How To Sleep Better At Night

For many folks, the motivation for getting through the day is the promise of sleep that night. How often do you tell yourself, “Don’t worry… we’ll be sleeping soon?” Ironically, much of what we do during the day can actually work against us when it is time to get to sleep. If you’re having trouble at night, then it’s time to change things during the day. Here’s how to sleep better at night:


Control Your Light Exposure

Melatonin is the natural hormone in our bodies that triggers sleep. The brain sends out the melatonin when it is dark. At least, that is the plan. You can get a better sleep at night if you take in the sun during the day. If you can have your morning cup of coffee outside or eat breakfast by a sunny window then your brain will start to get “fired up.” The more breaks you can take outdoors, the better off you’ll be. During the day, try to be surrounded by a much natural sunlight as possible.

The reverse comes into play at night. As the sun goes down, everything needs to dim down as well. Start turning lights off. As for the TV, cell phone and pads, those also need to be shut down. All of those are blasting you with light even if you’re watching in the dark. The worst thing you could do is fall asleep with the television on. You’re sure to be waking up very soon after that.

Exercise During the Day

The more vigorous exercise you take on in the day, the greater your chances are for a deeper sleep at night. The key is exercise during the day. Follow the light rules: When the sun goes down, stop exercising. Just know that in order to benefit from exercise you’ll have to stick with it to build up the habit. That’s not a bad thing.

Find a Better Mattress

Tossing and turning in bad means you can’t get comfortable. That might have less to do with what is on your mind and more about how the mattress feels. When was the last time you bought a mattress? If you’re due, then you’ll want to set up mattress removal with Junk King Chattanooga. You can make this appointment on the same day as your mattress delivery so you won’t skip a beat. Replacing your old mattress with help from Junk King Chattanooga will go a long way towards getting a better night’s sleep.

How To Handle Bike Disposal And Rubbish Clearing

City garbage collectors understand the limitations that a garbage can has. Although there are weight restrictions, they probably won’t be breaking out the scale especially if the truck is doing the “lifting.” What they are most concerned about is everything fitting into the can. They might be the occasional overflow that prevents the lid from closing tight but as long as everything is inside, it can be loaded onto the truck. This is probably why you have a lot of things around your garage and basement that are just take in space like an old bike or lawnmower. Those are the kinds of things that won’t fit into the trash no matter how hard you try to squeeze them in. When you want to toss out that kind of trash, the only call to make is to Junk King Chattanooga.


You might have put a lot of miles on that bike but like any other piece of equipment, it’s not meant to last forever. It’s also the kind of thing you don’t want to leave out by the curb especially if it has flat tires. Who is going to want to pick that up? With Junk King on the assignment, that old bike can easily be loaded onto the back of the truck and you’ll never have to deal with moving around again.

Of course, it would only take one mover to lift a bike onto the back of a truck but you’ll be getting two movers regardless. That is standard operating for Junk King. How you use those movies will be up to you. They can lift and load a lot or just a little. This is the time to take full advantage of them. Along with your bike disposal, the crew from Junk King can also help you get rid of unwanted furniture, appliances and electronics. Anything you can’t put out in the trash can be taken away by Junk King in a single session.

To set up that session, Junk King asks that you pick a day and two-hour window that works best for your time. Junk King is extremely accommodating when it comes to working around your schedule. Old bike disposal and junk clearing isn’t a burden with Junk King Chattanooga on the job.

Customers Share Their Reviews Of Junk King Chattanooga

The goal of every business is to provide a service or product to a customer. That happens on a daily basis but not every company gets to directly interact with their customers. You might buy a loaf of bread from the grocery store but you’re not thanking the baker of that bread. However, there are some businesses that have direct interactions with their customers on a daily basis. That is certainly true with Junk King Chattanooga. The best way to see how they’re performing is to find out what those customers are saying. Here are some of the recent reviews shared by Junk King customers:


“This work was done quickly and efficiently. I appreciate the attitude the men had as they did the work. They left the area clean. Mr. Friday was also great to work with and very kind.” – B.D., Chattanooga

“Josh and Nate provided excelsior level service. They were friendly, professional and efficient. I was very impressed with the services and would highly recommend Junk-King.” – E.R., Hixson

“Mr. Friday was prompt (came when he said he would), and conducted the business exactly as I requested. The price for his services was more than fair. Very professional and accommodating. I would highly recommend this company to anyone needing this kind of service. I thank you for helping me.” – C.C., Ooltewah

“The crew of three guys loaded up their giant truck full of our junk in about 45 min, all while keeping a positive attitude and staying professional. I would definitely recommend using Junk King Chattanooga for trash removal services.” – K.T., Hixson

“The two man crew that came out were very professional and personable. They made quick work of hauling all the junk off the property. Next time we need to have junk removed, they will be the company we use.” – K.B.B., Mcdonald

This small sampling of reviews perfectly sums up how Junk King operates. They are prompt, terrific problem solvers and work with a positive attitude. Your total interaction with Junk King Chattanooga might be less than an hour but it can definitely leave a positive impression. Are you ready to get rid of your junk?

How Time Management Can Help Save Your Day

Is there ever such a thing as being totally finished? Whether you apply that question to your work or your home, there is always something else to do. Yes, you can take breaks as you should but things still have to get done. If it seems like you never have enough time, then you’ll want to put some time management into action. Here’s what you need to think about:


Set Goals

You should have goals that are daily, weekly, monthly and even yearly. These goals become your primary focus and anything else could be consider a potential time-waster. Keep in mind, that a goal can also be see a movie that just opened or workout at the gym. Now the challenge is to find the right amount of time to make those goals happen.


You need to prioritize in order to spend your time more efficiently. Start with those tasks that are “urgent.” These are the job responsibilities that can’t be put off. There are also urgent tasks like stocking the fridge and getting the oil changed in your car. Which of these tasks can be accomplished on the weekend or after work? What you’re really looking for are all those things that become regular wastes of time that stand in the way of you achieving your goals for the day/week.

Say No

You are in control of your time and the strongest power you have is to say, “No.” You might not be able to say no to your boss but you can say no to phone calls that get in the way of achieving your goals. You can say no to an invitation that will take up too much time and not provide you with any reward. Saying no can be extremely empowering.

Hire Professionals

Around the house, tasks fall into two categories: DIY or service professional. Don’t get caught up in a DIY task that will take away too much time. That would certainly apply to getting rid of clutter from your closets or garage. That’s a great goal to turn over to Junk King Chattanooga. They’ll send over a pair of movers who won’t take up any time loading your unwanted stuff onto their truck. You’ll get a junk free home and still have plenty of time left over in your day all thanks to Junk King Chattanooga. That’s great time management!

Spring Break Fun In Chattanooga

What are your bring plans for spring break this year? Just because the kids are off from school, doesn’t mean you need to plan a vacation out of town. Avoid the crowds and instead play “tourist” around Chattanooga. Here are some of the things your family will love to do on spring break:


Ruby Falls

There is a lot happening underground that you’ll never know about unless you explore the caverns at Ruby Falls. The trails into the caverns will take you down to a 145-foot underground waterfall that you just have to see to believe. On Friday nights, there are lantern tours throughout the caverns.

Coolidge Park

If the water turns hot and there is no swimming pool around, then the water fountains at Coolidge Park are just the thing to cool everyone off. Bring your swimsuits, pack a picnic and make a day of it.

Tennessee Riverpark

Does everyone in your family bike? Then the paths along the Tennessee Riverpark at where you should be pedaling. If you don’t feel like loading up the bikes, then you can rent some and take in the eight miles of paved bike paths. Great scenery around every bend.

Tennessee Aquarium

You don’t need to put on scuba gear to go under the sea. At the Tennessee Aquarium, you’ll be able to explore all kinds or marine life along with macaw and penguins. There is also two-hour guided river excursion from the Chattanooga Pier on board the River Gorge Explorer.

Tennessee Valley Railroad Museum

Every kid loves a train and at this museum, you’ll see a lot of them. There is plenty of history to take in before you climb about an actual operating steam train for a one-hour trip. It’s a terrific way to see the countryside.

You’ll enjoy the fun adventures ahead if you can come home to house that is free of junk. Don’t take up your spring break handling that junk hauling task you’ve been putting off. Give that to Junk King Chattanooga instead. Try to visualize all the things you want to get rid of. Now imagine them gone from your home from good. Junk King Chattanooga can make that happen on this spring break.

Tips for New Car Buying

Has you old ride finally driven its last mile? You know there is trouble when you find yourself at the mechanics at least twice a month. If you’re ready to buy a new car, then you need to prepare yourself for the challenge ahead. This is a major investment and you’ll want to get it right. Here are some proactive tips for new car buying.


Always Test Drive the Car

According to surveys, 90% of people test drive a car before they buy it. That means 10% have no idea what they’re getting into. Don’t be in that group. You might not be able to tell a lot about a car’s performance in a short drive around the block but you can certainly get a sense of how comfortable (or uncomfortable) a car will be.

It might help to bring the kids along, too. After all, they’ll be spending a lot of time in the back seat and if they can fit in, then you’re setting yourself up for a world of trouble.

As part of the test drive, you should also see how the car idles and if the views from the mirror work for your perception. Finally, work through all the controls to see if they are what you expect and easy to use.

Buy a Car You Can Afford

The best time to buy a new car is when you’re not currently making any payments. An even smarter approach would be to take a year of payments and put them aside. If you’re used to paying $300 a month, that bank that cash starting today. A year from now you’ll have a nice down payment for your new car. That in turn can help keep those monthly payments down.

Get Inspected by a Mechanic

This tip only applies to a used car. If you’re buying through a dealership, then you might have a warrant which would help. But if you’re buying from a private seller, then you most certainly want to get the car inspected because it will be an “as is” sale.

A final consideration will be where you’re going to park your car. Will it be on the street or in your garage? Obviously, the garage is preferable but it might not be practical if your garage is full of clutter. One session with Junk King Chattanooga can fix that. These are the junk removal pros who can get your garage totally cleared out in a matter of minutes. You just need to tell the team what you want gone. Let Junk King Chattanooga help you get your garage clear of clutter to make room for your new car.

Organize Your Kitchen Without Clutter

The best way to prepare any meal is to get organized. You have a recipe, ingredients and all your cooking utensils. It helps if you have everything prepped and ready to mix laid out on the counter. As you’re finished with a bowl or spoon, you should wash it and put it in the dishwasher. The meal will come together and you’ll have a minimum amount to clean. What prevents that kind of smooth operation is a lot of clutter. You could spend more time looking for the right pot or knife than you do with chopping up your veggies. This is why you need to organize your kitchen without clutter.


The best approach for getting rid of kitchen clutter is to take every item out of every cabinet and drawer. It’s not just about taking stuff out, cleaning the area and putting it all back in but, instead, taking stock of what you’ve got. You’re sure to find that there is a lot you can get rid of. Anything you have used in at least a year is probably something that is not ever gone to be used. Set those things aside.

With everything empty, you have the opportunity to reorganize by grouping similar objects together. It’s amazing how the lids for containers end up in one cabinet and the actually containers in another. All those lose containers and lids should be placed in a single container. That’s where they’ll “live” from now on.

As for your pots and pans, you might need to find alternative storage methods. You could use a hanging pot/pan rack to put those items that you use the most within reach. The pot lids can be put on hooks that are placed on the inside of a cabinet door.

All your pantry items should also be put in organized group so you can see at glance what you have and what you need. Canned goods on one shelf, packaged goods on another.

After all this organizing, you could be left with a large pile of things to discard. You’ll also have a lot more storage space. This is when you bring in Junk King Chattanooga. They can handle the removal of all your unwanted items regardless of size or weight. Not only can you get kitchen clutter hauled away, but you can also get rid of bigger appliances you have in storage or any unwanted furniture. A junk removal session with Junk King Chattanooga is the perfect way to help get your kitchen organized.

How To Get Your Garden Ready For Spring

Spring is getting ready to be sprung. That means it is also time to get your garden ready. Has it really been a year since you’ve planted fresh flowers or vegetables? Over the next couple of weeks, there are a few things you need to do to get things ready for spring planting. Here’s what needs to happen in your garden:


Refresh Compost Pile

That compost pile you’ve been growing all year long is ready to be put into action. First step, turn it. Clear out the seed heads or any other debris that hasn’t broken down. If you don’t have a compost pile, then this is the year to start one. It’s the perfect place to put all your kitchen scraps and provide a nutrient rich source of fertilizer for your plants. There are easy DIY compost instructions you can find online.

Divide Perennials

You need to assess your current garden plot to see if any plant has outgrown the area. Think about dividing the perennials and planting them in different areas or containers. You don’t want to overcrowd your plants.

Consider New Flowers

You know what works in your garden. Now is the time to expand the possibilities and add in some new flowers. Think about color and growth patterns when considering what to plant. You can go for a mix and match kind of variety or sections of uniformity.


A soil testing kick will let you know what’s missing from your dirt. Whatever that is, you can probably find a good fertilizer or use your compost to replace those missing nutrients. Once you’ve treated your soil and given it a few days to acclimate, you’ll be ready for planting.

Use a Garden Planner

If you’re considering a major landscaping makeover for your garden, then you should utilize garden planner. You’re sure to find templates online that will let you plot out your plots. It’s a good way to visualize what you have and what you’re missing.

Before any serious gardening can start, you’ll want to bring in the squad from Junk King Chattanooga. Yes, their focus is removing junk but they can also do a lot around the yard. You can tap the Junk King crew to haul away rocks, dirt, sod or busted planters. Getting your garden ready for spring is easy when you bring in the team from Junk King Chattanooga at the start.

Dependable Junk Removal Service In Chattanooga

There are a lot of things we depend on from the city. We expect our mail to be delivered, our streets to be cleaned and are garbage to be picked up. Interruptions to those services are often the result of weather or holidays but waiting for garbage pickup isn’t that much of an inconvenience. What is a challenge is trying to get the city to pickup those items you can’t cram into the trashcan. That would be things like a loveseat, television or lawnmower. What usually happens is that you’re forced to hang onto those things and that means losing valuable storage space. A better approach would be to bring in Junk King Chattanooga. They are the professional junk haulers you can always count on.


Junk King Chattanooga has been collecting rubbish from homes and business for a long time. They have this service down. It starts with a call. When you contact Junk King, they’re going to want to know when you want the pickup and what you’re getting rid of. The “when” is entirely on you. Junk King works all the time. If you need late in the afternoon, first thing in the morning or on the weekend, then they’ll be able to make it happen.

The “what” has to do with what you’re getting rid of. You don’t need to provide a detail list. But there is a big difference between “a few items” and a “hoarder cleanup.” Neither one is challenge for Junk King. They just want to make sure you’ve got the right amount of manpower. Every session is staffed with at least two strong movers. Sometimes the truck has three team members. On those bigger jobs, there could be even more movers and trucks. Their mission is to help you get rid of everything you want gone in a single session.

How much something weighs or how cumbersome it might be should never be a factor for you. The Junk King crews have a lot of experience moving objects of every shape, size and weight. Chances are whatever you’re getting rid of, they’ve already hauled away somewhere else countless times. When you need fast junk removal, you can always depend on Junk King Chattanooga.

Smart Home Improvement Ideas For A Solid ROI

Anytime you spend money, you want to make sure you get your money’s worth. That’s true if you are buying a car or planning a home improvement project. The money you invest in a home improvement project will only come back to you as an increased amount for the overall value of your home. Here are some smart home-improvement ideas for solid ROI:


Deck, Patio or Porch Addition

If you were to invest around $11,000 in a pressure-treated wood deck with a simple pattern, then you might discover you can add $10,000 to the value of your home. You can increase that value by adding touches like decorative planters and comfortable patio furniture. Be sure to also keep in mind using that deck or patio in the evening. That means having some soft lighting fixtures strategically placed around the area. It’s also important to make sure any porch railings or steps are secure and not run down. If there is an air-conditioning unit in your backyard, then you might want to camouflage it with a small wooden structure made from the same wood you are using for your deck.

Replace Windows

Prospective buyers notice windows from the outside but might not pay too much attention to them on the inside. They’re more concerned with the view. However, if you were to replace your windows with energy efficient models, then that’s something that you can promote as an amenity of the house. Energy-efficient windows will also immediately start to have a positive impact on your monthly power bills.

Family Room Addition

Any opportunities that you have to add additional rooms to your home is one that should be given serious consideration. These additional rooms can be an extension of an existing room with an open floor plan or an entirely separate closed off room. As long as you are extending the bottom floor, you could also extend the second floor at the same time. That can create two rooms for the price of one.

As you plan out these home-improvement projects want to be smart about your budgeting. It is important to lockdown your plans before construction begins. You don’t want to suddenly change your mind about design in the middle of construction. It will also help to keep cost down if you can take care of something like clean up. That is a perfect reason to hire Junk King Chattanooga. In fact, you’ll probably want to bring in Junk King Chattanooga twice; once on demolition day and then again at the end of the project for final cleanup. Hiring Junk King Chattanooga will ensure that your home improvement project stays clear of construction debris.