Celebrate Earth Day In Atlanta With Green Junk Removal

Throughout the year, the Environmental Protection Agency acts as the guardian for our environment. They are constantly conducting safety tests of water, soil and air. They also make recommendations for how to keep the planet “green.” However, they’re not just talk. The EPA is also about action. To prove that point, the new regional administrator for the Southeast is joining other local EPA employees to pitch in and cleanup Proctor Creek here in Atlanta. This special cleanup project is in honor of Earth Day and a way of bringing attention to the need of keeping our waterways free of debris. For decades, Proctor Creek has been an illegal dumping ground for tires, trash and other hazardous materials. The EPA hopes to reverse the damages with an ongoing cleanup project.

Volunteering to clean up the many Atlanta waterways is a perfect way to spend Earth Day. Of course, you don’t have to wait for this once-a-year celebration to help with the environment. You could be pitching with your own recycling efforts. Those efforts don’t have to stop at the curb with your recycling bin. If you hire a company like Junk King to handle your junk removal project, you can be assured that your bulky items will stay out of area landfills whenever possible.

Keeping trash out of landfills has always been the goal of Junk King. That might seem odd that a company dedicated to collecting junk would want to avoid the dump. However, Junk King has always known that just because something is trash doesn’t mean it has to be thrown away. The Junk King crews are trained to recognize those items that can be recycled or donated.

Consider your old sofa. You might have held onto that piece of furniture for several years. Now you’re ready to swap it out in favor of a new model. One that doesn’t sag or isn’t stained. Nothing wrong with that. But that old sofa could be given a new lease on life when Junk King donates it to a local Atlanta charity. That charity will have the proper craftspeople that can spruce up the coach and get it ready for more years of use. What this means is that some family in need will have a comfortable place to watch TV and the area landfills will be less crowded. The green way is the Junk King way. Call for your Earth Day junk removal appointment today.

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