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Monthly Archives: August 2019

Make Back-To-School Time Decluttering Time




updated 8/10/22


Why Do We Feel the Need to Declutter Our Homes in the Fall?


Seasonal fall cleaning is better than spring cleaning. The cooler days make removals easier for professionals, and residents also benefit since they must clean their houses before winter. The ability to clean out the most populated areas of your home will let you also clear out any lingering:



Getting rid of these irritates is essential because they can still cause reactions in the winter. This is why many places become “stuffy” or are described as difficult to breathe in. It’s not only healthier to have a fall cleaning but also safer. That is one of the biggest draws to cleaning a home or business at least twice a year. 


However, what really makes fall decluttering better than spring, is the ability for homeowners to start organizing. Implementing a cleaning schedule will always be more accessible when starting with a clean slate. Further, having a plan in place before the holidays will greatly help relieve stress for any host or hostess. 


Home cleaning is suggested by professionals every six months. This means there should be at least two chances per year that a homeowner can dispose of junk and trash beyond the bi-weekly pickups. The City of Atlanta offers some limited options for junk pickup. However, if you’re looking for better service, a green approach, and more availability, turn to Junk King North Atlanta instead. 


Why is Decluttering Important and How You Get Started 


Decluttering is essential for every room in your home. Our houses are the places we spend most of our time—this means that when they are dirty or cluttered, there can be issues that arise. Some problems that can come from not decluttering can be as severe as increased sickness time or the creation of intensified allergies. 


Clean up your home by organizing your closets, outfitting the garage with racks, and making designated areas for specific items. Those are three ways to declutter your home quickly—but call on Junk King for an even quicker method. 


Junk King is North Atlanta’s best removal and disposal company. We have much experience with junk and residential homes; our professional removers are also talented at assisting with decluttering and organizing. If you’re unsure where to start cleaning your home, give Junk King a call and have an in-person assessment of your junk and trash. Our experts will provide a solid estimate for the removal you need, but they can also point you in the direction of the best organization route for the future. 


How to Declutter Your Rooms for a More Productive Fall


Homeowners will always have a more productive fall if they know how to declutter. Knowing how and when to declutter rooms makes the entire process easier. For example, noticing extra dust on a ceiling fan means the whole room requires intensive dusting. In the same way, seeing piles of clothes or junk is an excellent way to tell the room needs cleaning. 


Jumpstart your productivity this fall by knowing how to declutter your room and every other living space in your home. The following list gives suggestions on where to start your decluttering journey, based on the room:


Declutter Your Living Room


Usually the most populated room in a home, the living room can become overrun with junk and clutter through daily use. 


The living room is the first room of many houses that do not have a foyer. Homeowners (and their kids) enter their living room and immediately unload all the junk they’ve collected from the day. Mail, change, keys, packages, books, and more can end up on the living room furniture. 


To start decluttering your living room, start by taking notice of the most used areas in the room and how they are used. If the ottoman is always stacked high with mail or homework, create designated areas for them. Overuse of particular types of furniture is a clear sign that something must change for the space to remain clean. 


Declutter Your Bedroom


Arguably the most critical room in your home, decluttering the bedroom is essential for long-term positive behaviors like a positive mood or increased productivity. 


Most people spend eight to ten hours in their rooms a night; they would double or triple that amount of time if given a chance. That’s why people must enjoy their bedrooms and feel comfortable within them. Taking the time to clean and declutter them when needed makes a difference in how we feel about the rooms we spend time in. A clean and positive environment for our bedrooms sets us up for success. 


To start decluttering your bedroom, start by taking an assessment of the room. If clothes tend to pile up in one area, try to figure out why that is happening. Is it because something is blocking the closet, which makes putting them away difficult, and as a result, your favorite designer chair is now also a pile of clothes? 


Declutter Your Garage


Home of boxes, tools, paints, cars, and spiders, your garage is probably not at the top of your To Do list for decluttering. 


But it should be. Homeowners fortunate enough to have garages are missing a massive opportunity for storage capabilities by just throwing whatever into the space. Garages are meant to house vehicles, but with additions like steel wire racks and airtight storage bins, more than just a shovel can go into the room. 


To start decluttering your garage, start by assessing what should go into it for storage. Lawnmowers, weed eaters, and saws are a no-brainer—but how about your off-season clothes, old books, or heavy blankets in the summer? Additionally, some garages have been built with exposed high beams—sometimes, these beams are strong enough to house storage. However, if you are in an older house, always have the structure inspected before putting heavy objects in that area. 


Declutter Your Office


Since March of 2020, many people have found work-from-home employment. 


Thus, it is becoming increasingly common for many homeowners to have a room or space as a designated office. The problem with this is that those who work from home spend eight to ten hours in the area before leaving it immediately at the end of the day. Any mess that accumulates from lunch or other activities will stay there until we get around to cleaning it up. 


To start decluttering your office, start by getting an organization plan. Work desks can become messy quickly, so cleaning them off is only a temporary solution. Instead, invest in organization before cleaning—that way, it becomes organized as you clean. 


Declutter Your Child’s Room


If your children are under ten, their room is an excellent place to practice decluttering.


Note: It is not advisable to clean the rooms of individuals above ten. Additionally, it is not advisable to clean the rooms of individuals who have recently undergone life changes or trauma or are showing symptoms of neurodivergence. 


Kids collect many things, from rocks to dolls and everything in between. Their junk will start to mound after a while since kids do not innately understand why they should throw things away. This is especially true of third or fourth children since they accumulate the junk that their older siblings have used to appease them. 


To start decluttering your child’s room, begin by assessing what toys and clothes they like and use versus the ones they don’t. Be careful not to mistake non-use for non-caring because there are many sentimental toys that kids would rather keep. This process is usually more manageable with the child on board with the plan—but throwing out soiled stuff makes this guideline hazy. 


What are some Best Tips for Organizing a Room Without Scaring Yourself Away? 


The organization and decluttering game can be challenging for many reasons. We often scare ourselves away from decluttering because the process can be overwhelming. Looking at a room filled with junk and clutter isn’t a great motivator to clean—it’s a reminder that we failed to keep it clean. Understanding our feelings surrounding the messes we make is key to keeping our homes more hygienic and healthier. 


If we start to feel overwhelmed or indifferent to the messes in our homes, that is when cleaning should really happen. We suggest starting small and slow. Try out these tips for organizing a room:


  • Before fully committing to gutting a room and starting over, try to understand why the space has been used the way it has been. 
  • Once the decluttering process has started, consider separating loose objects into piles of “keep, donate, trash, or unknown.” 
  • If you find the decluttering process too complicated or require assistance, give Junk King a call to get help. 


There are four ways to get an estimate from Junk King—when you choose to move with Junk King, junk hauling is as simple as 1, 2, 3—just point, and the junk is gone!



  • Call us at (706) 247-7513: From here, ask to receive a quote over the phone from a professional or schedule a drop-off of our MINI or Big Red Trucks. 
  • Text us at (737) 888-5865: Send us photos of your junk, and trash and we’ll answer with a text that has a ballpark quote. 
  • Get a quote online in minutes: Take the most straightforward route and utilize the Junk King pricing calculator. You can explore all of your options and ballpark prices. 
  • Get a concrete quote in person: The most secure of quotes, our professionals specialize in customer service and no hidden fees. All of our quotes are free, with no obligations guaranteed. 

Clear Up Renovation Waste Fast

The end of summer is the perfect time to take on a remodeling project. It won’t be too hot for the crews and the project will be finished in plenty of time before the holiday season. Whether you’re remodeling a kitchen or giving your bathroom a makeover, one thing is for sure: You’re going to generate a lot of waste. It is vital to stay ahead of the cleanup of that waste so that it won’t overwhelm your property and get in the way of the crew. That is where Junk King Atlanta can be a big help.

Begin and End

The beginning of your renovation project is where the most waste is going to be created. This is when you should hire Junk King for the first session. They’ll be able to come in at the end of the workday and quickly swoop up all the demolition waste that was created. As the project goes on, there will be a lot more waste generated. Another Junk King session at the end of the project will help get your house back in order. You’ll have at least two Junk King crewmembers assigned to the cleanup. That will assure that job will get done swiftly. They’ll even sweep up any area that they’ve cleaned up. That is service you can count on.

Flat Rate

The cost for Junk King’s helpful cleanup service will be based on how much space your stuff takes up on the back of the truck. That means it is about volume and not weight. That can make a huge difference when you’re getting ride of renovation waste. That can be some heavy debris! The Junk King crew will look over all the things that you’re getting rid of and will be able to provide you with that estimate. Once you agree on the flat rate, the clean up can begin and that charge won’t change.

Hire Junk King Atlanta for your renovation waste cleanup and it will be one less thing to deal with during the project.

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