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Junk Removal Blog

Get The Office Clean With Help From Junk King

Has your workplace become overrun with unwanted items? These are be the kinds of things that can be tossed out to the dumpster. Instead, they end up being accumulated in an empty office or in a storeroom. That is a waste of that kind of space. It might be time to get all that unwanted stuff cleared out for good. To make that happen you just need to set up and removal session with Junk King Atlanta.

Furniture and Equipment

Junk King will dispatch a team of movers to help with your office cleanup agenda. That can include getting rid of all kinds of furniture from desks to chairs to credenzas. Junk King can even take away those old cubicle walls. In addition to the furniture, the team from Junk King will be glad to load up all the unwanted office equipment. This is your chance to finally get rid of those old computers and printers. They are of no value to anyone and need to be disposed of as a certified recycling center. That is the kind of drop off the Junk King is happy to make as part of their junk removal service.

The cost for Junk King’s service is always determined by how everything fits onto the back of the truck. Along with all of their moving experience, the Junk King team also has a lot of packing experience. They will be able to know exactly how much space all that office furniture and equipment will take up just by looking it over. Once they present you with an estimate, that cost is lockdown. Even if your stuff takes up more space on the truck, you will still pay that original price.

Hiring Junk King Atlanta to clean out your office will always be good for the bottom line. Book your session today.

Junk Removal in Atlanta: Trash, Rubbish & Junk Removal Services


Junk Removal in Atlanta



The Basics of Junk Removal in Atlanta


Everyone at some point in their life will need assistance from professional removal services like Junk King. Whether it be an estate cleanout or cleaning up your property after a storm, Junk King is there to provide you with solutions for all of your junk and trash removal needs. Before getting started, it would be helpful to know the basics of junk removal in the Atlanta area: 

    • The City of Atlanta has a bulk trash collection service. Residents are limited to 12 bulk item pick-ups per year without additional fees. However, there are multiple restrictions that come with this availability. 
    • There are numerous ways to get rid of your junk and trash, you will eventually find the perfect service for your needs. There are countless junk removal teams ready to assist you with anything you might need in terms of removals and hauling. This means that there are also a lot of different approaches to getting the job done. 
      • Weekly collections: most residents have subscriptions to weekly trash collecting, this is the most popular way to get rid of almost all trash.
      • Bulk item pick-ups: bulk item pick-ups are some of the best services that any collection group can offer. They are used to remove large quantities of same-or-similar-material. Collection groups may even offer to take bulk items at a discounted cost.
      • Full-service options: some junk hauling services in Atlanta will offer full-service. This is when a vehicle for the removal is given, as well as a professional removal crew. The client then only has to point and the junk is lifted and taken away by the crew.
      • Self-service options: some trash removal services in Atlanta offer self-service. This is the traditional option, where a roll-away rental dumpster is given to the client for multiple days. During that time the renters fill it and at the end of the contract, the dumpster is collected. 
      • Other options: some junk hauling and trash removal services in Atlanta offer other services as well. These can consist of both special residential services and full-scale commercial services, including weekly pick-up options and unique payment plans.



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Trash vs. Rubbish vs. Junk


When you see the words ‘trash’, ‘rubbish’, and ‘junk’ what comes to mind? Hopefully, something different comes up for each word. Colloquially ‘trash’ tends to call up pictures of used coffee cups, plastic soda ring holders, and a variety of water-floating plastics. Meanwhile, ‘rubbish’ will likely be pictured as a more or less ‘grey’ type of trash. A pile of something, partially decomposed and somewhat soggy; ’rubbish’ tends to mean ‘trash’ but somehow indicates a more questionable substance than what can confidently be called ‘trash’. Conversely, ‘junk’ means nothing similar to the prior two, unless its meaning is signified to be in reference to ‘trash’ specifically. Thus, when someone says ‘junk’ without a reference to ‘trash’ or ‘garbage’, it’s usually assumed that the someone is talking about items that are in some way in disrepair, broken, or  valueless—it does not, however, indicate something with ’soiling’, as that would be indicative of something being not even ‘trash’ but ‘rubbish’.

Discard trash, discard rubbish, and dispose of junk with Junk King North Atlanta. No matter what your junk and trash needs are, Junk King is there to help. Every haul that Junk King completes results in at least 65% of the haul being broken down and shipped away to various recycling facilities—so when you choose to move with Junk King, you’ve also chosen to work with the greenest junk removal service in North America. 



full service junk removal


How to Go Green in the City of Atlanta by Recycling and Reusing!


Go Green in the City of Atlanta by Recycling and Reusing


If you’ve ever Googled ‘recycling centers near me’ or ‘local to me’, you know that there are a few different options that can be used to improve your waste footprint. Likely, some of the results were further searches, suggesting ‘community gardening near me’, ‘reuse store near me’, or even a ‘junk recycling service near me’. 

For those who live in Atlanta, one of the easiest ways to go green is to utilize a professional removal service like Junk King. Junk King works differently than its competition—it was founded with the idea that junk hauling could be done in sustainable and renewable ways. This is why Junk King is noted as being the greenest removal service in North America; over 65% of every haul they make is broken down and recycled or shipped away to the proper recycling facility. 

Alternatively, you can also choose to go green by working with private sanitation services (see also “waste management”). These private services are usually weekly collection groups, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have options for recycling. There are two types of weekly collection services in Atlanta, the first is a single-stream waste option. This is when both recyclable materials and non-recyclables are put into the same trash bins. From here, the collection service takes it to a facility to be sorted out, and the soiled items are taken to the landfill. The second waste option is duel-stream; this is when there are two bins used by the owner. One is only for recyclables, while the other is only for non-recyclables. This manner of collection is easier on the facilities, but it does take a few extra seconds of management for the homeowner. 


Benefits of Hiring a Professional for Your Next Junk Removal Project


There are many benefits attached to hiring professionals for your next removal project. Some of these benefits include: 

  • You don’t lift a finger; professional removal services like Junk King are more than excited to take care of all your removal needs—including lifting everything for you. 
  • You know that your junk is being recycled; not all services have the time or ability to recycle, at least when you choose Junk King you know that everything that can be recycled, is being recycled. 
  • We work on your schedule; this means that you can choose the best times for our services. Better yet, our drivers will call you 15-20 minutes before our arrival, and we always stay within our two-hour window—so you can get back to life faster. 
  • You save more money with professionals in comparison with other alternatives; you’ll never find a better deal than what Junk King offers, and if you do—get a written estimate and we’ll beat it. The cost of junk removal should never be an issue, and Junk King provides clear and honest prices for that reason. For example, our dumpster rental cost is lower than our competition while still providing more space for your junk. 
  • It’s also safer for you and your family/employees; we love junk hauling, but it can be a dangerous job. Sometimes we work in hazardous conditions, other times we may find ourselves digging through a dumpster looking for a lost item. Unless you are professionally trained, it’s a safe bet that we can do your entire removal safe removal methods and in a fraction of the time. 


Items Junk King Takes


One of the things that Junk King is known for in the removal industry is our ability to remove and recycle just about anything you can own (stopping just short of hazardous wastes and materials). Junk King is able to offer a large variety of acceptance because we’re able to commit the time and energy that is required to be able to remove large objects. For example, not all removal services are able to accept mattresses or refrigerators due to the complications that arise from breaking them down. Junk King is able to accept both of these, and also break them down into their most simple parts in order to be recycled at the proper facility. 

Other items we take include furniture and real estate cleanouts; e-waste, yard waste, construction debris removal, trash, garbage, and even large specialty removals like appliances, hot tubs, mattresses, and even the demolition and removal of structures not attached to residential homes or commercial buildings. Additionally, Junk King also offers commercial services and will accept equipment, office furnishings, department store junk, and anything else non-hazardous. As a reviewer noted in an online review in 2022: Junk King will remove just about anything. 

Remember, when you choose to move with Junk King, removing and disposing of your junk is as simple as 1, 2, 3—just point and the junk is gone. Call or contact us today to get a truck or MINI dumpster as early as tomorrow. 

  • Call us at (706) 247-7513 to speak with a world-class customer representative. While on the phone, ask for a ball-park quote to receive one immediately, or ask to schedule an in-person assessment at your property. An in-person assessment will give you the benefit of having a written quote at the end of the assessment. 
  • Text us photos of your junk to (737) 888-5865 to receive a ball-park quote back over text. 
  • Or, stay online and reap the most immediate benefits. Explore our custom-made pricing calculator and see what sort of ball-park quotes you can generate. At the end of the wizard, you can even schedule your drop-off or rental days. Additionally, orders placed online that are over $99, are eligible to receive a $20 discount at the end of the process. 


Free Junk Removal Price Estimator



Give Your Old Lawnmower To Junk King

Every family has a certain amount of “hand-me-down” items. If there is more than one child all, then the hand-me-downs will most definitely be clothing. They can also be hand-me-downs of baby furniture like a crib or dresser. Some of those hand-me-down items can also be shared with outside family and friends. Of course, there are some things that are never going to be a hand-me-down item. An old lawnmower would certainly qualify. This is something that once it has broken down it becomes obsolete. At that point, to things has to happen. You have to replace that lawnmower and then get rid of the old model. For the latter phase of that operation, you can count on Junk King Atlanta to get it done.

It Will Not Take Long

It will not take long for the Junk King team to wheel out your old lawnmower and loaded onto the back of their truck. You might actually spend more time welcoming the Junk King crew to your home than it does for them to load up that old lawnmower! Once the lawnmower is loaded, you can declare the job as complete. That would certainly mean you pay the minimum price for the job. That is because junk King charges a flat rate that is based on how everything fits on the truck. One lawnmower will not take up a lot of space on that truck!

Since you have the two-man crew and a big truck at your disposal, you should also consider getting rid of anything else that is taking up valuable space around your home or yard. It can all be loaded onto the back of Junk King truck.

When it is time to get rid of your old lawnmower, it is time to call in Junk King Atlanta. Make the call today.

How Junk King Can Help with Commercial Junk Removal in Atlanta North



Junk King is one of the most well-known residential junk removal services available in North America. We’re recognized as a top-rated service for customer satisfaction and our environmental initiatives. That said, we don’t just provide residential solutions, we also provide the easiest and most attentive commercial services available. Between our high-quality customer service and our payment plans, even our insured haulers, everyone at Junk King is ready to make your experience with junk hauling the best that it can be. We’re rated #1 for trust, value, and performance—give us a call today to find out more on how we can help you.


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Categorizing Business Owners & Stress in the United States


To be a business owner is to dedicate your life and your resources to growth and progress. Choosing this profession is one of the most stressful jobs that a person can have—everything rides on minor successes or fiery failures. Keeping this in mind, it may be helpful to identify the different categories of commercial business owners—as each group will have its stressors and thus require more specialized assistance in some cases.

  • Entrepreneurs: Those who have created a business from the ground up, possibly starting to look at expanding to a bigger location or a secondary local. 
  • Localized Owners: Those mom-and-pop shops which have been in business for years, serving the needs of the surrounding community. 
  • Franchise Owners: Those who have bought a franchise license and who have opened a location (or more). Their standards are predetermined by the parent conglomerate.  
  • Small Business Owner: Those who have passed the entrepreneur stage and have at least one location producing. They tend to rent a production space from a landlord. 
  • Medium Business Owner: Those who have a significant number of employees (50+) and who may have multiple locations. They also tend to rent their spaces. 
  • Large Business Owners: Those with over 100 employees and who normally have a centralized location, sometimes with satellites. Some choose to rent, while others choose to own their spaces.

The different types of owners all have similar problems in common: employees, space, production, waste and byproduct, overhead, and a whole lot of stress. In 2018, Shopify Plus published an article speaking exclusively about the problems that business owners were saddled with in their positions. They captured the euphoria and the turmoil in a few sentences:

Unfortunately, few people talk about how additive and fleeting [the high of good sales] can be. Even less about the emotional and mental toll that lifestyle exacts. Entrepreneurship can be a grisly, volatile mess of toxic ingredients on the verge of combustion, threatening to consume your health, relationships, and life. If you feel like you’re living on the edge of a knife, you are not alone. 

They further quantified this by giving statistics pulled from the American Psychology Association, the National Institute of Mental Health, and the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration from the U.S. department of health and human services. These stats claimed that depression was found at double the rate in business owners, that is was in the same amount of general people. This trend continued with other mental conditions; ADHD was found in 29% of business owners, compared to 4.4% of the public; addiction was found in 12% compared to 8.4%, and bipolar disorders were found in 11% compared to 4.4%. 

To reiterate, this was the conclusion of multiple studies conducted in 2017/2018. These numbers have changed since the events of 2020. It is an educated guess that while the number of total business owners has changed for the better, these percentages have also increased. In 2020, small businesses made up 99.9% of the business in the United States, further, they employed 47.1% of U.S. employees. 

The stress that business owners face is a universal problem for them and their employees. The American Institute of Stress published an article on the top 42 stress statistics that came out of various polls conducted on the public. All of the stats are insightful for business owners to be cognizant of, but one, in particular, is important: “63% of U.S. workers are ready to quit their jobs due to stress.” This is important because it gives awareness into the stress that average workers have each day—those stressors build, and eventually give way to leaving. Why does this matter for business owners? One of the best things that a business owner can do is to acknowledge the stressors that worry their employees. Further, they can limit or stop placing tasks on their workers which do not pertain to them. This lowers stress for everyone involved in the business and helps to ensure that the jobs are done right. Call on cleaning services to clean the shop, repair personnel to repair computers and equipment, and Junk King for junk removal.


full service junk removal



Commercial Junk Removal Services – How Junk King Can Help in North Atlanta



Commercial Junk Removal Services


Every business and every business owner has unique challenges. One of the only things that remains consistent for everyone, is Junk King’s commitment to high-quality services. What makes us different from your standard waste disposal vendor? Nearly everything, from our full-scale commercial services to our options for payment plans. For most businesses there are only two options for taking care of large pieces of junk or hauling projects: either you remove it yourself (or have your stressed-out employees do it), or you pay someone to come and do the work for you. 

The problem with doing removals by yourself is that it takes time and when it’s done incorrectly, can result in injury and an overall loss of productivity. The problem with having someone come to do the removal for you is that if you pick the wrong service, you could end up with an uninsured crew, maybe even property damage if something is dropped or crushed. You can avoid both of these issues by calling on Junk King for help with your junk removal—no matter what your business does. As mentioned before, there are different categories that a business owner may fall under; here is how Junk King North Atlanta can help them (and you).

Entrepreneurs, Localized Owners, Small Business Owners & Junk King Hauling

If you fall under one of these three categories, chances are you are thinking about expansions or product wastes. Old office desks, credenzas, broken chairs, all of this can be rejected by a traditional waste removal team. Luckily, Junk King specifically accepts these pieces along with an entire list of other items. Additionally, if you are preparing to move to a new location, there is a significant chance that your new space could be filled with old furnishings or dilapidated conditions. Call on us at Junk King to get your new space cleaned and emptied. Clean outs are one of the major services that we offer to both residential and commercial clients—you only need to tell us what you want to be emptied or removed and our team of haulers will do the rest. Junk King also offers the ability to get all of your construction debris removed. If you’re thinking about installing a dock door or upgrading the building you already have, this is the option for you. For every commercial junk removal, Junk King can provide you with the highest amount of convenience, your best cost savings, a professional and clean environment, and peace of mind that things are being done right. 

Franchise, Medium Business, Large Business Owners & Junk King Removal Services

Falling under one of these categories means that you are most likely in the market for office furniture removal, equipment removal, foreclosure clean outs, or scrap pick up from construction or metal wastes. Furniture removals are some of the most common removals for every junk company—that doesn’t mean that every junk company can handle it. Junk King is able to take away everything from bookcases to cubicles, desks to filing cabinets, even armoires and toolsets can be completely broken down and taken away. Or, if you are needing to remove old equipment and county restrictions dictate you cannot remove it yourself, you can call on us for that too. This is especially important for businesses with e-waste, or electronics. These sorts of items (computers, monitors, printers, copy machines, shredders, TVs) cannot go into the regular dumpsters and to the local landfill because they contain toxins that aren’t safe for the environment. Junk King is able to easily break down these items and dispose of them in eco-friendly ways; almost all types of e-waste can be removed and processed down by us. We can even collect and dispose of all of your left over shipping products, things like boxes, pallets, foam—we take all of it. Junk King is North America’s greenest junk removal service (having 60% of every load recycled), call us today to experience the superior value, service, and effort that goes into our #1 ratings. 

Contact Us for Your Atlanta North Commercial Needs

If you’re considering contacting us, take a moment to check out our custom pricing estimator. You can get a quote in minutes! Or, give us a call at 1-888-888-JUNK to speak with a real person about your options for removals. Additionally, you can text us pictures at 1-737-888-5865 and we can offer you an estimate based on them. Send us multiple photos to get the best estimate possible!


Free Junk Removal Price Estimator



Recycle Cardboard Recycling in Atlanta: How to Properly Dispose of Those Amazon Boxes and Help the Environment


Cardboard Recycling in Atlanta

Why Should Cardboard be Recycled?


Cardboard is some of the most common materials in the world these days. From the largest of shipping containers to the smallest of packages, cardboard is used universally for adding rigidity to otherwise fragile packaging. Even better, it seems to be very easy to produce and can be readily built with recycled material. Additionally, because cardboard is made of compressed paper, which is made of a variety of tree bark pulps, cardboard has paper-like quality in that it can break down quickly when left in the natural elements. The environmental impact of recycling cardboard is greatly important both from a physical perspective and from a monetary view. In terms of its physical importance, cardboard needs to be kept out of landfills because despite it being made of natural materials, it won’t assist in breaking down any other trash any faster. Further, it can block out the sun from the things below it, which is a major hindrance in the breaking down process of the landfill itself. At the same time, the ability to recycle cardboard is intertwined with the ability of the owner to pay for its recycling. By extension, by continuously making cardboard easily available to recycle, more people will become more likely to choose to recycle it, rather than cut it up and throw it into a trash bag bound for the landfills.

Additionally, because cardboard is made of recyclable material, the cardboard can be collected and recycled again multiple times—not even significant types of plastic can be reused to a comparable amount.



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 How to Recycle Cardboard in Atlanta?



Recycle Cardboard in Atlanta


Google ‘how do you recycle cardboard’ or ‘where can I recycle cardboard’ and you’ll immediately notice that there are a variety of ways to recycle cardboard in Atlanta. One of the best ways is to recycle cardboard via local disposal services like a recycling center. Just as the City of Atlanta has a bulk item pickup option, they also have a commitment to assist with the disposal of cardboard too. However, if you did not want to call on the city, there is also the option of calling on a professional junk removal service like Junk King. There is also the option of calling on your weekly trash pickup to remove some of your cardboard, but there are restrictions to doing this. 

As far as relying on the City of Atlanta for your cardboard disposal needs, you’ll need to also pay attention to their numerous restrictions. Failing to follow their expectations can result in multiple costly fines. For example, one such restriction that residents of Atlanta need to be aware of is the city’s stance on junk being left out on curbs. While you can schedule a pickup time for your junk disposal via the city, if you choose to not schedule an appointment, or do not know that you need one—the city could end up fining you a few hundred dollars for the ‘improper disposal’ of the junk. It could also be considered significant littering which can result in an arrest or legal trouble. Another restriction that the city has on these pickups is their inability to pick up more than 8 cubic feet of junk at one time; any junk that exceeds this limit is considered a secondary pickup and will incur additional fees. 

In comparison, Junk King is considered one of the top-rated removal services in America. Apart from being able to uninstall, remove, and recycle large objects, Junk King is also able to collect and recycle smaller or more simple items like cardboard. Further, there are three different ways that a resident homeowner can utilize the services that Junk King provides. The first available service that Junk King offers is our full-service option. This option gives the best possible customer service without any work needing to be done by the client themselves. As the owner of Junk King North Atlanta likes to say, “the heaviest thing you should have to lift is the telephone”. The second option that the residential homeowner has is to utilize the Junk King MINI roll-away dumpsters; small enough to fit in a residential driveway and large enough to accommodate multiple large appliances, the Junk King MINI can handle even the largest of residential cleanouts. The largest difference between the full and the self-service is that of time and assistance—the full-service operates with an additional crew of professional movers to help remove your junk, the self-service assumes that the client is able to do these large hauling jobs by themselves (and whoever they bribed to assist them). Lastly, there are also one-off pickup options available through Junk King. These one-offs can be bulk item pickups or single item pickups, they can even be large bales of flattened cardboard.

Alternatively, residents could also call their regular weekly trash collectors and speak to them about their options from there. Most weekly trash collectors will not have an option for material-specific pickups, but some of the larger companies like Waste Management at least have the tools and facilities to be able to collect and break down recyclable materials. It is also important to keep in mind that many of these weekly trash collection businesses are meant specifically for trash pick up; this is important to note because certain trash removal companies will likely agree to pickup your junk and cardboard, only to then turn around and throw it into the local landfill. This is obviously not the best outcome for the cardboard, as it can be recycled—but it also impacts the local environment and the broader social community. 

full service junk removal
 How Much does it Cost to Recycle Cardboard?

There is a lot that goes into recycling cardboard, so it is important to know the basics of the process and the costs associated with recycling cardboard before choosing one of the above options. The cost of recycling cardboard plays a great role in getting the right service for your needs. Below is the general price range for each of the above options to recycle cardboard, as well as some of the pros and cons that go along with each.

  • The City of Atlanta
    • Cost Range: Whatever you pay to be a resident of Atlanta; All residents of Atlanta are entitled to the recycling services that the city funds, up to 12 collections a year with some restrictions. 
    • Pros: Your cheapest option, plus you can schedule a pickup for early morning and put your junk out early. 
    • Cons: They have a very limited definition of the word ‘haul’, and will not take certain difficult objects. 


  • Junk King Junk Hauling and Removal Services
    • Cost Range: $99-$699; Junk King offers a variety of services, each with its own special aspects. It is the most extravagant of these services that account for the highest numbers. 
    • Pros: You have multiple options, each involving work with trained professionals and their assistance. 
    • Cons: Junk King is generally not the answer for small ‘hauls’ or one-offs. They can be used for each of them, but clients find more benefit from larger or more complex junk and trash hauling.


  • Weekly Trash Collector Services
    • Cost Range: Whatever you pay for your typical weekly collections, with additional charges possible. Obviously, there are also a number of restrictions that come with this as well. 
    • Pros: You can have your cardboard taken away at a consistent rate, and if doing duel stream recycling you know your cardboard is being recycled. 
    • Cons: They will sometimes refuse to take certain things with them, as part of their laundry list of restrictions as a company. 


Free Junk Removal Price Estimator


Junk King & Cardboard Recycling FAQs


This blog doesn’t provide everything you need to know about cardboard recycling, but it does give you a starting point that can be used to make informed choices about your recycling habits. It also gives you the major options you have available to you as a resident of Atlanta, GA. Continue reading to see some of the most frequently asked questions about Junk King and cardboard recycling Atlanta


  • Is cardboard really that important to recycle? 


  • Are there alternatives to cardboard processing and recycling? 
    • There are other things you can do to reuse your cardboard besides what is listed above. For example, you can cut them apart and make custom shipping boxes, or you can slide them under your furniture and appliances for some added floor/counter protection.


  • Why does Junk King care about recycling? 
    • When Junk King was founded in 2005, the founder wanted to create a junk removal company that focused on two things: customer service and caring for the future of the world. Recycling is the latter of these goals. Since its founding, Junk King has become North America’s greenest junk removal company, with a goal of over 70% of each of its hauls being recycled, reused, repurposed, or donated. 


There are three ways to get in contact with a customer representative from Junk King today.

(1) Give us a call at (706) 247-7513 to speak with a real person about your junk hauling needs and options. You can receive a quote over the phone or schedule a no-obligation, in-person assessment at your property. Having an in-person assessment is also the best way to get a concrete estimate.

(2) Text us pictures of your junk to (737) 888-5865, and receive an estimate back over text. Send us multiple pictures and you can receive quotes for multiple items.

(3) Or, stay online and receive an estimate in minutes by using our pricing calculator; at the end of the wizard, you can even schedule your drop-off or appointment. 


Turn Your Rubbish Over To Junk King

Every home has some level of rubbish that need to be cleared out. That rubbish can come in many different forms. It can be debris left over from a remodeling project or an old futon gathering dust down in the basement. Rubbish can also mean clothing that is never going to be want to or sporting equipment that is never going to be used. Gathering up all of that rubbish and turning it over to the team from Junk King Atlanta can free up a lot of storage space in your home. It can also simply improve the living environment. Are you ready to get rid of your rubbish?

Your Dedicated Rubbish Removal Team

Junk King is going to provide you with your own dedicated rubbish removal team. This will be a crew that consists of two experience movers. Those movers will always show up with a positive attitude. That means you don’t have to feel guilty about asking them to remove anything from your home especially those things that might seem extreme bulk or heavy. The Junk King crew will always find a way to make it happen.

The crew also has a lot of experience when it comes to packing up the truck. That experience will come in handy when it is time to determine what your estimate for the cost of the service. That estimate is always based on volume and not weight. Will your rubbish take up one quarter, one third or the entire truck bed? Whatever the answer, that will be your price and it will always be a price that is fair and competitive.

If you have a flexible schedule, then you might be able to benefit from a same day pickup. That will be determined when you call in and what the status is of the nearest Junk King crew. You will not have to wait long to get rid of your rubbish when Junk King Atlanta is on the job. Book your rubbish removal session today.

Remove Old Furniture The Right Way

With few exceptions, almost every piece of furniture that is in your home was brought there by two people. That might have been the movers you used when you first came into the house or delivery men who dropped off the furniture that you bought the store. Most of that furniture you will probably keep for several years. However, there may come a time when you need to replace one or more items of furniture. For that to happen, you will need another team of movers. That is exactly what Junk King Atlanta is going to provide you. These the junk hauling professionals that remove old furniture from any home or apartment the right way.

Out The Door And Onto The Truck

Most furniture can be mood a couple of inches for the purposes of vacuuming. But when it comes to getting that piece out of the room and out of the house you need experience. The two men Junk King crew who will be assigned to your furniture task will have that experience. Not only do they know the proper lifting techniques for heavy objects but the junk King crew also knows how to carry the same objects up and down stairs and down the narrow hallways. They will never rush this type of work to make sure that no walls or floors are scuffed up. Junk King crew will treat your home with the same level of respect that they treat their own property.

You can also coordinate the removal of your old furniture on the same day as the delivery of your new furniture. The Junk King crew can come over in the morning and clear out everything to make space for the arrival of the new items.

Junk King Atlanta will make removing the furniture from your home look easy. Book your removal session today.

Old Couch Removal: The Easiest Way with Junk King Atlanta


Junk King Atlanta Furniture Removal



Have an old couch or other piece of furniture taking up space? Find out why Junk King is your go to option:

How Junk King Works and What It Will Cost You

What Type of Furniture Does Junk King Remove?

What are the Benefits of Junk King?

Getting Rid of Your Old Furniture is Now Easier than Ever with Junk King Atlanta



No matter where you got your couch from or what it is made of, at some point you’ll be faced with needing to remove it or get rid of it; and the easiest way to do that is by calling on Junk King North Atlanta to assist you every step of the way. 


If you’ve ever needed to remove a couch or sofa from your property, you likely know how much of a hassle the entire event can become. After all, you and the family got the couch into that backside room the first time—getting it back out should surely be no problem too, right?




Then comes a series of grunts, curses, sighs, and eventual admission of defeat. “There must be a better way!” You scream towards the gods—reenacting some poorly written commercial, which aired on local TV at 2 am ten years ago. 


Fortunately, you would be right, there is a better way for removing couches, sofas, love seats, and more—just look online for ‘sofa disposal near me’. Junk King services are known as being the number one rated junk hauling and trash removal service in North America, and such a distinction is backed by our commitment to taking everything and anything (except hazardous materials) in our removals.


If you are thinking about a sofa removal, give Junk King Atlanta North a call first and have the entire removal done in a fraction of the time and effort that it would have cost. Further, calling Junk King, ensures that you come away with the lowest possible furniture removal cost since Junk King never sneaks in hidden or additional fees. 



How Junk King Works and What It Will Cost You


Junk King Atlanta big red truck



Junk King junk removal services and hauling works by offering you two types of removal options and the lowest costs available. The first type of service they offer is called full-service, while the second type is called self-service. 


The full-service option offers the use of a big red Junk King truck (20% larger than the competitor’s truck at the same price), and full-service also comes with a professionally trained removal crew of two or more people to assist you.


In this way, with the larger truck and the additional hands, full-service is a greatly beneficial option, especially for difficult projects like the removal of a large sectional sofa from your home. 


furniture removal guide group 2



In comparison, the self-service option comes with a multi-day rental of a Junk King roll-away dumpster called a MINI. The Junk King MINI dumpsters have a smaller exterior size which makes them able to be dropped off in nearly any location including residential driveways.


At the same time, they also offer a 12-cubic yard interior, making the removal process easier for the client due to the MINI’s ability to hold both large appliances and furniture without issue. 


Junk King costs are also done differently than the competition. While competitors base their cost and rates on the end weight of the dumpster or truck—Junk King bases their pricing on the volume of the dumpster or truck. This means that with Junk King, you only pay for the space that you use, and there are never any additional or hidden fees.


For example, if you were to order a Junk King MINI and only filled it halfway, you could pay as little as $160 to have your junk removed, while ordering a full-service truck option and completely filling our truck (which can hold six full pickup beds worth of junk and trash) could come out to just under $600. Additionally, companies and small businesses have their own Junk King pricing options most times.




Junk King Furniture Removal Checklist



What Type of Furniture Does Junk King Remove?




Junk King North Atlanta takes any and all furniture. In fact, they take nearly everything, everything being just short of hazardous materials. Old couch removal, mattresses, broken furniture, appliances, and everyday trash and junk are all able to be hauled by Junk King.


Even furniture that is being removed due to an estate sale or a property cleanout can be taken and utilized by Junk King. (Not to mention Junk King’s ability to take down entire structures if they aren’t connected to a larger building.) They also are able to take both old TVs and electronics and the subsequent e-waste which comes from both.


Further, because of the large space of the Junk King trucks and MINIs, they are also able to take office furniture and furnishings too. We can remove almost all types of furniture, including couches, sofas, sofa beds, mattresses, chairs, tables, bookcases, cubicles, desks, file cabinets, boxes, armoires, and tool units. 


Chances are, if you got it in your home or business, we can get it out for you—as long as there are no hazardous waste materials. For example, removing an armoire that is filled with old clothes is no worry—but removing an armoire filled with paints or sprays would be more difficult.


This is because hazardous materials require specialized manners in which to recycle them, and those tools are usually only obtained by full-scale recycling facilities. Luckily, since hazardous waste materials are the only thing that Junk King will not haul—you don’t need to worry about if they’ll take your junk and trash. 



What are the Benefits of Junk King?


There are numerous benefits to choosing to move with Junk King North Atlanta. For example, not only do you receive world-class service through our highly trained customer representatives and movers, but you also are choosing to use the greenest removal service available in North America.


Additionally, you also save time with Junk King, because no matter which service you choose, the hauling can be done based on your schedule and needs. Choose to utilize the best in the business with Junk King professional junk removal services


Junk King was created with the idea that trash and junk services could be better, and so Junk King has created and maintained a minimum limit of 60% of everything they haul being recycled, repurposed, donated, or used.


Need Junk Removal Immediately? Book An Appointment Today!


That’s great news for you because of the environmentally-conscious steps that Junk King takes with each haul, and that’s great news for the local economy because items are consistently being regenerated and reused, and that cuts costs on resources that could be used in other ways. 


For example, old couch removal can be done in eco-friendly ways, thanks to the effort of Junk King. One of those ways is after Junk King obtains the couch (through either service), they spend the time to check if the item can be salvaged or broken down. If the couch (in this case) could be salvaged or repaired, it would be and then donated.


In this way, a large percentage of items are kept out of landfills, protecting the environment from potential toxins, while at the same time providing assistance to those people who may need it—and while most people could argue that a person doesn’t ‘need’ a couch or sofa, there are many other items which Junk King has recycled that are necessities, including clothes, mattresses, electronics, and more



Getting Rid of Your Old Furniture is Now Easier than Ever with Junk King Atlanta


Atlanta furniture removal



When it comes time for you to get a new couch or it becomes clear that you may benefit from getting some auxiliary assistance with moving or hauling, call Junk King North Atlanta. Having no hidden fees or additional charges, Junk King is the best junk hauling service for your money; contact us today to receive a no-obligation estimate for your job.


Free Junk Removal Price Estimator


There are three ways to contact us and four ways to get a quote. Pick your favorite and get started with us today!


  • Give us a call at (888) 888 – JUNK (5865): from here, speak with one of our highly trained customer representatives to either (1) get an estimate over the phone, or (2) schedule an in-person assessment of your junk. A Junk King in-person estimate will always be no-obligation, no-pressure, and will beat any other written estimate. 
  • Text us pictures of your junk at (737) 888 – JUNK: from here, you’ll receive a text back with an estimate for your job. You’ll also be able to schedule a drop-off for a MINI or set up a good time for a full-service truck and crew to come to your home or business. 
  • Or, continue online: fill out a contact form here, or head over to our custom-made pricing calculator. The calculator will give you a series of prompts that will guide you towards building your own ballpark estimate in real-time. You can select from either the self or full service, and then select the various possible items that you might want to have removed. At the end of the wizard, you can even schedule your drop-off times. 


When you choose to move with Junk King, it’s as easy as 1, 2, 3—just point and the junk is gone! 




Working for Junk King and What You Should Know


What is Junk King?


If you’ve ever seen the big red trucks of Junk King, you may have asked ‘what is the Junk King?’ Junk King is North America’s top-rated junk hauling and removal service. Founded in 2005, Junk King was created with a desire to do more for the average person while also prioritizing and minimizing their, and their client’s, eco-footprint. Junk King has even been recognized as the nation’s greenest junk removal service


Junk King approaches junk and trash differently than their competition, choosing to focus heavily on the client’s needs as much as recycling opportunities. Each location uses a series of main principles to create the best possible customer experience and the most efficient work possible for every individual client. In the case of Junk King Atlanta North (and its sister franchises Junk King Cobb County and Gwinnett County), this means providing two removal options for every job—which in turn, allows the client to pick the best service for their specific needs. 


The first option that every client has available for their use is called full-service. This is where those big red trucks come in handy. During a full-service job, the client is provided with a Junk King truck (which is 20% larger than the competitor’s sized at the same price), as well as being provided with a professionally trained removal crew (of usually two people although more can be present).


This moving crew is responsible for providing the best possible face-to-face customer experience, while also embodying the Junk King values as the ‘face’ of the company. Such values include the premise that when a person chooses to move with Junk King, they are choosing the most eco-friendly and easiest option available—which is why we say that when you choose Junk King for hauling and removal, your removal is as quick as 1, 2, 3—just point and the junk is gone (thanks to our crew of removal specialists). 




The second option that every client has available for their use is called self-service. Unlike the full-service option, the self-service doesn’t come with a truck or a team of professional movers, instead, the self-service provides the client with a roll-away dumpster (called a Junk King MINI) and after a few days (normally 3 to 7) it is collected by a driver and taken to the Junk King recycling hub facility.


The self-service option is not the best choice for everyone’s needs—but it can provide the client with the most amount of time possible at a fraction of the overall cost for removal from other companies. Furthermore, because the Junk King MINI is…well, mini, it fits into residential driveways and small areas which large roll-away dumpsters do not—this means that the drivers have an easier time during drop-off and pick up periods. 


Regardless of which option is chosen, the process after the truck or MINI is filled is the same. Junk King never bases any of their costs on the weight of the container, but rather all costs are created based on the volume of the container provided by them. This means that if a person were to order a MINI and only use half of the available 12-cubic yards, they would only pay for the space that they usednot the weight of, say, a refrigerator and multiple appliances.


This same premise is also used by the full-service option, and in the same manner; because the big red trucks can hold up to six pick up truck beds worth of stuff and junk, a client’s construction debris or mattress will only cost a fraction of the cost it might have with another company. Taking this approach with costs has made Junk King North Atlanta’s most affordable junk removal service. 




How does Working for the Company Work?


junk removal in atlanta


Every day is different for the members of the Junk King royal family, whether you are a driver or a mover (or both). Continue reading to learn about the variety of skills you’ll develop as you work with Junk King, or you could also continue scrolling and instead look at the requirements to work at Junk King.


Some days may come with the daunting task of a full estate cleanup, while other days may call for commercial assistance (this could mean anything from removing construction debris to emptying entire office buildings).


As a result of these vastly changing day-to-day experiences, working for Junk King means that you can obtain a lot of experience in a variety of areas. Here are some of the areas in which you’ll gain experience (although this list is by no means exhaustive): 


  • Customer Service: being recognized as a company with world-class customer service takes a lot of effort, but at Junk King, this is part of what every day is for every member of the Junk King crew. Here, employees will grow exceptional customer service, hone their communication abilities, and develop a can-do attitude towards work. 
  • Truck Operations: because the Junk King trucks are iconic to the area and are also the signature of the company, our teams learn a lot about their operations and upkeep. Daily inspections are a necessity to keep everyone safe, make work efficient, and allow them to work the best. 
  • Junk Removal: if you lack experience in junk removal, don’t worry—you’ll soon gain a lot of it. Proper heavy lifting techniques and safety precautions are always implemented with Junk King removals, no matter what junk is being removed or where the job is located. 
  • Prioritization Skills: Junk King takes many loads in a week, and because they largely make themselves available to fit into the average person’s life, this can mean hectic days, especially after large storms or disasters. When you work at Junk King, you’ll quickly learn about how to correctly prioritize your workload, including when to dispose of junk, the most efficient way to finish a job, and how to utilize downtime between jobs. 




The Benefits of Working for Junk King Atlanta


Apart from the various areas of skills that you’ll learn from, there are also other benefits of working at Junk King. For example, you’ll be choosing to work for a company that values the environment and the future by prioritizing recycling over easy disposal.


This is only possible because of the Junk King efforts made to create a company culture around responsible disposal options. After each load or haul the Junk King truck or MINI is delivered to the ‘recycling hub’—and it is here where complex items are broken down and processed into their most simplistic elements, packed, and shipped away to the correct recycling facilities. 


The Junk King company model heavily prioritizes at least 60% of all hauls being recycled, repurposed, or reused—and in order to keep that percentage high, every load is sorted and put into their best fitting piles. Sometimes this means having piles of donation items, landfill items, or complex items in need of processing.


Overall, what are the advantages of working for Junk King? Well, there is a clear eco-friendly approach to junk removal, but also, is that there is a lot of work to be done. Overtime options are commonly available, as well as optional work schedules based around the weekdays, weekends, or evenings. 





What are the Requirements to Work at Junk King Atlanta?


There are only a few requirements to work at Junk King Atlanta. Of course, strong customer service is preferred, as well as having leadership skills, communication skills, and some problem-solving ability. However, if you’re wondering ‘do you need a college degree’, the answer is a resounding no. Requirements to work for Junk King involve:


  • The ability to lift over 75 pounds. 
  • Drivers must be at least 25 years old and hold a valid driver’s license (although CDL is not required). 
  • The ability to work independently and without direct supervision. 



So You Want to Work for Junk King – Here’s Why You Should!


Junk King Atlanta employees removing old appliances


It takes a special kind of person to work for Junk King. Realistically, some days are going to be better than others, as that is the nature of every job. However, Junk King’s work is done with both the clients in mind and the movers or employees. Junk King is fully insured and bonded for every job, so you can rest assured that if something went askew you’ll be taken care of. 



When Junk King clients choose to move with Junk King, they choose a company with a number one rated customer service experience, a company with a positive ecological footprint, a company with the future of humanity in mind—and hopefully, when they choose Junk King, they choose you too.


For clients who want to learn more about Junk King, take a look at our custom-made pricing calculator—and for potential employees that want to learn more about working for Junk King, contact us by calling (888) 888 – JUNK (5865), or use our contact form to send us a message about your interest. 




Junk King Can Help With Dishwasher Removal

Is it time to replace your old dishwasher? That decision is usually made when the cost for repairs is close to the cost for buying an entirely new model. The benefits of investing in a new dishwasher will mean that you can find an energy efficient appliance that can actually help save money in the long run. And you might not have to wash the same dishes twice! Before the new dishwasher can come in, the old dishwasher needs to go out. That is the job that you can hand off to the crew from Junk King Atlanta.

The Right Pathway

When the Junk King crew shows up for their appointment, they will be showing up with a friendly attitude. As you bring them through the house to the kitchen, they will also make note of the best pathway to carry the old dishwasher out. The goal is to clear the dishwasher without knocking into other furniture or scratching up the floors. This is the type of service you would expect from professionals. And based on the positive reviews that the Junk King crews continue to receive on a regular basis it is clear they are handling that kind of work the way they should.

Once the old dishwasher is on the back of the truck the job is essentially completed. However, since you have that crew and that big truck you might want to put them on the task of removing anything else that you would like to clear out. That includes items down in your basement. The Junk King team has never met a flight of stairs they could navigate!

You can schedule your dishwasher removal on the same day that the new dishwasher is being picked up. Junk King will make sure that area is ready to receive the new appliance.

When it comes to getting rid of an old dishwasher, the team from Junk King Atlanta will be a big help. Book your session today.

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