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Monthly Archives: April 2012

Atlanta Appliance Disposal

Just outside of Atlanta is the wonderful little community of Johns Creek. In an effort to provide ongoing services for its residents, Johns Creek is sponsoring a bulky recycling day. On this single day at the Medlock Bridge shopping center from 9 AM to 2 PM residents are encouraged to “get rid of clutter and help a good cause at the same time by bringing their used furniture, appliances and other large household items.” They will also provide a commercial document shredder to help get rid of any kind of sensitive files.

While this sounds like a good idea on paper there are many caveats to this recycling day. Top of the list is that the items you can drop off have to be in good shape only. That’s because they intend to donate everything to the Atlanta Furniture Bank. While that certainly is nice it really doesn’t address the issue of getting rid of your junk. After all, if you have something in good shape why would you want to get rid of it?

Then there is the practical matter of how you can load up something like an old refrigerator, washer or dryer into the back of your car for the drop off. Even removing the smallest of those items is going to be a two-man operation. That operation will also require renting a cargo van or moving truck. Then there is the limiting timeframe to concern yourself with. When was the last Saturday morning when you had free time on your hands? To sum up: you need to be getting rid of something that still in good shape, have a moving crew plus a big enough truck and live in Johns Creek. For the rest of Atlanta’s residents a smarter alternative for disposing of appliances would be to hire Junk King Atlanta’s professional junk haulers to accomplish the task.

These pro junk haulers will show up at your home on your schedule. Maybe that means after work on Tuesday. Maybe that means late Saturday afternoon. Maybe that means first thing Monday morning. The bottom line is that it’s on your schedule. The same professional junk haulers will also be arriving with a big enough truck to take away anything you want to get rid of. There’ll be no question about whether or not it will fit. And of course they’ll have the right amount of manpower to accomplish the task. While you might know to “lift with the legs and not your back” you really won’t have to worry about that because they’ll be doing all the lifting.

Just because you’re getting rid of some old appliances doesn’t mean you can’t take advantage of this appointment to get rid of any of your other junk. In fact this is a perfect time to clear out the clutter from your garage, attic or basement. And this idea works for everyone in Atlanta!

For the best in Atlanta Appliance Disposal, simply call 1-888-888-JUNK or book an appointment online today.

Atlantic Construction Waste Removal

There is good news for students in Atlanta. The Atlanta Board of Education voted to approve a 70 million contract to build a new North Atlanta high school campus on the Northside Parkway area. If all goes according to plan the new school will open in the fall of 2013. This will mean shifting around some students. For instance, Sutton Middle School students will go to the old North Atlantic site and East River students will go to the Sutton Middle School campus while a new school building is being built there. While there is sure to be some initial confusion the bottom line is that Atlanta is getting a brand-new modern school facility. That’s a win-win all around!

Parents who will have kids attending the new facility will want to keep an eye on the progress of the construction. After all it is their property tax money that is going towards building this school. Nobody wants to see any costly budget overruns. This holds true with any type of construction project; even something as simple as remodeling your own kitchen. There have been plenty of horror stories told by homeowners about contractor nightmares. A job that is supposed to be completed within a couple of weeks stretches out to several months. This causes a major headache for a family. If all these students are being shifted around to new schools then you can bet they will meet their construction deadline.

One of the common delays with a home remodel construction job is dealing with all the waste that is created. Too often a small construction crew will have to devote a lot of their work hours towards cleaning up and the removal of scraps of drywall, chunks of plaster and all manner of building material leftovers. If the contractor’s crew is supposed to haul away the garbage every day then they may end up leaving the jobsite early so as not to run into overtime. This means you’re technically not getting a full day of work. You can avoid this issue by contracting your own construction waste removal crew like Junk King Atlanta.

Junk King’s team of professional junk haulers will come equipped with their own empty truck ready to be filled up with all your construction waste. Like the rest of your workers these junk haulers will also be bonded and insured. Since they are working directly for you you’ll be able to arrange for any type of pickup schedule whether that means once a day or once a week. The other benefit is that this independent crew can also take away any other junk or bulky items you’re thinking about getting rid of. And they won’t charge you extra! There is no escaping the fact that any construction job is going to create piles and piles of garbage. You won’t have to worry about it when you hire the pros take it away.

For the best in Atlanta Construction Waste Removal, simply call 1-888-888-JUNK or book a free on site estimate today.

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