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Customers Post More Great Reviews For Junk King

Whenever you hire a new service company, you always want to do some research. The best research for a professional junk hauler would be to check out the reviews. It is clear from the reviews posted for Junk King Atlanta, that this is a company dedicated to quality junk removal service. Here is the proof:

“I have used them before and appreciate their professionalism and how quickly and efficiently to complete the job.” – Daniel, Roswell

“Customer service is very helpful and the people who picked up our stuff were very professional. Great job. I am a happy customer!” – May, Dahlonega

Creating a happy customer for Junk King is easy: they do all the work. They also remove the objects that have been difficult to clear out of the house. It helps when you have two capable movers and a big truck on the job.

“This is the second time I have used this company! Philip and Cliff and another gentleman all came out ready to tackle the task at hand! They were so nice and personable. They got everything that I needed them to pick up and were extremely prompt in doing so. This company is definitely powered by the people came out and do the work. Thank you for your great service!” – Aurora, Talking Rock

“I had a couple of mattresses and box spring sets, an old couch and an old TV to get rid of and found this company. I like that they will donate recycle what they can. Junk King and his crew were on time, professional and gave us a great price to haul away our stuff. I would absolutely call them again and highly recommend!” – Pam, Roswell

Junk King is always happy when they make a repeat customer! It is clear from these reviews that if you need rubbish move your home, Junk King Atlanta is the company to call.

MINI Dumpster Rental: A Solution for Atlanta Small Business Owners

Dumpster Rental


If you’re a small business owner, you know that things can get messy quickly, and when the mess gets too big, you need help to sort it out. Instead of wasting your time cleaning, or wasting the time and labor (and your money) on your employees cleaning for you—take initiative and schedule a drop-off period for a Junk King MINI. Junk King MINI dumpsters are designed to be the cheapest, most compact option with all of your removal service options. No matter what sort of mess you have, you can call on Junk King to help you fix it. Your local solution for everything removal, Junk King has all the tools, services, and people to assist you with your biggest problems and junk. 


full service junk removal


Small Business, Big Waste, and a Hauler to Move It All—Junk King Atlanta

self service dumpster rental services

All small businesses produce big wastes—it’s part of the process. The difference between those small businesses and the big guys is that the big guys have a removal and disposal program, small businesses normally don’t start out with one. Most small businesses may consider getting a removal service, but will usually opt-out and choose to go for a self-option or the ever-wonderful staff option. Both versions seem to be immediately available and cheaper than hiring a removal service; but in reality, choosing to do removal services yourself tends to result in injuries, potential workplace drama, lackadaisical progress, and more time spent playing around and killing time than working. 

If you’ve already started to consider your options for removal services, you’re already on the right path. Picking the right one, though, is the second portion of the equation—which we can help with!—instead, your first considerations should be directed at your business (like they aren’t all the time already?). 


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To begin, consider what wastes your business produces. Is the waste hazardous, bulky, heavy, dangerous, or anything else? After considering what types of waste your business is producing, you can then think about why those wastes are being produced. Could more parts of the material be saved or could production times be cut down if the wastes are managed better? Next, consider if there are any prevention methods that can be utilized to halt the majority of the big piece wastes. For example, if you find your production practices are resulting in big pieces of lites being broken, perhaps it’s time to consider another avenue of production. Updating your production methods after a few decades will always bring to light parts of your business that could also use some changing or updating. Utilize this period to implement some new rules or culture to really change up how things have been done normally; and, if you end up buying a new big machine, call on Junk King to remove the retired one. Machines are big and difficult to recycle, but if they can be recycled, Junk King is the one to do it. 


The waste stream composition for the United States is significant. Recover, a government-backed recycling solution says that “currently, the U.S. recycles about 30% of its waste stream, even though the EPA estimates that up to 75% of our waste stream is recyclable. Over 60% of the average landfill is composed of paper, metals, glass, plastics, and food waste.” Consider what these numbers might look like for the average small business that is involved in the production of some sort; packaging, raw materials, wasted pieces, broken items, or retired machines all further contribute to the wastes that small businesses produce by virtue of them just existing. Thankfully, there are many options that will save the small business owner from being overrun with junk and trash as they try to work; Junk King Atlanta is one of those options. 


Learn more about our dumpster rental services.


Recycling with Small Businesses—Junk King Atlanta, Dumpster Rental Services


The EPA has a lot to say about recycling, but some of the most interesting aspects of recycling have to do with the types of items that recycling facilities might reject. Each recycling facility has special rules for what they will and won’t take, so it won’t do to drop off a truckload of mixed up wastes, the recyclers won’t be able to use it all. Knowing what your recycling facility does take is a simple process that involves a quick Google search. The EPA says this, about the differences between facilities:


Your local recycling facility might not accept all recyclable items. This is especially true with plastics. While plastic bottles are the most commonly recycled plastic products, other practices may or may not be accepted in your area, so first check what your local recycling provider accepts. It is important to understand that the existence of a plastic resin code on the product does not guarantee that the product is recyclable in your area. 


So, what is a small business owner supposed to do if the recycling facilities in their area are not taking the wastes they produce? What’s more, is if the facilities do take their wastes, does the owner use their own time to fill a truck, spend the gas getting to the facility, and then spend more time and labor and cost for the facilities to take the waste? That time could be better managed if staff or employees contributed, but then you pay for their non-working labor instead of your own time—and that’s not including the possibility of you needing to pay for their gas and any injuries that may occur as a result of the hauling. Instead, partner with the removal service that gives you all of the tools that you would ever need for every job, without extra costs or downtime. 


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Junk King Atlanta MINI Dumpsters: Your Solution for Small Business Removals 

dumpster rental services

There are two options that each person receives when working with Junk King; the first, is the option for self-service, while the other is options for full-service. The latter refers to an entire, all-encompassing, experience—complete with a crew of two or more people to assist in the removal process. Sometimes though, if you work with precious materials or need a trained eye to see if something is salvageable, your best bet will be utilizing the self-service option. It should be noted though, that even with the MINI, the risk of doing any junk removal yourself (or having your staff do it) could result in injuries. 


The Junk King self-service is unlike the self-service option from above. The Junk King version involves a roll-away dumpster called a MINI, and while the work will need to be done by capable staff, the time and costs of the event will dramatically be cut down. The Junk King MINI is a dumpster small enough to fit into a driveway, yet large enough to take on the largest and heaviest of loads. It has 12 cubic yards of space to fill—and what’s better, is that you only pay for the portions of the space that you use. This means that instead of ordering a full-sized dumpster and ‘filling it’ only to come away with half of it full, and still needing to pay for the entire dumpster—you can fill half of a MINI, only pay for that half of used space. Additionally, the compact size of the MINI means that it can be put into tight spaces, off the streets, and in a discrete location for maximum privacy as you empty out the back (or front) of your small business. 


Free Junk Removal Price Estimator


Contact Junk King Atlanta Today, to Get A MINI Dumpster Tomorrow

Mini dumpster-rental-Atlanta

There are four ways to reach us, pick your favorite and get a dumpster as early as today. With Junk King Removal Services, getting your junk and trash removed is as simple as 1, 2, 3—just point and the trash is gone. 

Give us a call at (706) 247-7513 to speak with the top-rated customer service in North America. From here, schedule an in-person assessment of your junk to receive the most concrete estimate for your hauling needs. You can also receive a written estimate, so you know what the closest estimate will be even later on down the line. 

Text us pictures to (737) 888-8565 to receive a removal estimate over text. This is perfect for those times we have things like retired or old equipment, and no one really knows what it is or how heavy it is, let alone how to move it. You’ll also receive the ability to book a drop-off appointment for your removal. 

Utilize our online forms to ask us questions, schedule assessments, pick a drop-off time, or speak to us about payment options.

Or, explore your options further with the Junk King pricing estimator. This specialty tool has two modes, one for items and one for volume/weight. The estimator has been custom-made for producing ball-park estimates of removals, and with it, you have the freedom to explore your options and try out different modes between the amenities that all of our services can offer you. 


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Hire Junk King To Help With Closet Clearing

Do you face a “battle” every time you open your bedroom closet door? That battle would occur when you have a closet that is crammed full of clothing. The more clothes that are hung on a rod, the more difficult it is to access those items. This can make getting ready for work each day of major struggle. If this is happening to you, then it might be time to clear out that closet. The only way that can happen efficiently is if you hire the team from Junk King Atlanta. These are the professional junk haulers who can help get rid of all your unwanted closet items the right way.

Keep or Toss

Everything in your closet falls into two categories: keep or toss. The “keep” items would be all the things that you want to hold onto. Not only would this be all of your favorite outfits but maybe some things that you forgot you even had in the closet! In the “toss” pile goes everything else. That is what the team from Junk King is going to pick up. You don’t even have to bring those things down stairs. The Junk King crew will pick up everything right spot.

All of those things that you are getting rid of from your closet won’t necessarily end up in the trash. Junk King strives to take any practical and usable item to a charity for drop-off. This is the kind of disposal work that they have been doing since Junk King began collecting stuff back in 2005.

In addition to all your closet clutter, there will also be room on the Junk King truck for any other bulky item that you’d like to clear out from your home. Just think of what a positive impact all of that removal will have on your living environment.

To get your closets clear you need to have Junk King Atlanta remove all the unwanted stuff. Book your session today.

Affordable Pallet Removal by Junk King in North Atlanta

Pallet Removal Atlanta

If you own a business, you know how important pallets are to meeting your deadlines. They travel across the country several times before breaking down; during that journey, they carry loads as heavy as 5,000 pounds, consisting of everything from raw plastics to papers or electronics. They are essential to the continued function of the American economy and lifestyle. This means there are a lot of them. Depending on the material they are made out of, they can be dangerous to throw out, they can be difficult to handle, or they can just be in the way. Junk King in North Atlanta provides affordable, fast, and convenient pallet removal services to commercial and residential properties. 


full service junk removal


Why Pallets are Behind Every Business, Including Junk King North Atlanta


There are many reasons why we choose pallets as the carriers of almost all items for shipping. These have become some of the most beneficial tried-and-true methods we have available for shipping and handling as it’s done in the modern-day. For example, some shipping services will now reject shipments because they are not palleted. The extra work that goes into sourcing and handling pallets pays off in multiple ways for these companies; as expensive items can be safely moved, whereas before, this often ended in broken, irreparable things. Not only that, but using pallets as a main tool of shipping, means that more things can be shipped in every transitional phase; instead of throwing thirty boxes into a truck, a company can choose to pallet them—and in the process they will be utilizing space better, protecting the items better, and making the entire process easier for all sides. 


Another attraction to the use of pallets, comes from their mobility. Most pallets are designed to be lifted and moved by forklifts, although many are light enough to be thrown around by an adult. Their compact and stocky build ensures that the most amount of weight is possible, while not compromising on utility. Most of the time that a pallet spends, is broken between waiting for weight, shipping, or sitting in a storage room or facility. Pallets are particularly good at retaining their strength over time so often they are left until needed. That makes them particularly useful for commercial uses and for particular types of residential work. 


Pallets also lend themselves to reusability—a rare and exciting thing for many production companies. In 2011, 326 million pallets were resold as is, and another 148 million were recycled. In the case of wooden pallets, should the wood panels break, they only need to be removed and replaced. This is not the case for metal or plastic pallets, as they must be recycled fully in order to be reused. Despite this, wooden pallets seem to still dominate the industry because they are cheap and easily repaired. Benefits like this are why every company uses pallets, and why they pile up from time to time. 


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Pick A Pallet for Hauling, and Haul Junk with Junk King North Atlanta

Wooden Pallet Removal

Picking the right pallet for your needs is important; picking wrong could mean needless labor, more cost, or the potential for injury. A significant amount of the time, the best option will be wood; there’s no reason to have a metal pallet transporting produce, after all. This means, that because so many people rely on wooden pallets, there is a surplus of them in the current shipping rotation. Naturally, this also means that the ones which are not chosen to be reused are disposed of—sometimes this means selling them, but most of the time it ends in them being left outside and then they are possibly taken by residential folks.


Pallets that are left outside are usually not able to be put back into circulation, by virtue of them being left outside. Normally, this stops other businesses from taking them too; this means that most of the broken-pallet thievery is done by the local people. The use of pallets even in the residential sphere is significant, yet there has been a rise in DIY projects involving them, instead of their traditional purpose. Such projects adopt the wood and upcycle it into new forms; chairs, beds, and sofas are among the most popular upcycled-pallet furniture. The problem with this is that the discarded wood can sometimes contain harmful elements or possibilities. Bringing these harmful contaminants into your home can cause loved ones to get sick, or even kill some pets if the pet is left to chew on the old wood. 


Additionally, pallets get many necessary treatments before shipping. For example, pallets require treatments in order to cross state borders. Sometimes this means being fumigated with methyl bromide, a highly toxic pest control spray. They are also sometimes treated with anti-molding fungicides like tribromophenol. Short of this fungicide, pallets are prone to molds when their treatments wear off. Barring that, neglecting to fumigate them, often results in insect infestations, as most pallets are made of freshly cut wood. To avoid problems like this, we recommend a professional pallet disposal program, and not upcycling your pallets; Junk King North Atlanta is your local solution for such a program.


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Benefits of a Disposal Program with Junk King, North Atlanta

Junk King Trash Pick up

Junk King disposal programs come in many types and are very customizable to fit every removal situation. Most commonly, residential homes call us twice a year, while companies can call us between 3 to 6 times a year if they do not utilize permanent options. There are numerous occasions for disposal programs, and pallets are some of the most common factors. Further, these disposal services are more than picking up trash and throwing it into the landfill on the other side of the city. 


Choosing to work with Junk King leads to a safer work environment, but also a cleaner local environment. Instead of waiting for the pallets to tower up, ordering a disposal service means that your workplace—is a safer place. This is because those pallets are picked up and removed in a timely fashion. Further, the local environment benefits from this sort of disposal program. Junk King operates with a commitment to recycling at least 60% of our hauls; broken or crush pallets are great for being recycled into more pallets (just not for upcycling in the home). 


Free Junk Removal Price Estimator


Junk King North Atlanta for Affordable Pallet Disposal Services


Junk King North Atlanta has many options for pallet disposal. Options include commercial-scale removals, or even utilizing the MINI. The MINI dumpster is a Junk King original, consisting of 12 cubic yards of space. The MINI is small enough to fit in the driveway and big enough to take care of your biggest appliances and messes. Not only that, but Junk King also offers assistance for those jobs that are too big for one person; for instance, there is a full-service option, where a team of professional junk removers comes with the truck and all you need to do is point—and the junk is gone. 


Contact Junk King in North Atlanta today to get started on seeing all of your options for pallet disposal and removal programs. There are four ways you can reach us, and each one of those ways you can schedule an appointment, or just inquire about an estimate:

  • Call (706) 247-7513 to be put in touch with one of our expert agents. From here, you can ask about having an in-person estimate done at your property or business. This is how you get the most accurate estimate—and you get it in writing too. Further, in choosing Junk King over the other guys, you’ll have the option to pay less than your estimate—since you pay for the space that you use in the dumpster. 
  • Text photos of your junk to us at (737) 888-5865; you’ll receive a text back from our estimation experts via the same number. Doing your estimation process like this may end up getting you a little farther from the final costs, but if you view it as a ballpark estimate and utilize the convenience of it for the entire process—that’s a pretty great trade-off. 
  • You can also just book everything online using our convenient forms. Directly from the internet, you can book a drop-off, set up estimation meetings, ask questions, and more. 
  • Before you book with us, we always suggest exploring your options—and luckily you can do that by utilizing our custom-created pricing calculator! Our pricing estimator works for residential jobs as well as commercial jobs, and lets you use a visualizer to ‘see’ the sort of stuff you may need for your special circumstance. This means that sometimes you’ll find a job that can be done with just a roll-away MINI dumpster, and other times you may find that some additional hands could greatly help. 


Contact Junk King North Atlanta for all of your junk hauling and trash removal service needs. 


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