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Celebrate Earth Day with Junk King’s Go Green Event

Junk King's Earth Day Event

Check the list below for participating locations and local event details:

Together, We’re Turning Junk into Joy for Our Planet

Here at Junk King, we’re not just about hauling away your unwanted stuff. We’re a team driven by a deep commitment to our community and the Earth. This Earth Day, we’re thrilled to invite you to our Go Green Event, a chance for all of us to make a real difference. It’s not just about tidying up—it’s about embracing recycling and repurposing to minimize waste.

Declutter With Heart and Purpose

Our Go Green Event is the perfect moment to clear out your space and make sure those no-longer-needed items are given a second chance. We’re all about ditching the junk responsibly and with heart.

Here’s How You Can Join In:

Drop-Off Your Recyclables: Swing by our designated spots with your recyclables. We promise to ensure they end up in the right hands, be it for recycling or donation, cutting down on landfill clutter.

Capture and Share Your Moment: Got your items dropped off? Take a snap and share it on your favorite social media. Tag us using @JunkKingFranchise and your local branch, along with #JKGoGreen. Your act of green can spark a movement!

A Heartfelt Thanks from Your Junk King Family

Every piece you decide to recycle or donate with us is a step closer to a greener tomorrow. Your participation in our Go Green Event means the world to us and, quite literally, to the planet. Thank you for choosing to stand with Junk King in our mission to recycle more and waste less. Let’s make this Earth Day a landmark moment for our communities and the generations to come.

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