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Mattress Removal in St. Paul: 4 Signs You Need a New Mattress

Are you ready for a new mattress?  Here is why now may be an excellent time to consider replacing your mattress

    Did you know that you will spend at least a third of your life on your mattress? This is an excellent reason to have the best mattress that you can get. Under normal conditions, experts recommend that mattresses should be replaced every six to eight years This will also depend on the quality, usage, maintenance, and more. Several factors will determine how long your mattress can last. However, before replacing your mattress, it is also crucial to know how you will get rid of the old one. Here is where Junk King mattress removal comes in.   

Why You Need Mattress Removal Services

  Issues like insomnia and back pains are sometimes the result of sleeping on a worn-out or lousy mattress. To avoid such issues, it may be an ideal time for replacing your mattress. The question is. How do you dispose of the old one? Getting rid of an old mattress is never easy. Some people store the old ones in the attic or basement. The mattresses only collect dust, take up space in the home, and offer shelter to unwanted pests.  To free up space in your home, you should engage the services of a local expert junk removal company like Junk King St. Paul. We offer eco-friendly, fast, efficient, professional, and safe mattress disposal services Mattress removal service experts at Junk King have the right resources to remove the mattress from your bed frame and home without any damages. We will make the process relatively easy for you, and you will not have to do any heavy lifting.

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Signs that You Need a New Mattress

   You can look for several signs to determine if it is time to get a new mattress. Junk King St. Paul will help you remove the old one and give you the space you need to put in the new mattress.   These are some of the signs that you should look for:  

1.You Fall Into the Mattress

  If your mattress does not appear to have any unevenness or bumps but feels like a hammock or hole when you lay on it, it may be time to consider replacing it. When your mattress starts failing, it will start making body impressions, softening the core in the foam. When you continue using your mattress in this state, it will affect your sleep and how your body will feel when you wake up. To fix this, you should get a quality mattress, such as a memory foam mattress, because they have built-in layers that will conform to the shape of your body and ensure good and quality sleep.   Note that, though memory mattresses are built to remember the shape of your body, they should bounce back to normal position after you wake up. If the mattress retains your body shape after waking up, you should replace it.   

2.You Wake Up Feeling Tired and Stiff

  Sleep is a time to rest and allow your body to recover from any stress it endured during the day. Therefore, if you wake up feeling tired or you experience new shoulders, back, or neck pains, it means that your mattress is not giving you the support you need. When the mattress components and cushioning wear out, it can create uncomfortable pressure points that will cause you pain when you lay on the mattress.  If you are vulnerable to such pains, you should get rid of your mattress and consider getting an orthopedic mattress or any other high-quality mattress.   

3.You Are Suffering From Active Allergies

  Some mattresses collect allergens like dust mites, mildew, and mold after some time. This is why you need to clean your mattress frequently. If you are allergic to such irritants and your allergies worsen when you sleep, you should replace your mattress because it may trigger the reactions.  When looking for a new mattress, consider getting one with hypoallergenic materials like latex or wool. This material deters allergens and will mitigate allergies and asthma-related risks.   

4.Obvious Sagging

  One of the most visible signs that you need to replace your mattress is apparent signs of sagging. Over time, the mattress breaks down, the memory foam gets softer, and the fiber in the mattress compresses, causing it to sag.  Try not to wait for a crater to form in the middle of your mattress to replace it. Replace the mattress when you notice some wear and tear.    

Hire the Right Mattress Removal Partner

  Junk King St. Paul   If you are replacing your mattress, do not let the old one take up space in your attic or basement. Mattress removal in Roseville will help you get rid of your old mattress safely and efficiently. If you are ready to get rid of your old mattress, call Junk King at 1.888.888.JUNK (5865) and book your appointment.    Need to get rid of your mattress ASAP? Book Your Appointment Now!    
Mattress Removal in St. Paul: 4 Signs You Need a New Mattress


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