Old AC And Junk Hauling Done The Right Way

When was the last time you threw out your back? Often when someone pulls a muscle in their back it happens right on the spot from lifting something heavy the wrong way. However, if your back is predisposed to be at risk, you could also strain a muscle just by bending over to pick up a pencil. When someone has a bad back, they take extra precautions with lifting anything because the know what can happen. This is the kind of ailment that might prevent someone from removing junk items from their home. Fortunately, there is a remedy: Junk King St. Petersburg. They can help get just about any object out of a house without you even getting up from your chair!


The crews working for Junk King know all about heavy lifting. They can instantly size up a piece of furniture or appliance and know the right way to lift that up and out without putting a strain on their back. They can also tell just by looking at a bunch of stuff how it will all fit onto the back of their truck. That matters a lot because it will be how the fee is determined. That estimate is all about the volume and not about the weight.

Knowing that weight isn’t a factor and that you won’t be lifting anything, your list of things to get rid of can include objects like an old AC. You could have a unit in your window that hasn’t worked but because it is too heavy to move, it is “stuck.” Count on the Junk King squad to “unstick” that old AC in no time at all!

You can also take advantage of the crew and truck to get rid of other appliances and pieces of furniture. Not only is weight not an issue but neither are stairs. Junk King is happy to go where the junk is and remove it from right on the spot. That kind of clearing can make a big difference in your home. To get your old AC and the rest of your junk hauled away without any strain to the back, count on Junk King St. Petersburg.