra spooky might be a bit much for them, but they’re sure to love your house that’s haunted by cuteness instead of creepiness. Let your Halloween décor reflect your personality and your vision of Halloween, even if it’s not traditional.


Don’t Forget the Rest of the House!

Many people who aren’t hosting a Halloween party only decorate the outside of the house because that’s all trick or treaters will see. Why stop there, though? Even if you don’t want to decorate your entire house, think about what people might see when you open the door. You could create a whole additional Halloween scene in your entry or front room for visitors to enjoy when they knock on your door. The spookiness doesn’t have to stop at your doorstep.

As we mentioned earlier, you can also put silhouettes, skeletons, and other figures up in your windows. All you need to do is backlight them with lamps so people can see them from the street. There’s a great DIY method to do this if you don’t want to spend a lot of money. Just get some black construction paper and cut out silhouettes of the figures and scenes you want. If you need some ideas, you can find templates online.


Preparing for HalloweenPreparing for Halloween

Before you can blow up the inflatables, plug in those purple lights, carve the pumpkins, and hang bats from the trees, there are a few things you may need to do to prepare for Halloween.

The first step is to take down any decorations you currently have out in the yard or on your house. You can’t do a fun Halloween theme if you have a bright, cheery wreath on your front door. You may also need to take down some other yard decorations just so you don’t end up with a yard that doesn’t look very cohesive.

Next, do any yard maintenance you need to do before you start decorating. You want to trim back the trees and bushes, weed your flowerbeds, and look into yard waste removal services before you decorate. Fortunately, since Halloween is in the fall, you shouldn’t need to mow or do a lot of maintenance while your decorations are up. Junk King can haul off all of this debris plus anything else you need to get rid of, including furniture and old appliances.

If you’re decorating inside, you may also need to take down some of your decorations or knickknacks to make room for your Halloween stuff. This can actually be a good time to switch some things up. You can rearrange your décor after Halloween if you haven’t done so in a while. It’s a good way of giving your home a fresh look.

You may need to power wash your porch if you haven’t cleaned it in a while, though if you’re going for the run-down haunted house look, you may want it to look like it hasn’t been cleaned! If you’re doing silhouettes in the windows, you’ll want to make sure the glass is clean so they can be seen.

If you plan on reusing some Halloween decorations from years past, be sure to pull them out and make sure they’re in good shape before you start decorating. You might find that you need to replace a few things, and it’s best to know that ahead of your planned decoration shopping trip. If you’re planning out a specific theme, you may want to buy all of your decorations at once so they all match. Realizing you have to replace something while you’re decorating may mean you can’t find a matching item, so it’s always best to check what you have first.


Junk King is Here to Help with Yard Waste Removal and More!

If you find old Halloween decorations that need to go in the trash or have a lot of yard waste that needs to be hauled away, Junk King St. Paul is here to help. We can haul off anything as long as it isn’t classified as hazardous waste. That includes furniture, appliances, yard waste, and much more. We’ll provide you with a free, no-obligation estimate before every job. To get an estimate or if you have any questions, give us a call at 1-888-888-JUNK (5865) or send us a text to 1-737-888-5865. You can also book online or send us a message through our website.

How Junk Removal Services Can Help With An Empty Nest!

How Junk Removal Services Can Help With An Empty Nest!

The last of your children have moved out. After you wave goodbye and shut the door, the quiet of your home settles around you. Finally, after almost two decades (or more than two decades, depending on your situation), the house is quiet. It’s just you and your spouse again, and you have all the space to yourself.

If you’re like many parents, this moment of serenity lasts all of about five minutes. After that, it hits you that all of your children are now out on their own. They have their own lives to live, and even if they didn’t move far, you won’t see them every day. It’s now just you and your spouse all day, every day. When was the last time that happened for an extended period of time? You may find that the two of you aren’t even sure how to act around each other without someone else in the house. 

Those are just a few of the changes you’ll experience and challenges you’ll face as an empty nester. Fortunately, while it is a change, it’s ultimately a good one. Your kids are gaining valuable life experience and are out there facing the world. Plus, they always know you’re just a phone call or text message away. It can be a sad time, but it’s also a happy one because now you get to watch your children live their amazing lives.

Oh, and you get to transform their old rooms into spaces for your hobbies, a home gym, a home theater, or whatever else you might want! Sure, you probably want to keep at least one as a guest room, but think of what you can do with the extra space you now have. You may need to pack up some stuff and store it in the attic or even call a junk removal service to get rid of some things, but in the end, you’ll have a room dedicated to whatever you want.

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Planning Your Empty Nest HousePlanning Your Empty Nest House

The first step in transforming your home for your empty nest stage is to decide what you want to do with the now-vacant spaces. If your kids are in college, you may not be able to go too crazy because they may be back during the holidays and over the summer. They will still need their room, so whatever changes you make shouldn’t prevent them from having a bed and their own space. 

If your kids are out of the house and likely won’t be living with you again, there are a few things to consider. First, how many rooms do you have to work with? If you have more than one child, did you transform their rooms as they left, or did you keep them like they were? If you took over their old spaces as they became available, you may already have a hobby room and guest room in place. If you didn’t, now you have all the spaces to play with. 

Once you decide what you want a room to be, it’s time to figure out what needs to stay and what needs to go. In some cases, you may want to take everything out of the room. In others, you may want to keep some of the furniture but get rid of the bed. It all depends on what you want to do with the space.

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What Do You Do with Your Kid’s Stuff?

Even if you’re not going to make major changes to the space, you probably do need to clean it up. Your child may have taken most of their stuff with them when they moved out, but some things may remain. For example, they may have upgraded to a larger bed or decided not to take all of their high school sports trophies with them. What do you do with this stuff? You have a few options.


Give it to Them

First, you can call up your kids and tell them to come get their stuff. This is perfect if they live nearby. If they don’t, you can always box it up and wait until they visit to give it to them. Even if they don’t want all of it, they can at least look through it and decide what they want to take. You may also decide that you want to keep a few sentimental items. 


Give it to Family or FriendsGive it to Family or Friends

If your kids don’t want all of their things, is there someone else who does? Maybe you have a sibling, cousin, or friend who needs a new bed for one of their kids. If your grown child still has a lot of their toys, they may want to give them to their younger siblings, cousins, or nieces/nephews. 


Donate it

If you can’t find anyone to take things, you can always donate them. There are various organizations that will take donations any time of the year. If you have clothing or toys, there are some specific charities who help children in need or who are with a single parent who has escaped an abusive household. 


Call a Junk Removal Team

What do you do with stuff that is broken or so old that it’s not really usable any longer? You need to get rid of it. The easiest solution to get rid of old furniture, broken appliances, and other trash is to call a junk removal service such as Junk King St. Paul. Junk King is a quick and convenient solution to junk of any sort, whether it’s from your kid’s old room, your basement, or your backyard shed. 

In fact, if you’re going to get rid of some stuff from your kid’s room, why not do a full house cleanout? Get rid of all your old, broken junk at once so you can take full advantage of the newly-free space in your home. There’s no point in storing broken things you’ll never use.

One thing to remember is that you don’t have to do any of this right away. If changing up one of your kid’s rooms doesn’t feel right, you can put it off. If you’re not ready to let go of their old bed or anything else, that’s okay. Becoming an empty nester involves a lot of emotions, so take your time to digest these feelings. When you’re ready, you can start cleaning out the space and making it into something new. For some parents, this emotional journey takes a couple of weeks and then they’re ready for that home movie theater! For others, though, it takes longer. Proceed at your own pace.

Heavy Lifting, Without Moving A Muscle

Some Things to Consider When Transforming a RoomSome Things to Consider When Transforming a Room

Now that you’ve got stuff out of the room, it’s time to transform it! Before you go all-out, though, here are a few things you may want to keep in mind:

If it’s your only spare room, you may want to have it double as a guest bedroom when you have overnight company. Consider putting a daybed or a sleeper sofa in the room. This ensures you have an extra bed when needed, but it also gives you more space in the room when you don’t need it. If you have a small home, this spare room may need to do double-duty, but that’s okay. 

Paint, put in new light fixtures, and make any other major changes before you move any new furniture into the room. It’s much easier to change these things when the room is empty or mostly empty. 

Let your child know what you’re planning. Yes, it’s your house and you can do whatever you want with it, but it can be shocking for someone to come home and find their childhood room is gone. If you didn’t tell them about your plans, be sure to do so before they come over for the first time post-renovation. Your child may have their own complex emotional reaction to moving out, so letting them know that you’ve changed up their room may help avoid those emotions exploding.

Be sure you and your spouse are on the same page about the room. You don’t want to fight over who gets the space. If you do both have ideas for it, you may want to consider splitting the space or finding additional space in the house for one of you. For example, a room could be a home office during the day but a sewing room at night and on the weekends. Whatever compromise you come to, you both need to agree and abide by it. 


Call Junk King St. Paul to Get Rid of Stuff You Don’t Need

Another compromise may be to convert the basement or attic into additional space for you or your spouse. Of course, that means getting rid of more junk. That’s where Junk King St. Paul comes in. Whether it’s your child’s old bed or a whole basement full of stuff, we’re here to help. Give Junk King a call today at 1-888-888-JUNK or text us information about what you need removed to 1-737-888-5865. 

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Junk King St. Paul is Here to Help with Your Junk Removal Needs

How Junk King Stands Alone on St. Paul Junk Removal

Dealing with junk can be annoying. You have old pieces of furniture, broken appliances, and other stuff; you just have no need to take up space in your home. With smaller pieces of junk, you can just toss them in your trash bin and let the city pick it up. However, with larger items, it’s not always that simple. You may need to arrange for a pickup on bulk trash day. Unfortunately, there are restrictions on what you can put in the city trash and what bulk trash will take. The city also doesn’t pick up bulk waste that often.

This means you need to find a junk hauling service in St. Paul to help you get rid of stuff quickly and easily. Junk King stands head and shoulders above other junk removal companies in the area for a number of reasons. Whether you have a single appliance or piece of furniture that’s no longer in great condition or want to completely clean out your basement or garage, we can help. Here are a few of the reasons why you should turn to Junk King of St. Paul when you need someone to haul away large junk.

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We Do All the Hard Work

Need to get your dead refrigerator out of your home? What can you do if you’re just one person and don’t have anyone you can call to help? With Junk King St. Paul, you don’t have to worry about that. We will get everything you want to be hauled away out of your home. Just tell us what needs to go and leave the rest to us. It doesn’t matter how big or small, how light or heavy. We can get it out of your home for you.

Even if you think you can get that old furniture or appliance out of your home, there’s no need to risk hurting yourself or damaging your home. Our team is trained to lift and carry items safely. We have the equipment and tools needed to get things out without damaging your walls, doorframes, or floors. Let us handle the hard part, so you don’t injure yourself. Even if the items are in your garage or shed, don’t worry about moving them.


We Take Just About Everything

Some junk removal services in St. Paul have limits on what they will take. The city, too, often won’t take certain items even on bulk trash day. Junk King, however, accepts just about everything. Whether it’s old furniture and broken appliances or yard waste and DIY construction debris, we can handle it. We will even take old mattresses, hot tubs, and electronics. The only thing we’re unable to take is any substance that’s classified as hazardous waste due to the safety of our team.

If you have something hazardous or believe it is hazardous, ask us about it. In some cases, we can tell you what to do to make the substance safe for us to haul. Paint, for example, is on the hazardous list if it’s still in its liquid form. However, if you mix leftover paint with cat litter or a paint hardener, we can take it once it has solidified. If there’s no way of making the material safe, we may be able to point you towards a hazardous waste disposal company that can help you.

Heavy Lifting, Without Moving A Muscle



We’ll Clean Up After Landscaping and DIY Remodel Projects

Doing a lot of landscaping can leave you with a good amount of debris, too. What do you do with all of those shrubs you removed or that large tree you had to cut down? You might be able to keep some of the wood for your fireplace, but you may have no need for all of it. Stacking it up along your house or shed is like setting out an all-you-can-eat buffet for termites and creating a home for other insects and animals. Getting rid of all that wood, especially if you have a large amount of it, isn’t always easy.

Junk King will haul all of that away. Whether you’ve cut down a few small trees or a really large one, it can go in our truck. We’ll even haul away the debris from other landscaping projects, such as removing a paver patio, taking down an old deck, or demolishing an old shed.

After redoing your yard, you might be thinking about turning your DIY skills on the interior of your home. We help there, too. We will haul off your old cabinets, flooring, backsplash, shower enclosure, and whatever else you demolish. Home DIY can already be stressful, but Junk King aims to make at least one area a little easier on you by handling all your debris removal.


We Help with Whole House Cleanouts

Some of our clients have inherited homes or have made the commitment to overcome hoarder habits. Our team will assist you in getting everything out of the house. If you know the home furniture, appliances, and other large items are not anything you want to keep, we can come in and clean them out for you. If you want to keep some of the items, you can set aside the stuff you want and leave the rest for us.

We also help those moving or needing to clean out an apartment or assisted living unit. Again, just like with homes, you just tell us what you want to get rid of, and we do the rest. We aim to make the entire process as simple and easy for you as possible. Other companies may make you jump through hoops or have restrictions on what they can take or how much they will take at once, but Junk King doesn’t.

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We Donate What We Can

We know some people need to get rid of old furniture because it no longer has a place in their home. Other than being replaced, it’s still in good condition. Others may decide to upgrade their appliances even though the old ones still work. If you can’t find someone to take these items, you may end up calling a St. Paul’s junk removal company. Some of our competitors would simply take these items straight to the landfill regardless of their condition.

At Junk King, however, that’s not the case. We carefully sort through items and take out anything that can still be used. While you may no longer have a place for that chair or need your old washing machine, someone might. We will take anything we determine is still usable and pass it on to one of our partner charities in St. Paul. These organizations will clean the items and make sure they’re still in good condition, and they pass them along to individuals or organizations that can use them if they are.


We Recycle as Much as Possible

What about things that are obviously broken and cannot be used? We also try to keep them out of the landfill. In addition to partnering with organizations that help those in need, we also work with recycling companies in the area. These companies take anything we have that can be recycled. We even break down furniture and other items, removing the recyclable materials and sending them to be recycled, too.

By recycling as much as we possibly can, we’re reducing our reliance on the environment. Our goal is to ensure that we send nothing to the landfill. To that end, we send as much of our junk as possible to a construction transfer station. These stations use junk as a source of fuel, transforming the trash into energy. When it’s all said and done, the amount of junk we contribute to the landfill is very little at worst. Ideally, nothing from Junk King goes to the dump at all.


Our Pricing is Fully Transparent and Easy to Understand

If you get a quote from another junk hauling company, does that quote include all costs, fees, and other charges? If it doesn’t, do you know what you’ll be paying after everything is completed? At Junk King St. Paul, it’s never a question. We provide a fully transparent quote for every job, and you’ll know exactly what you’re paying. If you have any questions, all you have to do is ask.

To get one of our free, no-obligation quotes, you must reach out to Junk King. You can call us, text photos of what you need hauled away or use our online price estimator. We can even come to your home and do an in-person estimate. That’s often necessary if you’ve got a lot of stuff you need us to haul away or have some unusual items that we haven’t handled before.

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Call Junk King of St. Paul Today

Whenever you need to have junk hauled off, Junk King of St. Paul is here for you. Whether it’s one or two pieces of old furniture or a whole house full of trash, we can help. Call us today at 1-888-888-JUNK or text us at 1-737-888-5865. You can also book through our website. We’re here to answer any questions you have and to make getting rid of junk easy!


Junk King St Paul Old Mattress Removal

Could Your Old Mattress Be Making You Sick?

Is your mattress over eight years old? If it is, it’s definitely time to swap it out. Why should you get rid of mattresses that get that old, though? Is it just because of comfort? That certainly is part of it. You use your mattress every day for hours at a time, so it will wear out eventually. As it does, it will no longer support you as well. You’ll definitely want to consider replacing it for comfort, but there’s more to it than that. An old mattress can actually make you sick or cause your current health issues to worsen. When that happens, you’ll certainly want to look into buying a new bed and finding a mattress disposal service in St. Paul. Here are some of the ways your old mattress could be impacting your health.

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You’re Not Sleeping as Well

A worn-out mattress isn’t as comfortable as one that fully supports your body. This does more than just make you wake up with a few aches and pains. It can actually impact the quality of your sleep. If you find yourself tossing and turning because you can’t get comfortable enough to fall asleep, it’s time to get a new mattress. Without good support during the night, you’re likely to wake up with pain in your neck, back, hips, or other areas. You’re also likely to wake up during the night due to discomfort, and that can have a major impact on your body.

Waking up throughout the night means you’re not getting the rest you need. This can impact your health in a number of ways. According to the CDC, a lack of sufficient sleep can be linked to a number of different chronic diseases and health conditions. Cardiovascular disease, depression, diabetes, and heart disease can all be impacted by poor sleep. If you have any of these conditions, you need to be able to get a good night’s sleep on a regular basis. Even if you don’t, poor sleep can affect how you recover from illnesses and injuries. Your body may not be able to fight off infection as well if you’re consistently not sleeping well.

In addition to affecting your physical health, poor sleep also affects your mental and emotional well-being. You may find it more difficult to think through problems or find that your temper is on a much shorter fuse than normal when you don’t sleep well. Your reaction time can also be affected by fatigue. This can directly impact your physical health if you fail to react to an oncoming car or items falling off a shelf. You can more easily hurt yourself accidentally when you’re tired.

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Your Allergies Get Worse

Mattresses slowly accumulate dirt, dust, and other gunk over time. There’s nothing you can do about this. Even using a mattress protector won’t completely keep dirt out of the mattress. Dust mites can get under any protector or sheet, and they are one of the main causes of allergies at night. Dust mite feces and decaying dust mite corpses slowly add up over time, and you breathe these things in during the night. Every time you sit down on the mattress or roll over at night, the mattress releases some of this gunk into the air.

If you have allergies or asthma, breathing this dust in can make the conditions worse. Your airway or nasal passages can get congested, affecting the amount of oxygen you get during the night. This can cause you to wake up multiple times, even if you’re not fully conscious and aware of it. While your mattress likely won’t cause you to develop asthma, it can certainly make it much worse if you continue to sleep on an old mattress for years. In addition to breathing issues, these dust mites can also cause conditions such as eczema.

How can you tell if your old mattress is full of dust and dust mites? If it feels heavier than it once did, this debris has started to collect within the mattress. In many cases, by the time a person replaces a mattress, it has doubled in weight. Disposing of an old, heavy mattress is not something you want to do on your own, however. Don’t risk a back injury – call in the experienced professionals here at Junk King St. Paul and let our crew do it for you!


Your Mattress Contains Harmful Chemicals

You wouldn’t think chemicals would be used in mattresses, but unfortunately, you would be wrong. Many mattresses contain chemicals that make them fire-resistant or help them last longer. Some of these chemicals can irritate your skin if you sleep directly on the mattress, while others can make you itch or even make your current allergies worse.

Fortunately, not all mattresses contain all of these chemicals. When shopping for a new mattress in St. Paul, you’ll want to look for those that meet Oeko-Tex Standard 100. Products that meet Oeko-Text Standard 100 certification requirements do not contain formaldehyde, specific dyes, or other chemicals that are harmful. There are also mattresses that meet Global Organic Textile standards. These mattresses are, at minimum, made of 95% natural, organic material.


Mattresses Can Contain Mold

If you find that you sweat a lot at night, your mattress has likely absorbed a lot of that moisture. This creates the perfect place for mold and other fungi to start growing. They love dark, warm, moist spaces, and the interior of your mattress is all three. Dozens of different types of fungi may be living in your mattress right now. They can also be in your pillow. When you breathe in their spores, it can affect your allergies, asthma, and other conditions. While doing your best to keep your bedroom cool so you don’t sweat that much will help reduce the growth of this mold, it’s very difficult to stop it completely. You’ll want to replace your mattress regularly to keep the amount of mold you inhale to a minimum.


Pet Dander is a Concern, too

Do you have a dog or a cat that gets on your bed frequently? If so, you’re breathing in a lot of their dander at night in addition to the dust mites and other gunk. Those with a pet allergy likely find that their breathing becomes worse if they don’t regularly change their sheets and vacuum. However, while these both will help reduce the amount of dander in the air, some of it will still get into your mattress. Once that happens, the only way to get rid of it is to dispose of the old mattress and get a new one.

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When Should You Replace Your Mattress?

The traditional rule is that you should replace your mattress after eight years of use. However, if you take good care of it, your mattress will probably make it through ten years. Of course, that depends on your age and how your body feels. As we age, the body becomes more sensitive to discomfort. You may need to start buying a new mattress after six or seven years or invest in a high-quality mattress. Don’t let those 20-year warranties fool you, either—just because the company offers a warranty for two decades does not mean the mattress will be comfortable for that long.

To make your mattress last longer, be sure you rotate it every two to three months. This will ensure that the mattress wears evenly. If you have a double-sided mattress, be sure to flip it every six months to a year. You should have a good box spring or bed frame that helps support the center of the mattress to reduce sagging. Finally, treat your bed well—don’t let your kids jump on it or flop down heavily onto the bed.


Junk King St. Paul Can Help You with Mattress Disposal

Ready to get rid of that old mattress so you can rest and breathe easier at night? You don’t want to store an old mattress for days—they take up too much room. Junk King can help you get rid of that old mattress and any other old furniture, appliances, yard waste, DIY debris, and any other trash you have. Our team will come pick up whatever you have as long as it’s not hazardous waste.

You don’t even have to haul your old mattress down to the curb. We will remove all the junk from your home. Just point out what you want us to take. This way, you don’t need to worry about having help moving bulky or heavy items. We will quickly and safely remove the junk from your home, reducing your risk of injury or damage to the walls or doorways.


Call Today to Schedule Your Mattress Pick Up

Here at Junk King St. Paul, we make it easy to schedule your pick-up. You can give us a call at 1-888-888-JUNK to talk to a representative or schedule a free in-person estimate. When we come out to do the estimate, we will typically bring our large truck, so we can haul away the mattress and other junk right away if you agree to the price. You can also text images to 1-737-888-5865 for an estimate or use our free online tool. All our estimates are offered at no charge, and there is never any obligation.

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Junk King St Paul Minnesota

What to Expect When Hiring Junk King St. Paul

Got a lot of junk piling up? Tired of not being able to park your car in the garage because there’s too much old stuff in there that you’ll never use again? There are many reasons for hiring Junk King St. Paul. We’re a full-service junk hauling company that provides services to residents and commercial businesses. We pride ourselves on our affordable prices, professional demeanor, and quick service.

If you’ve never hired a company that specializes in junk removal in St. Paul, you may not know what to expect. While it is a fairly easy and straightforward process, knowing how it works can help put people at ease. Let’s look at what it means to work with Junk King and what will happen when you hire us to get rid of your garbage.

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Who Should Be Hiring Junk King St. Paul?

The first step of working with Junk King is to determine if you need us. If the garbage you need to get rid of can be bagged up and put in your trash bins, you likely don’t. We specialize in hauling away large pieces of furniture, old appliances, and materials that cannot go in your trash bin. For example, anything deemed construction waste may not be accepted in trash bins, but we can take care of that with no problem. Whether it’s wood from your demolished deck, old cabinets from your kitchen remodel, or carpet you’ve pulled up to replace with wood, we will haul it off.

We also work with businesses. If you’re a business owner and are planning to remodel your company, bring in new office furniture, or need to get rid of old backstock, we can help with that as well. Finding someone to handle commercial junk removal can be just as difficult as finding a company to help you with old furniture at home. We’re a great solution for anyone who has a lot of items that they know they want to get rid of but also doesn’t have any way of getting these items to the city dump. You can read some Junk King reviews to get an idea of who has used us in the past.


Hiring Junk King St. Paul is Easy

The first step in hiring us is to do a search for Junk King near me. If you live in St. Paul, you’ll likely find us at the top of the search results. You’ll find three different ways to reach out to us. You can call us on the phone at 1-888-888-JUNK, or you can text us photos of the things you want us to haul away to 1-737-888-5865. You can also book online. All of these options will give you a free, no-obligation estimate.

If you give us information over the phone or through text, we can often give you a very accurate quote because we’ll be able to either ask you about the items you need picked up or see photos of them. If you do the online quote, however, you’ll be asked to estimate. We may need to contact you to learn more about the job.

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The best way to get a quote, however, is to ask if someone can come do an in-person estimate. Sometimes, we may suggest this ourselves if you have a lot of stuff you need hauled away. Seeing the task in person will let one of our experts know exactly what we’re dealing with so they can give you an accurate quote. Many times, we’re even able to bring one of our large trucks and crew to these in-person estimates. If you accept the quote, we can go to work right away. That means there’s no need for you to take off work twice or make other arrangements. Everything is done at one time.

Again, every estimate we do is free and carries no obligation. You’re always free to say no or take a quote and reach out to us later for service. Junk King prices are competitive with other options, and we do our best to keep junk hauling affordable for everyone.


What Does Junk King of St. Paul Take?

While some residential junk removal services only offer furniture or appliance removal, Junk King of St. Paul takes just about anything. We’ll haul away your old hot tub, bags of yard debris, remodeling waste, worn out mattresses, electronic waste, and much more. As long as it doesn’t contain hazardous waste, we can take it. If you do have something hazardous, we may be able to point you towards a specialist who can dispose of it in the proper manner. For some substances such as paint, we can show you how to prepare it for disposal.

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What Happens During Your Appointment?

Once you get your free estimate, what happens? If we needed to do an in-person estimate, we can usually start loading up the items right away. If we weren’t able to bring a crew or if you received your estimate through one of the other methods, we’ll need to set up a date and time to come to your home, business, or other location where the junk is currently taking up space.

When we arrive, we may need to do one more quick estimate depending on the information we had. Typically, unless the number of items you have to get rid of has increased, there won’t be any difference. After we’ve confirmed the items to take, we get right to work. Our crew will carefully haul each item out to our truck. You don’t need to move them to the curb, put them in the garage, or do anything else with the items ahead of time. Just make certain we have a path to get the item to the door and that there are no tripping hazards or other safety concerns. You’ll want to make certain your pets and small children are safely out of the way, too.

In most cases, we’ll be able to fit everything in one truck. If you have a lot of items to haul away or very, very large items, we may have to make a second trip. Once the truck is loaded, that’s it! You can now enjoy the extra free space you have.

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We Donate and Recycle Items

Do you have an old chair or a refrigerator that’s still in great condition but that you just don’t have room for? You may not want to trash it, but you need it out of your home. There are donation options out there, but many of them require you to bring in the items. Even those that do offer pickup may not be able to take large pieces of furniture or really heavy appliances due to lack of manpower or large vehicles. Junk King prices include sorting out usable items for donation. We pass these items on to various charities and other organizations in the St. Paul area. These programs then make certain that the items get to those who need them.

Of course, there are some items that cannot be donated. When we get to the trash, busted furniture, and broken appliances, we will look at what can be recycled. Items that can be fully recycled will be separated by material and sent to the appropriate recycling facility. Items that can’t be fully recycled will be checked for recyclable components. Some items may have parts that can be recycled and parts that cannot. We’ll remove these recyclable components and send them to the correct facility as well. We are one of the few companies that offer junk removal in St. Paul, MN, that do this.

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We Sort Through Everything

We take the time to sort through everything we haul away from every job. Our goal is to donate whatever we can first. From there, we recycle as many materials from everything as possible. With anything we have left, we have partnered with local transfer stations that can use some of the leftover debris. By working with transfer stations, we’re able to get rid of junk in an eco-friendlier way, plus keep as much junk out of landfills as possible!


Contact Junk King Today to Get Started

Ready to get rid of all that junk that’s taking up space? Now’s the time to search for “Junk King near me” and reach out to us. Whether you just need someone to help with furniture removal or need an entire home cleaned out, we can help. Our team of professional junk haulers has worked with many homeowners, landlords, real estate agents, business owners, and more throughout St. Paul. Our dedication to offering fair, transparent pricing, prompt service, and protecting the environment. Nothing Junk King picks up ever goes to the landfill, so you don’t need to worry about any negative effect your trash may have.

When you’re ready to call us, you can look for “Junk King near me” to find our online booking system. You can also simply give us a call at 1-888-888-JUNK or text photos to 1-737-888-5865. We look forward to working with you.

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