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Say Goodbye To All Your Junk With One Call To Junk King St. Petersburg

The EPA estimates of the average person creates 4 pounds of garbage every day. That means a family of four could get close to 20 pounds of garbage every day. Does that sound about right for your house? That garbage adds up but thankfully, it's all picked up at least once a week. What about all of your junk? This a be all the things that are no longer being used or are broken that you still are holding onto. How much do you think all of that would weigh? Is that what has been stopping you from getting rid of it? Thankfully, weight is never a concern for Junk King St. Petersburg. Yes, the crews working for Junk King St. Petersburg wants to be careful lifting and loading your stuff but it doesn't matter to them how heavy something is. All that matters is that you want to gone. 17103668_1311000625646156_2601267060760636009_n You may wonder how Junk King St. Petersburg charges for their junk removal if it is not by the pound. Junk King St. Petersburg's pricing policy is based on volume. How much space your stuff will fill in the back of the truck is what measure they use. That is determined by the crew before they begin the work. They'll have that estimate to get out just by looking over all your stuff. That's because they are experts when it comes to packing up that truck. They can fit a lot in a little amount of space. That's going to be good news for your bottom line. Saying goodbye to all your junk doesn't have to stop at the garage door. The Junk King St. Petersburg team can also do some amazing things around the backyard. This is a great way to get your garden is ready for planting. Everything that's collected by Junk King St. Petersburg might end up in someone else's home in one form or another. Recycling and donating our huge part of Junk King St. Petersburg disposal policies. That should make you feel good about giving all your junk to them. Are you ready to say goodbye to all of your junk? Junk King St. Petersburg is standing by to make it happen.
Say Goodbye To All Your Junk With One Call To Junk King St. Petersburg


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