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Monthly Archives: August 2013

Concrete Disposal Atlanta

Atlanta Concrete RemovalThere appears to be good news in the residential and commercial construction arena. Here in Atlanta contracts for those jobs jumped a whopping 39% in July. This is according to McGraw Hill Construction who also found that overall the year-to-date contracts are up an impressive 69% which represents around five billion dollars in potential business and jobs. This is the kind of economic news that is sure to send off a ripple effect of positive growth. Every construction job means material suppliers will be hiring and buying. Same for lunch wagons, tool manufacturers, security firms and waste removal.

As for that last category, Junk King Atlanta is already doing great business helping Atlanta residents remove all the junk from their homes. This includes any type of remodeling debris like concrete or building materials. Yes, if you’ve got a construction project on your calendar then you’d be well advised to put Junk King on speed dial!

The well-trained Junk King Atlanta crew might not be able to help with the actual building but when it comes to the cleanup they are going to be your best partner. That’s because when you hire Junk King you’re actually hiring a two-man crew capable of doing a lot of heavy lifting. In some cases, you might even have more crewmembers dispatched to your property. That’s because Junk King wants to insure that your removal job will be done right the first time. Keep in mind that is there are extra workers you won’t be paying additional labor fees. You’ll only be charged for the amount of space your junk takes up on the truck. If it takes two or four workers to load that truck you’re still only going to be charged for the space.

Removing chunks of concrete can be a challenge for you if you don’t have that manpower or truck space. You can’t throughout out cement! Along with the concrete that same Junk King crew can also pick up anything else you want to finally toss out.

Take a moment to visualize what you’d like to get rid of. Is your garage overflowing with boxes and trash? Is there too much unused furniture in your basement? Is it hard to find anything in your closets?  Anyone of those reasons would be a good excuse to call Junk King. Not only will Junk King help you get rid of the clutter, they’ll also be recycling the majority of everything they collect from you and that includes the concrete! When you’ve got junk, Junk King Atlanta is the only call to make!

Your State Parks Day – Atlanta Debris Removal

Atlanta Debris RemovalIs there anything better than spending the day at one of our many beautiful historic state parks? How about spending the day at the park for free? The average cost of parking and admission to the state parks around Atlanta is around $15. That’s certainly not going to bust your budget but on an upcoming Saturday in September admission will be free if you promise to pitch in to help clean up the park. This is a statewide “Your State Parks Day” dedicated to sprucing up these wonderful sites.

“We are sponsoring the annual ‘Your State Parks Day’ to remind Georgians that these parks and historic sites belong to them,” Andy Fleming, executive director of the Friends of Georgia State Parks & Historic Sites, recently told a local newspaper. “Parks enrich communities and give us safe places for outdoor recreation. Our historic sites help educate schoolchildren in a way that can’t be done in a classroom. So during this event, we hope Georgians will visit sites closest to their homes or even join in on service projects.”

This special event is also very family friendly. There will be games, prizes and food for all. Everyone who works for the cleanup will also be getting coupons for future discounts at the campgrounds and parks. What a great lesson to teach the kids. Spending a few hours cleaning up the parks might also inspire your family to pitch in and clean up the entire house. Maybe not, but if you tell them that Junk King Atlanta will be help out with the house cleanup, that may get them motivated. That’s because when you hire Junk King all you have to focus on is what you want thrown out and the Junk King crew will do the rest.

There are some folks who like to help the removal job by piling up all their junk in the driveway. That is a big help but it’s not necessary. The Junk King Atlanta crew will go wherever you’re keeping your junk whether that is down in the basement or up in the attic. As for the kids’ rooms, they can pile their junk in the middle of the floor and the JK crew will take it from there. Once your junk is loaded on the truck, it will be headed to the nearest recycling center or charity. That means you’ll be doing your part to keep Atlanta “green” just like pitching in at the parks. Give Junk King a call today to set up your removal appointment.

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