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Use Junk King Atlanta For Your Wooden Pallet Disposal

Whenever a business receives an inventory delivery it becomes a “all hands on deck” approach to getting that inventory stored properly and eventually put on to the shelves of the business. That can mean opening and discarding a lot of cardboard boxes and wooden pallets. Those are the exact kinds of things that can pile up in the alley outside of the business and trigger illegal dumping. That is definitely something you do not want around your business. Whenever you reach a garbage overflow situation you can always count on a rapid response from Junk King Atlanta. This is the quickest way to get rid of those wooden pallets and the rest of your delivery debris.

Fill Up the Truck

When you hire Junk King Atlanta you are hiring a crew that will roll up in a truck big enough to hold all the things that you want to get rid of. It will be easy for the Junk King team to stack up those wooden pallets in a corner of the truck. If that is all you were getting rid of, then it will certainly be a quick and efficient job. However, you can take full advantage of that truck and the crew by getting rid of all the rest of your unwanted stockroom clutter. There will be plenty of room on the truck for unwanted inventory, unused promotional materials and display cases. These should be all the things you know that you never going to use and can resell anywhere else. The minute they become “rubbish” is when those things should be given over to Junk King.

Staying Green

When you hire Junk King for this type of task you also hiring a company that is to a green approach to disposal. That could mean that most of what you’re getting rid of wind up being recycled. That allows you to continue promoting your company as an eco-friendly business. That’s good for your customers and good for the environment.

Don’t let wooden pallets and delivery debris pile up around your business. Hire Junk King Atlanta take it away today.