Junk King’s Haul-O-Ween Event

Free Junk Drop-Off Community Event

Over time, stuff accumulates in your home, and your room or garage could feel like a graveyard of unwanted items. There’s stuff you’ve been staring at for months or even years. You know it’s time to get it out of your home and out of your life.

Dump Your “Spooky” Junk!

At our free community event, you can drop off unwanted items at no cost! We’ll take care of the dump fees for you. Junk King’s Haul-O-Ween event is your chance to get rid of your creaky chairs, broken toys, old electronics, and other stuff that have been “haunting” you…

Get rid of that junk. We’re here for you…

Check the list below for participating locations and local event details: