When The Fence Has To Go Hire Junk King St. Petersburg

Every home has a lot of memories “built in.” Anytime there is a change or renovation you have a chance to create even more memories. There are some spots in a home that you might never want to change like anytime you marked a wall the doorframe with the height of your kid as they grow up. Other structures you are happy to renovate and replace especially when they have become dilapidated by the weather. That is certainly true with an old fence. When you have a fence that has to go, then you need to hire Junk King St. Petersburg to make it happen.

Fast Take Down

The fence that you have targeted for removal could actually be as old as your house. When you put junk King on this type of assignment you are guaranteed to have a fast take down of that fence. It doesn’t matter to junk King what the fence is made of or how it has been anchored into the ground. The crews working for junk King all have experience with this type of removal. They can quickly size up any type of fence and know exactly what it will take to bring down efficiently and without damaging your property.

Even though this type of job will take a bit longer than the typical furniture removal you don’t have to worry about watching the clock. Junk King never charges by the hour. They also never charge by the pound. They only ever charge by how the stuff is packed onto the truck. You know the prices before the work begins and there won’t be any add-on charges at the end of the job.

Lockdown Scheduling

It will help if you can lockdown your scheduling with Junk King as soon as possible. You might want to schedule the fence takedown for the same day as the fence installation. Obviously, the installation crew can’t get started until Junk King is finished their work. If you bring Junk King in a morning, then the installers could be arriving at lunchtime to get to work. This is going to be a very smooth operation from start to finish!

When you need to say goodbye to your old fence it’s time to hire Junk King St. Petersburg.

Get Your Yard Clear Of Debris Today

Our closets are a lot like our backyards. Sometimes, something can be placed in both areas for “storage.” Over time, that item can be forgotten about until it reaches the point of being rendered useless. Actually, anything that stored in the backyard could be rendered useless a lot quicker thanks for to been exposed to rain and sun. If you have reached the point where it’s time to clear that debris from your backyard, then it’s time to bring in the crew from Junk King St. Petersburg.

Make it Safe

Clearing debris from your backyard isn’t just about making it look nicer but also about making it safer. This is especially vital if you have kids, grandkids or even pets using your yard for summer fun. You want to make sure that this area is safe playing. Just because you have some construction debris or lumber pot up next to the garage doesn’t mean they won’t occasionally go exploring in that area. Having to remove also removes the temptation! There might also be some structures in the backyard that need to come down because they are no longer safe. After years of swinging on the swing set it might now be rusty and falling apart. Of course, if the kids get older, they might not even fit others! The team from Junk King can dismantle swingset and load all the parts onto their truck. It’s all part of their complete cleanup service.

Go Beyond the Yard

As mentioned, the backyards are like closets when it comes to storage. That means if you’re hiring Junk King to clean up your backyard then you can also use them to help clean up your closets in the same session. All you have to do is sort through the closet and pull out all the things that you want to get rid of. Then leave it in a pile for the junk include pickup. You’ll even have to carry the stuff downstairs. Just leave it right where it is in the crew will remove it right from the spot. If you have any other big pieces of furniture or old appliance that you like to get rid of, then take advantage of those movers and the truck.

One debris clearing session with Junk King St. Petersburg is all will take make your home and backyard safer for the summer.

Start Your Staycation Off Without Any Rubbish In The House

You should put the same amount of planning into your staycation as you would with a vacation. That means giving thought to what you’d like to accomplish on each day of the break. What restaurants will you want to try out and what activities will you want to explore? There is no shortage of terrific things to do around St. Petersburg on a staycation.  Before you begin any one of those adventures, you want to make sure that your home is in order. You certainly don’t want to come back from a day of fun into a house that’s cluttered with rubbish. It’s not just about keeping the house clean (although that’s important!), but also about taking care of the outstanding rubbish removal. That is a task that is best suited for Junk King St. Petersburg.

The First Step

Before you set up your appointment with Junk King you want to first determine exactly all the things you want to get rid of. This is important because it may impact how many crew members Junk King will assigned to the task. Every appointment is staffed by at least two capable movers. But there are some situations that require additional help. Junk King is happy to provide those extra workers at no extra cost. You may just need to get rid of some of the rubbish out in your garage or a few pieces of furniture. That can certainly be handled by the two-man moving crew. Just remember that you don’t have to move anything around in preparation for the Junk King session. There’s no need to bring anything out of the house. Everything can stay right where it is. You will show it to the junk King crew and the listed from the spot. It is just that easy.

The Last Step

The last step with your junk removal will happen long after the junk King crew has left your property. That will be how they dispose of the stuff they gathered from your home. Most of what they collect could end up being recycled or donated to charity. That’s part of how they do business and it is a responsible disposal policy that everyone is in Petersburg benefits from. It’s just another great reason to hire Junk King.

Get your staycation off to a terrific start by having Junk King St. Petersburg remove all the rubbish from your home.


Junk King St. Petersburg Share Their Reviews

Whenever you need to hire service professional you always ask a friend for a recommendation. However, not every friend has used every service you need to hire. The next step would be to go to one of the many online review services that allow customers to post comments about the service. This is where you’ll get a good snapshot of exactly how that company operates. If you’re looking for junk hauling services, then you will definitely want to read the reviews posted by Junk King St. Petersburg customers. Here’s what a few of them had to say:

“Junk King was able to come out the same day that I called. I needed a refrigerator removed from my house. They came in and removed it without any fuss or muss. I would hire them again.” – Donna R.

“The two gentlemen that you sent were amazing. They were professional and extremely competent. They showed up on time, worked the entire time, and I was so impressed with them.” – Virginia P.

“Courteous staff both in office and pick up staff.” – K.S.

“Great job – on time and great crew. Would use again.” – Scott W.

You can pick up a few recurring themes from these comments. The first is that junk King is very punctual. They recognize that your time is very valuable. Even if you have a day off from the weekend you certainly don’t want to spend it waiting around to get your junk removed. If you set up your appointment for the first thing on Saturday morning, then you could probably have everything removed by Junk King in less time than it would take to make a pancake breakfast!

There’s also no limit to what Junk King can remove with regard to size or weight. The teams can equally handle an old refrigerator as they could a box of books. Everything that you want to get rid of will have room on the junk King truck. This is a terrific opportunity to transform your home. Book a session with Junk King St. Petersburg today to get rid of all the rubbish from your house. You’ll be glad you did.

Spring Junk King St. Petersburg – Junk Removal Maintenance Tips

For most of the people who call on our Junk King St. Petersburg – Junk Removal services, Spring is a time to start looking at a cleanup. We know that March can be an unpredictable month. However, it’s time to get going on some home maintenance tips.

Here’s a quick checklist of some of the areas where you’ll need to focus to make sure things are ready for the warmer weather.

Take a Look at Your Roof Shingles
Spring is a good time to get up on your roof to see if there are any damaged or lost shingles. It’s a good time to start budgeting for replacing anything that got lost during the winter. This is especially true if you’ve got an older roof.

There are some red flags that you need to look for like loose, buckled or cracked shingles. It’s also a good idea to spend some time looking around the flashing. Check around your plumbing vents, chimney and any skylights you have to see if anything needs to be fixed.

Check Around Those Windows
The Junk King St. Petersburg – Junk Removal services we offer can get started with the click of a mouse. Why not take a minute to check out all of the different things that we haul away including yard waste and furniture? Our services can be a nice addition to your spring cleaning.

Another box you’ll need to check is the wood trim on the inside of your windows. We also recommend that you take a screwdriver and check around doors, decks, and railings to see if anything needs replacing.
It’s a good idea to stay on top of this simple repair. If you don’t, the rains that come in the spring can do even more damage to any wood that’s exposed.

Look at The Gutters
It’s also a very good idea to check to make sure your gutters aren’t loose or leaking. Keep in mind that any gutters that are leaking can lead to water damage in your basement or crawl space. This is a good time to check your downspouts too. Make sure they are pointing away from your house and are clear of debris.

Once you’re done with that, our Junk King St. Petersburg – Junk Removal team can help clear out your space. You can either book online or simply click to call today.

Use Junk King For Old Grill Removal

The primary reason most folks move to St. Petersburg is because of the weather. Yes, there is the occasional chilly night but for the most part the sun is shining and the temperatures warm. That means grilling season is really all year long. Once you perfected your grilling techniques it takes the same amount of effort of cooking on the stove as you would to cook on your backyard grill. Of course, things always taste better when they come off the grill! If this is the time of year that you are planning on buying a new grill to replace an old grill, then you’re sure to find a great deal. You can even find grills that have side burners and steaming racks. That can take your grilling to a whole other level. First, you have to get rid of the old grill and that’s where Junk King St. Petersburg comes into play.

Easy Lifting

When you’re hiring Junk King you really hiring a team of two movers. This is the crew that makes everything look easy when it comes to lifting and loading. That’s because they always have a “no problem” attitude with the work. It also helps that they are licensed and insured which makes them totally professional. You can ask the Junk King crew to lift and load anything from your home regardless of size or weight. That includes things you might have tucked away up in the attic. Yes, though climb the stairs or the latter to get to the things you want hauled away.

Set Up the Time

When you know exactly what you want to get rid of you can set up a time for the junk King crew by making a phone call to the company or scheduling online. You might be asked if the crew can come by today. They often have same day pickups available and if you have a flexible schedule that means you could be just hours away from having all your unwanted rubbish all.

When you hire Junk King St. Petersburg to remove your old grill you can end up with a home that is totally clear of clutter and junk. That’s a perfect call to make!

Home Values Go Up Without Junk

Home values are based on exteriors and interiors of the property. On the inside, the number bedrooms and bathrooms, the floor design and the amount of storage space all comes into play. On the outside, the size of the yard and landscaping can help increase a home’s value. All of these factors come into play during the appraisal process but you don’t have to “activate” an appraisal to have the value of your home assessed. If someone is selling their house down the block, then the value of your home will help determine their value. This is why getting rid of rubbish on your property is important for home values. That rubbish is easy to clean up with a little help from Junk King St. Petersburg.

Compete Clearing

The work with Junk King can start on the outside of your home. What are all the items that can be cleared away from your front or backyard? The crew from Junk King can take away construction material that was leftover from a renovation project. If you have lumber and pipes stored under a porch, then they can be pulled out and removed, too. What about the really big things that need to be taken apart like a tool shed or playground set? The Junk King squad will have the tools and the skills to handle that kind of task.

When all the rubbish has been cleared from the outside of your home, you can have the team from Junk King turn their attention to the inside of the house. Getting rid of clutter from the garage, closet, basement and attic can contribute to increased home value, too. Of course, it will make living in your home much more pleasant. Aren’t you tired of being surrounded by clutter? Junk King can make it all disappear with one complete clearing session.

The Right Disposal

Everything collected by Junk King will be disposed of in the right way. That involves making drop offs at charities and recycling centers. That might seem like extra work for the Junk King crews but it is work that they are happy to take on. The right disposal is the only disposal Junk King wants to do.

The more junk that is removed from your home, the more your home value could go up. Junk King St. Petersburg is standing by to help make that happen. Call them today.

Bring In Junk King To Remove Yard Debris

Will you be replanting a garden this spring? Maybe you will finally grow vegetables. This is a wonderful hobby that beautifies your backyard. It will help to start with a clean space. That means getting all the debris removed so that you have room to dig and plant. You might also want to re-envision the space to create new flowerbeds. Whether you have just a few items you want to get rid of or a big pile of yard debris you can always count on Junk King St. Petersburg to take care of that task efficiently.

A Dirty Job

Anytime you step out into the yard and some gardening things can get a little bit dirty. When you need to remove yard debris the amount of dirt and grime increases. You don’t have to worry about the team from Junk King getting dirty. They will happily do what needs to be done in order to get rid of those items from your yard whether they are rusty or rotten. Always remember the Junk King has cleaned up all types of environments and all level of mess. You won’t be surprising them with anything you want to get rid of.

You might also have a few things that need to be taken apart for the to be loaded up. It will be easy to stack up patio furniture. But if there is an old toolshed that has taken a beating from the weather, then Junk King might have to take it apart in order for it to get onto the truck. The same can be said for swing set or playground set left over from your grown-up kids. Just imagine what kind of transformation can make around your yard.

Easy Scheduling

Not only will Junk King do all the work for your yard clearing but they also make scheduling easy. You can book a session online and save $20 right from the start. All you need to do is select a day and the two-hour window the works best within that day. It probably won’t take the crew two hours to complete the task. That just gives them time to move from one location to the next. You might even be able to score a same day pickup. That will let you get your gardening a lot quicker!

Your backyard is going to look great when Junk King St. Petersburg is done clearing out all the yard debris. Set that up today.

Office Furniture Removal Is No Problem For Junk King

Every business functions on deadlines. How your staff meets those deadlines will determine the success or failure of any particular project. Smart managers know that it is important to provide a little bit of a “buffer” with regard to those deadlines. You always want to allow time go over the project and make sure everything is up to standard. Nothing should ever feel rushed.

There other things around the office that might not be as pressing as a project deadline. If you have amassed a certain amount of old office furniture and equipment, then it might not be crucial for you to have it removed. However, you are essentially paying storage space for that junk when that area could probably be put to better use. There is also the consideration of productivity. Nobody likes to work in an area that is crowded clutter. If you want to take care of your office furniture removal, then Junk King St. Petersburg is the company to hire.

Don’t Forget the Outdated Office Equipment

Hiring Junk King to clear out the old office furniture can definitely improve the workspace. What about all the outdated office equipment? You could also be holding onto old printers, computers, fax machines and copiers. Is this something that you need to keep for any reason? Probably not. It would be much better served if all of that e-waste was dropped off at a certified recycling center. That is exactly what Junk King can help with. The crews have all been trained to spot those items that can either be recycled or donated. They’ll make sure they get to the right destination. As an added bonus, you can continue to promote your company as a green business.

Fast Scheduling

When Junk King schedules an appointment, they ask for a date and a two-hour window within that day. Because of your business, you might want to get this work done before clients or the staff show up. Junk King can set up an early-morning or late evening session. If you want to come in on a Saturday, then Junk King can accommodate that schedule also. Remember, this is a crew that moves fast. They won’t keep you waiting long once they know exactly what you want removed.

Let Junk King St. Petersburg help you with your office furniture removal deadline. Set it up today.

Bring In Junk King For Your Big Office Cleanup

Do you work with someone who has a cluttered office space? It’s a safe bet that when confronted about the clutter they will always claim that they have a “system.” That just means whenever they need to find something there to waste time looking for it! Of course, clutter is a reflection on the company as a whole. It might not matter if there’s a cluttered office space when new clients come by. But it does send the wrong impression to other workers who feel like they can be just as messy. In a big office, it will fall to the office manager to make sure that everyone adheres to standards of organization. One of the ways to set that standard is to make sure that the offices cleared not just of individual clutter but of the big pieces, too. That’s where Junk King St. Petersburg can make a difference.

The standard junk removal session offered by Junk King is staffed by two capable movers. This is a team who will be doing all the lifting and loading for the job. They will also be arriving in the truck big enough to hold the equivalent of six pickup trucks full of discarded items. That is certainly enough room and manpower to get rid of all your old office furniture, equipment and unnecessary storage files. Removing those items can have a big impact with regard to the workspace at the office. That might be enough to create a new work corner or free up space in the store room for more valuable items. Bottom line: hiring Junk King is going to be a benefit!

To set up your session you can book Junk King online or over the phone. Typically, they will try and complete that session with the 24 hours of that initial contact. But if it works better for you to schedule out for the weekend, then Junk King will happily accommodate your calendar. Taking care of the big office cleanup isn’t complicated when you turn that job over to Junk King St. Petersburg. Book your session today.