How To Make Big Garbage Disappear

If you were to find a magic lamp and get three wishes from the genie inside, then it’s probably a safe bet you wouldn’t waste your wishes on making all your garbage disappear. Still, it would be nice if making garbage disappear were as easy as wishing it away. Sure, the kitchen garbage gets picked up each week with very little effort on your part. But what about the big garbage that is taking up space around your home? Wouldn’t you like that to disappear, too? It can happen if you hire Junk King Chattanooga today.


What is considered “big garbage?” That would be anything you want to get rid of but it can’t fit into a trashcan. You might not like to think of your old furniture as garbage. After all, you picked it out. But over years of use, a sofa, loveseat or recliner can become stained, worn out and broken. Wouldn’t that make it garbage? Out in the garage a lawnmower that isn’t running or power tools that are rusted beyond repair would also be considered big garbage items. All of those objects can easily be removed by the crew from Junk King.

Whenever a junk removal session is set up with Junk King, the movers only have a general idea of what they’re supposed to be picking up. Every one of those sessions is staffed by at least two qualified movers. This is the perfect team to lift and load all kinds of big garbage items. What if the job is exceptionally large like cleaning out an entire estate? For those big hoarder level clean ups, Junk King will dispatch additional crews to get the job done. The focus is clearing out everything you want gone from your home without you doing any of the actual work. How perfect is that?

Junk King also likes to move fast. The call you make today to set up your session could result in your big garbage being cleared out by tomorrow. Whatever items are on your big garbage list you can count on Junk King Chattanooga to quickly make them disappear from your property.

Say Goodbye To Old Carpets With Help From Junk King

Archeologists spend a lot of time digging in the dirt to find out how we used to live. They actually find out a lot about human history whenever they’re lucky enough to unearth an ancient dump. You can tell a lot about people from what they throw away. Perhaps years from now, an archeologist might unearth your living room carpet and they would be able to tell how you lived. They could examine paw prints from cats and/or dogs, stains from snacks and mud from shoes. At some point, it will be time to replace those carpets. That happens when no amount of vacuuming or shampooing can take care of all those “tracks and traces of family life.” Before the new carpet can come in, the old carpet has to go out and that’s where Junk King Chattanooga can be a big help.


The crew from Junk King is going to be a big help with getting rid of your old carpets but only after the carpet has been pulled up. That is a DIY task that is easy to handle on your own or by your carpet installer. Once pulled up, the two-man Junk King moving crew can swoop in, roll up that carpet and safely load it onto the truck but they don’t have to stop there.

What are some other things you’d like to get rid of from your home that would take a pair of movers? Junk King is the perfect team to bring things up from the basement or down from the second floor. They can also work wonders out in the garage hauling away all the unwanted clutter you’ve got accumulated out there.

Are you ready to put Junk King to work? Your schedule is what matters. If you’re flexible, then Junk King can set up your appointment for any time within 24 hours of your call. They might even be able to pick up your stuff today. If it helps to come out on Saturday morning, then you can set up your appointment for then.

Getting old carpets and unwanted clutter hauled away is easy when Junk King Chattanooga is on the job.

Making Back-To-School Work For Your Family

By now, most Hamilton County kids are back in school. That’s certainly good news for the parents! As kids get used to new classes and teachers, it is important for families to work together to make back-to-school a success. Here are some ways to accomplish that goal.


Start a Car Pool

If you only had to drop off and pick up your kids at the same time every day, then it would be easy to manage. But when you add in all the after-school sports, band, clubs and theater things start to get complicated. That is why whenever possible you should get car pool help from fellow parents. Find out who your kid is friends with for those activities and then call up the parents to see how you can help each other. Even if car pools don’t become a regular thing, it still will help to have a “backup plan” just in case you’re running late for a pickup.

Meet the Teachers

The official meeting of the teachers happens on parent teacher night but you don’t have to wait that long. There is nothing wrong with introducing yourself to all of your kid’s teachers early on. Find out if they’re open to communicating through email. This doesn’t mean you should be emailing them at all hours and on the weekend, but it will be nice to establish that communication line if challenges arise that only they can address.

Plan as Much the Night Before

As much planning as you can do for the school day on the night before, the better off you’ll be in the morning. You can get a lot of the lunch ready and set out the items for breakfast so everyone knows what is on the “menu.” Picking out and/or washing outfits for the school day the night before is also going to be a huge time saver.

Keep Clutter Away

When school starts, clutter in the house has a way of piling up. You can minimize that by giving every member in the family their own “bin” by the door. This is where shoes, hats, gloves and backpacks can be dropped. Around the rest of the house, you want to get rid of all the unwanted outfits, toys, books and sporting equipment that is no longer being used. Junk King Chattanooga can help with all that clutter removal. Once that stuff is gone, you’ll have a lot more room is closets and that can make a big difference. Let a Junk King Chattanooga clutter removal session help your family get into the back-to-school routine.

Take Care Of Your Business Inventory Management The Right Way

Any type of business that deal directly with the consumer has some level of inventory to manage. Whether it is a small clothing store or restaurant, that inventory is vital to the success of that business. Without it, there is no reason to be open. This is what proper inventory management is so crucial for a business. Here are some of the ways to take care of your inventory management:


Implement Quality Control

Quality control isn’t just about making sure what you’ve ordered is up to the standards of your company but also double checking those orders before they even get stocked. You don’t want to get into a situation where you’re ordering more than what you need of one item while a popular item’s stock is insufficient. If you’re shipping out items, then quality control needs to be implemented to make sure what you’re sending isn’t damaged in any way.

Allow For Cleanup Time

Throughout the course of a day, the inventory storage area can get a bit messy as staff are fulfilling orders and accepting new inventory. You need to factor in time at the end of the day for cleanup. That way when the staff returns they’ll be able to start fresh with a clean work space.

Organize the Storage Area

You can take a “page” from a library with regard to storage area organization. Everything in a library is categorized by topic and then alphabetically. This same approach can be used in your storage area. This will make finding inventory easy for every staff member provided everything is clearly labeled as it should be.

When organizing your storage area this way, you might discover that you’re holding onto a lot of inventory that is no longer selling or has been damaged. If you can’t get a return on those items, then they’re just taking up valuable storage space. This is where Junk King Chattanooga can make a difference. They’ll be able to dispatch a pair of movers who can help you get rid of anything that has been deemed “rubbish.” Think about how much more space you can open up when all that junk is cleared. Let Junk King Chattanooga be part of your inventory management team and your storage area will never have junk in it again.

The Junk King Chattanooga Garage Cleanout Pricing Difference

One of the most important things to remember when you decide to hire us for our Chattanooga garage cleanout services is simple. Not only are we fast and efficient, but we recycle up to 60% of everything that we take away.That means all the debris that you stored in the garage from that remodeling job you did last spring can be disposed of finally.

One of the things that separates us from the competition is a written price guarantee. Not only will we write down some numbers in that department, we guarantee to beat the competition hands down.

We are so confident that you’ll like our Chattanooga garage cleanout services that we offer several different ways to get a price quote. It’s an option we like to call the garage cleanout pricing difference.

Get a Price Onsite. We’re always willing to accommodate our valued customers but an on-site price quote is one of the most accurate ways to get good numbers. Because we are always interested in giving you the lowest price quote with no obligations or strings attached, we like to see what you need physically whenever possible.

Online Price Quote. Getting the best price for a Chattanooga garage cleanout job is a priority for both Junk King and you. That’s why we are proud of the fact that we use some of the biggest innovations available to get you an affordable price. Although this online price estimator takes averages, you’ll be able to get a close figure. Besides, our prices are always so affordable you’ll like the numbers you get from the comfort of your own home.

Text Quote. If you’ve got a smart phone, you’ve got another way to get one of our price quotes emailed directly to you. Text a photo to us and we can give you an accurate estimate.

Call Us for A Quote. We have live customer service representatives standing by as well. Covering all the bases is what we do here at junk King. Not only do recycle up to 60% of the junk we haul out of your garage, we’re available to give you an excellent quote through a variety of different mediums.

Remember that we’re a down to earth junk removal company that was formed in 2005 when two friends got together and decided to fill a need. Call our Chattanooga garage cleanout services today.

Smart Airport Hacks To Help Your Next Vacation

The long lines. The cramped seating. The potential for delays. For most people flying isn’t a wonderful experience even if they’re flying to a vacation. The best approach to airline travel is just to embrace that it’s not going to be ideal, unless you’re flying on a private jet. But for the rest of us, there are some smart hacks that can make your next flying experience a bit smoother. Consider putting these ideas into action:


Bring an Empty Water Bottle

Security restrictions only allow for a 3.4 oz of liquid to be brought through airport security. That certainly won’t quench your thirst. However, you can bring an empty water bottle at fill it up at a fountain. That’s a lot cheaper than the expensive bottles of water you’ll be charged inside the airport.

Pack a Portable Charge (or two!)

These days, heading to the airport with portable chargers are almost as important as your ticket. You’ll want to make sure you have fully charged devices for the trip. Sometimes the outlets in the terminal are in use. A power strip or splitter can help with that. Also, check the airline. You might be able to charge in your seat, provided you have the right plug in.

Keep Your Laptop Accessible

Going through security with a laptop means taking it out of whatever you’re carrying it in. You should always have easy access to your laptop. Carrying it in its own bag is probably the best option. If you tuck it into a bigger carry on, then it might become a struggle to get at.

Tie a Ribbon Around Your Luggage

Dozens of pieces of luggage all begin to look the same as it rolls off the baggage claim belt. Make your luggage stand out by tying a bright colored ribbon or bandana around the handle. That will make it easy to spot unless it is any other color besides black!

At the Security Gate, Go Left

When given the choice for what security line to go in, move to the on farthest left. Studies have shown that most people drift towards the right when it comes to lines, regardless of how lone they are.

All of these tips are meant to make your airline travel easy but there is something you can do before you leave that will make your return home very pleasant: Get rid of your junk. Nobody wants to come home to a house full of rubbish so bring in Junk King Chattanooga to clear all those unwanted items out of your home before you leave. Hiring Junk King Chattanooga to remove your rubbish is the one trip preparation that will last a long time after the vacation is over.

Take Care Of a Midsummer Cleaning With Help From Junk King

We’ve reached the “glass is half empty vs. half full” part of the summer. You either think that that summer is half over and it’s all slipping away or you still have another half to enjoy. Going by the calendar, one thing is for sure: The total year is official halfway over. We’ll be sliding into the fall and holidays in no time at all. That would make the next few weeks the perfect time to tackle a midsummer cleaning around your property and Junk King Chattanooga is the perfect partner to make that happen.


How much cleaning did you get done back in the spring? Did you manage to take care of all the rubbish removal you want to? What stops that from happening are the lack of three things: movers, trucks and time. Junk King provides the movers and the trucks and they save you all the time. Every Junk King session will be staffed by two of those movers. This is a team that shows up with a “problem solving” attitude. What problems could you have getting rid of junk?

Suppose you need to bring something down from upstairs that is extra ordinarily heavy? That won’t be a problem for the Junk King team. They have experience moving all kinds of heavy objects up and down stairs whether that’s a house or an apartment. What if the thing you want to get rid of needs to be taken apart first? The Junk King crews have dismantled everything from backyard swing sets to pool tables to hot tubs. There really won’t be an issue with getting rid of your bulky item.

Everything that is collected by Junk King is going to be packed onto the truck. This truck will be big enough to hold up to six pickup trucks full of junk. In other words, it can carry whatever you need to get rid of. How that truck will get pack is also how the crew is going to determine your fee estimate. It’s all about the volume with Junk King. Make the most of a midsummer junk clearing by putting Junk King Chattanooga on that job today.

How To Clear The Rubbish From Your Porch

There are some tasks that don’t really need instructions. Although it’s the subject of many jokes, changing a light bulb doesn’t require a diagram. The same for washing dishes. It’s soap, water and a sponge. Simple. When it comes to getting rid of the rubbish from your porch, you don’t need special instructions for that either. What you do need is help. Some of those items you have out there could be too heavy to carry off the porch on their own. They would also need a truck to be hauled away in. The best approach to getting this task handled is to bring in Junk King Chattanooga from the start.


Has your porch become an extension of your garage storage? It might make sense to put an old sofa on the porch. After all, it would be comfortable to sit on. At least it would be before it gets rained on. It would only take one shower to turn that once comfy sofa into a musty item no one would want to sit on. Maybe you replaced a stove or washer and managed to push the old one out to the porch. Even if it is the back porch where no one can see it, you probably don’t need to hang on to that. Junk King can make it all disappear.

Junk King can make your porch clutter gone by providing your with a moving crew and a truck. When the crew shows up at your home, you’ll be in charge of them. Your job is to show them all the things you want to get rid of starting with the stuff on the porch. But you can also take them out to the garage, down to the basement or up in the attic. If you’ve got stuff in any of those areas that you want to get rid of, then now is the time to let Junk King help make that happen.

Remember that everything you give to Junk King doesn’t have to end up in a trash heap. Most of what is collected gets donated to a charity or recycled. That should make you feel good about getting rid of all your unwanted stuff. You’ll enjoy your summer a lot more after Junk King Chattanooga has cleared the clutter from your porch and home.

How Junk King’s Price Estimator Works

Decades ago, most folks around Chattanooga were in charge of their own garbage disposal. It wasn’t uncommon for a lot of that trash to be gathered up and burned. Even when municipal services kicked in and began collecting trash on a regular basis, you could still find the occasional leaf pile being turned into ashes. Today, the only responsibility you have for getting rid of your trash is to make sure the cans are out on the street on pickup day. As for all those things that can’t fit into your trashcan, that is what Junk King Chattanooga is for.


Junk King is a professional junk hauling service that takes all that hassle out of bulky junk removal. Obviously, there is a fee attached to this service. The flat fee that Junk King charges will cover all the labor, all the truck transportation costs and the disposal drop offs. How is that priced determined? You can get a good idea by putting Junk King’s price estimator to work.

You have two options with the price estimator. You can itemize your list on of junk pieces you want to have removed or see how much it will be based on the truck size. Typically, those two numbers will come out to be the same. The itemized list lets you get very specific with what you’re tossing out. You can list how many chairs, pieces of electronics or appliances. You can also list a number of boxes or bags of rubbish you want cleared away.

When the team arrives, they’ll put together their own estimate based on that list of items and how they think they’ll be able to pack it all onto the truck. Often, the crew’s price comes in under the price estimator. That’s because of their experience with getting a lot of stuff crammed into as little space as possible. That is also why you shouldn’t hold back when it comes to designating what you want to get rid of. Junk King will work with you to get rid of all your junk at a fair price. Are you ready to put Junk King Chattanooga’s price estimator to the test? The result can be a junk free home.

How To Sleep Better At Night

For many folks, the motivation for getting through the day is the promise of sleep that night. How often do you tell yourself, “Don’t worry… we’ll be sleeping soon?” Ironically, much of what we do during the day can actually work against us when it is time to get to sleep. If you’re having trouble at night, then it’s time to change things during the day. Here’s how to sleep better at night:


Control Your Light Exposure

Melatonin is the natural hormone in our bodies that triggers sleep. The brain sends out the melatonin when it is dark. At least, that is the plan. You can get a better sleep at night if you take in the sun during the day. If you can have your morning cup of coffee outside or eat breakfast by a sunny window then your brain will start to get “fired up.” The more breaks you can take outdoors, the better off you’ll be. During the day, try to be surrounded by a much natural sunlight as possible.

The reverse comes into play at night. As the sun goes down, everything needs to dim down as well. Start turning lights off. As for the TV, cell phone and pads, those also need to be shut down. All of those are blasting you with light even if you’re watching in the dark. The worst thing you could do is fall asleep with the television on. You’re sure to be waking up very soon after that.

Exercise During the Day

The more vigorous exercise you take on in the day, the greater your chances are for a deeper sleep at night. The key is exercise during the day. Follow the light rules: When the sun goes down, stop exercising. Just know that in order to benefit from exercise you’ll have to stick with it to build up the habit. That’s not a bad thing.

Find a Better Mattress

Tossing and turning in bad means you can’t get comfortable. That might have less to do with what is on your mind and more about how the mattress feels. When was the last time you bought a mattress? If you’re due, then you’ll want to set up mattress removal with Junk King Chattanooga. You can make this appointment on the same day as your mattress delivery so you won’t skip a beat. Replacing your old mattress with help from Junk King Chattanooga will go a long way towards getting a better night’s sleep.