Make Spring Cleaning a Bonding Activity with Your Kids

Your kids are stuck a home and need to find ways to keep them occupied? Have them help with spring cleaning.

Now, we know getting kids to clean is never an easy task so here are some fun ways to put a spin on chores and make them exciting!

  1. Fun with Colors – have your kids reorganize their closets by color coordinating shirts, sweaters, pants, etc.
  2. Toy Drive – organize toys by size or category and have your kids pick which ones can be donated to those in need.
  3. Expiration Date Detective – go through your pantry and fridge and play a game of detective. Find expired food and condiments that need to be tossed out.
  4. TikTok Famous – jump on the before and after TikTok trend and let your kids be creative. Take a before and after video of a disorganized closet followed by a color coordinated closet.

Take all of these activities to the next level by creating your own Cleaning Olympics! Give them a medal every time they complete one of the tasks and whoever has the most medals can receive a gift card to their favorite store, their favorite treat, extra screentime, etc.

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