Fall Is The Perfect Time For Junk Removal

Nowhere does the feeling of “time flies” happen more than in the fall. As soon as the leaves start changing color you know that you are just weeks away from the holiday season and the end of the year. A lot of folks are asking themselves, “where did all the time fly?” As seasons go, fall probably is the least hectic. It is only when the first holiday decorations come out do things start to get busy. That’s why this is the perfect time to get junk removed from your house. That might be a task that you have been putting off for some time simply because you don’t have the means to load heavy objects onto a truck. You probably don’t even have a truck big enough for the job! That is a situation that is easily solved with one call to Junk King Atlanta.

Always professional

Junk King assigns two movers with every junk removal appointment. These movers are licensed and insured. On paper that makes them totally professional. Impracticality, that professionalism shows up with their positive attitude and problem solving skills. Whatever every piece of furniture that you asked Junk King crew to move they will pick up and swiftly take out of your house without any problem. They will also do with a smile! There are some things that you might want to get rid of that have to be taken apart before they could fit out the door and loaded onto the truck. That usually applies to any big piece of furniture that you built inside a room. It could also mean taking down a structure from the backyard. That is all work that the Junk King team will happily provide.

It might take them a little bit longer when dismantling is part of a situation but you won’t be charge extra for the labor. Your flat fee will always be based on how the crew packed up the truck. This is another area where they are totally professional. They want to make sure that you get a great deal every time. That means they to pack up the truck tightly with all the things that you get rid of. The less space that they used, the less you will be paying. It is this professional approach to junk hauling that has made Junk King Atlanta the leading provider for this type of service in the area.

This fall season, make all the junk from your home disappear with one call to Junk King Atlanta. They are standing by to help today.

Turn Your E-Waste Over To Junk King Atlanta

What was the last piece of electronic gear that you upgraded? Was it a new laptop or desktop computer? Was it a new flatscreen television? Whatever the item, that upgrade means that the old item is now obsolete. It might still work but that doesn’t mean you have to hold onto it. Of course, electronics aren’t something you should dispose of in the trash. Those are the last things you want to see ending up in a landfill. Instead, you can turn all your e-waste over to Junk King Atlanta. They will know how to dispose of those items the right way.

Time for Clearing

Once you appreciate the idea that Junk King can take all your e-waste off your hands, it will be time for some clearing. You could have a lot of those objects tucked away under a bed, at the bottom of a closet or out in the garage. It doesn’t just have to be computers or televisions. Junk King can take all your e-waste off your hands. This is your chance to get rid of those old gaming systems that nobody uses along with printers, stereos and DVD players. Just imagine how much more storage space you’ll open up when all that e-waste is gone.

Don’t Stop There

All the e-waste that you want to get rid of will have no problem fitting onto the back of the Junk King truck. There will also be plenty of room left over for everything else that you want to have carted from your home. This is your change to finally clear out any unwanted piece of furniture, old appliance or other household items. And that work offered by Junk King doesn’t have to stop at the inside. The same crew that hauls out the sofa from the basement can clear out the old lumber you’ve got stacked up under the porch. That kind of clearing will go a long way towards getting your backyards looking great.

Set up a session with Junk King Atlanta to remove your e-waste and end up getting the entire home clear of unwanted rubbish.

Make Back-To-School Time Decluttering Time

Do you remember your first day of school? It actually was several years of “first days.” With each passing first day, it probably got a little less dramatic. By the time you hit high school, it was probably just a matter of routine. Of course, that all changes once you become a parent. It becomes your task to make sure your little one has a smooth transition for back-to-school. That goal is aided by making sure everything is organized around the house. The first day is actually the easiest provided you can adjust to the new time schedule. After that things can get a bit more hectic when there are homework assignments and documents that have to be filled out and signed at the last minute. Plus, you also want to make sure you been keeping track of where the backpacks landed the end of the previous day!

The less clutter that is around the house the smoother all of those school mornings will be. You also have to factor in the clutter in your closets. That is where the big delay can come every school morning as kids frantically look for what to wear. The problem  isn’t that they don’t have the right outfit it is just that it might be buried among all the clothing that they are no longer going to wear because they outgrew it. It might be time for some serious sorting through those closets. The result can yield a lot of old clothing, shoes, jackets, sweaters, hats and much more clutter that could be turned over to Junk King Atlanta. These are the junk hauling pros that can take your back-to- school decluttering to a whole other level.

Don’t Stop at The Closets

Decluttering your closets should be the primary mission but as long as junk King is on the job you don’t have to stop there. Any other bulky item that you would like to get rid of that could make your living environment less cluttered is what you can turn over to Junk King. That includes odd pieces of furniture, mattresses, appliances and electronics. Getting rid of those kinds of things will be a big “check off” on your to do list.

Junk King Atlanta is the perfect partner for your back-to-school decluttering needs.

Clear Up Renovation Waste Fast

The end of summer is the perfect time to take on a remodeling project. It won’t be too hot for the crews and the project will be finished in plenty of time before the holiday season. Whether you’re remodeling a kitchen or giving your bathroom a makeover, one thing is for sure: You’re going to generate a lot of waste. It is vital to stay ahead of the cleanup of that waste so that it won’t overwhelm your property and get in the way of the crew. That is where Junk King Atlanta can be a big help.

Begin and End

The beginning of your renovation project is where the most waste is going to be created. This is when you should hire Junk King for the first session. They’ll be able to come in at the end of the workday and quickly swoop up all the demolition waste that was created. As the project goes on, there will be a lot more waste generated. Another Junk King session at the end of the project will help get your house back in order. You’ll have at least two Junk King crewmembers assigned to the cleanup. That will assure that job will get done swiftly. They’ll even sweep up any area that they’ve cleaned up. That is service you can count on.

Flat Rate

The cost for Junk King’s helpful cleanup service will be based on how much space your stuff takes up on the back of the truck. That means it is about volume and not weight. That can make a huge difference when you’re getting ride of renovation waste. That can be some heavy debris! The Junk King crew will look over all the things that you’re getting rid of and will be able to provide you with that estimate. Once you agree on the flat rate, the clean up can begin and that charge won’t change.

Hire Junk King Atlanta for your renovation waste cleanup and it will be one less thing to deal with during the project.

Make Room In Your Office By Taking Down The Cubicles

Office cubicles have been around for decades. They have long been considered an efficient way to divide up and office space and provide workstations for a multitude of employees. You have probably worked in several offices that utilize the cubical design. However, recent trends in office space have moved away from the old-fashioned cubicles and more to an open flow type of environment. This is been found to improve communication between workers and not make them feel so “boxed in.” Even though everyone works together, when working in cubicles you often feel isolated. That can all change by taking down the cubicles in your office space. The best company to handle that assignment would be Junk King Atlanta.

Disassembly and Loading

Like bookshelves and other office equipment, the cubicles are something that had assembled. That means they need to be taken apart before they can be loaded onto a truck for disposal. This is not something you need to pull one of your staff away from their projects to handle. When you hire Junk King you are hiring a team of dedicated workers who won’t have any problems with the disassembly of cubicle walls.


When the Junk King crew shows up, they will probably do a quick count of how many separate pieces will be generated once the walls and been taken apart. This will give them a good idea of how everything will fit onto the truck. That is when they’ll be able to provide you with an estimate for the final price. That is going to be based on how much space those cubicles take up on the back of the truck. They may only fill half of the truck. That would leave you with plenty of room to load up some more things that you want to get rid of. This is a terrific opportunity to finally clear your office space of all the unwanted rubbish from equipment to furniture. That will certainly go a long way towards making a more productive work environment for your staff and a more inviting space for clients.

If you want to make more room in your office by taking down the cubicles, then you want to give Junk King Atlanta a call. They’ll make it happen fast.

Watch How Fast Junk King Can Fill Up The Truck

Junk King Atlanta as part of a national chain personal junk haulers who had been in this line of work for over 14 years. In that time, they perfected the approach to junk removal and know exactly what it will take to clear out any amount of rubbish. All you have to do is designate the pieces that you want taken away. The team from junk King will do the rest. Just how fast can they fill up the truck? Would you believe it only takes them five minutes to get a truck packed with junk and rubbish? Here is the video proof of how quick Junk King operates.

All kinds of weather

This particular job happened in the winter when snow was starting to fall. The Junk King teams aren’t slow down by the weather. That holds true in the summer when it gets very hot outside and, in the winter, when the snow starts falling. There only focus is to make sure they get your stuff cleared out in a single session. This job was easy because it was a garage clear out. All the crew had to do is backup the truck and open up the garage door. The owner was able to just point to all the things they want to cleared out and you can see how quickly everything that loaded onto the truck.

Sizing things up

This is also a great example of how the Junk King pricing policy works. The Junk King team was able to size up all the things that they were going to pack onto the truck and new that it was good be the full truckload. They will always try to get as much crammed into as little space as possible so that you pay the low end of the price scale. But sometimes there’s just too much junk that needs to be cleared out and the entire truck has to be put to work. You know what that prices before the work begins and once you agree to it you could literally just be five minutes way from having all your unwanted rubbish gone for good.

If you need junk cleared from your home in a hurry, then you need to put Junk King Atlanta on the job today.

Bring In Junk King For Your Fence Removal

How long is your list of service professional vendors? Every homeowner has a list that includes one or two reliable plumbers, an electrician, a handyman and painting contractor. Typically, those vendors are brought in for specific job and then the numbers are kept around in case the homeowner needs to “revisit” that type of job. It also helps to have those numbers handy when a friend or neighbor needs a recommendation. It might be that you only use those numbers once but it is still good to have them at the ready. If you need to take care of an old backyard fence removal, then you will need to add to your vendor list. For that job you can call on Junk King Atlanta.

More Than Junk

You might actually already have the number for Junk King Atlanta programmed into your phone. If so, then you probably use them to help get rid of some old furniture or appliances that you were done with. But did you know that Junk King can help you remove more than junk? They can also be a big help when it comes to taking down structures and loading up all the debris parts. That includes a backyard fence. It doesn’t matter if you’re fence was made from chain-link or wood. It doesn’t matter if it is already starting to fall and pieces or is rusty. The focus for Junk King is to remove that fence as swiftly as possible in order to clear the way for you to install your new fence.

Always Affordable

Junk King offers an affordable pricing policy that makes them the best company to hire for this type of work. Their fees are always based on how the crew accepted the truck. When it comes to fencing materials, it could be that all of that debris gets stacked into a space that only uses one third of the truck. That would place your fee at the low end of the price scale. Believe it or not, Junk King will always strive to get your price as low as possible through their packing skills.

For fence removal done the right way, Junk King Atlanta is the vendor that you should hire.

Use Junk King Atlanta For Your Wooden Pallet Disposal

Whenever a business receives an inventory delivery it becomes a “all hands on deck” approach to getting that inventory stored properly and eventually put on to the shelves of the business. That can mean opening and discarding a lot of cardboard boxes and wooden pallets. Those are the exact kinds of things that can pile up in the alley outside of the business and trigger illegal dumping. That is definitely something you do not want around your business. Whenever you reach a garbage overflow situation you can always count on a rapid response from Junk King Atlanta. This is the quickest way to get rid of those wooden pallets and the rest of your delivery debris.

Fill Up the Truck

When you hire Junk King Atlanta you are hiring a crew that will roll up in a truck big enough to hold all the things that you want to get rid of. It will be easy for the Junk King team to stack up those wooden pallets in a corner of the truck. If that is all you were getting rid of, then it will certainly be a quick and efficient job. However, you can take full advantage of that truck and the crew by getting rid of all the rest of your unwanted stockroom clutter. There will be plenty of room on the truck for unwanted inventory, unused promotional materials and display cases. These should be all the things you know that you never going to use and can resell anywhere else. The minute they become “rubbish” is when those things should be given over to Junk King.

Staying Green

When you hire Junk King for this type of task you also hiring a company that is to a green approach to disposal. That could mean that most of what you’re getting rid of wind up being recycled. That allows you to continue promoting your company as an eco-friendly business. That’s good for your customers and good for the environment.

Don’t let wooden pallets and delivery debris pile up around your business. Hire Junk King Atlanta take it away today.

Start Your Staycation In A Junk Free Home

Have you been to all the restaurants in Atlanta that you read great reviews on? Maybe you have friends who have told you to check out one of the new eateries. Going on vacation also means indulging in some fantastic meals and exploring new cuisines. There is certainly plenty of that opportunity here and Atlanta with amazing restaurants opening all the time. That would all be a benefit of having an Atlanta staycation this summer. You could take your week off from work and focus on seeing some of the art galleries and parks during the day while at night you go on a culinary tour of the city. You might just discover a new favorite restaurant!

Before you start your staycation, you want to make sure that the home is in order. After all, you don’t want to come back every day to a lot of clutter and rubbish. This is where Junk King Atlanta can make a big difference.

All the Junk That Must Go

How many times you come home and are reminded of the things that you want to get rid of but can’t throw out in the trash? You probably see if you these items as a cross in the garage or anytime you go down the basement. If you step out onto the back patio to enjoy a glass of wine after work, then you might also be reminded of the things scattered around your yard that you wish could be removed. All of those items can be swiftly picked up and carted away by the team from Junk King. They are going to send over a pair of movers who will do all the work for you. That means you won’t have a sore back on your staycation!

Responsible Disposal

One of the reasons you can enjoy Atlanta on your staycation is that it is a beautiful city with many flourishing parks and recreational areas. It helps when people pitching in to support the environment. That is what Junk King does with every pickup. They’re going to keep as much as they can of what they collect out of a landfill by donating or recycling those items. Every little bit is a boost to the Atlanta environment and that’s what you get when you hire Junk King.

Make your staycation count by relaxing in a junk free home. One session with Junk King Atlanta can help with that goal.

Let Junk King Help Your Parents Get Rid Of Rubbish

You probably grew up doing a lot of chores.  As a little kid, you are probably eager to pitching around the house. The older you got the more “challenging” some of those chores became. It might have helped if allowance was part of the equation. Looking back, you probably realize now that your parents really want asking for you to do a lot compared to all that they did to provide a happy home. Now as an adult, you have the opportunity to pay back some of the help that they provided. That payback can come in the form by helping them clear out the rubbish from their home. This doesn’t have to be another chore you have to take on. Instead, you can turn that task over to Junk King Atlanta. These professional junk haulers will make sure that your parents’ home will be clear of unwanted rubbish in no time at all.

Easy Set Up

Setting up the session with Junk King will be easy. You just have to pick a  day and two-hour window that works best for you and your parents schedule. Just note that if you were to call today, then you might be asked to have the appointment taken care of by tomorrow. Junk King likes to move fast. However, if you and your parents need more time to sort through some of the things you are thinking about getting rid of, then you can always schedule your session for the weekend. On the day of the appointment, the Junk King crew will stay in contact with you as they progress through the day. Those two hours are typically used up in driving time across the city. Once they get to the location you will be pleasantly surprised at how quickly they move to get rid of all the rubbish.

Donating and Recycling

Your parents will appreciate the fact that Junk King is dedicated to an environmentally friendly disposal policy. That involves making drop-offs to charities or recycling centers. You don’t have to decide if something is worthy of the donation. The Junk King crews know exactly what these organizations are looking for and what kind of condition it can be in. They will do all that sorting work back at the depot. It’s all part of the junk removal service.

Help your mom and dad out with a junk removal session from Junk King Atlanta. It’s a gift they’ll appreciate for a long time!