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Junk King’s “Go Green” Event

Join Our Go Green Recycling Event and Make a Difference This Earth Day

April 22nd is Earth Day, a time to reflect on our environmental impact and take action to protect our planet. In celebration of Earth Day, Green Earth invites you to participate in “Go Green” – an event dedicated to promoting recycling and sustainable living. Whether you’re passionate about saving the planet or looking for a way to get rid of unwanted items responsibly, our event is for you.

Recycle Your Unwanted Items!

For those looking to declutter and contribute to environmental conservation, our free Recycle Rally event allows you to recycle up to two (2) items. By participating, you’re not only cleaning up your space but also helping reduce waste in our landfills. For every item recycled, Green Earth will plant a tree in partnership with local reforestation projects. This is your chance to take a step towards a greener, cleaner planet. Remember to tag @JunkKingFranchise with the hashtag #JKEarthDay.

Get rid of that junk. We’re here for you…

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Junk King having this “Go Green” event?

We aim to celebrate Earth Day by encouraging our community to recycle and live sustainably. Through this event, we support reforestation efforts and aim to increase awareness about the importance of recycling.

How much stuff can I drop off?

Please limit your free junk drop-off to two (2) items and no items heavier than 50 pounds. You are not required to bag your items. At this event, we will NOT be able to accept large items (like couches and refrigerators), construction and demolition debris, dirt, sod, concrete and rocks. Important Note: We cannot take hazardous materials including treated wood.

If you have more items you want to get rid of, you can book an appointment for junk removal. Use promo code EARTHDAY to save $30 off your junk removal appointment. Call 888-888-JUNK or schedule online to save space in your home, save your time, and save money!

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Same Day Appointments Available!
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