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Expand Your Home Recycling Plan

Are you a diligent recycler? Do you go out of your way to toss water bottles and soda cans into recycling bins at the office? Are you composting at home? There's a lot you can do to reduce your carbon footprint that you might already be part of your daily routine but there's always more to do. Here are some recycling ideas you might not have thought about: earth-158805_960_720 Switch To Compact Fluorescent Lights Compact fluorescent lights or CFL bulbs last 10 times as longer as your traditional incandescent lights. They may cost a few pennies more but you will definitely get that money back in the long one when you don't have to replace them is often. Keep the Heat Down Your home thermostat should be set for a cool 68° during the fall and winter. That might seem counterintuitive to keeping your house warm but it is the recommended setting for peak energy efficiency. It might be smarter to wear a sweater and save the money on your utility bill. Tune-up Your Car Energy efficiency also extends to your car. Following the recommended maintenance repairs is a good way to ensure your car is what running at optimal efficiency. It also helps to keep your trunk clear of excess junk that would be a drag on your mileage. Switch to Online Bill Pay Every single entity that you pay a bill to has a web site that allows you to do the same thing online. You can even take the further step of canceling your paper bills and instead keeping all your records right on your account. These accounts can also set up for automatic withdrawal, which makes paying the bills even simpler. Carry A Reusable Water Bottle A reusable water bottle is perfect around the office with a water cooler. It allows you to quench your thirst without generating more plastic. There are also reusable water bottles with built-in filters that let you clean water. Keep your freezer full Believe it or not, a full freezer is a more energy efficient freezer. It takes more effort for your refrigerator to keep an empty freezer cold. Recycle Your Junk Filling up your recycling bins with plastics, newspapers and cans is a positive first step but you don't have to stop there when it comes to clearing rubbish from your home. Most of what you want to get rid of like furniture, appliances and other household goods can be recycled when you turn them over the Junk King St. Petersburg. These are the junk removal specialists who have been going green ever since they started collecting rubbish over 12 years ago. Junk King St. Petersburg knows where all the certified recycling facilities are throughout the area. They'll make sure your junk gets to the right space. Junk King St. Petersburg is the best recycling partner you could hire to get rid of your junk.
Expand Your Home Recycling Plan


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