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Utilize Junk King For Fence Removal

Whenever there is damage to your backyard fence the first question is always “how am I going to get that fixed?” That is usually followed with, “how my going to get rid of the old fence?” No doubt you have some neighbors who have recommendations for fence contractors. That is a good place to start for your fence replacement. As for the removal, that is easily handled with one call to Junk King Atlanta. These are the professional junk haulers that can do a lot more than just carry away old furniture!

The Assigned Crew

You will be assigned a two-man working crew from Junk King for your fence removal. This is the same team that would carry out any of your old furniture or appliances from inside the house. It turns out, the Junk King crews also have a lot of experience with dismantling all types of structures. In the past, Junk King crews have taking down hot tubs, above ground pools, garden sheds and playground sets. Your backyard fence will not be a challenge for them!

Removing a backyard fence will take a bit more time than a typical rubbish removal session. You don’t have to worry about watching the clock. When you hire Junk King, you will never be charge by the hour. The team from Junk King will stay on the job until it is complete. You also won’t be charge by the pound. That is because Junk King has a flat rate policy that is based strictly on how everything fits on to the back of the truck. It might be that the debris from your fence only takes up half of the truck bed. That will be priced out accordingly. You will know what that price is before the work begins so there will be no surprises at the end of the job.

When you need your backyard fence removed quickly, you can always count on the team from Junk King Atlanta to get the job done right.

For Reliable Junk Removal, Atlanta Looks To Junk King Atlanta North

North Atlanta isn’t just a place.

Like all metro regions in Georgia, North Atlanta, or Nawfside, is made up of many small towns and neighborhoods. And no matter where you live in the region, you will likely need affordable junk removal at some point.

North Atlanta boasts more than 40,000 residents living in more than two dozen towns and communities across the northern end of Fulton County and neighboring areas. And that means, when it comes to junk removal, Atlanta needs a reliable solution.

This is why Junk King Atlanta North specializes in residential junk removal.


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Junk Removal, Atlanta, and the Nawf

North Atlanta has historically been known as one of the more upscale areas around the Metro Atlanta region over the years. With places such as Kingswood, Tuxedo Park, and Brookhaven, it’s home to some of the more expensive neighborhoods in the Atlanta area.

North Atlanta is also home to the neighborhoods of Norcross, Acworth, Woodstock, Marietta, Alpharetta, Chestnut Mountain, Roswell, Gainesville, and Duluth, among many others. And it’s home to the Mall of Georgia, along with many other great destinations.

But no matter where in North Atlanta you may be, you’re going to need junk removal at some time.


Why You Need Junk King Atlanta North for Junk Removal, Atlanta

When it comes to junk removal, Atlanta residents know that disposal can be challenging. 

And if you live in neighborhoods such as Buford, Cumming, Milton, Big Creek, or Coal Mountain, for example, there may be times when you have some large amounts of junk that you want to get rid of. Or maybe you have way more household trash than you can put into your household trash bin.

Regardless of what kind of junk you have, loading it, hauling it, and unloading it all yourself can be difficult. And that’s assuming you can even do so. 

Maybe your junk is too large or there’s too much to fit in your residential trash bin. If that’s the case, it likely won’t fit into your family car either. And that means you need to have a truck. But if you don’t own a pickup truck, then you have to borrow one or even rent one if you want to take your own junk to a landfill. 

But there aren’t many landfills in Fulton County, by the way.

In fact, according to the CountyOffice.org website, 

“There are 2 Landfills in Fulton County, Georgia, serving a population of 1,010,420 people in an area of 527 square miles. There is 1 Landfill per 505,210 people, and 1 Landfill per 263 square miles.

In Georgia, Fulton County is ranked 86th of 159 counties in Landfills per capita, and 32nd of 159 counties in Landfills per square mile.”

Trying to get to one of these can be a real burden – and you’re potentially competing with about a half million other residents, or at least with 220,000 households!

This is why Junk King Atlanta North specializes in residential and commercial junk removal.


full service junk removal


Junk Removal “Done For You”

No need for DIY junk removal when you have Junk King!

We take care of all types of junk removal from furniture removal to bulk trash removal, and from residential construction debris removal to house cleanouts. Junk King Atlanta North handles residential and commercial junk removal and disposal jobs of all sizes and types.

Best of all, when you call on Junk King for your junk removal needs, you always get friendly and courteous service from trained professionals. And another great advantage with Junk King Atlanta North is that we do all the work – you just point to your junk items and our expert team will clear it all out in no time!

Full-service junk removal from Junk King is an on-demand service for removing just about any kind of junk, debris, and trash from your home. We have the resources to easily remove and haul away large items like furniture and appliances, and can even facilitate full house cleanouts.

If you have excess garbage or bulk trash items that need to be gotten rid of, we are the team to call. We can pick up and haul off all kinds of material including landscaping debris and waste from property cleanouts.

In fact, we can remove almost everything and anything (except hazardous waste.)

For example, some of the many junk items and materials we can remove for you include:

  • Old appliances
  • Bulk trash and garbage
  • Used mattresses
  • Old furniture
  • TVs and electronics
  • Landscape and yard waste


For Green Junk Removal, Atlanta has Junk King

We know that the citizens of North Atlanta, and elsewhere around Atlanta, make a priority of being environmentally responsible. They understand, as we do, that we only have one planet and disposing of things properly is critical.

Junk King Atlanta North is the greenest junk removal firm operating in the greater Atlanta North area. In fact, Junk King was the first “green” and eco-friendly junk removal business anywhere in the nation when the company was founded back in 2005.

And Junk King has continued to live up to their corporate mission of recycling as much material as possible from every job.

Junk King Atlanta North lives out that same mission today and we have always been a green operation. Our goal is to continue recycling over 60 percent of the junk we pick every day. That’s because the idea of being environmentally conscious is far more than a marketing gimmick for us.

Being green is a basic tenet of what Junk King Atlanta North believes, and we work hard to achieve our goal to reuse and recycle as much of everything we pick up as possible.


junk removal service recycling


And for Affordable Junk Removal, Atlanta has Junk King

Another great reason to make Junk King Atlanta North your choice for junk removal is our fair and transparent pricing.

And one of the ways we make this happen is by giving you four different ways to get a free, no-obligation estimate from us before you even book an appointment:  

  •   Get an On-Site estimate – this is the best and most accurate way for us to assess your job and offer you the lowest price and a free, no-obligation estimate.
  •     You can Call Us – call 1-888-888-JUNK or live chat with our highly trained customer service representatives for a free estimate.
  •   You can Text Us – send a photo or photos of your items at 737-888-5865, and we’ll text you back with an estimate.
  •     Get an Online estimate – It’s super easy! Just click the “Pricing” tab in the menu above, scroll to “Pricing Estimator” and then click the green “Launch Pricing Estimator” button.


Free Junk Removal Price Estimator


Need Junk Removal in Atlanta? Just Call Junk King Atlanta North!

When you call on Junk King Atlanta North, you can know that you’ll get efficient, safe, affordable, and eco-friendly junk removal and hauling services. This means there’s no need to worry about how you’re going to dispose of your excess junk items.

No matter if you’ll need our services several times during a large cleanup project, or if it’s just one junk removal trip to your home or office, our junk hauling pros will make sure that all your unwanted stuff is out of your way so that you can get on with your life.

So, do you need junk removal, Atlanta?

Our crews are fully insured and well-trained, all of which means we’ll haul away your unwanted items in a professional and courteous fashion.

And once you book an appointment, our expert junk disposal team will call 15 to 30 minutes before we arrive. Once we’re there, we can give you a free, no-obligation estimate based on how much room your junk takes up in our truck.

You just simply point out your junk and we’ll load those items into our large, red junk removal truck and haul them away – and with no hidden fees! And one of the great things about Junk King is that we recycle most of the material we pick up. This is proof of our commitment to being an eco-friendly removal service.

No junk items are too large. 

Our experienced junk and trash removal teams have the resources to haul off any large, bulky, and heavy junk items, as well. We can remove them and load them quickly and easily, and without damaging any of your home on the way out.

Ready to get rid of your unwanted junk? It’s as simple as 1, 2, 3.

You can make an appointment by booking online above or by calling 1.888.888.JUNK (5865).


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Junk King Can Help Get Rid Of House Clutter

Clutter begins to accumulate in a home on a table. That can be the dining room table, coffee table or kitchen table. This is where things “land” when they are brought into the house. Sometimes those objects and abstain on the tables for a long time. It is only when you can’t see the surface of the table that you might make an effort to get rid of that clutter. Most of that clutter can either be placed somewhere else in the home or tossed out into the trash. But there could be some bigger clutter items that are preventing you from getting your home organized. When the goal is to get rid of clutter that can’t be tossed into the trash, then you need to bring in Junk King Atlanta. These are the junk hauling pros that can make all your unwanted clutter disappear.

Closets and Cabinets

A lot of the clutter in your home could be accumulated in closets and cabinets. The only way to get at that clutter is to pull everything out and decide what should stay and what can go. You can literally create a pile of unwanted items and leave it right on the floor outside your closet or cabinets. When the Junk King team shows up for your appointment, they will swoop in and remove that pile in a very timely fashion.

Clutter can also come in the form of random pieces of furniture that are being used. These might be stored down in the basement or out in the garage. If these are the kinds of things that contribute to taking up valuable storage space then you’re organizing will suffer. The Junk King crew can remove those objects quickly as well.

Getting your home organized should start with getting all the clutter removed. Junk King Atlanta is the team to help with that.

How To Get Your Backyard Toolshed Cleaned Out

Of all the storage areas in your home, the backyard toolshed is probably the easiest clearing out. As with your bedroom closet, the approach to cleaning out your toolshed would be to remove every item to make an assessment. Because a toolshed isn’t that big, it can’t fit a lot of stuff. Taking everything out won’t take up a lot of time. Once those items have been removed, you can clearly see what needs to be kept and what needs to be tossed out. For all of those items that you want to get rid of, one call to Junk King Atlanta can make it happen.

Right From the Lawn

All those things that you pulled from your toolshed that you want to get rid of can be picked up right from the lawn by a two-man Junk King crew. Every session with Junk King is staffed by those two movers. That remains true whether you are getting rid of a lot of items or just a few objects. The Junk King crew also isn’t afraid to “get their hands dirty.” Some of those items from the toolshed could have years of rust, Grimes and cobwebs on them. It won’t be a problem for the junk King squad!

Before anything gets loaded up, the Junk King team will provide you with a written estimate for the cost. That cost will always be based on how everything will be packed onto the back of the junk King truck. The goal for the Junk King team is to get as much as they can into as little space as possible. That provide you with paying the low end of the price scale. This is the fair pricing policy that has created a long line of satisfied Junk King customers.

Don’t spend the summer with a toolshed overrun by rubbish. Get it all cleared out today with help from Junk King Atlanta.

Junk King Dumpster Rental Vs Bagster® Bag: Atlanta’s Junk Removal Options

When it comes to getting rid of your own junk, excess trash, or any other kind of debris, a dumpster rental can be a convenient way to handle it. 

But so can a Bagster® Bag from Waste Management. 

At Junk King Atlanta North we are confident that our famed MINI Dumpster debris bins are an excellent choice for almost every “do it yourself” junk and debris cleanup project. Our unique roll-off dumpsters are driveway-safe and user-friendly. And people love them!

But we also know that you have options and we appreciate that.


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JK or WM: MINI Dumpster Rental Vs Bagster® Bags?

A WM Bagster® Bags is an innovative debris disposal solution that is convenient and simple to use. The bag itself has a low profile and a relatively small footprint that makes it unobtrusive on your curb or driveway.

Considering the Bagster® Bag

At four feet deep, eight feet long, and two and half feet high, the Bagster® Bag can hold up to three cubic yards of waste or debris. WM gives it a maximum weight capacity of about 3,300 pounds.

So, how much is that?

By volume that’s equivalent to placing four large clothes dryers inside and still having room to spare. And by weight that’s like loading one cubic yard of asphalt, brick, concrete, dirt, rock, sand, sod, or stucco siding.

What can you put in a WM Bagster® Bag?

Pretty much everything other than standard hazardous waste materials – and appliances. However, you can load it up with old furniture, construction debris, old lumber, masonry, decking, carpeting, and so on. 

The process is fairly simple: you can pick up a Bagster® bag at home improvement stores or online. And then, according to WM, when a Bagster® bag is full, simply schedule a collection online or over the phone.

Pricing is fairly simple, as well. According to WM, the cost of a Bagster® is typically $30. The price of pickup fees for the Bagster® will vary depending on where you live. However, it would seem that the approximate cost is around $160.

The Junk King MINI Dumpster

We already mentioned that the MINI Dumpster from Junk King Atlanta North is driveway-safe. That’s because of the specially designed polymer wheels. This means it can be placed anywhere you need it on your property without fear of damaging concrete.

We also said our dumpster rental option is user-friendly. That’s because, unlike the Bagster® Bag, the MINI has steel sides and won’t collapse when you are trying to fill it. The MINI Dumpster is only four feet high, so it is easy to load. And because it’s only eight feet wide and eleven feet long, it takes up no more room than a full-size pickup truck.

But it can hold far more than a Bagster® Bag!

With a massive 12-cubic yard debris capacity, it can hold the equivalent of eight of those large clothes dryers – and with room left over for more junk. In fact, it has four times the capacity of a WM Bagster® Bag. And the weight isn’t even a consideration. 

By the way… do you need to toss in some old appliances (like a large clothes dryer?) No worries. You can do that with a Junk King MINI Dumpster. 

And, like everyone else, we can’t take hazardous wastes, we can take just about anything and everything else in our dumpster rental. 

Also, you can schedule a MINI Dumpster rental right here in the North Atlanta area with a quick phone call. Our courteous and expert team will deliver the roll-off dumpster and place it for you. After three days, our team will return to pick up your dumpster rental. 

Unlike some dumpster rental services, Junk King never charges by the weight of the load. We only charge you for the amount of space taken up in the MINI Dumpster when you’re done with it. And, speaking of which, if you need it for more than just three days, we can arrange for a five-day or even a seven-day rental period.


Learn more about our dumpster rental services.


The Junk King MINI Dumpster: A Red Dumpster Rental and Green Disposal Process

Junk King Atlanta North is proud to be a part of the only national company to operate with the goal of recycling 60 percent or more of every load we pick up. This is part of our eco-friendly mission to ensure that as much junk that we collect as possible is recycled or donated.

In fact, Junk King pioneered recycling-based junk removal when the company was founded back in 2005. And it has been a “green” operation ever since. One of the ways this happens is by sorting all the materials we pick up in our recycling warehouses.

And at Junk King Atlanta North, we are just as committed to keeping as many of your items as possible out of our landfills. In fact, many local junk haulers simply dump junk into landfills or at incineration plants. 

Not Junk King. We make every effort to recycle or reuse as much as we possibly can.

Whether you live in Dawsonville, Canton, Roswell, Acworth, Woodstock, or Chestnut Mountain – or even in The ATL – Junk King Atlanta North can help you keep our planet clean, green, and beautiful for the generations to come.

junk removal service recycling

When You Opt for Dumpster Rental: Junk King MINI Dumpster Pricing

The good news is that, with Junk King Atlanta North, whether you choose our full-service junk removal or self-service dumpster rental options, you still only pay only for the space your junk items take up in our truck or MINI Dumpster.

While most companies that provide rental dumpsters charge a single price, Junk King provides flexible pricing options, which gives you better value and fair pricing. 

Our MINI Dumpster rental pricing offers three tiers of prices based on how full your roll-off dumpster is when you’re finished with it:

  • Minimum
  • Half-full
  • Full 

The minimum price is also the lowest fee we’ll charge to drop off and pick up a MINI Dumpster for you. And, if you only have a few items or a small amount of debris – and fill less than a third of the bin – you’ll likely only be charged the minimum price. 

If you manage to fill the MINI Dumpster to about half full, you’ll only be charged the half-full price. And, finally, if your rental dumpster is close to full or up to the brim, you’ll be charged the full price.

When we deliver the MINI Dumpster to your home or place of work you typically keep it for three days before we return to pick it up at a pre-scheduled time. But there are times when three days isn’t quite long enough.

We get it!

This is why we can also arrange for MINI Dumpster rental periods of five days or even seven days if needed. And you’ll never be surprised by any hidden or added fees!

That’s because at Junk King we believe in fair and transparent pricing.

And we also believe that, as a customer, you want to know how much your junk removal is going to cost you before you schedule a dumpster rental. It seems, however, that many firms that rent dumpsters make it difficult for you to get a price estimate beforehand.

Not at Junk King Atlanta North.

Because we believe that fair and transparent pricing also means making it easy for you to get a free estimate before you decide to choose Junk King.

So, when you’re ready to get rid of that junk, trash, or debris with one of our easy-to-use and driveway-way friendly rental dumpsters, just give us a call or live chat with us from our website. 


Free Junk Removal Price Estimator


When You Need a Better Dumpster Rental Option in the North Atlanta Area

Everyone likes to save money and Junk King Atlanta North is ready to help you do just that with your dumpster rental needs in the greater Atlanta region.

Whatever junk you need to get rid of and if you need to take two, three, or more days to complete it, we believe that your best option for self-service junk removal is to call Junk King Atlanta North.

And that’s true not only for self-service junk removal but for our full-service option, too!

We offer efficient, safe, and eco-friendly junk removal services that take the work and worry out of getting rid of your junk. Our experienced junk removal team can come and carefully remove and haul off any types of junk you have. And our big, red trucks are made to handle all your large junk items.

Our professional and insured junk removal team will show up at your home or office, and we’ll call 15 to 30 minutes before we arrive to let you know we’re almost there. Once we show up on site, we’ll give you a free estimate based on how much room your junk takes up in our truck or MINI Dumpster.

So, ready to get rid of your old junk and debris? It’s as simple as 1, 2, 3.

Just make an appointment by booking online above, or by calling us at 1.888.888.JUNK (5865).


Need Junk Removal Immediately? Book An Appointment Today!


Use Junk King To Clean Out Your Attic

The older the home, the more likely there are “treasures” to be found up in the attic. That is especially true if the home has stayed within the same family for generations. Of course, not every home attic is full of keepsakes and treasures. Mostly attics that are used for storage can be filled with the same around of clutter that is often found in the garage or basement. In other words, they might be plenty that can be removed from your attic once and for all.  If that is a job that you are planning to take on, then you should also plan to have a rubbish removal session set up with Junk King Atlanta.

Carrying Down the Stairs

When removing objects from the attic, they first have to be brought down by a flight of stairs or a ladder. Then they have to be carried down the rest of the stairs and out the front door. That is a lot of maneuvering especially if a heavy object is being carried. With Junk King on the job, you can rest assured that all those objects will be safely carried through your home without causing any damage to floors, walls or railings. You are hiring junk King because of their experience and their exceptional customer service. You are also hiring them because of the great attitude the crews work with. It’s

Before anything gets loaded onto the truck, an assessment has to be made as to how it will all sit on to the truck. That assessment will determine what your final price will be for the service. The less room that your stuff takes up, the less you will pay. The teams from Junk King always want to pack in as much as they can in as little space as possible. That is just how they operate!

Clearing rubbish out of your attic is the perfect job to turn over to the team from Junk King Atlanta.

The Problem With Large, Roll Away Dumpsters In Subdivisions

Actually, the real problem is that we throw stuff away.

It’s not really our fault since, as human beings, we produce trash and waste in the process of simply living life. Garbage is a constant of life and humans have been tossing their trash somewhere since prehistoric times. 

Except they didn’t have roll away dumpsters. Which may have been a good thing since there was nothing to get filled up quickly other than their home. Or their community garbage pit. Or whatever hole, body of water, or cave they tossed their garbage into.

However, we have things they did not have – disposable packaging and shopping malls, for example. In other words, in our modern world almost everything we consume comes home with us in some form of packaging. That’s including food and water!

And all this packaging ends up in the trash. Shopping malls and stores in our society contribute to the reality that when something we have is old, worn out, or broken, we can simply replace it. And the old, unwanted thing ends up in the trash. 

For eons people reused and repurposed almost everything since it was rarely, if ever, an option to just go to the market and buy a new one. In other words, old things almost never ended up in the trash.


Click Here To Book A MINI Dumpster Today!


The Larger Problem of Trash

If you were to look over the statistics of trash and waste management, you would be forgiven for thinking that the planet should be inundated with mounds of trash by now. As one article reports it, “On a worldwide scale, we produce 2.6 trillion pounds of trash per year.”

Fortunately, most trash and junk does tend to decompose and “go away” eventually and some of it is incinerated.

However, if that were not the case, we probably would be navigating trash piles today.

But let’s forget about the world’s population for a moment and just focus on our own neighborhood. According to one source, Atlanta produces an estimated 17.4 million tons of garbage per year. And a large percentage of this is made up of plastic waste.

With a population of almost six million people, that works out to a whopping 19 tons of garbage per person every year!

It’s no wonder those subdivision roll away dumpsters fill up quickly.

So, what happens to all the garbage (that stays in the roll away dumpsters!) that we throw away around North Atlanta, for example?

According to a story at Atlanta magazine,

“All trash collected around the city of Atlanta is taken to a Waste Management transfer station. The company then determines which landfill gets our garbage. Fulton County is home to three landfills—Safeguard (in Fairburn), Southern States (East Point), and Chadwick Road (Roswell)—so maybe it’s one of those.

Recycling materials, after getting dropped at a transfer station off Fulton Industrial Boulevard, have been getting trucked out to the Pratt Recycling Material Recovery Facility in Conyers, a huge place the Atlanta Recycles coalition calls “state-of-the-art,” since late 2017. Those materials are sorted, processed, and then baled by commodity—paper, plastic, cardboard, etc.—and sold to end-market users…”

While that’s all well and good, sometimes there’s simply too much trash for the dumpster space available in many neighborhoods. 

What can you do about that?


Another Trash Removal Solution for North Atlanta

No one likes keeping bags of household garbage piling up in the yard or the garage because there’s no room in the bins or dumpsters. At Junk King North Atlanta, we get it. And we also know that sometimes it’s not just the “normal” garbage that piles up. Sometimes we have a project or a family event that produces an excess amount of trash that needs to be removed.

So, what’s a household to do?

You could, perhaps, remove it yourself. But that requires a vehicle large enough to manage the bags or boxes of trash you need to load. Or, worse, it’s not in bags or boxes (think yard waste) and you aren’t about to put that in your car!

Which means you have to have a truck or get one you can use. Then there’s the loading and securing the load. And you have to know where you’re going to take it because, being a good environmental citizen and a law-abiding one at that, you’re not going to take it out to an empty lot or field somewhere to dump it.

So, you have to go to a waste transfer station near you or possibly a landfill. While there are landfills in Hall, Cherokee, and Forsythe Counties, for example, it still may not be all that convenient depending on where you live.

And, assuming you manage to do all this, once you get there you have to unload it. All of which adds up to a great deal of work and trouble just to get some trash or garbage out of your house or your yard.

There’s got to be a better way.

The good news is that, with Junk King North Atlanta, you do have a better solution for your trash removal problem.


full service junk removal


Two Trash Removal Alternatives with Junk King North Atlanta

Probably the easiest solution is to simply give us a call, set up a trash or junk pickup appointment, and relax. Our highly trained and courteous junk removal team will show up at your home and you just show us where the trash, garbage, junk, or debris is waiting. 

We do the rest.

You can rest assured that our pricing is upfront and fair. No hidden fees, no undisclosed charges. Best of all, we give you a free, no obligation quote on-site, and we only charge you for the space in our truck that your trash or junk takes up – not by weight or an arbitrary flat fee.

Did we say “two trash removal alternatives?”

Maybe you have a project going on that’s producing trash and debris over a period of a few days and you know the residential roll away dumpster is already full – again. No worries. A quick call to Junk King North Atlanta and we can set you up with one of our user-friendly and driveway-safe rental dumpsters.

With a load capacity of 12-cubic yards, you could fill it with seven or eight washing machine boxes full of trash and still have room to spare! Not that you would do it that way, but it does make for a good mental image for envisioning how much room that is.

 The bottom line in all this is that you no longer need to be captive to the limits of your neighborhood’s roll away trash dumpsters.


Need additional information? Learn more about our dumpster rental services.


Junk King North Atlanta for Affordable Dumpster Rentals

No matter where you live in the greater North Atlanta area, if you need additional dumpster space in your neighborhood subdivision, Junk King North Atlanta is ready to help you with your junk and trash removal needs.

Whether you are looking to supplement the available roll off dumpster space available near you, or whatever type of junk removal project you might have, give us a call. If you have things you need to get rid of and no way to remove them, then your best option is Junk King North Atlanta.

And if you prefer the more DIY option, we can provide you with our great self-service junk removal solution using our unique MINI Dumpster rentals.

In addition, we offer efficient, safe, and eco-friendly full-service junk removal that takes the work and worry out of getting rid of your junk. And we can remove and haul off any type of junk you have since our trucks are engineered to handle all your large junk items.

Our professional and insured junk removal team will show up at your home or office, and we’ll call 15 to 30 minutes before we arrive to let you know we’re almost there. Once we show up on-site, we’ll give you a free estimate based on how much room your junk takes up in our truck or MINI Dumpster.

So, ready to get rid of your old junk or excess garbage? It’s as simple as 1, 2, 3.

Just make an appointment by booking online above, or by calling us at 1.888.888.JUNK (5865).

Click Here To Book A MINI Dumpster Today!


Get Your Garage Cleaned Out Fast

Are you intimidated by your garage? You might feel that way every time you open the garage door and are confronted with a wall of rubbish and clutter. Unfortunately, that stuff won’t throw itself away. You need to dedicate some time to sort through all of those items. But that will be time well spent because of the results. Not only could you find some things that you can put into use again but you will also be able to create a lot more viable storage space. You might even be able to park the car back in there! For that to happen, you need to set up a rubbish removal session with Junk King Atlanta. These professional junk haulers are the fastest way to help get your garage cleaned out.

Rolling Up

A Junk King appointment has a minimum crew of two strong movers. That crew will be rolling up in a truck big enough to hold the equivalent of six pickup trucks were rubbish. That is essentially all you need to get your garage cleaned out no matter how much stuff you are getting rid of. The team from Junk King came back right up to your garage door. You will then simply point to everything you want loaded onto the truck. In a matter of minutes all of that stuff will be packed up and gone for good.

Before the work begins the Junk King crew will want to lockdown the price. That fee is always based on how everything will fit onto the truck. The less room that your stuff takes up, the less you will be paying. This is the fair pricing policy that Junk King customers appreciate.

Also included in that flat rate is the disposal of your items. That could mean dropping off some stuff at a local charity. Those extra trips won’t be a problem for the team from Junk King. You don’t even have to ask. It will be done automatically.

The fast and affordable way for cleaning out your garage is to bring in the team from Junk King Atlanta today.

Turn To Junk King For Help With An Estate Clean Out

When a home is part of an estate, it is often put on sale and the proceeds distributed to the beneficiaries of that estate. Before that can happen, everything needs to be cleared out of the home. This is the responsibility of the executor of that estate. They might have help from other family members to pull out certain items that can be sold or kept. As for everything else, it all has to be disposed of in a responsible manner. That responsible manner starts with a phone call to Junk King Atlanta. These are the junk hauling pros who can help clean out the estate that you’re in charge of in a very quick and affordable manner.

The Scope Of The Job

When clearing out an entire home of possessions, it is important to understand the scope of the job. Junk King always sends at least two workers and a truck big enough to hold the equivalent of six pickup trucks worth rubbish. However, that might not be enough at least in terms of manpower. In order to get the job done in a single session, junk King might dispatch additional workers. This is a guarantee that everything can be swiftly packed up onto the Junk King truck.

What you won’t have to worry about is paying extra for the additional workers or additional time. All of that will be covered with the flat fee that is standard on every type of Junk King job. That flat fee is always based on how everything will fit onto the back of the truck. It could be that all the items you are getting rid of from the estate will fill out an entire truck. If so, is then Junk King will work with you to come up with a reasonable price. One thing to remember, you won’t ever be charge by the pound. That can make a big difference with this type of job.

Hiring Junk King Atlanta for your estate clean out will make the whole process go a lot smoother. Book your session today.

Great Reviews Get Posted For Junk King Atlanta

You can tell a lot about how a business operates by reading reviews posted from their online customers. A customer is under no obligation to post a review. After all, the job is over and there is no incentive. However, when the job is performed with an exceptional level of professionalism, then it deserves comment. Junk King Atlanta is a professional junk hauling service that has been helping residents and business owners clear out all kinds of rubbish. They have dedicated themselves to a high standard of customer service to perform these tasks. Based on the reviews of their satisfied customers, it is clear Junk King is getting the job done right. Here are some prime examples of that:

“On time, courteous. All the junk took a full truckload and was loaded in less than an hour. Highly recommend.” – Mimi, Gainesville

Every Junk King appointment will be staffed by two experience movers. This is the team that is going to do all the lifting and loading for you. The stuff that you are getting rid of will go on to the back of the Junk King truck. That truck can hold the equivalent of six pickup trucks worth of rubbish. All of this means that when you hire Junk King you can get rid of anything that is heavy or bulky from your home.

“These guys were very respectful and even arrived early. I have a disability and they even came in and remove items from my home that I was unable to lift on my own. Thank you, guys, so much.” – Terri, Gainesville

When you hire Junk King, you will be hiring a full-service junk removal company. That means they do all the work. You don’t have to move anything to make it easy for Junk King. They will always find a way to get your item safely cleared from the house.

“Quick, easy and friendly service! I will definitely use them again!” – Sarah, Cumming

“Quick response an easy appointment set up. Very reasonable price. Would definitely recommend.” – Ian, Woodstock

If you are ready to get rid of your rubbish, then you are ready to put Junk King Atlanta on the job. Book your session today.

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