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The Easy Way To Get Rid Of An Old Refrigerator

An old refrigerator would definitely qualify as an item that can’t be tossed out with the trash. This is something that can’t simply be placed on the curb outside of a house in the hopes that someone will drive by and pick it up. It also should go out onto a porch or into the garage. The moment of refrigerator stops working it needs to be replaced. That process involves getting rid of the old refrigerator. This is something that can easily be taken care of with one call to Junk King Atlanta. These are the professional junk haulers who have a lot of experience with this type of removal and that experience is essential for a safe and efficient job.

Improved Design

The refrigerator that you will be buying for your kitchen will have an improved design. That includes being more energy efficient.  Considering that your refrigerator is the one appliance that is always left running it is vital for it to be as energy efficient as possible. You’ll also find that the new designs for refrigerators allow for better storage capacity. You might have to choose whether you want a side-by-side model or a top and bottom freezer unit. Once the decision has been made, you’ll need to lockdown when the delivery will happen. That is when to call in Junk King.

You can set up your Junk King session to move the old’s refrigerator on the same day that the new refrigerator is being delivered. This will allow you to make the transition without losing any of your perishable food items. That swap should also give you plenty of time to clean up to spot where the refrigerator once sat. All of this can happen with that call to Junk King.

The refrigerator that you are getting rid of could be recycled which is a preferred method of disposal utilized by Junk King. They would much rather see that refrigerator be recycled and have it and up in a landfill. That is all part of Junk King’s promise for a responsible approach to junk disposal.

The fast and efficient way to get rid of an old refrigerator remains giving the job to Junk King Atlanta.

Junk King Helps Get Your Rental Properties Ready For New Tenants

An empty rental property is not going to generate any income. At least that empty property is ready for new tenants when they become available. That is the goal for anyone who has a rental property whether that’s a house, condo or an apartment. Most tenants that move out do so by giving proper notice and cleaning up the apartment putting it back in the condition that they found it in. However, there are some renters who leave stuff behind for whatever reason. That slows down the process of making that property available for the next occupant. Thankfully, Junk King Atlanta is standing by to help get that rental property cleared out and ready for new tenants.

How It Works

There are many landlords and property management firms who are ready have Junk King on “speed dial.” They know that they can count on Junk King to help remove all kinds of rubbish from all types of living spaces. That help starts by setting up an appointment. You can do that online or over the phone. In either scenario, you will be able to lockdown your session quickly. All that Junk King asks is that you set aside a two-hour window on a day that works best for your calendar.

That two-hour window is mainly taken up with driving time across the city. When traffic cooperates, you can count on the Junk King team showing up early for your appointment. That team will consist of two movers who have been licensed and insured. These are the exact kinds of professional workers that you always want to invite into your property.

When the Junk King team arrives, you will show them all the items that you want. It doesn’t matter if it is just a few random pieces of furniture or bags of trash. Everything will find its way onto the back of the Junk King truck. The cost for this service will be determined by how the truck gets packed up with all of those items. You will know what that price is before the work begins so that there won’t be any surprise charges at the end of the job. This is a fast, affordable and efficient way to get rid of any number of unwanted items.

The next time tenants leave rubbish behind in your rental properties Junk King Atlanta can help get it all cleared out fast.

Get Rid Of Yard Debris With Help From Junk King

How often do you get to take a break and spend some time just relaxing in your backyard? By “relaxing” we mean just sitting back and taking in some of the sounds of nature. Perhaps you start your day out there with a nice cup of coffee or tea. Or you could finish your day with a nice glass of wine. The goal should be to look out at a serene type of landscape. You might not be able to control what kinds of structures are beyond your fence but you can certainly control what is within your property. All of this means that now might be a perfect time to get rid of any of those “eyesore” items that get in the way of your backyard relaxing time. The perfect company to help with that task would be Junk King Atlanta.

Natural and Man-Made

The things that you might want to get rid of from your backyard fall into two categories: natural or man-made. The natural items would be any kind of objects like tree branches, shrubbery, bags of leaves and even dirt. The man-made items can be any type of structures that you are no longer using. That can be a sandbox, playground set, gazebo or garden shed. If any of those structures are starting to fall apart, then you will want to bring them down before is a tumbledown and possibly cause harm. The crew from junk King won’t have any trouble dismantling those objects and loading the pieces onto the back of the junk King truck. This is the kind of work they do day in and day out. It might take a little bit longer then carrying out a piece of furniture from your home but you won’t have to worry about paying the extra labor costs. It is all covered in the flat fee. You will know that fee before the work begins. One clearing session like this can make a big difference in your backyard.

Hire Junk King Atlanta to clear the debris from your yard. Book your session today.

Put Your Basement To Use Again

Have you given up on your basement? Yes, this might be where your washer and dryer are located. That means you probably take a few trips down to the basement each week to handle all the laundry. But as for the rest of the space, you might have given up on it. It might be that the basement is simply “unfinished.” Maybe it has been that way since you moved in. It could also be that your basement has been transformed into more of a storage unit. This is where all the old furniture and other household goods and up. Yes, there could be a kind of makeshift family room set up but if the family doesn’t want to go down there, then there’s a problem. All of that can change with a junk removal session from Junk King Atlanta. When the rubbish is gone from your basement you can put it to use again.

Leave Everything Where It Is

The main reason that you hire junk King is to let the movers do all the work. That includes climbing basement stairs. When the team from Junk King shows up your appointment, you will bring them down into the basement. That is when you will point to all the objects that you want cleared out. Before they left that first piece, they will present you with a written estimate for the fee. That estimate will be based on how they plan on packing up the truck with all of the things that you are getting rid of.

The experience that the Junk King crew has extends beyond the proper lifting and loading techniques. It also includes packing. That is important when you consider that the more they can pack into the truck in as little space as possible will mean the less you will be paying. In no time at all your basement will be cleared of all of the items you want to hauled away. That will provide you with a terrific amount of space to put to use in any way you see fit.

Is it time to reclaim your basement? Then it is time to hire Junk King Atlanta to clear out the rubbish. Set up your session today.

Let Junk King Clear Out Old Kitchen Appliances

Kitchen remodels have been very popular among homeowners in the last several months. It might have been that spending more time at home convinced those homeowners it was time for a change. Are you planning on making your dream kitchen into a reality? With a remodel there is also the chance to replace the old kitchen appliances with new models. That would certainly make the remodel “complete.” The only task you have to set up is the removal of those old kitchen appliances. That is where Junk King Atlanta comes into play. One session with these junk hauling pros is all it will take to quickly and safely remove all those appliances.

More Than a Slide

Refrigerators and stoves and other major kitchen appliances are designed to slide. Manufacturers know that owners of those appliances might occasionally need to slide them out for repairs or cleaning behind them. Removing those items is a different matter. That is much more than a slide of a few inches. It requires experienced movers who know how to navigate bulky items through hallways and down porch steps. Junk King will provide those experienced movers. Each Junk King team is staff by two such movers. You’ll be very impressed with how those movers operate.

Before that load up your old kitchen appliances the Junk King team will size them up to determine how they’re fit on the back of their truck. It might be that those appliances only take up a small portion of the entire truck. That will mean you’ll be paying the lowest end of the Junk King price scale. Of course, just because your appliances take up a small portion of the truck doesn’t mean you only have to use that portion. You can also take advantage of your appliance removal session to get rid of any unwanted items. That can be random pieces of furniture of boxes of clothing and other household goods. Clearing out that clutter will make a big difference around your home!

When you need to clear out old kitchen appliances, you need to bring in the team from Junk King Atlanta. Book your session today.

Get Help From Junk King To Set Up A Homework Zone

If you have a student in your home, then this is the time of year when the most changes occur. It is back-to-school time that means making adjustments everyone’s schedule. Even if your student is going to be learning from home there still needs to be changes so that everyone is working together to help the academic school year thrive.

One of the ways to do that is to set up a homework zone in your home. This is a corner in the house that will be dedicated to reading, writing and any online assignments. It should be a place that has plenty of room for all the supplies along with a computer and printer. To make that zone happen you might need to get rid of a few random pieces of furniture that are no longer being needed. That is something that Junk King Atlanta can be a big help with.

Desk or Table

Would you be using a desk or table for your home or zone? Depending on the age of the child it might be better to have a table as opposed to the desk. That is only because with all the drawers in desk it is too much of a distraction for a child to go looking for whatever might be “hidden away.” This homework zone can be set up in your dining room, living room, basement or spare bedroom. Ideally it should be secluded enough from the rest of the action that might be going on in the house at any given time. Of course, if you have more than one student then you’ll need more than one homework zone.

Along with furniture that you might want to clear out you could also take advantage of the Junk King team to dispose of any additional clutter that might be scattered throughout the house. It might help to go through closets and cabinets to find unwanted stuff as well. This won’t get in the way of your homework so but it will certainly be a benefit when it comes to keeping the house organized. That should always be the goal for the school year!

Making space for a homework zone is something that Junk King Atlanta can be a big help with. Book your junk clearing session today.

Safe Furniture Removal From Junk King

The last place a piece of furniture should go it out in the back alley or on the curb in front of the house. That has a negative impact on the block. It sends a signal that this area might be “open” for dumping of all kinds of bulky items. It stands to reason if there is a sofa on the curb, that someone will think that it is being picked up and that means someone will think that they can add to the pile. It is a mess waiting to happen. The better approach for getting rid of old furniture is to turn that task over to Junk King Atlanta. One call gets that piece of furniture gone for good.

One or More

Your primary reason for hiring Junk King might be to get rid of a single piece of furniture like a sofa or futon. Between the time that you set up your appointment and the arrival of the crew, you might decide that you want a few other random piece of furniture removed as well. Since you’ll have a two-man moving crew at your disposal along with a huge truck you can get rid of all the items once and for all. Say goodbye to that old recliner or those patio chairs that have all seen better days. Get rid of that old mattress or dresser that you’ve long since replaced. All of that will fit onto the back of the Junk King truck.

Before the Junk King crew loads up that stuff, they will determine how everything is going to fit. It might take some experienced packing to cram all that furniture into as little space as possible. The less space your old furniture takes up, the less you will be paying. That is how the Junk King pricing policy work. It is always about volume and not about the weight.

Do you need furniture hauled away from your Atlanta home? Then you need to put Junk King Atlanta to work for you.

Hire Junk King For Fast Storm Cleanup

Summer brings its fair share of severe storms to Atlanta. Some of these storm systems are generated directly off the coast and then slam into the state. Others like Hurricane Isaias are created in the South Atlantic and make their way up the coast leaving behind a trail of damage in its wake. It is often the case that in severe tropical storms and even hurricanes it is not so much the wind damage that causes problems but the flooding that comes along with all the rain. All of this means you need to be prepared.

Here in Atlanta, the best way to be prepared is to make sure that you have some pumps working properly in your basement. That even includes when the power goes off. The moment there is any kind of flooding that makes its way into your home you are faced with a clean up challenge that needs to be handled ASAP. That is where Junk King Atlanta can be of service.

Soggy Work

Pulling things up from the basement that have been damaged by water would definitely be considered “soggy work.” That is the type of job that Junk King crews are happy to take on. Not only does everything need to be removed from the home but it also needs to be removed from your property. You might have a couple of furniture pieces that you could attempt to dry out. However, once you decide something is ruined you should take a picture of it for insurance purposes and then have the crew from Junk King haul it away. This will reduce the risk of any mold starting to grow.

The team from Junk King can also help remove any debris that has been dropped in your yard such as tree branches, shingles or anything else that doesn’t belong there. Before anything gets loaded up the Junk King team will provide you with an estimate for work. That estimate will be based on how they intend to pack up everything. They want to get as much into as little space as possible. That will provide them an opportunity to make another pickup and it will also allow you to pay the low-end price scale. That will always be Junk King’s goal!

When you need storm cleanup taking care of fast, you need to put Junk King Atlanta on that job.

The Work Of Junk Removal Goes On

In the last several months, life has been disrupted in a major way all across the country. Folks have been forced to work from home while teaching their kids from home. Favorite restaurants can only offer take-out or delivery and wearing masks has become the “new normal.” Even with all the disruptions, there are still essential work that remains in place. That is the kind of work that Junk King Atlanta continues to provide. It is important to never feel overwhelmed by junk and rubbish in the home. When that kind of unwanted clutter becomes too much to live with, then the team from Junk King can swoop in and make it all go away. Anything that can improve your living environment in these trying times is worth pursuing.

Lifting Work

Every rubbish removal session set up by Junk King will be staffed by a pair of capable movers. This is the team that is going to do all the lifting work for you. They will also be taking those recommended safety precautions such as wearing masks and gloves, keeping social distance and sanitizing their truck and equipment in between appointments. Junk King has always put their customers well-being first and with these new protocols in place, everyone can feel confident about hiring Junk King for this type of work.

Pricing Policy Remains

The fair pricing policy offered by Junk King remains in full effect. That policy is based on how much space all the things you are getting rid of will fill up on the back of the truck. The team from Junk King knows how to get a lot of things into a little space as possible. In some situations, that might mean breaking up objects so that they can stacked up. The reason for all of that effort is that Junk King wants to make this process affordable. The less space your stuff takes up, the less you will be paying. You’ll know what that price is before the work begins and there won’t be any surprise charges at the end of the job.

When you need junk removal for your home you can always count on Junk King Atlanta to handle the job the right way.

Junk King Atlanta Earns More Rave Reviews

“I would highly recommend this company.  They are professional and honest. Everything went smooth. I will absolutely do business with them again.” – Michele, Cumming

That is just one of the many positive reviews that have been posted by very happy Junk King Atlanta customers. Posting an online review is easy but it still takes time. That is why reviews like this are very much appreciated. They also demonstrate that Junk King’s focus on providing exceptional customer service remains high. Here are some other examples of that:

“I had a great experience with this company it was a very rainy day in Georgia I had another company scheduled for the job that morning but rescheduled due to the rain. But Junk King Atlanta showed up early and on time and ready to work. They cleaned out my garage in two hours. I don’t know why I have not done the sooner I am very pleased with the work.” – Elizabeth, Alpharetta

Weather won’t slow down the Junk King squad. We’ll keep our appointments in the rain and the extreme heat. It might mean that it takes a bit longer to get from one appointment to the next but that is why we ask our customers to set aside a two-hour window for the session. Those two-hours are all we need to get from one side of town to the other. We’ll also keep you posted along the way.

“This company is amazing! They work fast and can practically haul just about anything away. The workers are nice and work so efficiently. Definitely consider them for your junk removal!” – Ashbeezy, Buford

The only limitation that Junk King has are those imposed by the state. We can transport any thing that is deemed a hazardous material like a propane can or unused paint and solvents. As for everything else, it can find its way onto the Junk King truck for sure!

The reviews are in: When you need rubbish and clutter removed from your home, you need Junk King Atlanta on the job.

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