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Feel Safe With Your Atlanta Junk Removal Team

How secure is the lock on your front door? Just like every other gadget or appliance in your home, your locks will eventually wear down. You’ll notice this is happening when it starts becoming more of a challenge to turn the key. Before you accidentally break off that key, you might consider replacing the locks. After all, that front door is your first line of defense against unwanted visitors. There are other areas of your home such as windows, backdoors and gates that you should make sure are secure. Even with all that hard work of securing your entry points, you could still invite “trouble” into your home in the form of a worker who you haven’t checked out. Whether the job is big or small, you should get to know a lot about the company you’re hiring.


One of the first impressions that a company can make would be on their website. If a business’ website looks like it was just slapped together, then what does that say about them? A company’s website should be easy to navigate and it should have all the information you need to make an informed decision about their services. It should also provide an area where customers can make comments. You’ll find that the Junk King web site takes care of all of those items plus a lot more. You’ll be able to see the history of Junk King and of the Atlanta branch. You should feel confident in hiring Junk King for your junk removal task and that is just what that website can provide.

You’ll also discover that all the crews working for Junk King are licensed, bonded and insured. You’re not going to find that level of professionalism by hiring someone off of Craigslist! Keep in mind that the crews working for Junk King have also all been trained in the proper techniques for moving heavy objects. That means your property will be safe from scratches and dings.

Finally, Junk King takes great strides to make our environment safe. That happens every time they can avoid dumping something at an area landfill. Junk King would much rather take the time to drop something off at a local charity or certified recycling center. That’s just the way they do business. Junk King equals safe junk removal. Call them today to get your junk cleared away.

Get Ready for Your Holiday Open House – Junk Pickup Atlanta

When it comes to decorating the house for the holidays, there are many folks who follow strict traditions. In fact, you can take a picture of the house from year to year and the will look exactly the same. There is nothing wrong with that. There are also some folks that like to add to their collection of outdoor decorations. Obviously, the best time to shop for these decorations are on the day after Christmas! If you’ve already put up your decorations, then you no doubt had to wade through a bunch of other boxes to get to the good stuff. Aren’t you tired of fighting though all that clutter? It doesn’t have to be that way. Instead, let this be the year you finally toss out all that unwanted junk. That’s where a call to Junk King will be a big help.


Not only will you be able to clean up your storage areas but you’ll also be getting your home ready for the big holiday open house party. Your guests might not go up into the attic or out to the garage but they will certainly make their way around the rest of the house. Whether they’re searching for the bathroom or looking for their coat, they are sure to stumble into a spare room or two. Instead of them seeing your home “storage unit” get the Junk King crew to clear out the clutter once and for all.

With a junk pickup session from Junk King, you’ll be directing a two-man moving crew to pick up all the items you want gone. It doesn’t matter how heavy something might be or if it is down in the basement, the Junk King crew will happily go to your junk! That includes anything you’ve got cluttering up your front or back yard.

Everything that is collected by Junk King will be sorted by the crew. They will be looking out for items that can be donated or recycled. The goal is to keep as much of your junk out of a landfill as possible. There are plenty of charities in Atlanta who specialize in refurbishing furniture and appliances. This will insure that none of your junk will be going to waste. Think of it as an added holiday party. When Junk King handles your junk pickup, then all the junk is gone!

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